Guidance for Heavenly Tradition Vol. 3

by Rev. Young Whi Kim

Chapter 8
October 3, 1984
Father's Ministry: Past & Present
(To CARP Members)

Good morning. As you know we are in the last part of the 40-year providence Father started in 1945. Next year, 1985, will be the last year. The reason we start counting from 1945 is because that was when Korea was liberated from Japanese domination. We know that as the chosen nation, Korea had to make an indemnity condition similar to that of Israel's in order to inherit God's providence. The Hebrews suffered in Egypt for 400 years before leaving Egypt for Canaan, where they started a new nation. Korea gained its independence in 1945 and Father started his mission immediately thereafter. But even before 1945, in 1943 I think, Father returned to Korea and worked for a Japanese construction company. Besides his job, he worked with the underground churches, so he already knew several righteous ministers. He also led Sunday school classes. So he had already begun to lay a foundation to start his mission.

After Korea was liberated in 1945 Father began to talk about his mission, but the minister with whom Father was working (his name was Kim) couldn't accept Father as the Messiah. He knew Father when he was young and to him Father was still a young man. He always compared himself to Father; he was older and more experienced and also received revelations from the spirit world, so he thought he was the top man. He didn't think he was the Messiah, but that he was the number one person after the Messiah. As a result it was difficult for him to accept Father as his leader, even though Father revealed many new things to him. Father wanted to contact other ministers through him, but because of his rejection it wasn't possible. Father tried very hard, but as a result of this failure he couldn't establish a foundation in the South. So in 1946, Father was told to go to the North, because he couldn't establish a foundation among the churches of the South. When the Christians rejected him, Father had no condition to remain; he had to find another foundation. When someone fails, the next step becomes more difficult. If you fail on the first step, you have to pay indemnity in order to indemnify the failure and to restart. It would have been much easier for Father to begin his mission if the Southern churches had accepted him, but because they didn't Father had to make another, more difficult condition; he had to go to the North.

After Korea's liberation many Northerners fled south, because the North was occupied by the Communists. They didn't have a government yet, both Korean governments were established in 1948. But even before the government was established the Communist Party ruled the North with the help of the Soviet Army. It was very difficult because even though they had been liberated from Japanese dominion the people still couldn't stay in their villages; they fled south. I also went south in 1945 because I knew what Communism was. My father had told me and I could see with my own eyes how terrible it was, so I fled south in September of 1945. Contrary to everyone else, Father was heading north. North Korea was a living hell. There was no freedom at all. If you spoke out against the Communist Party, you were simply taken away, never to be heard from again; they could arrest anyone they wanted. That was the situation in the North. Father had to go to the North because he couldn't establish a foundation in the South. He had to find a spiritual group God had prepared for him there. Father knew this and went north in order to meet them. So instead of ministers he had to go north to find spiritual groups that could identify him as the Lord and follow him as the Messiah.

I don't want to speak too much about this because I believe this is all described in Won Pil Kim's book about Father's course. Anyway, Father went up north at a time when it was very difficult to worship freely. He brought a new message so the Christians persecuted him as well. Actually Father had a terrible time. He found many good people, but the families of Father's followers persecuted him severely. Sometimes Father was beaten by a follower's father. I even remember the name of the man. Father had an extremely difficult time. But he waited patiently for the time when he could meet the spiritual group.

Do you know Mrs. Chi, the old lady? Father didn't witness to her. She was guided to Father by spirits, she didn't know where she was going. She just kept walking and the spirit world guided her. Eventually she came to a small house where her feet stopped, she couldn't walk any more. She opened the door and it was where Father was staying. Good spirits often led people to Father in this way. At that time Father found a lady who called herself the wife of Jehovah, i.e. the wife of God. Father had to receive her blessing, because she represented the wife of God. She had to testify to Father being the Messiah. Father found her home and visited her; even though she didn't want him to come, Father went to her house and served her anyway. She had sons and daughters whom Father served as well. Father did everything for them, even the dirtiest jobs, just like a lowly servant. Father did his best to serve her and finally she testified to him. The moment she testified to him as the Messiah was the end of his service. From then on their positions were reversed and she should have served Father. If she and her children had done so, Father could have continued his mission with her house as his foundation. She had testified to Father under the influence of the spirit world, but when she returned to herself she couldn't accept him as the Messiah. Rather than serving him, she asked Father to continue serving her. So Father couldn't stay there any longer. He received her testimony, but because she didn't follow him, Father had to suffer even more.

Father went to prison, where he met another spiritual group. I think all of you know about this. This is like the legend of Chung Yang Chung. Chung Yang represents fallen man and her husband represents the Lord. She meets him in prison and he saves her shortly before her execution. Father met the group in prison and sent them a small note telling them to deny the charges being brought against them. But they didn't follow his instructions. If they had, they would have been saved and released from prison. They didn't deny the charges, because they adhered to the old Christian tradition that to tell a lie is against God's will. They didn't follow Father's instructions and as a result were executed. Father was virtually beaten to death because the guards found the note he had sent the group. This was Father's first imprisonment in North Korea. The spiritual group also failed to follow Father. After that Father had to bring his own people to make his foundation. But before long Father had to enter prison again because the churches denounced him to the Communist authorities. They said he was disturbing the social order. So Father was sent to a forced labor camp in Hungnam. That was in 1948.

Jesus was crucified because he lost his 12 disciples. For Father to continue his mission he needed to find 12 disciples. He couldn't have continued his mission as the Lord otherwise. He couldn't find them in the outside world so he was sent to the labor camp. This was like being crucified, it was a place of slow death. Father had to find 12 disciples while in this camp. You cannot speak freely in Communist prison camps, especially not about God; it's not allowed. Father had to find 12 disciples despite such circumstances.

