The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

IV. The Fall, Fallen Nature and Original Nature [Part 3]

C. Freedom and Responsibility

Because man is the one who fell, man must solve all the problems that resulted from the fall by his own responsibility.

Even if you have been Blessed and have children, whenever you don't fulfill your responsibility, you should feel ashamed and then you can become conscientious.

Freedom without responsibility is license. The first thing God gave to man was responsibility (Gen. 2:17).

Don't put off until tomorrow what you should do today. We never know if something else will suddenly come up for us to do. Therefore, do what you should do today, and if nothing else comes to you, then you can rest.

Be one who is responsible for joy and sorrow.

One who did his responsibility should be humble.

One who didn't do his responsibility should repent, redetermine and respect the one who did.

I must not let my freedom harm others' freedom.

The time is coming when everyone will willingly and competitively try to work.

Responsibility is first in all systems and organizations.

Because John the Baptist didn't do his responsibility, God's Providence became twisted.

To reach perfection means we must do our own responsibility. To do this, we need the relative environment of subject and object. Individualism is a big obstacle in creating this environment.

Don't try to let others know you are doing your responsibility. God already knows it.

Freedom with responsibility for the whole centered on the center is better than the freedom with no responsibility for the individual and having no center.

Every problem comes from me. Therefore, I should be the one to solve them. (I caused all kinds of trouble through my five senses because I left the true love of God, the origin.)

The Heavenly responsibility is authority. The three great responsibilities are the:

1) authority of the chosen people - they must make the Cain-like satanic elder son's position and the Abel-like Heavenly second son's position be reversed (restoration of the elder sonship).
2) authority of blood lineage - they must not mix the restored blood with other blood.
3) authority of heart-love - they must be educated by four great Heavenly standards of education (education of children, brothers-sisters, couples and parents).

This is the way that the realm of liberation comes into being.

I who know the truth but don't practice it, and then feel compunction! I who don't practice the truth and make excuses after being blamed, and then feel compunction!

Responsibility in the course of indemnity in the realm of the fall is different from responsibility in the completion stage. The result of the former cannot remain as actual result, but that of the latter can remain.

Responsibility and duty come first; freedom and rights, second (Gen. 2:17).

The internal heartistic responsibility is more important than the external practical responsibility.

The essence of freedom is noble, valuable and loving. It is very expensive and having it requires much responsibility centering on the purpose of goodness.

If you accomplish your responsibility, freedom will naturally come to you.

You need to emphasize responsibility more than love and freedom to your children.

Think "I am the one responsible for the Unification movement."

Think "I am the focal point of all the world's problems, and all the world problems are caused by me."

One who waits after having accomplished well his responsibility can receive the blessing. God is such.

There is no freedom now. (For example, we have no freedom from immorality.)

There is no freedom for the child of filial piety, the loyalist and the holy son.

The more you understand the Divine Principle, the less you will smile because of the feeling of responsibility you will have.

Cut your relationship to Satan and then do your responsibility as a child of True Parents. Then you can have a true relationship with True Parents.

Indemnity is needed in order to change the blood lineage. Indemnity here means to do our responsibility.

The reason you couldn't succeed in your given mission is that you did not do your best.

You should protect and raise up your spiritual children with responsibility.

Grow, multiply and subdue this land! means "first responsibility, and then second, freedom."

No understanding of the responsibility of man prevents religions from being powerful. If you know everything but this, you shall fail in your life.

The unspoken contract between God and man is: If man does his responsibility, God blesses him. If man does not do his responsibility, Satan gives him a calamity.

At any cost, we must do our responsibility. Otherwise, it's better not to have a family.

Accomplishing our responsibility dwells together with the Blessing. Even if you must do it through several generations, it must be done.

Accomplishing my responsibility means that I lead my life of true love for the sake of others through my sacrifice centered on God's Will.

Many saints desperately struggled to accomplish their responsibility at the cost of their lives, and with our overanxious God behind them!

The central figure is the man of responsibility.

If everyone welcomes me, I can be a man of freedom.

Freedom produces good result through the good tradition.

Freedom is based on the formula of the Divine Principle.

The perfection of responsibility is that of true love. The resonance of the individual mind and body can also be only accomplished by true love.

Freedom is: 1) action letting us go to prosperity; 2) something to multiply goodness by; 3) something that all people desire to have; 4) responsibility for one's own action.

Voluntarily doing your responsibility can bear good results.

Freedom is needed for true love, which needs subject and object. Therefore, freedom is not for the individual but for the public and is conditional.

Freedom is needed in order for the object to resemble the subject.

True individualism is the thought that promotes self-control for doing responsibility by the Heavenly Law.

