The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

VIII. Family Life [Part 3]

B. Tradition

Establishing the proper Heavenly tradition is very important.

It is a beautiful custom to serve one's parent's tomb more than one's children, because parents are the root of their children.

God's providence is to establish the Heavenly tradition for all people in the eternal future.

The center of Heavenly tradition is heart and thought.

Horizontally multiply and develop the vertical tradition through the Church.

Do we elect our God and our family members through voting?

Even if you are under financial difficulty, don't sell Church property and use the money, but rather keep it to let our descendants know God's suffering and your suffering (for tradition).

God sacrificed His only son, Jesus, to save fallen mankind. We should follow this tradition.

My past is apt to become my enemy and a big obstacle to the establishment of God's tradition.

The members of the Unification Church are the men and women who are establishing the tradition of love.

Tradition - Education -- Practice.

The Korean tradition of indemnity, which has treated the eldest son and the eldest grandson as special, is the essence of Heavenly tradition.

Korea, which has a very strong tradition centering on the tribe, is a very special country.

The true tradition in all aspects of human life is the unified tradition centering on true love.

Love your parents and brothers and sisters more than your spouse.

Establishing the tradition for our descendants is an urgent and greatly important matter in the restoration course.

Couples must love their parents, who must love the grandparents. This is the law of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Tradition must be progressive.

Erase the chronic tradition which is against God's Will.

If you don't follow the tradition established by True Parents, you will perish.

Tradition can be established with the whole.

We are the standard bearers who should establish the new tradition.

True Parents are very urgent to establish the Heavenly tradition.

Activity should center on establishing tradition, education, and practice.

Obey the system that is centered on the tradition that was made through restoration by indemnity.

Freedom produces good results through the good tradition.

It should be the tradition that the object serves the Abel-like subject while knowing the subject's situation and heart.

What is not heartistic and traditional will eventually fly away.

Let's make the true history by establishing the true tradition.

Without establishing a strong tradition, religion shall fall and become merely a private organization.

God's true tradition can be established by God, the vertical parents of true love; and True Parents, the horizontal parents of true love.

People need to live in the tradition of love.

The love tradition is seriously made at the cost of living our life for the public (whole).

Because tradition is the essence of history, it must be progressive.

Leave behind the tradition of suffering for God's Will.

Before you die, leave behind the tradition of having sacrificially loved mankind.

Before you die, leave behind the tradition of having good children for the future.

If we don't establish the strong Heavenly tradition, our church will become like other churches.

If the tradition is not clear, there will be confusion.

True love should be the central tradition for everything.

There are ups and downs (harmony of yang-yin) in every affair. The deeper you go down, the higher you can go up.

Hebraism has the consistent historical foundation centering on one tradition, but Hellenism has changed with the ages.

The internal Heavenly tradition is to:

1) serve others with tears, sweat and blood;
2) serve others as a servant but with a parental heart;
3) serve others with true love, which means to give;
4) have the family in which there is a clear vertical Heavenly hierarchy.

The horizontal tradition can be established on the foundation of the vertical tradition.

The satanic tradition and system must quickly perish so that the Heavenly tradition and system can be established.

All the members of the family should participate in pledge service on Sunday's and the first day of the month. Because it is the most important condition to attend Parents.

Beauty is harmony.

Be a responsible person based on God's tradition of leading a life for others.

C. Loyalty, Altruism, Filial Piety

A loyal person and a holy person have unchangeably good personalities.

The rebel is the one who blames the loyal subject.

A good person can recognize a good person. Think whether or not you are an ideal child of filial piety. That is, think whether or not you are a complete object of vertical love.

Today we need the loyal family that loves the nation more than its children.

The true filial piety is done as a couple; loyalty, as a family.

When parents praise children saying "You did a good job," it is the means for the children to do a real good job (children of filial piety).

The real child of filial piety is the one who voluntarily attends his parents.

Horizontal love can bring a good result when it centers on vertical love. Vertical love is initiating, sacrificial and altruistic parental love.

The foundation of personal confidence is the invisible moral personality.

