The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

IX. The Providence Today [Part 1]

A. Religion

The real purpose of religion is to establish the true family.

In the Providence of Restoration, religion has grown from the religion of servant of servant to the religion of parent. Therefore all the religions are in the process from which the parental religion is to appear. Therefore, every religion is different from the other. Also a religion that has a long history is not necessarily good, and newly-born religions are not always bad.

Islam was born through the mistakes of Judaism; communism, through the mistakes of Christianity.

The religious life is the life to liberate one's self through judgment.

The purpose of our theological seminars is to raise up special individuals who can re-educate Christians.

My worst enemy is myself, and next is my family. The religious life is the life of striking myself.

From now on, those who want to be politicians must know about religion.

Obedience and patience are the basic responsibility of religious people.

There is no true Christian church in the so-called Christian western world.

Scientists know a lot about the smaller.

Philosophers know a little about the bigger.

But a true religious man should know both.

Theologians who regularly attend their church's Sunday service and tithe are real theologians.

All the problems in the religious realm come from the horizontal culture.

Religion is paradoxical. Therefore, we should be different from worldly people.

Religion comes from the subjective vertical God.

Thought comes from objective, horizontal man.

Religion is the mind; thought, body.

Religions should respect and serve one another and make an atmosphere of world peace.

When religion receives persecution, it can develop practically.

If religion is not persecuted, it must be aggressive, or it shall perish.

Christianity does not need revival (reconstruction) but resurrection.

Religion means basic education. If we analyze the Chinese character:(family or home) = (show),(filial piety),(parent), we can see it means "the family showing filial piety to parents".

The country centered on religion and education will surely prosper.

Until today, religions have sought a true person; on that foundation, we should seek a true family.

Religion has been developing towards the goal of a parental religion (the religion of life, not the life of religion).

Religion sees man as being more important than money, and sees the greater as more important than the smaller.

The religions in the Old Testament age were more strict than those in the New Testament age.

Theologians usually do not come to church nor tithe; it's funny that their ideas are controlling the churches.

The religion that can save this world must:

1) elucidate the three kinds of God's heart, (happy heart of creation, sorrowful heart at the fall, suffering heart in restoration),
2) love the greater more than the smaller,
3) know all the saints' hearts and try to get all people to follow that kind of heart,
4) preach true love and be a good example of practicing true love,
5) unify all kinds of human affairs through the one Heavenly standard,
6) emphasize the Godly ideological education,
7) emphasize the religion of life, not the life of religion,
8) have been persecuted a lot because of these works.

(The central figure of this kind of religion is the Messiah.)

If religion becomes secular, the world will perish.

Religion is a process, not a purpose.

Today's religions are neglecting:

1) the fact that responsibility centering on truth is more important than freedom centering on love;
2) the importance of living for the sake of others;
3) God's ban.

The etymology of "religion"

Oriental: the source, root plus education;

Occidental: to know the source and to restore into oneness.

The true religion tries to reform all kinds of human affairs centering on the Messiah as Parents.

Philosophy centering on knowledge and religion centering on God are trying to find the cause of all the created.

The realm of religion is the place to repair a fallen man and make him a man of true love.

The religion centered on true love is the superior religion.

Religion crosses the national barriers and becomes the center of history.

The common hope of all religions is the peaceful world centered on God, that is, the Heavenly Kingdom.

When the supra-religious and supra-racial religion appears, it is the Last Days.

The denomination which sacrifices itself for the nation is the real denomination.

Buddhism stresses give and take between man and all things; Confucianism, between man and man; Christianity, between man and God. The Unification Church embraces all of these.

No understanding of the responsibility of man causes religions to lose their power. If you know everything but don't know this, you shall fail in your life.

Comparatively speaking, Christian countries are richer.

Philosophy is seeking God through knowledge, but religion is living with God. Therefore, religion is of a higher dimension than philosophy.

Natural science gives us knowledge; philosophy, wisdom; and religion, love.

Religious freedom does not mean the freedom from religion nor the freedom to persecute religion.

School was started by religion at the religion's holy temple.

The religious life means the life of hitting the body so it will be accustomed to obey the mind. It is possible only by the Divine Principle.

Religious study means to have the experience of God.

Holy scriptures are not books of knowledge, but books that purify our souls.

Because the Christian realm is persecuting True Parents, it is collapsing.

Neither democracy nor communism has a place to go. Therefore, they have become closer to each other. Religion should bring the two into harmony.

God has made the new love net by creating various religions.

Religions are developed on the foundation of Satan's compensations which he has been paying tens of thousands of times after putting God's people in jail.

The religion of the unique God became polytheism because of human beings' fall.

The chosen people come from the absolute religion.

The struggle between religions makes God the most sorrowful.

The mission of religion is to:

1) practice God's heart of true love (we should have no enemy),
2) restore God's purpose of Creation (we should have modesty and integrity)
3) make the tie between God and the second generation (we should be a good example).

The greatest and strongest religion emphasizes the relationship between God and man as the relationship between parent and child, centering on true love.

