The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

IX. The Providence Today [Part 3]

E. Heavenly Fate

Heavenly Fate works for the sake of true love.

We need preparation plus Heavenly Fate plus time.

Heavenly Fate does not help those who are celibate, because Heavenly Fate always works through the principle of the pair system.

If you have the Messianic thought of unchangeable and absolute love, you can finally reap success because of Heavenly Fate.

In the Blessed family, the children are better than their parents, because the children are born with Heavenly Fate.

The center of the trinity is the True Parents. We are heavenly brothers and sisters. If we don't harmonize with each other, we will have bad fortune.

Because Jesus prayed for the ones who were killing him, Heavenly Fate could resurrect him.

Life is made up of 95% destined fate (no competition; it is not self-determined) 5% changeable fate (competition, self-determining).

Therefore, we must obey our destined fate and cultivate our changeable fate.

Our "destined fate" is the principle made by God for the sake of man's happiness.

Our changeable fate should be based on our destined fate.

If you suffer for God's Will, Heavenly Fate will pay you back a thousand times over. The later it pays, the more it will pay.

The greater fate dominates the smaller fate.

If you become one with others by serving others, Heavenly Fate will come to you and you will become the subject.

I must go the way of fate common to my ancestors, myself and my descendants!

Heavenly good luck will come if we worship God, know deeply the Kingdom of Heaven and devote our heart and sincerity for the whole.

If the co-relationship centering on true love is established, Heavenly Luck (fate) will come there.

Loyalty, filial piety, chastity, benevolence, righteousness, propriety, knowledge, religion, morality, Heavenly luck (fate); all of these are following the tide of heart (Divine Principle).

Heavenly Fate comes where the vertical meets perpendicularly with the horizontal. Look at human beings. All the important parts are perpendicular.

Heavenly Fate is up and down. When we are up, we should be humble; when down, be courageous.

Heavenly Fate comes to the person who has prepared.

If the subject and object unite centering on God, Heavenly Fate protects them.

Heavenly Fate is with the one whom God loves.

"I exist for you." Neglecting this principle kicks out the Heavenly Fate (luck); then you shall perish.

Heavenly Fate comes to those who work together harmoniously.

The good chance doesn't always come to us frequently.

If you follow God's righteous way, you can gain Heavenly Fate and then your greatest hope will be accomplished.

Don't be afraid. Have strong guts. Challenge directly, and don't be ashamed. Calculate your moves centering on God. Then, Heavenly Fate will be with you and you will win the final victory.

To establish the Heavenly Way means to harmonize the way of an individual or nation with Heavenly Fate.

Our time (chance) has come.

The formula of Heavenly fate likes the fact that inhaling must follow exhaling. That is, to receive follows giving.

Perishing or not perishing is determined by heavenly fate, not by the human being.

However fortunate you were born, if your fortune does not fit with the Heavenly fortune, you will finally fail in life.

Heavenly fate means the universal fate.

The Completed Testament era is the era to fulfill the promise given Adam's family.

The individual national age is gone and the continental national age is coming.

Because the Divine Principle is the basis of a happy life, people will soon come to us like a flood.

Women's Federation For World Peace

Through the Women's Rally centering on True Mother, women can stand at the side of men.

Through the Women's Federation for World Peace campaign of 1991, women are restored to their original objective position.

The basic purpose of the Women's Federation for World Peace is to establish the strong family ethics.

Our women's campaign means to make a family in which each family member should live for other family members.

Originally: God -> Adam - Eve -> Cain -> Abel Fall: Satan -> Adam - Eve -> Cain -> Abel Restoration:

1st Abel must restore Cain (restoration of eldersonship)
2nd These two brothers must restore Eve (restoration of parentship)
3rd These three must unite in oneness with True Mother (True Eve) and then restore Adam (restoration of kingship), then must unite in oneness with True Father (True Adam) (restoration of royal familyship).

W.F.W.P. is in the objective position to Tribal Messiahship.

W.F.W.P. must save today's disintegrating families.

Women dislike fighting more than men. W.F.W.P. must be the apostle of peace, righteously settling the family.