He could only do so because he had strong faith in God. The previous time he was in prison he was virtually beaten to death. An ordinary man would have been unable to continue his mission, but Father wasn't concerned about his life: he thought only of fulfilling God's will. He was ready to sacrifice his life. The spirit world could help him because of his strong faith in God and his determination to do God's work. So spirit world helped him find 12 disciples. Mr. Pak Jung-hwa, the man with the broken leg, was the first one Father found there. Father found 12 disciples in this camp and as a result could be saved. If Father had failed to find 12 disciples, he would have had to die there. So in one sense, Father's mission actually began in Hungnam.

Jesus left this life on the cross after losing his 12 disciples. That was the point from which Jesus left this earth. Thus the person who is to continue Jesus' mission must start from the same point. So Father had to start his mission from that point. Jesus died after losing 12 disciples, so in order for Father to succeed he had to find 12 disciples on the cross. By doing this, he could inherit Jesus' mission and continue where Jesus left off. So in this sense Father's mission actually started in 1948 in Hungnam and his 40-year course can be counted from 1948.

So the 40-year course will end in 1988. This is interesting because Korea, the chosen nation, will have elections in 1988 as well as hosting the 1988 Olympic Games. It will be a significant year; world attention will be focused on Korea. Many things will happen. God's providence, the Korean political situation and many other things are coming together now. What is this year's motto? "The Creation and Building of the Fatherland." Where will we find the Fatherland? In Germany or America? What do you think? Korea! Yes. So, by 1988 we must build a Fatherland in Korea. We are doing many things in America, Japan, Germany and other parts of the world, but most important is our work in Korea. God doesn't expose His most important point to the rest of the world. He scattered many things around the world so people would look at other things, not recognizing the most important point. But the most important point in God's providence is Korea.

We know that the salvation of individuals and families is very important, but that without a nation the salvation of families or individuals is not secure. You may think that you and your family are safe, but if your nation is lost to Satan, what will happen? There will be no family or individual salvation. Satan will attack and destroy you and your family. Thus we can see that national restoration is essential. The reason our church suffers so much is that we don't have God's nation. God suffers even more than we do because of this. So the creation and building of the Fatherland, God's nation, should be the foremost point in our minds.

The reason Father is investing so much time and effort in America is that it has a great influence on Korea. We cannot fulfill the worldwide providence without America's influence. America is the archangel nation and has the responsibility to protect God's nation, just as the original archangel had the mission to protect God's children. So to restore God's nation we must first restore God's arch angel nation. This is why Father is working so hard in America. Do you understand? Of course the restoration of Korea is most important, but at the moment the restoration of America is more important, because God's nation cannot be safe unless America is on God's side.

Father has asked the American Family to reach out to 30,000 ministers and through them to a total of 300,000. Satan is working through the Communist nations, so God wants to work through the free democratic nations. Of course there are many atheists and materialists in the Free World, but Satan's side is the Communist Bloc. God is working with those who are on His side. He must mobilize the Christian forces for His purpose. Many Christians don't understand who God's enemy is. Even though they believe in God they don't recognize the threat of Communism. So we must help them understand that Communism is God's enemy and mobilize the Christian forces to achieve God's purpose. To do this we need friends among Christian ministers. If the ministers come to understand the will of God and that Communism is His enemy, we will be able to mobilize Christian people to God's side and defeat Satan. Sometimes Christians side with the Communists without really knowing their aims; they think Communism is good because of its propaganda. They just don't see the truth of Communism. If this continues America will be taken over by Satan. To prevent this we have to bring the Christians to God's side and help them understand that Communism is God's enemy and that America must fulfill its God given mission.

America will have elections this year and again in 1988. President Reagan will probably win this time, but we don't know what will happen in 1988. If the presidency is taken by the Democrats, there will be a great danger. To prepare for that we must make a foundation now. President Reagan can't be elected a third time, so we have to find another candidate, God's candidate. To do this we have to have a strong foundation among the American people. To lay this foundation we need Christians, American Christians. This is why Father has asked the American Family to work with ministers and priests.

We're doing the same thing here in Europe. In Germany we are trying to bring at least 400 ministers and priests to our side during the current 40 day witnessing campaign. We want to help them understand God's will and make them friends and allies so we can work together with them for God's purpose. If they can understand that our church is doing God's will and that we are their friends, we can work together with them for the common goal of God. So we must make it clear to them that we are doing God's work. Many people think we are some strange group that doesn't follow God's will, but does its own thing. They believe this. So we have to show them the true picture. Once they come to understand that we sincerely want to fulfill God's will, they will become our friends and work together with us towards our common goal. We don't want to make them our members; we want to make friends with them. We want them to understand that we are doing God's work, God's will. If we can make them understand this, this will be good enough.

To free our True Parents two things are necessary. Cain and Abel must be united on two levels. We, blessed couples and all members are in the Cain position. Who is our Abel? True Childrens' families are in the Abel position. When the Abel and Cain families are united, our True Parents can be free. This is one condition; the other is that the Cain and Abel churches unite. There are many Christians who started serving God long before we did. They are in the Cain position as our elder brothers. The Unification Church is the younger brother, but we know God's will more dearly than they do. So from God's viewpoint, we are closer to God. Thus we are the Abel Christians and the established churches are the Cain Christians. The Cain church and the Abel church must unite centered on God's will. When this happens our True Parents can be freed. Internally we must unite with our Abel: the True Childrens' families. Externally we must work with the Christian churches in order to unite with them. If we fulfill these two tasks, our True Parents will be freed. You work on this during this 40-day condition. Internally renew yourselves and your faith and try to become one with your Abel. And reach out to the Christian ministers and become one with them. If you succeed in carrying out these two things, God's providence can

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