The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

VIII. Family Life [Part 2]

A. Blessing and Family Life (part 2)

Figure 8-1

Ideal individuals can make ideal families, by which the ideal nation and world can be made. To accomplish this, the True Parents explain the significance of the ideal family through the analysis of the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships.

The ideal family is the small field comprising the total virtue of Heaven, earth and human beings, the small world of True Love, and the model of the ideal world.

1. The Three Great Kingships are vertically-oriented.

(1) Children's kingship: children represent the future.
(2) Parents' kingship: parents represent the present.
(3) Grandparents' kingship: grandparents represent the past, spiritual world and God.

2. The Four Great Heart Realms are horizontal.

(1) Ch: Children's Heart Realm: Children's love Children's responsibility special education for children
(2) Brotherly-Sisterly Heart Realm: Brother-sister love Brother-sister responsibility Special education for brother and sister This realm includes the Children's Heart Realm.
(3) H-W: Husband-Wife Heart Realm: Conjugal love Conjugal responsibility Special education for husband and wife This realm includes the Children's and Brotherly-Sisterly Heart Realms
(4) P: Parental Heart Realm: Parental love Parental responsibility special education for parents This realm includes the Children's, Brotherly-Sisterly, and Husband-Wife Heart Realms

Therefore, parents are the total image of the entire family and are the center of the family. To a wife, her husband has the positions of her younger and elder brother, her husband and her father. To a husband, his wife has the positions of his younger and elder sister, his wife and his mother. In the spirit world, a husband can see the image of his wife when she was a baby girl, a girl, a wife and a mother. Likewise, a wife can see the image of her husband when he was a baby boy, a boy, a husband and a father.

The contents of the textbook for the Heavenly Family (through these four great teachings we can enter the royal realm):

1) Education of Children

They should be educated to: a) be able to feel all kinds of love when they become one with their vertical parents; b) relate with that which is bigger than themselves; c) understand others as themselves; d) understand themselves to be the foundation for the family.

2) Education of Brothers and Sisters

They should be educated to know that: a) embrace all mankind; b) know that they are the representatives of the whole horizontal world; c) give more for the sake of others; d) grow horizontally in order to be someone's spouse.

3) Education of Couple

They should be educated to know that: a) they are the ideal combination of Heaven and Earth; b) a couple is the terminal of God's vertical love, so they must prepare to have the position instead of God as parents.

4) Education of Parents

They should be educated to know that: a) parental love is the total of all kinds of love, so they are the second creators; b) the first Blessed family becomes the center of the tribe, so if it does its responsibility fully, it can have the kingship.

The love of brothers and sisters is horizontal as well as vertical.

Parents should be the first and best teachers of the children.

There are countless small families in this big world; therefore, we need to love the world more than the family.

The Heavenly Kingdom is the place where parents of true love enter with their children of true love; it is the Heavenly Kingdom of the family.

We marry in order to occupy God and the cosmos.

Man and woman dominate each other by love.

The subject of love is God, and the ones who practice love are man and woman. Therefore whenever man and woman love each other, the motivation behind that love should be God.

Man was created for the sake of his partner, from whom love comes. Love can come through living a life for the sake of others.

It is Principled that a couple can love each other after they have loved God, the world and the nation.

Marriage is the ceremony to confirm and show the great love that transcends time and space, by the Heavenly Law.

Marriage is for the sake of accomplishing the ideal of creation and for the spouse. Love for self is not cubic, spherical nor of a high dimension.

A husband and wife should love each other as God's child or as a child of mankind.

Marriage is the appearance of God's love, and for God to bestow upon man the right to create and to dominate.

The typical body shape of a woman is for the sake of children.

My spouse was created by God and Parents, so he/she can be found by God and Parents.

My marriage partner should be a being that is relative to me in character and body shape.

We marry in order to widen our sphere of domination.

Ideal love can be accomplished at home.

The true family doesn't need any revolution, because it is the place of love.