G. Tribal Messiahship

The Home Church campaign and the Tribal Messiah campaign are for the sake of restoring the family, because the elder sonship, parentship and kingship were lost at the family level.

After making the world-level foundation for restoration, True Parents must return to their fatherland. In the same way, we, too, must return to our homeland after making a certain foundation.

The purpose of Tribal Messiahship is to restore the elder sonship, and then parentship through restoration by indemnity. Therefore, it is the absolute mission of the Blessed family.

Make the true hometown by Tribal Messiah activities.

Through Tribal Messiah activity, we should change this society into God's society.

We are Blessed in order to pay back our debt.

Our debt to Satan: we didn't love the world as Satan did, so we must love this world more than Satan does.

Our debt to God and True Parents: they have shed their blood, sweat and tears for us. We must indemnify this through tribal messiah activities, shedding blood, sweat and tears.

The Tribal Messiah represents God.

Our first mission of "victory over communism" has been accomplished. Now "resurrection of the family morality" is our mission.

All the problems in the future will be solved by the family or tribe, not in court. If there is a bad person, a punishment such as "this person's dignity shall be as a slave for a certain time" will be given.

The Tribal Messiah's mission is to invest for the sake of others and to pray to become a man who will invest for others.

To do the mission of Tribal Messiah, we must practice the three great thoughts (True Parents, True Teacher, True Master) with investing, praying, and sincerely working towards perfection.

The purpose of the Blessing is to bestow the mission of Tribal Messiah to us; it is for our descendants and this world.

The world where the smaller has the bigger as its subject is the Heavenly Kingdom. Therefore, my hometown is the bigger subject of my family.

The Providence of the Tribal Messiah:

1) Meaning: It is the Providence that the vertical Messiah (True Parents) has restored by blood, sweat and tears, going the way of indemnity to become True Parents (which Adam and Eve and Jesus could not do.) On that foundation, True Parents assigned the horizontal Tribal Messiahs to restore this fallen world.
2) Content of restoration: Love, life and lineage.
3) Order of restoration: Restoring first the elder sonship; second, parentship; and third, kingship through the Cain/Abel principle.
4) Three great missions: restoring ancestors, restoring hometown and dwelling with and attending God.

When the Tribal Messiah system is successful, the realm of religion disappears.

Through the Tribal Messiah, many ancestors work on earth centering on each tribe.

Home Church is the foundation of the Heavenly Kingdom.

The starting point of Home Church is the true love of a couple.

We should be Messiahs; True Parents are working so hard to make us Messiahs.

The Blessing is for the sake of the nation. All the Blessed members should be Tribal Messiahs to save the nation!

Tribal Messiahship is the greatest duty historically and Providentially. This will surely be testified to in the future by history.

The Tribal Messiah should be the owner of true love.

Father's hometown is my hometown.

From now on the Tribal Messiah's position will be higher than any other position.

Make a campaign that tells couples not to divorce, based on the Principle viewpoint.

If all the families are resurrected into the true families, this world can be liberated.

Now is the age of the resurrection of the family, centering on the Tribal Messiah.

The Blessed couple is the Tribal Messiah.

The first Messiah is Jesus; the second Messiah is the True Parents, and the third Messiah is the Tribal Messiah. [True Parents - Tribal Messiah (Jesus' mission) - the physical parents of the Tribal Messiah (Adam's mission)]

We should let all the families in this world know True Parents.

You should be serious about Tribal Messiahship, or else you will go to hell.

Centering on True Parents, the Tribal Messiah is elder and his relatives are his youngers.

The Tribal Messiah's mission is to restore through indemnity the settled true family in which God can joyfully dwell, which Adam lost due to the fall.

The salvation is not the individual salvation, but the family level salvation. Therefore, you must let all the families in this world be in oneness with the vertical God's and True Parents' family. (Registration into True Parents' family) And Christianity was the first to use the words, "bridegroom," "bride," "God as Father," etc. The first creation of God was Adam's family. Jesus had also tried to make his own true family for three years, but failed.