Freedom as well as dictatorship can be valuable when each has harmony, balance, and unification with the purpose of the whole. These two can only be harmonious through true love.

The reason that God gave responsibility to man is His love, by which responsible and creative God, who dominates by love, wanted to create His children as the second creators, resembling Himself. That is, He wanted to create His children who would be responsible and creative, and who would dominate all things with true love.

Perfection of man's personality means to become a man who can do his responsibility, that is, it means mainly the perfection of the individual.

True joy comes into being by the true freedom of living for the sake of others.

True freedom means to know God accurately.

God's essence is heartistic freedom.

Freedom is expensive, public, and involves love and responsibility. Therefore, we can't gain freedom unconditionally and freely.


1) is public (for the life for others centered on true love) and absolute love.
2) without love is license. Love needs a partner, so freedom is public.
3) multiplies goodness.
4) is principled, therefore it always comes with responsibility.

The one who knows is responsible. If you don't practice, although you know, then you are a sinner.

Responsibility is to take the active role.

Evading responsibility makes no progress. Little responsibility makes little progress. Doing our responsibility is self-creation.

We must overcome death, then we can enjoy freedom apart from suffering.

Salvation comes from self-control, from which also comes true freedom.

Only those who did their responsibility centered on God can become true people and enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

Accomplishing one's responsibility is the only way to enter the realm of God's direct dominion.

The person who completed his responsibility can be fed by God.

One who has not done his responsibility can't enjoy the victory of True Parents.

If you didn't do your responsibility, don't make excuses, but repent and determine. Then you can get sympathy.

Love without law and freedom without responsibility are the fall.

If you do your responsibility, the time will come. Don't wait until people recognize you.

Law that is not centered on true love has no bone. Therefore, it cannot purify the fallen society.

There is no exception in God's law because it is perfect.

If you don't know the Principle, you can't understand your responsibility and then you will perish.

Man's responsibility is to build God's nation.

If you don't do your responsibility after being Blessed, you will be cursed.

Freedom is not unlimited. We don't need the freedom to neglect others and the freedom to be self-centered.

Parents' responsibility = parents' responsibility + teacher's responsibility.

Teacher's responsibility = teacher's responsibility + parents' responsibility.

Because true love is true freedom, a man of true love can finally be welcomed at all times and places.

Do your parental responsibility; don't expect people to recognize you first.

Complete your responsibility and wait. The blessing is coming.

This is not true freedom; it is only satanic freedom.

Freedom apart from the Principle is not real liberation.

The necessity is a responsibility. The Blessing is necessary. Therefore, the Blessing is a responsibility.

Sin that was made by man should be solved by man.

The higher you go up, the farther you can see. Therefore, your responsibility also becomes greater.

Freedom in Chinese characters means self-cause, but the current "self' is the fallen self. That is the question.

We can gain true freedom by restoring the rights over material, humans, love and freedom to God, and unifying the mind and body.

Freedom without a common focus leads only to confusion.

The public person cannot live as he likes, because of his public responsibility.

The Heavenly Way is the strict way that has no flexibility.

Freedom can only exist by the unification of two relative beings.

"I" am the one who can solve this confused world.

March forward seriously towards the substantial self-perfection centering on the Divine Principle and true love.

True Parents' predictions, orders and forgiveness presuppose man's portion of responsibility.

Freedom without the foundation of unity between mind and body leads only to problems.

Freedom is the right to choose a method to accomplish the purpose of goodness.

Not doing our responsibility is more fearful than persecution. The most important and first responsibility is the unity between mind and body centering on true love.

The laws of this fallen world center on "Don't do," but those of the ideal world center on "Do".

On the foundation of balance and harmony, there can be unification, on which the true freedom comes into being.

God's responsibility is to give the truth (Word), and man's responsibility is only to practice it. (Because, through True Parents, it is already practiced.)

The responsible man must be the creator.

Think that I'm responsible for everything.

Let's live in the absolute realm of heart, then we can have true freedom.

The subject with harmonized mind and body can feel freedom, happiness, peace and the ideal.

Freedom, peace, ideals and happiness, all come from mind-body unification.

We should go forward at any cost.

There are freedom and happiness on the unified level (unified standard).

Conjugal perfection is the base of freedom, peace and happiness.

Because the female generally seduces the male, females need chastity more than males.

In order for your children to lead lives according to Heavenly law, you should emphasize responsibility more than freedom.

Be a responsible person based on God's tradition to lead life for others.

For us to fulfill our responsibility, we must be absolutely patient.

God gave us responsibility first when He created us, and He emphasized it more than life itself (Gen 2:17). By being responsible we can develop our reason, fulfilling one of our original purposes - to be the Lords of Creation.

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