There is an enemy in front of the great man, but none in front of the saint.

Now, we need loyalists more than patriots.

There is no freedom for the child of filial piety, the loyalist and the holy son.

A child of filial piety, loyalist, chaste wife, saint, etc. are people of true love.

A great man is on the national level; a saint, the worldwide level; and Holy Son, cosmic. Therefore the holy son is the best.

The saint follows the Heavenly way for God.

Who gave you the ability to feel happiness? Therefore, offer thanks and filial piety to God and True Parents.

The family is the nucleus of the cosmos. Filial piety is the origin of all human behavior.

Original love and beauty (filial piety, loyalty and chastity) are unchangeable. Therefore, a changeable person cannot find unchangeable happiness.

Loyalty, filial piety, chastity, benevolence, righteousness, propriety, knowledge, religion, morality, Heavenly luck (fate) - all of these are following the tide of heart (Divine Principle).

Parental love is the origin of all human behavior; filial piety is next.

If you behave with an ethical and moral personality based on a good heart, the ideal world can be established.

The benevolent person (saint) concentrates on saving people.

One who tries to be a heartistic creditor to his parents is the true son of filial piety.

Be a child of filial piety to your parents, who gave birth to you at the cost of their life.

Tell your parents not to divorce, for the sake of their children.

Why is filial piety the origin of human behavior? Because 1) its origin is unchangeable parental love; 2) the origin of parental love is the Creator, the unique God.

Children of filial piety, loyalists and saints have no freedom.

The holy son is the one who loves the cosmos the most, centering on God.

The saint is the one who loves the world the most, centering on God.

The loyal subject is the one who loves the nation the most, centering on God.

The child of filial piety is the one who loves the parents the most, centering on God.

The chaste wife is the one who loves the husband the most, centering on God. (Vertical love is first, and the bigger scope is the more valuable.)

The ceremony of worshipping the ancestors is not bad. Filial piety is a kind of love.

As you love your grandparents, you should love the old people in your neighborhood.

As you love your parents, you should love the parents in your neighborhood.

As you love your children, you should love the children in your neighborhood.

A holy son loves vertically and horizontally as God does.

If you worship your ancestors, you will be blessed.

The way of loyalty and filial piety is not countable.

The one who does the noble job is the noble person.

Sequence of attendance: first God, second True Parents, third ancestors.

The first parent (earth) gives man the educational material necessary for him to connect with his second parents (human parents), therefore:

The second parents (human parents) must educate man heartistically to connect with his third parent (God).
First parent (earth) gives man air, light, food, etc.
Second parents (human parents) give man the physical body.
Third parent (God) gives man the life element, which is the origin of true love.

Therefore, man is a debtor, and must practice true love substantially.

Egoism + food = disease. Altruism + food = health.

The saint is the one who has no self in front of God.

The reason the saint's way transcends time and space is that the Heavenly ethic is with him.

The best present to God is the life for the sake of others.

True love is to love your enemy even at the cost of sacrificing your own life. The quality of a son of filial piety, loyalist, saint and holy son is this kind of true love.

D. School and Education

Read other books only after you understand Divine Principle.

The purpose of education (including religion) is to allow the mind to become the subject of the body. From this viewpoint, the Unification Church is the best educational organization.

All books fall into two categories:

1. Those that prove Divine Principle is right (God).
2. Those that are written unreasonably (Satan).

We may lose the essence of something with too much analysis and too much individualization.

There is no life apart from heart, so we should seek out a teacher who has heartistic knowledge.

Because they are the True Parents of all mankind, wherever True Parents go they put the emphasis on education, not sightseeing.

Scientists know a lot about the smaller. Philosophers know a little about the bigger. But a true religious man should know both.

We must know God for us to understand the physics of quantum theory, relativity, etc. which deal with relativeness, lawfulness, purposefulness, etc.

The content of True Parents' education to us is the same as God's education to Adam and Eve.

Learn from everyone, everything, and all the time.

Genius is almost always the result of patience and effort.

