The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

IV. The Fall, Fallen Nature and Original Nature [Part 2]

B. Good and Evil

If a defective base develops, its negative influence will gradually increase.

Goodness and pleasure are different from each other.

Hate can only be cured by love; evil can only be cured by goodness.

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and heavy make-up are centered on the body only, so they are satanic.

Goodness can enjoy a warm spring after a cold winter.

Evil is born in winter and dies in the same winter.

The good deed which nobody knows about has the most honorable and precious value.

You should have the clear view concerning the Heavenly Kingdom and Hell.

Goodness starts in the shadows and oppresses evil and then finally comes into the sunshine.

A good deed done by the right hand should not be known about by the left hand.

Heaven and Hell begin in my mind.

When the evil person eats, the sense (!) of the food becomes abnormal so eventually the person becomes sick.

The things that man likes the best are the most dangerous; for example, water, fire, electricity and love.

One who has led a good life will die without suffering.

Goodness is the foundation to attend God.

If you don't want to be on Satan's side, try to find an Abel-figure and follow him.

Pleasure is transient.

The true gentleman's social interaction is clear; but the worldly man's is sweet.

There is only one standard of goodness, not two.

If you sow seeds of goodness, you surely will be able to harvest them sometime.

The children of a righteous person can't go hungry; the children of a good man cannot perish.

When day comes, we can distinguish between black and white.

That which is satanic will eventually change into pleasure, become animalistic and then perish because it does not pass through the central point.

Even a good thing is dangerous if you use it incorrectly. (e.g. drugs, electricity, water, fire, love.)

All things of creation are both absolute and relative to each other, but good and evil oppose each other.

There are three kinds of lives that lead to three kinds of deaths:

1) Living by harming others will lead to hell (people will say "he should die").
2) Living centering on self will lead to hell (the family only will remember him for only a very short time).
3) Living for the sake of others will lead to the Heavenly Kingdom (people will remember him for along time).

The more influential an organization is, the stronger the negative reaction against which it will collide.

Sacrificing for the greater is goodness.

You can be healthy whenever you work for goodness.

The beginning point of goodness is the unification of the mind (spirit mind) and body (physical mind).

The conscience is God's representative in man. To neglect the conscience is to neglect God.

The wrong viewpoint makes everything a problem.

Goodness is the true love action directed toward benefiting the whole. Evil is false action directed toward benefiting the individual.

Good and evil can both be my teacher.

Heaven and Hell look the same externally, but internally they are different.

The means is for the sake of the purpose. So, if it is used for a bad purpose, the result will be trouble.

Living for the sake of the greater rather than the smaller is goodness. God is like that, therefore, God is good.

Truth and righteousness make a good person.

Good things like to be with a good person.

Man responds to either good or evil through the conscience, so he is a spiritual being.

Goodness means the behavior and result that accomplish the purpose of creation.

If there is any shade, Satan infiltrates there.

Everything can be divided into two, goodness and evil. We should make these two into one goodness.

Goodness and pleasure are different from each other.

Now is the time when goodness is going to occupy the earth.

In the end, goodness becomes bigger; evil, smaller.

If you violate your conscience, it will influence everything you do.

Goodness grows by being beaten, but evil is perishing by hitting goodness.

The good person treats "ours" more importantly than "mine."

Miracles come from leading a life of tears for the public.

God is unique, clear and vertical; Satan is multi-directional, unclear and has no vertical standard.

You should be warm towards goodness and cold towards evil.

If you think that the cause and process are valuable centering on true love, then the result will be good.

God-centeredness is eternal, but Satan-centeredness is temporary.

The pure man is a good man.

History is the history of separating good from evil. Then, by establishing the condition of indemnity, it enlarges the side of goodness.

True love and false love have the same starting point, but their results become different as time goes by.

Make more good problems than Satan makes bad problems.

The Heavenly Kingdom is the nation of love, and hell is the place where there is no love.

Wherever there is love, it is good. Love can harmonize in any direction.

The regular sound is good to hear; but the irregular one, bad to listen to.

One who sheds much sweat for the sake of the future is a good person.

The final victory comes to the good person.

The Heavenly Kingdom is located just next door to the bottom of hell.

Good people can gain something through intentional defeat.

Goodness starts weak but becomes stronger, and evil starts strong but becomes weaker.

In this fallen world, goodness can be established by sacrifice.

God takes care of everything reasonably, but Satan likes absurdity.

A thief focuses on something which belongs to another, centering on himself and without payment. Hell is the dwelling place of a thief.

There is no such a thing as a bad person; there are only people whose spirits are miserable.

If we treat everything spherically it will be OK, but if we treat everything one-sidedly there will be problems.

We should scramble Satan's ownership by persuasion.

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