The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

IV. The Fall, Fallen Nature and Original Nature [Part 4]

D. Public Purpose and Individualism

That which benefits the public is apt to be neglected by the public (e.g. God, True Parents, water, air).

To think, to own, and to love centering on oneself is satanic.

The pair system was created in order to maintain balance through relationship. Individualism, therefore, is an unbalanced way of thinking and causes many kinds of social problems.

Connect your purpose with the cosmic purpose.

What are you living and dying for? The public or the private purpose?

Shed your tears for saving the world.

He who tries to enhance his private prestige by using what is public shall perish.

True love is to love the public at the cost of one's life. Because true life comes from true love, those who offer their lives will survive.

Vertical power can grow horizontally through true love. Individualism has weak vertical power therefore it will perish.

We should manage all things for the public purpose. If we don't, we could possibly be killed by that bad condition.

Use what is yours for God.

In the order of salvation, salvation of the whole for the individual is first.

God belongs to the public, not to the individual.

A person on earth lives with many spirit persons. Therefore, "I" am a historical and public person.

Individualism: 1) is for the sake of one generation, so it is not continual; 2) is narrow-minded, so it has many enemies; and 3) has no standard, so there is no unification, only destruction.

Ownership gradually moves from "mine" to "ours". This is preparation to live in the spirit world where everything is "ours".

Pray for the accomplishment of God's desire and the blessing of the world.

Pray for the bigger and public purpose.

Me-centered individualism is the enemy.

Let's become "I" for "we".

The purpose of the individual and the purpose of the whole are interdependent, but the latter is the subject.

Because we are public missionaries, we should complete our missions in order for the past, present and future to be guaranteed.

The woman who encourages her husband to work for the public is a real wife.

To use Heaven self-centeredly is to be a burglar or a thief.

Consider public documents seriously.

Unification means that the individual purpose is accomplished centering on the purpose of the whole.

The life that knows the public parental heart and is led for the sake of others will not allow the evil spirits to invade.

I am a public man.

To reach perfection means we must do our own responsibility. To do this, we need the relative environment of subject and object. Individualism is a big obstacle in creating this environment.

Because of individualism centered on self, the disease of love exists. From this love disease come all kinds of other diseases.

The person who is more public is the Abel-figure.

Due to the fall, selfish men centered on their own individual purposes can't understand the purpose of the whole of all things. Because of this, they are unhappy.

If you shed tears for the public more than for yourself, your descendants shall be prosperous.

If you don't work for the public after the Blessing, you are off the track.

The eyes, for example, do not exist to serve themselves (the smaller) but to serve the person (the greater).

You should build your foundation centering on the greater. Then, the smaller can have a place in the greater to rest.

Greed should be used for the public and for the greater good. Greed used for the smaller will cause you to lose both the greater and the smaller.

Man has 95% in common and 5% individuality. It is non-principled in the fallen world to think that the latter is more important than the former.

Every creation and affair are more public. If they are more private, they shall perish.

Let's make our public lives thorough and our private lives good examples.

Don't talk about it if it is not for the public.

Pragmatism, existentialism and individualism are the results of fallen nature which neglects the root.

Think of and work always for the greater.

One person's problems become everybody's problems.

The salvation of the individual is included in the salvation of the whole. They compliment each other.

History has testified that if the greater sacrifices for the smaller, it must perish.

Always ask yourself, "Am I really a public person?"

You can develop if you lead your life for the sake of the greater purpose.

If you invest for the sake of the greater purpose, eventually God will invest for your sake.

Self-centered cleverness can't make a revolution.

Mercilessness for the public purpose can result in goodness. (e.g. a doctor's surgery.)

If you lead 95% of your life for the sake of others, there will be nothing to fear.

God's Will is for all, not just for the individual or part. (John 3:16).

We should understand the common purpose of mankind in order to reform today's individualistic, me-first and self-centered world.

Let's eliminate the secular and irresponsible attitude towards the whole.

Balanced relationships bring peace. Therefore, individualism is the seed of unhappiness.

It is really holy when the whole is holy.

Those who live for the sake of the whole are wise and strong.