Cultivate practical and positive people and educate them heartistically, fundamentally and traditionally.

The workshop that trains your mind and body exists for the purpose of rejecting Satan and for judging Satan by the Word.

Without the foundation of love, learning only makes men of dry knowledge, individualism and materialism.

Education should be for the sake of true love, yet knowledge has almost no connection to a happy marriage in this fallen world.

Tradition - Education - Practice.

The more you learn, the more careful you are to answer.

Education (mind) is first; organization (body), second.

Home is the first school, and school is the second home. Parents are the first teachers, and teachers are the second parents. Therefore, education must center on the parental heart.

The purpose of education is to complete the three great Blessings (Gen. 1:28). The fact that today's education focuses only on the third Blessing is a problem.

Education consists of showing the behavioral example and teaching the theory. The former is more important than the latter.

1 + 1 equals 2 is less often the case than "1 + 1 is not equal to two." (There are more cases of the latter and it is more important.)

Education should be pursued throughout one's life.

The essence (love, emotion, intellect, will) is more important than the phenomena (sex, food, clothing, shelter). The latter should be understood and explained based on the former.

The nearer it is, the more difficult to be understood. (For example, God, spirit world, air, etc.)

Korean parents want to educate their children, even under starvation.

What greatly influences a man: 1) parents (grandparents); 2) teachers (leaders); 3) friends; 4) books.

The exam to get into the Heavenly Kingdom is a practical exam only. (James 2:17: Faith without practice is dead.)

The goal of education is to enable man to complete the three great Blessings (Gen. 1:28):

1) perfection of the individual;
2) perfection of the family;
3) perfection of the dominion over all things.

Philosophy centering on knowledge and religion centering on God are trying to find the cause of all the created world.

True wisdom is to have an open mind; true power, a gentle mind.

Philosophy is seeking God through knowledge, but religion is living with God. Therefore, religion is of a higher dimension than philosophy.

The wiser you become, the more eagerly you want to learn.

Absolutely true sex education is based on the Divine Principle.

True knowledge must center on God's true love heart.

A good listener is a good speaker.

Philosophy is to begin; natural science, to conclude.

Natural science gives us knowledge; philosophy, wisdom; and religion, love.

The conscience knows goodness without being educated. Therefore, the spiritual world works through the conscience. Education is to make the body follow the conscience (mind).

Parents should be the first and best teachers of the children.

The center of society should be the school centered on parental love.

To raise someone up through becoming a sacrificial example is the best method of education.

Knowledge without wisdom is apt to become arrogance; courage without wisdom, brutishness.

God controls wisdom, but fallen man is controlled by it.

Educate your parents as well as your children.

The fact which has been proven wrong should be understood thoroughly and logically.

Wisdom that is only for today is the eternal stupidity.

Knowledge without righteousness will bear satanic fruit.

Wisdom with sincerity is real wisdom.

Learning without contemplation is a vain effort, and contemplation without learning is dangerous.

The ultimate purpose of learning is to seek the lost original nature of man.

Knowledge is knowing man.

Ignorance is the source of fear, sin and apathy.

If you center on Satan (self), then the more you know, the more easily you will go to hell.

True education can be accomplished at home. The traditional education of love is almost impossible to get at school.

Religious education is more important than school education.

Modern education does not educate us about having a moral character, marriage and family; it is almost all just education, directly or indirectly, about how to make money.

Studying is not the question, but to know correctly is the question. The standard of success in life is how much you love God.

If you study only for your own sake, you will grow tired. It's not a matter of being a slow learner; it's a matter of how serious you are to save others.

We can't depend on the worldly teaching because it has a wrong standard and motivation.

We can know the most precious things (water, air, God, love, etc.) not through special education but only by following our parents. Therefore,

Jesus said, "Follow me," not "Study me."

Parents' responsibility = parents' responsibility + teacher's responsibility.

Teacher's responsibility = teacher's responsibility + parents' responsibility.

Heart is the center of Sung-sang and Hyung-sang. Therefore, reason, knowledge and power without heart are worthless.

