The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

IV. The Fall, Fallen Nature and Original Nature [Part 1]

A. Satan and the Fallen World

The fall occurred outside the realm of God's love and under the realm of death. Therefore, human history is the history of death. In hell, everybody is infected with the satanic disease and can't escape.

The most serious sin is illicit love; it is more serious than murder.

The satanic world is the world where the blind lead the blind.

The realm of death is the place where there is no eternal nucleus of love.

The numbers 4 (four position foundation), 6 (day of man's creation) and 13 (Jesus and his 12 disciples) were taken by Satan, and as a result mankind feels uneasy about these numbers.

In the fallen world, children are seen as being more important than the parents. Therefore, there is no root, no purpose and no direction, so as this world moves, it perishes.

The fall was that man made that which was God's into his own without any condition.

Disharmony between love and conscience is the fall.

Satan blocks the way for godly elements to flow in, and then he introduces and expands sexual immorality.

Because Adam left the Principled way, he fell.

Due to the fall, human beings have lost their original personality.

The fall came from man's ignorance that he had to be patient in the effort to know and believe.

Wanting to be the perfect subject before becoming the perfect object is the fall.

Disbelief, self-assertion, self-centeredness, and forming the realm of self-centered love are the fall.

That which changes easily is satanic, so don't follow the whims of fashion too much.

This fallen human history started by satanic love centered on the body. Therefore, we need true love and True Parents.

Secular love has almost become animalistic love.

Satan's main foothold is in three actions: eating, sleeping, and sex.

Horizontal love that neglects the original vertical love is the root of free sex. Therefore, the key to solving our social problems is vertical love.

Satanic love diminishes because it is self-centered. Heavenly love goes up because it is centered on the whole.

We can enter the Heavenly Kingdom after we liberate Satan.

In the fallen world, the standard of goodness depends upon who is the most powerful leader.

Satan's attacking is limited by the mathematical principles and conditions. After this limitation, he must make restitution with interest.

Satan, too, dislikes to work in a difficult place. So we should work there without being hindered by Satan.

Satan is challenging us at the cost of his life, so we must do more than him.

Cope wisely with fallen man's satanic preconceptions.

Because of individualism centered on self, the disease of love exists. From this love disease comes all kinds of other diseases.

If you (fallen man) live as you like, it is very possible that you will have an abnormal baby.

When the archangel seduced Eve, if she had come and asked God about it; what kind of history would we have!

The first excuse made in human history:

God said, "Adam! Why did you eat the fruit?"
Adam answered, "Because you created the woman, who tempted me to eat it."

Due to the fall, selfish men centered on their own individual purposes can't understand the purpose of the whole of all things. Because of this, they are unhappy.

Don't let this fallen world's social conditions control you; you as the subject should control them.

To have many keys means it is hell.

In this fallen world, you can't do a great job by using common sense. Eventually you will be defeated.

False love is fake, man-centered and calculating love.

Marriage without God's true love eventually leads society into confusion.

The time when everything is centered on egoistic and animal-like love is the Last Days.

Though mankind has fallen seriously ill, people don't even know they are sick, so they don't know what kind of disease they have.

If Satan tries to push God into a comer, eventually God ends up on top and Satan is in the comer.

Satan's four great weapons: 1) smoking (gas); 2) alcohol (liquid); 3) drugs (solid); 4) illicit love (invisible).

The love disease can't be cured by any worldly medicine.

Satan is indulging in love centered on himself.

The fall means we don't have the parent/child tie centering on God.

We fallen people always go up and down because of self-centered give and take. Good give and take can only come into being through the vertical standard.

We should be the good medicine that cures the fallen world.

Sometimes we will unconsciously do evil acts because of the influence of the invisible Satan. Therefore, be always seriously aware of Satan.

Anger, complaint and making excuses only bring a negative result and they are the essence of Satan.

Undesirable results of self-centeredness:

1) heart-attack.
2) cancer (especially, women's breast cancer, which is caused by: a) no breast feeding, b) marrying late, c) quickly stopping to give birth.
3) emotional problems.
4) easily angry (causes bad quality of mother's milk and increasing cholesterol).
5) "cell doors" shut (from living against the conscience).
6) juvenile delinquency (from not having grandparents' love).

