The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

IX. The Providence Today [Part 2]

C. Money, Power and Knowledge

Keep the purity that was given to you by God. Don't dirty it with money, knowledge or power.

Neither money, power, nor knowledge can save the country. Only words based on true love can.

Follow what is right. Don't be attached to race, language, power, money or knowledge.

Wherever people are living "for others", unity, balance, and harmony come into being. Therefore, a lot of money, knowledge and power can come there.

The horizontal world: man dominates others by money, power and knowledge. Therefore he can't find God, and he perishes.

The vertical world: man dominates others by true love of giving and giving. Therefore he can find God, and he prospers.

Children can't be made through money, power or knowledge, and they can't be made good through them either.

God's purpose of restoration is not to gain money, power, or knowledge, but to restore true love.

Witnessing ability is in direct proportion to sincerity, but not in proportion to knowledge, power, or money.

Satan occupies and expands his territory by power; but God, by investment for the sake of others.

True happiness does not come from money, power or knowledge.

As for us fallen people, our possession of knowledge, power and money is apt to make problems. Therefore, there are ups and downs in our lives.

Don't confuse the purpose with the means. Money, power and knowledge are just the means for the purpose.

Don't treat a beggar in front of your gate coldly; in God's eyes, he is your brother.

God has much power, knowledge and money, but He needs an object of love.

The mind wants to be with love, not with money, power or knowledge.

Don't think that you can just unconditionally receive sunlight, air, water, love, God, etc. which are much more precious than money, power, or knowledge. The fall means that we didn't know to give thanks to them. So, fallen man is a debtor.

God's hope is not in money, power or knowledge, but in children.

True love that can transcend time and space is more powerful than political power, intellectual power or money power.

Comparing with the great cosmos; earthly power, money and knowledge are not so valuable.

The most precious one to the body is the mind and vice versa. Money, power and knowledge are second.

First is love; second is man and woman; and last is money, knowledge and power.

What God needs absolutely is love, not money, power or knowledge.

The ideal of love is accomplished only by love, not by money, power or knowledge.

The position of the Blessing can't be invaded by money, knowledge, power or honor.

Only true love can make unity between Heaven and earth, and God and man. It can't be done by knowledge, money or power.

Money cannot make the ideal person; nor can knowledge nor power.

True love is first, and money, power and knowledge are second. The former is the origin of the latter.

The ideal of creation can be accomplished by love, not by knowledge, money or power.

Man was born because of love and for the sake of love, not for the sake of money, power or knowledge.

The most precious thing in this world is the family order centered on true love. It can't be exchanged with money, power or knowledge.

The original man can't be made by money, power or knowledge, but only by true love. Therefore, the ideal world can only be made by true love.

Fame from money, power or knowledge is not real fame.

Only the power (as well as the knowledge and money) centered on love is valuable.

We can't exchange that which is connected to the blood lineage with money, power or knowledge.

True order comes not from knowledge, power or money but from true love. But the true love man and woman, who are prototype (model) of true love substance, should come first.

Without love, money, intellect and power have no significance.

Businesses should operate sincerely centered upon God's church.

Fame and honor make the fallen man's spirit impure

D. Ideology and Thought

In the fallen world, only freedom and democracy are emphasized. There is only self-centeredness and no objective position of man, that is, no view of man's proper position. Therefore, this world shall perish.

In the western world, democracy is centered only on white people, so it cannot be universal.

Islam was born by the mistakes of Judaism; communism, by the mistakes of Christianity.

The mind-like campaign for interreligious unity (the Interreligious Federation for World Peace) and the body-like campaign for international unity (the Federation for World Peace) are necessary.

The polarization of communism and democracy came from the Korean War (June 25, 1950).

The future Providential plan: The order of creation:

1. Angelic world < 3 archangels)
2. Adam
3. Eve

Centering on God (lost this number 6)

To restore:

1. To restore 3 archangel nations (USA, CIS, China)
2. To restore Adam nation (Korea through north/sought unity)
3. To restore the Eve nation (Japan through Korea/Japan unity)

Centering on God (this number 6 restored)

Every continent will eventually be organized as one federation, so that no dictatorial country or group of countries will be able to control the world.

Lead the world; don't be led by the world.

Democracy is the last stage of brothers seeking parents. In this stage there is still the possibility of fighting each other.

The True Parent, the Messiah, is the one who tries to change the direction of democracy and communism, and especially to change the western world into a place of true life.

We say "one nation under God" in America, but Unification family members should say "one world under God."

Communist (materialist) countries collapsed, yet the United States is becoming a country of materialism.

The view of value that centers on the physical side is the view of value that will take me to hell.

The three things that cosmosism must restore: 1) brotherhoodism (democracy is a competition). 2) parentism. 3) Godism (heavenly authority).