True Parents are in the position of the Second Lord; their family is the completion stage;

The Tribal Messiah is in the position of Jesus; his family is the growth stage;

The Tribal members are in the position of Adam; their families are the formation stage.

This man is the Messiah who gives thanks to God, even when God gave him the highest position and then suddenly moves him to the lowest position.

If you are apathetic toward tribal messiahship, you will have no foundation in the spiritual world and your ancestors' will attack from the spiritual world while you are on earth.

W.F.W.P. is in the objective position to Tribal Messiahship.

The bigger scope of the hometown Providence (the second hometown) is more important than the family level of the hometown Providence (the first hometown).

We should first be the family level Messiah, and on that basis we can become the Tribal Messiah.

Flowers blossom on the branches (Tribal Messiah). Be the true ancestor by restoring your grandparents, parents and brothers and sisters. Then it is your true hometown.

Preach boldly even to one person. If he is moved, it will reach everybody.

H. East and West

The oriental world is the vertical world, where there is a difference between high and low.

The occidental world is the horizontal world, where there is no difference between high and low.

So, they need each other.

Through international Blessed marriage, we can erase the national borderlines and racial discrimination. Only we can do it.

God was first in both eastern and western society. Therefore, people built the holy temples first and built them better than anything else. At the same time the temples became their school buildings.

You should know your partner in order to digest him. (Compare the oriental way with the occidental way.)

The oriental should teach the vertical love to the occidental.

The difference of understanding between the East and West:

East: more internal, essential and vertical - more heartistic (by heart) - more tears. (e. g. bird cries.)

West: more external, phenomenal and horizontal - more intellectual (by head) - more laughter. (e. g. bird sings.)

The common denominator of human desire both oriental and occidental, and the past and present, is true love.

Generally speaking, the occidental is horizontal and likes natural science, the oriental is vertical and likes religion and philosophy.

(The occidental says "I love you" horizontally; the oriental does not.)

Duality of purpose, desire and value

Purpose of the whole - desire for the whole - realized value - big.

Purpose of the individual - desire of the individual - pursued value -small.

The Japanese members are the glue between True Parents and the western members.

Because Asia is the cradle of spiritual culture, one can't unify this world unless one can digest Asia.

The Oriental Cultural sphere is the cultural sphere of the bridegroom (because it is where the founders of religion have come from.)

The Occidental cultural sphere is the cultural sphere of the bride. (because it is where Christianity has come from.)

Western people have little concern for the family, therefore they need to learn from Eastern people.

The masculine, external western culture is the fallen archangelic subjectivity.

The feminine, internal eastern culture is the bride and objectivity.

These two must unite through the Messiah who is the true master and the True Parent.

Knowledge, Emotion and Will: (good) (happy) (right)

In the original world, emotion was first.

Knowledge plus emotion equals emotion.

The center of the family is emotion.

Philosophy has developed in the knowledge-centered western world.

Religion has developed in the emotion-centered eastern world.

Western culture is horizontal, material, analytic and objective.

Eastern culture is vertical, spiritual, synthetic and subjective.

The bride culture (Christian culture - object) can be completed through harmony with the groom culture (Far Eastern culture - subject).

The Western world must recognize the qualitative superiority of the Eastern world and harmonize with it.

I. Korea and Korean Language

Father Kim Il Sung gained his life by shedding other peoples' blood (false parents).

True Parents are shedding their blood so that others may live (true parents).

North Korea is the satanic Adam nation, and the CIS is the satanic archangel nation.

South Korea is the Heavenly Adam nation, and the USA is the Heavenly archangel nation. True Parents are trying to save Kim Il Sung through the unity of the CIS and the USA.

If America neglects Korea, she will perish. So, True Parents hold her under difficulty. Because the archangel consumed Adam and Eve, America (archangel) must save Korea (Adam) and Japan (Eve).

The polarization of communism and democracy came from the Korean War (June 25, 1950).

The emissary for the liberation of the fatherland needs a commitment of purpose that is stronger than his environment.

In Korean, ban means "the subject's sorrowful and tearful lamentation towards the object who refuses to receive the subject's unlimited love."