The fallen person is very generous to himself and very stingy towards others, and easily forgets his own faults while remembering others' faults for a long time.

Don't settle safely in the fog of today.

Due to the fall, we don't know how much precious connection we have!

The most serious problem is the problem of love.

Satan is constant and consistent, but he has limitations.

All kinds of problems have occurred because the first cause was not known.

Fallen people are like patients fighting in a hospital.

Satan gives us sickness and strange medicine both; but God, only good medicine.

Today's happiness frequently becomes tomorrow's unhappiness.

Not everything can be done in a reasonable way in this satanic world, because Satan is unreasonable.

The Heavenly heart and the humanistic heart were originally the same. Therefore, the former should be first in this fallen world. If we put the latter first, we will have to pay much indemnity.

There is no master in any country nor in this world.

Self-centered thinking is satanic.

The most serious enemy is the enemy of love (Satan).

Fallen man was originally a child of God.

Satan's work is eventually used for the benefit of God. Therefore, Satan can also be saved.

To live without the Principle, to pursue liberation without paying indemnity and to desire a blessing when you are individualistic is to invite suffering.

There is no real happiness in this fallen world.

If you meet the external happiness, there is only sorrow.

The essence of Satan is disobedience and impatience.

Due to the fall, our true self is being dominated by our false self.

He who dirties love is dirtier than a leper.

A fallen person's most serious suffering has come from losing his parents. Therefore, True Parents should quickly come.

Because of the problem of the root, false love is in trouble.

Irresponsible love is the fall.

The false seed looks nice externally, but if you sow it, it will rot. A true seed does not look so nice externally, yet if you sow it, it will sprout.

Satan enters at dusk, but God enters at dawn.

The original world is the place where all the Creation has pure give and take action by true love and it is continually expanding; but this fallen world is very different from that.

The common diseases of the fallen world are the "illicit love disease" and the "disease of thirst for true love."

Satan looks fearful externally, but if we look carefully at him, he is really nothing.

Due to man's fall, all things in the fallen realm are sorrowfully feeding mankind.

The basic cause of man's fall is illicit love.

Our original love wants to act centering on God's love axis (vertical love), but satanic false love is confusing this original love.

No one can be proud of himself in this world.

Pitiful mankind acts as if they have no problems, even though they are dominated by their own servant, Satan!

They are in such contradiction because their minds and bodies go in opposing directions!

We don't hate any of God's Creation; we hate evil.

Every day, 60,000 people in the world are dying from starvation.

The world in which people have developed natural science, but don't understand the spirit world, will be destroyed by all their time and money.

The most fearful thing in this fallen world is man.

Only in this fallen human society could there be such a thing as a massacre.

All the relationships in this world which are made by fallen people should be denied.

Satan is always seducing us with sweets.

The worldly love of today is almost all self-centered false love. There is a little bit of true love in parental love.

Computer games, motorcycles, fast music, etc., are apt to make a man hot-tempered.

A fallen man is one who will seek a lost dog but doesn't seek his lost original nature.

This world is a world without master, teacher or parents!

Free sex is not God's Will, therefore, it will be destroyed.

Pity the human beings who are living without understanding their purpose of life or understanding God!

Pitiful fallen man doesn't know his original purpose of life and pursues the wrong purpose today!

The most serious sickness is the sickness of love. You cannot cure it by yourself alone.

In the satanic world, the Will of God is not a full-time job, but only a part-time job.

The self-centered, fake human relationships are a problem.

Self-centered arrogance begins with Satan.

The fall means that a person considers himself to be the standard for all.

To fall into illicit love is the same as raping God and True Parents.

Satan hits and then perishes.

When Satan denies God, he is denying himself.

God even kicked out his own children, Adam and Eve, because of the fall. Therefore, you must think that if you ever do that again, you will cut off your sexual organ by yourself.

Understand clearly who Satan is.

