Guidance for Heavenly Tradition Vol. 3

by Rev. Young Whi Kim

Chapter 2
August 25, 1984
Let Us Become Chuin

Good morning, it's nice to see you again. It's been thirteen months since we met here last July. Now we are here together again. I'm really grateful to Heavenly Father and all of you, who made great effort to come here.

We know that God is our Heavenly Father and that He is always generous and good to us. He brought us a good rain last night so it's not too hot this morning and we can gather together comfortably. As you see on the banner, the theme of our meeting is: "Through repentance, unity and dedication, let us free our Father." I will speak about this tomorrow morning, but I'd like to mention one thing now. The phrase our Father doesn't just refer to our True Father in Danbury, but to our Heavenly Father as well. Whenever we suffer, our Heavenly Father suffers even more. Members around the world are suffering because of True Father's situation. Because of our past we are not free in our hearts. There are many things we must repent for, this is why members don't feel free. We can be freed by freeing our Heavenly Father and True Father.

We all want to become true children of God. When we look at this world we see two types of children; direct children and stepchildren, whose positions differ. Primarily the heart is different. As a stepson or daughter, you cannot have a free heart of love towards your stepparent. There is a lack of full trust. You can easily feel isolated. Your stepparent may treat you well, but you may still experience isolation as a result of some small misunderstanding. If such a thing occurs between direct parents and children, it is usually no problem, but when it occurs between a stepparent and stepchild, great problems and misunderstandings arise. We can see that in this case the heart cannot be as pure.

It is the same with God. If Heavenly Father is our parent, we can trust Him completely and have a natural relationship with Him. But if we are in the position of stepchildren, as are fallen families, we cannot trust fully or have a natural relationship with Him. In this case Heavenly Father must pay more attention and use His heart more. But we must also make more effort to have a good relationship with Him. Actually Heavenly Father doesn't want to have a relationship of stepparents and stepchildren with us. He wants to have a natural relationship with us as His children. So we must develop this heart towards our Heavenly Father.

How can we develop this heart? This is essential. We cannot see Heavenly Father, He is invisible. Where does He manifest himself? He wants to stay in His church. Therefore, we must feel that God's church is our church. We have a word for this in Korean, chuin, which means something like lord, owner or host, the opposite of guest. So when you come to the church or do God's work, you should feel that you are chuin. If you feel this is someone else's church and that you are a guest here, you put yourself in the position of a stepchild to Heavenly Father.

When guests visit your home, you take their coats, invite them in and serve them. After you have entertained your guests and they have gone home, what do you do? You should think, "How was tonight? Was I a good host?" If you made a mistake, you must repent, "I must apologize to him or her in order to restore our relationship." You also say: "From this time on I'll change myself. I will renew my determination to serve more and do my work better." We must understand the difference between the position of guest and the position of chuin. The position of chuin is always the serving position. We are in the position of chuin because God trusts us. He doesn't have a physical body so He cannot express His heart or His will nor do His work without us. So we should feel, "I must understand God's heart. I am the one who will do God's work, I will console His suffering heart and make Him happy by realizing His will." When we do this we will become God's representatives and true children. Without taking responsibility for God, we cannot become His true children.

We came here in order to renew ourselves and our determination to become true children of God. We should examine ourselves from this viewpoint. God needs true children. Where else can He find them? God will be a very lonely God if we don't become true children. We want to liberate God and bring Him joy by becoming His true children. I'd like all of you to try to come closer to this goal. We must help each other become true children because we have many enemies who want to keep us from God. Satan is always trying to tempt us back to his side, so we must work together, combining forces to become true children of God. It's easy to criticize others, but we often don't understand them well enough. We should try to understand others' circumstances before criticizing them.

There are many good individuals and families, but God cannot work through them as he can through a larger body, such as a church or a nation. If He could, He wouldn't have bothered to organize a church. God can only work through His church, therefore individuals and families must be connected to it. If not, He cannot work with them. I cannot stress this enough. As we know, God has no nation of His own. In this fallen world, God has only His church, so He works through it. Therefore we, as individuals and families, must be closely connected to it. There are many ways, to connect to God's church, but most essential is attending church service. When you get up in the morning and don't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, how do you feel? You lose energy and power. When you don't attend church service, you should feel as if you haven't brushed your teeth or didn't have breakfast. We should feel this way. Attending service is so important, more important than your meals. You aren't accustomed to this and don't recognize its importance, so you easily do something else, but that isn't right. Members of our church should belong to one church and attend service as much as possible. Of course when you are sick, you may be unable to attend. In that case, you should pray in your bed saying to Heavenly Father, "I cannot attend service because of my sickness. Please forgive me." Just like speaking with your own father. This is fundamental for God's children.

There are many other things: prayer life, donations and witnessing. How could Christianity become a worldwide religion? How could they develop to this state? They observed these four things; they attended services, prayed, tithed and witnessed. Christianity couldn't have survived without these four things. These four points are the minimum condition for God to work. We say that we know God's truth more and have more responsibility than Christians. How can we say we are better though, if we don't fulfill these four conditions? There are many members who for one reason or another cannot live in a center, nevertheless they must still fulfill these four conditions. We want to expand our church to the society and nation. To do this we need many home members. But these members still have to fulfill these four conditions, then we can truly become brothers and sisters because we do the same thing. We cannot be called brothers and sisters without some common element. Even though we are involved in many different activities, because we do these four things together, we can call ourselves brothers and sisters.

We know that we need to gain God's recognition as true children before we enter the spirit world. But before God can recognize us as His true child, we must pass through certain stages. First, we must be recognized as such by our brothers and sisters, then the good spirits in the spirit world must recognize us as true sons and daughters of God. Not only that, we must gain the recognition of Satan and evil spirits as well. Fallen people must also recognize us as children of God. Once we receive recognition on all these levels, Heavenly Father can proudly say, "You are truly my loving son daughter. Everyone is our judge. We must do our best in everything we do. We want everyone to fulfill the qualifications to receive Heavenly Father's love eternally.

We came here to examine our past and determine what needs to be changed. We want to make a new start today so that when we meet again next year, we can proudly say we came closer to our Heavenly Father. We want to be able to say, "Father is truly my Father. " I hope everything goes well and that you receive abundant blessings from our Heavenly Father. Thank you.

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