Because God is public, the more one becomes public, the longer God will be with him.

Mine is yours; yours is God's; and God's is mine.

Progress needs a standard for serving the bigger.

Because man and all things are public, if one leads only a private life, one will surely be lonely and suffocated in the spiritual world. This is hell.

When you put the purpose of the whole before the individual purpose, the good give and take action can come into being.

Duality of purpose, desire and value:

Purpose of the whole - desire for the whole - realized value - big.

Purpose of the individual - desire of the individual - pursued value - small.

The self-centered becomes satanic; the public-centered comes to God's side.

You should be fair and square for the public.

The system is more important than the individual person.

If you sacrifice your private life for the public, you will be respected by people around you.

My love, life and lineage are for others.

If you fight for the sake of the whole, you will not be punished.

Because of satanic self-centered individualism, free sex, drug problems, venereal disease, divorce, juvenile delinquency, etc. came into being.

Because love can only be established in the realm of relativity, individualism has to perish.

Because individualism is not the Heavenly Way, it will surely be punished.

Because the word "man" has meaning on the condition of the word "woman," and the word "I" on the condition of the word "you", individualism is wrong.

The cosmic and universal self must be greater than the individual self.

Life is public and eternal. Therefore, offer your life for the public.

The freedom, duty, rights, etc. of the smaller can have significance only on the base of the greater.

Saving the world is more important than saving the individual, and saving God is more important than saving the world. The established churches don't know this principle.

The small branches are centered on the trunk. The former can sometimes be cut for the latter.

Happiness gained without shedding blood, sweat and tears for the public withers easily, because it has no root.

The good person treats "ours" as more important than "mine."

The capitalist society values "mine" too much and the communist society values "ours" too much.

If you fight for the public centering on goodness, you will win the final victory.

If you work centering on yourself, you will eventually retreat.

Now is the time when we must work substantially for the greater.

It would be better to think of others more than to think of one's self.

He is a fearsome person who is marching consistently forward for the greater purpose.

Have pride when you work for God. You can't have real pride if you center on yourself.

Miracles come from leading a life of tears for the public.

Only suffering for the sake of everybody (for the sake of goodness) has value.

The public man cannot directly protect his family from Satan. God will protect them through his members.

Think always of a higher dimensional thing, and lead your life for that.

The ideal needs its object absolutely. Therefore, individualism is isolated in the end and perishes.

Happiness that comes without payment by blood, sweat or tears for the public will soon end.

Think always centering on the world.

Don't think you were born and are living for yourself, or you will perish.

Think carefully, and you will know that everything is worldwide. Only between human beings is there "yours" and "mine." For example, air and water come and go all over the world, and support all living beings worldwide.

Mankind should head toward one common purpose because we are all children of the one God.

Be positively serious about public money and public people.

Only for the sake of the great (the whole) can you seek or love the small (the individual). Then the small can become great.

The public person cannot live as he likes, because of his public responsibility.

We can know it is the Last Days if individualism is everywhere. The origin of individualism is the archangel Lucifer's alienating himself from God.

The Last Days is the time when society is in confusion from having no center and no hope (a society of individualism).

Tears for the public are valuable tears.

The more times you have competitions for the whole, the better.

Due to individualism, there are no concepts of a national view, world view, etc.

Mine (satanic) < ours (heavenly).

We can adjust less significant affairs for the sake of the more significant ones.

To violate a small law for the sake of a great law is not to violate Heavenly law. (If a sinner serves for God's Will, he can be forgiven.)

If you sacrifice for the great, you will be loved by more people.

If you work for the greater, you can be protected from danger.

After being trained by Divine Principle, all human life becomes public life, except for conjugal love. (But the former is more important than the latter.)

In the future, the public person will visit first the home of the Blessed couple.

In the future, every home will prepare food for the public person's visit.

In the future, "How many public persons visited my home," will be very important.

The purpose of the whole is also the purpose for the individual to be better.

The satanic world finally becomes the kingdom of individualism, in which people deny one another, society is full of immorality and lies, and finally the disappointed last days arrive.

Love for self is hellish and love for whole is Heavenly.

God is always public.

Privacy is destroying America.

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