Without establishing a strong tradition, religion shall fall to become merely a private organization.

Religious struggle comes from not understanding well its purpose, the Creation, God, or the spirit world.

There are no words "True Parents" in other churches.

Religion is the education about the origin.

Religious education is more important than school education.

The religion that states centering on God's true love heart that the relationship between God and man is that of parent-child is a strong religion.

All the problems of religion today were caused by the lack of connection between religion and daily human life.

We want to change a big false olive tree into a small true olive tree. Therefore, the religious life is very difficult.

"If you don't believe in Jesus, you'll go to hell," should be changed into "If you don't believe in True Parents, you will not go to the Heavenly Kingdom."

Religion is the way by indemnity to restore in reverse love, life and lineage.

Religion is pursuing the invisible cause (origin).

Because accomplishing Christianity is accomplishing everything, you should be concerned about Christianity.

If the Jewish people had fulfilled their responsibility, we would not need religion.

Religion makes fallen people go down (be humble).

The "child" religion: just enjoys being given the blessing he has asked for.

The "youth" religion: says "thank you" for being given the blessing he asked for.

The "parent" religion: comforts God's suffering heart without asking for God's blessing.

The problems of religion and race are the most serious problems of today, and they can be solved only through the Divine Principle.

Christianity is the bride church; other religions are the archangel church; and the Unification Church is the parent church.

In the nucleus of all religions there is a strong desire to clarify the root of human unhappiness and suffering.

Christianity is the only religion connected with the change of the blood lineage.

Today's Christianity is not a good example because it is based on individualism and understands God externally by the head alone.

If Christianity does not practice John 3:16 and Matthew 16:24-25, it will surely perish.

John 3:16: God loves this world so much, therefore He has sent the Messiah.

Matthew 16:24: If anyone wants to follow me, he should first deny himself and take up his cross. If he tries to live, he shall die, and if he tries to die, he shall live.

America destroyed Christianity. We should reform and save this Christianity. This wrong Christianity has been persecuting True Parents.

No one likes religious life.

The most serious of today's problems are the problems of race and religion.

Christianity that has no core and is individualized needs a core.

Religion forces us usually to do what we don't like to do. If we don't follow religious directives, we feel conscience-stricken.

It is very bad that, religions, which must love their enemies, fight each other.

Today's churches center on human beings, not on God.

There is no denomination in God.

Because religion has difficult scriptures, it can develop.

We cannot understand God without prayer and study.

The ideal of religious people surpasses the visible ideals of this world. Therefore, the unification of religions is difficult. Only by the Divine Principle is it possible.

B. Leadership

Raise up your successor.

The mission of a leader is: responsibility (for persuasion and financing), protection of, and development of an organization.

Our position and rank are for the sake of the Providence, not for our own dignity.

Listen carefully to the abnormal order of a good leader. As we know, God Himself ordered Noah to build a boat on the top of a mountain.

Make the Abel-like figure your standard.

I must be a loyal member before being a loyal leader.

Because the Unification Church is connected with the spirit world, even though a man of ability is hidden by the shade, he can be called when the time is mature.

Guide members by God's method. If you do it by a self-created method, you shall lose your members and you shall perish.

Don't try to make your position better by yourself. Don't pray for yourself, however difficult your situation is.

We can be leaders not by our self-confidence but by God's choice.

Leaders should attend the time of worship.

You should introduce God and True Parents on your business card.

Members in Headquarters should be good examples first.

People will obey the person who is obedient to his subject.

We should be a leader of tears.

We who deal with people's lives should be serious.

The responsible figure needs to be serious.

1. A pastor should:

1) long for people;
2) like to give God's Word;
3] love people;
4) like to serve people;
5) respect people;
6) be patient.

2. A pastor should be:

1) a man of tears;
2) a man who has much concern
3] a man of zeal;
4) a man of tolerance
5) a man of parental heart
6) a guide;
7) a tough advisor
8) a good example.

Stimulate your members by the variable method.

It causes a problem: "without me it can't be done."

Raise leaders who can lead the 21st century.

The spiritual leader should be serious.

Become the leader to raise rather than the leader to sow.

To guide members, leaders must: 1) give; 2) love; 3) pray; 4) be sincere.

Therefore, leaders need sufficient experience.

The man of responsibility (leader) should have financial power, diplomatic power, and the power of persuasion.

Whenever you spank a bad person, you should reserve something good for him after the spanking.

Let the bad person talk first.

Sometimes, with a parental heart, you need to pretend to be cheated.

If you have the attitude of "I'm here for you," people will follow you.

Man is always the problem. Neither money, political parties nor the nation is the problem. Therefore, raising up good people is important.

If you resign because of difficulty, who will again sacrifice for this!

Criticism should be given in a rational and logical way, for the sake of development and in order to have a clearer understanding and therefore practice. It should be given affirmatively and offer a counter-proposal.

Preach educational sermons. To do so, pray much.

Let members give their testimony.