The time of production has passed, and the problems of raw material and marketing have come. only the country which has heartistic thought can solve these problems.

Economy, education and politics that are based on God's heart for this world can lead this world.

An inaccurate diagnosis causes the patient pain and is a waste of money.

Have conviction centering on the worldwide, orderly, systematic, practical and positive idea.

Democracy has become egoism, because it has no parents, that is, no standard.

It is impossible to make the family of true love without the ideology of "for others".

The horizontal world: man dominates others by money, power and knowledge. Therefore he can't find God, and he perishes.

The vertical world: man dominates others by true love of giving and giving. Therefore he can find God, and he prospers.

Democracy is only horizontal without the vertical foundation of God, so if it continues a long time, chaos occurs.

Religion comes from the subjective vertical God.

Thought comes from horizontal objective man.

The left-wing is finished and the right-wing is confused. Therefore, today we need only the head-wing, Godism.

The atheistic CIS recognized the Divine Principle nationally, but America did not. So, the last becomes the first.

Our first mission of "victory over communism" has been accomplished. Now "resurrection of the family" is our mission.

Our human society has started from parents. Therefore, democracy (which is brotherism) should be changed into Parentism.

The vertical standard (stem) should be strong enough.

In the Last Days, there is only one purpose with several methods to realize it.

We are waging the cultural war against the satanizing western culture.

The Lord of the Second Advent (True Parents) brings the right thief (democratic bloc) and the left thief (communist bloc) into one, through true love.

Until the central ideology is accomplished, be patient for the sake of the whole.

Because democracy centered on the individual and communism centered on the "party" and neither are centered on the public God, both will surely perish.

Because democratic thought of equality is horizontal, there is no vertical standard. Therefore its society becomes easily confused.

Don't compromise with politicians.

The separation of church and state was established so that the church could be the subject of true love to the state. Now comes the time when they should be one.

There is a moral track but no driver in communism, and there is no moral track in democracy.

The thought that has complete contents does not need any decoration.

Today the so-called advanced countries are going down because they have lost their sense of direction.

There is a struggle to erase the satanic internal and external borderlines. The final struggle is the struggle between church and state.

Now is the time that the age of individual countries shall end and the age of united states shall begin.

If you have the Messianic thought of unchangeable and absolute love, you can finally reap the success because of Heavenly Fate.

History has been led by thought and conviction.

To accomplish the ideal centering on God, 1st, order; 2nd, norm based on the order; 3rd, relationship based on the order and norm 4th, ideal based on the order, norm and relationship.

Why is racial discrimination bad? Because everyone is in the same principle of love.

The left-wing and the right-wing will perish; only head-wing will remain. Otherwise, the world will soon face great moral and ethical problems.

Information, media and action.

The struggle between the right and left will end and they will come into harmony through head-wing thought. Head-wing thought is the unique standard centering on true love, which means to live for the sake of others.

True education is to teach the relation between parents and children.

Politics must be based on the correct parental heart foundation.

(The western temporary systems have no essential concept like these. Politics and education must center on the parental heart.).

The communist countries must perish, because the system treats the party (smaller) as country (greater).

God is multicolored, therefore, racial discrimination is wrong. Each color plus God has the same value.

Without self-reconstruction, there can be no reconstruction of society (liberation theology says the opposite of this).

Democracy and Communism should be stepping stones toward Cosmosism (Godism). Otherwise, they shall both fall into much social confusion.

The weakest point of democracy is its individualism. It needs a strong and righteous leader.

Now is the time of parents. The fighting between brothers can't last a long time.

From now on, political systems will be formed that will righteously manage the economy.

The beginning point of the Messianic love is the family centering on parents.

The unification of the cosmos can't come through politics or dogma, but only through love.

In the democratic society, there is (relatively) more freedom, but no equality. In the communist society, there is (relatively) more equality, but no freedom.

Justice is effective adjustment, beauty and order, and harmonious power.

Democracy and communism are the last fruits of the human effort to enter the Heavenly Kingdom; yet, they are wrong. Now, we have only one way: Godism.

Go beyond cosmopolitanism and enter into cosmosism.

Thought that is centered on man cannot be a good philosophy.

The satanic subjective thought centered on fallen man states that because man is autonomous, conscious and creative, he is the subject.

True love subjective thought centered on God states that man must be a true parent, true teacher, and a true master centering true love.

Don't respect the man, but the man's thought.

Politicians should listen to the words of the prophet. The separation of Church and State is a result of Satan.

Communism = atheism (humanism) + materialism + evolution.

Pragmatism is wrong because it is centered on the present, the self, and material.

Cosmic chance and cosmic ideology cannot just enter into any place at any time.