Satan, who knew God's secret first, is dominating the world.

Satan doesn't know that God is the Father, because he is not in God's lineage.

Fallen man is in the position of having two fathers and one mother.

Look at this funny fallen world, made by so-called clever people. In the last days, so-called foolish people will receive the blessing.

Satan doesn't know his own problems, but he knows others' problems.

Due to the fall, we don't know that we were created by and supposed to resemble the all-knowing and almighty heartistic God.

By the fall we received the incorrect root of love and we incorrectly started love.

Those living on earth are more of a problem than those in the spirit world.

The sexual organ belongs to each other's Principled partner. People don't know this, therefore the nation as well as the individual is perishing.

This fallen world has only the external shape, not the internal heart.

The fundamental problem of the world is the love problem of men and women.

The big problem is that your fallen nature has become your custom.

Fallen man has two persons in one body.

If fallen man is praised, he will develop slowly. For fallen man, strict warnings are better than praise.

Even though fallen man is irrational, he expects that someone will rationally recognize him.

This world which has so many problems because of false love can only be cured by true love.

The absolute God can't do anything directly with fallen man.

If only Adam and Eve had tearfully and sincerely begged God's forgiveness when God chased them out of the Garden of Eden after their fall! If only just Eve had fallen, and not Adam!

A fallen husband + a fallen wife is not equal to two fallen people.

A fallen husband x a fallen wife is equal to a fallen person squared. Therefore, fallen parents x fallen children is equal to a fallen person double squared.

But, because of True Parents and their true love, we can develop.

Originally, the archangel does not have the right do have a spouse or to have the right of ownership; however, he has these two rights because of the fall.

Today, individualism and free sex are destroying this world and our future.

Know Satan in your body.

Lost because of the fall:

1. Blood lineage realm (basic restoration - rebirth);
2. Ownership realm;
3. Heart realm.

Cities are the main cause of moral and physical pollution because they have been developing for the sake of the convenience of fallen human beings. (In the future, they will disappear due to the development of natural science.)

Because Adam and Eve married and had children under Satan after they were kicked out, all human beings are fallen.

There are two kinds of men in this world: people like fallen Adam, and people like the spiritually resurrected Jesus.

Today, homosexuality and AIDS causes us to not have any descendants. (We are the only doctors who can cure this.)

Opium is good medicine, but if you use it incorrectly, it will kill you.

For a fallen man, his youth is full of failure; his prime of life, of struggle; and his old age, of repentance.

When the time comes, Satan will make his last desperate attack. But after this attack, he will perish. (e.g. After he attacked Jesus, Satan's foundations in Judea and Rome were finished.)

Satan can't make any big negative problems by using woman, because when given power, women are destined to go toward God.

Fallen man is destined to lead a hard life, otherwise he shall be punished.

To the fallen man, scolding is more important than praise.

Satan is the love enemy.

Unless you deny the complicated satanic culture, you can't enjoy the convenient Heavenly culture.

In the original society, if spirit or body is growing, the rest is also growing.

In the fallen society, if spirit or body is growing, the rest is retrogressing.

Due to the fall, people disliked each other, lived apart, and came to have different colors by weather.

White people's culture started the bloody pirate culture.

Black people's culture started the taking-rest culture.

In the fallen love train, there are all kinds of misery.

If there is the concept of enemy, dualism can stand and the concept of restoration can't stand.

The miserable people who complain much are seeing the phenomena, not seeing reality!

If you insist on something even though you know it is bad, you are satanic.

If you feel bad when another points out your weak point, you are satanic.

Atheism is almost unified, but theism is divided by individualism.

Satan can't love God, but God can love Satan. Therefore, God is eternal. Anyone who loves his enemy can have eternal life.

You should cure your satanic habits by prayer and Words.

Since parents are the center of the universe, divorce destroys everything.

Secular humanism denies God and makes man as God.

If fallen people laugh long and loudly, they shall perish.

Every living being has a homing instinct, which human beings have violated many times due to the fall.

In the satanic world, we have only limited material happiness, not eternal happiness.

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