As God trained True Parents by putting Father even in jail, you should do the same to your members. The ones who overcome this course will become true family members.

He who is preparing centered on the good central figure can be the master in the future.

The central figure is the man of responsibility.

The posture of the responsible figure should be to: 1) try from the bottom; 2) have conviction; 3) be simple and honest; 4) be patient; 5) protect God's prestige; 6) connect motive with result.

The pastor's wife is the mother figure of the Church members. She must love mankind who are in Satan's bosom by the parental love more than she loves her own children.

Spur on the fast-running horse.

Guiding members must be done not by knack but by heart.

As long as you don't feel it is a sin to God, push and push again.

We need the ability to lecture, the ability to persuade and the financial ability.

You should not push others to do what you don't like to do.

The head of an organization should love the members of that organization more than he loves the organization itself.

The more self-centered you become in a higher position, the more miserable you become.

You must know that sometimes your position (rank) will go down for the sake of God's Will. Think of how a grandfather is pulled around by his grandson.

The greatest leader is the spiritual educator.

Make your office small; an office makes people lazy. It also creates a sense of incompatibility between headquarters and the frontline.

When you wake up, think always of your members.

Flattery is different than loyalty. The leader who can't discern the former from the latter shall perish in the end.

True leadership is to make someone belong to God's Will and to live for the sake of others.

All leaders should have the same heart as a parent or teacher.

If a person tries to use his organization for his own advantage, he shall perish.

A leader must: 1) lead family style; 2) be diligent; 3) fill up others' needs; 4) take care of others.

An administrator must: 1) show the direction; 2) make decisions; 3) be responsible; 4) solve problems; 5) be pious.

Points that a leader should be careful about: 1) Don't be ambitious for position; 2) Don't let money be your motivation; 5) Don't try to be famous quickly; 4) Be careful of a self-centered mind; 5) Don't act only centering on duty; 6) Don't be excessively attached to success.

A leader is lonely and has a heavy feeling of responsibility.

A leader should be clear as a man of good sense.

A leader's motivation should be based on God's purpose of creation.

Why does authority receive resistance? 1) Wrong way of punishment; 2) Incorrect view of value; 3) Bad example; 4) Incorrect education about authority; 5) Abuse of authority.

Authority exists for the effective operation of the organization.

The origin of authority is God.

The basis of authority is: 1) obeying God; 2) a pious life; 3) love; 4) service.

To get authority: 1) decide correctly; 2) be assigned as a representative; 3) clarify duty; 4) financial foundation; 5) much experience.

Strategy must have purpose, goal, priority, plan and guideline.

Necessity of strategy (time, space, money, manpower): 1) clarify doing mission; 2) interest in doing mission; 3) clarify mission; 4) method to do mission; 5) standard of evaluation; 6) show leadership; 7) easily overcome crises.

Necessity of guideline: 1) to not violate the Principle; 2) to treat man more importantly; 3) to evaluate it centering on the purpose; 4) to raise minority of elite; 5) to lead the pious life; 6) to assign leaders whom the majority like.

Problems in loving man: 1) to be too busy; 2) to much self-opinion; 3) impatience; 4) uneasy about self-position; 5) too sensitive; 6) scared to be friends.

Method to love: 1) consistency; 2) necessity; 3) trust; 4) self-control; 5) trueness.

A leader should: 1) talk well; 2) have much knowledge; 3) have good faith; 4) be very charitable; 5) be patient; 6) be gentle and humble.

Establish well and use well a good network of manpower.

Raise up your power of harmony with your environment based upon Divine Principle.

The master is the one who leads his life for the sake of others.

You need to control your mission. Don't be controlled by your mission.

You should make a person obedient to you by your virtue.

Ministry is:

(1) Guiding humans spiritually.
(2) Maintaining and adjusting human relationships.
(3) The total education by harmonizing the human desires of eating, sleeping and sex with his spiritual life.
(4) The most valuable human experience.

The minister is:

(1) A properly positioned engrafted branch.
(2) A person of unlimited responsibility.
(3) A midwife or mother of human life.
(4) God's representative and mouthpiece is one who dies for God.

Because the church is the vertical standard and foundation for all kinds of human works, the minister is the blessed one. So he should worry over the spirit-world, the present world and the future generations. Therefore, he should not oppose, complain or reproach, but be pure and shed tears for others.

A minister should:

Inspire and train members (for example, by fasting or prayer).
Not forget the history of our church.
Self-generate (for example, he must be moved by his own sermon).
A minister is a Levite, a priest. He has no land but has a temple and members. He must be prudent and proud.

A minister must be:

First, a sacrifice which has no self-consciousness and is sanctified heartistically.
Second, a priest.

One who wants to be the center without indemnity has the mind of a thief.

Even a hurricane cannot stop our determination.

Our problems come from not fully understanding True Parents and the Divine Principle, and from a lack of spiritual power.

The leader of an organization should pray with tears.

Listening carefully is the key to getting the victory.

Unification must present the right direction to this world and then lead it.

The leader of an organization must come from an exemplary family.

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