Know the True Parents' language.

Because Japan, the former Soviet Union and America divided Korea, they should help with the unification of south and north Korea.

The Korean tradition of indemnity, which has treated the eldest son and the eldest grandson in a special way, is the essence of Heavenly tradition.

Korea, which has a very strong tradition centering on the tribe, is a very special country.

The first duty of the newly crowned king in Korea was to bow to his ancestors. It is a good tradition.

A Korean does not want to belong to anyone by any means.

Korean parents want to educate their children, even under starvation.

Even though Korea may perish, this world must survive. And even though this world perishes, God's Will must survive.

No historical hero could have destroyed Korea.

In Korean, "to die" can be expressed by "to return".

Koreans have been invaded countless times but they never attacked any other country; they just swallowed their tears of suffering.

Abel-like Korea (by thought) and Japan (by economy) should save the Cain-like western world.

Have you shed tears for the dying parents in North Korea who are crying over the ten million missed children in South Korea?

Korea was taken care of specially by God for the True Parents.

It is God's order to study Korean language.

If we want to understand the Old Testament, we must study Hebrew language; the New Testament, Greek language; the Unification Church, Korean language.

Because the purpose, motivation and direction are one, the language to express the thought is also one - Unificationism and Korean language.

Feel shame about your ignorance of the Korean language. Is it right that the children don't know their parents' language? Parents want their children to become better through education made by their language.

Why do we need to learn the Korean language? Because:

1) we need to understand the hearts (words) of God and True Parents;
2) it is the best language for expressing deep heart, because it abounds in adjectives;
3) the spirit world and your ancestors will persecute you if you don't know it;
4) children should understand their parents' speaking;
5) we need to quickly accomplish the world heart revolution by having one language;
6) we need to know the Korean history - the root of history.

The purpose of our coming to America is to connect the spiritual culture of Korea with the material culture of the West.

The Third Israel is the Korea both in the north and south. Therefore, the unification of Korea is the call of Providence.

All the results we brought in foreign countries should be connected with Korea, which is the central country in the Providence. If Korea gets better, the whole world will get better.

Because Korea is in God's hand, nobody can take it.

Study Jewish history in order to know Judaism; western history in order to know Christianity, and Korean history to know the Unification Church.

Father's hometown is my hometown.

Read the words of True Parents in Korean.

Whenever Koreans had the most difficulty, they always praised God.

Those who understand the Korean language and Heavenly tradition will be connected to every race through three generations in the future.

Think, "Korea is my country; Korean is my language," because God thinks like that.

If Korea has problems, this world is unstable.

Korea is the country that has so many loyalists, children of filial piety and chaste wives; and so many proverbs.

The greatest enemy of mankind is the language barrier, which has caused us to waste too much time, effort and paper with its complexity.

If you don't understand the Korean language, you will be punished in the spiritual world by your ancestors.

Korea's greatness (from the viewpoints of geopolitics, racial nature and language):

1) because of its location of being surrounded by China, the former Soviet Union and Japan, through Korea's 5,000-year history, the important concepts of these three countries have melted into the Korean language;

2) the translators for these three countries are usually Korean people, therefore the people have abundant information;

3) Koreans can quickly stand by themselves after they immigrate to other countries because of their long suffering;

4) Koreans have various special talents due to their long history of suffering;

5) God has sought the True Parents throughout such a long history of suffering;

6) if a Korean gets various responsibilities, he decides quickly in which order to do them and then does them all;

7) throughout the 5,000 years of Korean history, Korea has been attacked by other countries over 1,000 times yet she survived, and never actively attacked others;

8) the Korean woman carries a small knife in her bosom; if she is raped, she will kill herself because of becoming impure;

9) the heartistic connection between parents and teachers, and parents and students; and the emphasis on education;

10) Koreans give a warm reception to their guests more than to their own family, and they always treat their friends warmly;

11) the four seasons are very distinct, so wherever a Korean goes, he can survive;

12) when Koreans fight each other, if another nation invades, they stop their fighting and join against the enemy.

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