The Church and democracy are Abel; the State and Communism, Cain. But today, sorrowfully, Cain is superior.

The national barriers must eventually fall down. Were there any barriers in Eden?

Which government is more stable, the democratic presidential system or the Kingdom system?

The theistic law of give and take is better than the atheistic dialectic.

The time for the true world to come is when the action of thesis-antithesis-synthesis (the militant principle of development) changes into the action of origin-division-union (the harmonious principle of development)

Abel-like Korea (by thought) and Japan (by economy) should save the Cain-like western world.

The law court in the ideal society is family. The chief judge is the parents and the elder relatives are judges.

Democracy is fraternalism, so its origin, parentism, must come and solve the children's struggles.

We hate communism, but we should love the people suffering under it.

"-ism" is the righteous way.

Without the axiology centered on love, we can't solve the problems of communism.

The organized power is stronger than the unorganized one.

The offensive power is much stronger than the organized one.

The power that comes after victory is its climax.

But without the foundation of the heartistic ideology, this power will eventually leave only despondency.

Neither the right-wing nor the left-wing can embrace this world. it is the head-wing that can bring harmony and embrace the world.

Neither democracy nor communism has a place to go. Therefore, they have become closer to each other. Religion should bring the two into harmony.

Democracy shall perish from waste and pleasure, because it gives the first consideration to knowledge centering on fallen people.

Communism shall eventually rot through its abuse of power.

Youth in both blocs strongly feel the contradiction of their blocs and yearn for the other bloc. In the end, they will seek a third bloc. Parents also will seek the third (different from theirs), because they can't embrace their children with only one arm.

Humanism, theism and materialism have all failed. We need another heartistic ideology, which is the Head-wing thought (Unification Thought, Godism), which can embrace God, man and all things.

Secular humanism can't cultivate the national or world level good person.

The new ideology must move vertically and horizontally.

Unificationism can unite Headwing (body-principle, for materialistic people) and Godism (mind-principle, for God-centered people) by true love.

Transcend national barriers, race and thought. We should destroy all the barriers made by the fall. Then, sow God's seed.

Because the purpose, motivation and direction are one, the language to express the thought is also one - Unificationism and the Korean language.

Congressmen should be religious.

The economic system in the free world is socializing because of heavy taxes. The harmony between taxes and business desire can only be made by the Divine Principle.

Equality without a center, human rights without God and freedom without responsibility are nonsense. These are the weak points of today's democracy.

The communist militant dialectic will change into the peaceful law of give and take, and the latter will lead to the Heavenly Kingdom.

The democratic self-centered individuality will change into the ideology of true love for the sake of others and the latter will lead to the Heavenly Kingdom.

The capitalist society values "mine" too much and the communist society values "ours" too much.

God has power; the countries do not have power.

The materialist communist world lacks material and emphasizes spiritual education.

The idealistic democratic world lacks the spiritual and emphasizes material education.

Therefore, because of the problems of both sides, we need God-centered unity-ism.

If you have a lot of money without having an ideology, you will have problems.

Don't settle comfortably under this present external and limited system.

A concept should be rooted in substance, which should be explained by the concept.

We are not worldwide, but cosmic.

The problem is that humanistic democracy centers on the fallen man. Democracy must center on God.

The original nature of democracy was not equality based on man as subject before laws made by fallen man. Originally it meant equality based on men as objects of love to the perfect God.

We must enter in the "Sollen" world by passing the zero point through the "Willen" world from the "Sein" world.

If you don't know the central ideology, you will become like a fallen leaf, in the end.

Democracy is a transitional system during the time that the satanic world is changing into the Heavenly world.

The political party should exist for the country and the congressman should exist for his political party.

The Messianic ideology is the ideology for the world.

The greatest thought is the one that centers on the true love.

Communism confessed its failure, but stupid democracy doesn't confess its failure.

The developing war pattern: real war - cold war - moral war. (To get victory in the last war, the media must be dominated and managed by saints.)

To control this world, your knowledge, management and technology must transcend this world.

Qualities of a Heavenly politician:

(1) A theist who has a strong ideological foundation to overcome materialism.
(2) One who thinks that congress must consist of an equal number of men and women.
(3) One who thinks that we should have a national party against Satan.
(4) One who thinks that elections must be decided not by direct voting only but by direct voting at the first step, indirect voting at the second step, and lottery at the last step.

Two kinds of people:

Intellectual people.
Spiritual people.

(They are to be complimentary.)

The greatness of the Divine Principle:

(1) Introducing God's heart transcending time and space, and restoring the parent-child relationship between God and human beings.
(2) Explaining the harmony between the material world and the spiritual world.
(3) Explaining logically the spirit world.

(4) Clarifying the defects of materialism and other viewpoints and presenting the counterproposals for them.

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