If you study something centering on the vertical, a miracle can occur through the spiritual vibration.

The first education of the human being is from the family; The second, that from the Church; The third, that from the school; The last, that from the society.

The school teacher's personality and character are more important to the students than is his knowledge.

The base of heart is not found in knowledge but in the life of its practice.

In the future, we will have more video libraries than book libraries.

If the true love centering on True Parents becomes formalized, we don't need the school system, because all parents are teachers and all homes are schools.

Parents and teachers should be strict examples to children.

Education, media and mother can move anything.

Man is the best computer.

Advice can be effective only on the wise person.

Education started from religion. The more universal the religion is, the better education we can have. The education that is not based on religion produces incorrect results.

The truth that has not yet been practiced must be taught repeatedly.

Simplify it and teach it repeatedly.

Focus of education: (1) Unity between the individual and his or her family. (2) The smaller exists for the greater.

In the last days, history retrogresses materially and enforces the spiritual education in the materialistic society.

History retrogresses spiritually and enforces the material education in the idealistic society.

The true teacher is the one who practices true love in his daily life.

E. Material

The richer a man becomes, the easier he loses his human dignity and nobility.

Neither money, power, nor knowledge can save the country. Only words based on true love can.

Follow what is right. Don't be attached to race, language, power, money or knowledge.

Wherever people are living "for others", unity, balance, and harmony come into being. Therefore, a lot of money, knowledge and power can come there.

The question in the Unification Church is not "money" but "me".

Even if you are under financial difficulty, don't sell Church property and use the money, but rather keep it to let our descendants know God's suffering and your suffering (for tradition).

Money is like sea-water; the more you drink, the more thirsty you become.

The reason that you were born in a rich country is because God is calling you to help those who were born in a poor country.

Indirectly speaking, to waste things means to not love God.

Lead your life with man, not with money.

The friend you win with money shall leave you when you have no money.

Having more money is apt to cause more problems.

Don't be controlled by money.

The real poverty is not to know oneself.

I don't charge interest on money I lend; rather, I change the debtor into a good person.

Man is apt to be corrupted through money.

Private possessions will eventually become public.

Private possessions can be valuable only if based on the Heavenly foundation.

What is eternal, unchangeable and unique can't be attained by money, but only by true love.

Dominate your environment.

Be curious about the environment.

Use your money for the greater purpose and stand in the impoverished position.

Try to economize, because all material has either directly or indirectly been created by God.

If you don't thank God's creation, just to look at it is a sin, and you are apt to be sick because of your imbalance.

Don't think that you can just unconditionally receive sunlight, air, water, love, God, etc. which are much more precious than money, power, or knowledge. The fall means that we didn't know to give thanks to them. So, fallen man is a debtor.

The most precious one to the body is the mind and vice versa. Money, power and knowledge are second.

Let everything you have center on God. Otherwise it will be of no use, and actually will become harmful because it has no relationship with goodness.

Food, clothing, shelter and sex are the means, not the purpose.

We need to use money in order to bring peace into organizations which are fighting both within and amongst themselves.

Only true love can make unity between Heaven and earth, and God and man. It can't be done by knowledge, money or power.

Because nothing is owned by God, then all things as well as children and parents are not owned by me.

Luxury, laziness (to be easygoing) and gluttony (to feast) are our three bad friends;

Learning, praise of others and comradeship are our three good friends.

If you don't know the truth, you will feel troubled. The truth cannot be found in money.

If you have a lot of money without having an ideology, you will have problems.

Truth does not exist because of money, power or knowledge.

We can't exchange that which is connected to the blood lineage with money, power or knowledge.

Art should be created for the sake of others (not for the artist) as well as to be appreciated by the artist.

Economizing is earning money; stinginess, losing money.

We should restore the heart, blood lineage and property.

You as subject should create your environment.

Did God create by money? No, by love and faith.

You can be promoted if you overcome your environment (physical subjugation) for the purpose.

The one who loves this earth can dominate it.

In the satanic world, we have only limited material happiness, not eternal happiness.

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