Because the four position foundation is the cornerstone of the Heavenly Kingdom, the family is the starting point of the Heavenly Kingdom and the basic unit needed to accomplish the Heavenly Kingdom. So we can't go individually to the Kingdom.

A woman's smile is the family flower. Make your self and the environment clean and fragrant.

Without children, you will be bored. You should feel joy through raising kids.

The couple's love is the bridge to God's love.

The tree that does not bear fruit shall be chopped up for firewood.

Whenever a woman smiles, a man feels tempted. Therefore, a woman must be prudent.

The spherical life of the vertical and horizontal structure can be accomplished by leading the life for the sake of others, together with children. Therefore, we need marriage.

Let the second generation live under difficulty for at least three years.

There should be three generations in the ideal home. If you don't have three generations there, your neighbors can represent them.

Before they are my children, they are the children of the nation, world, cosmos and God. Don't forget this.

To become a true family centered on true love,

1) there should be a true wife before the true husband, and vice versa.
2) there should be true children before true parents, and vice versa.

A woman marries a man and goes to his home to love his family and then to become the master of his home.

Love comes from your partner. If you want to receive love, you must live humbly for the sake of your partner.

The vertical responsibility to one's parents in the indirect dominion realm should be done first, then the horizontal responsibility to one's spouse in the direct dominion realm can be done.

We need a sexual revolution. Revolution means to make it different from the established false tradition.

We will be purified through three generations. Our descendants will judge us.

Satan's pseudo-olive tree can be engrafted, because its root is the original mind which originated from God.

This is the first time in history the Blessing can be given by True Parents.

You should marry (horizontal) with your parents' permission (vertical).

The cosmos envies the Blessing.

The Blessing is the fruit of True Parents' suffering.

God should be able to go any place through the Blessed family. Therefore, the family is cosmic.

God is following where there is a Blessed family.

The ideal couple is the couple which first indemnifies all the dirty things in this world and makes this world a beautiful flower garden.

Be patient. It is possible that the president of your country may come from your descendants.

The position of the Blessing can't be invaded by money, knowledge, power or honor.

How can you come to be Blessed without being well-deserving through your serving?

The Principle says that one man marries one woman, and anyone who violates this principle is satanic.

American families are generally apathetic about their country's situation. We Blessed families should lead our lives for this world.

We should pass through the gate of the family level, and then finally pass through the gate of the cosmic level.

The Blessed family will be the center of organizing the spirit world, that is, they will become the central leader in the spirit world. Therefore, their responsibility is great.

A trinity should live based on God's standard.

If they love each other, even though the husband embraces the wife very strongly, she just feels happy.

The father needs to be more strict (emphasizing responsibility) to the children. The mother needs to be more soft (emphasizing love) to the children.

During our lifetime on earth, the language problem will arise in the family, because we have international weddings.

If the parents are suffering but their children are joyful, then those children are hybrids (come from dissimilar sources).

The Blessing is for the sake of the nation. All the Blessed members should be Tribal Messiahs to save the nation!

If a couple comes into oneness through true love, they don't need religion.

The Blessing comes through difficulty.

One who can't teach his own family cannot teach others.

Educate children to love mankind more than they love their puppy or toys.

In the future, the president will be decided by a lottery among good families.

Think that your home is the place where you raise your children to be loyalists.

Man and woman are not opposite, but relative. Therefore, they need each other. If they divorce, they will be more sorrowful.

It is God's Will to build the good Heavenly nation through the sacrifice of the Blessed families.

If you don't do your responsibility after being Blessed, you will be cursed.

Let's be the ancestors who can be praised as good ancestors.

The small mistakes you make at the turning point of the age are apt to lead your descendants into hell.

Love God, True Parents and the world as you love your children.

You must be good parents in order to say something good to your children.

Pre-married couples were not able to be Blessed. True Parents are compelled to bless them.

The purpose of the Blessing is to seek true love.

The Blessing is the result of the suffering of God and True Parents.

You should participate in the Blessing only after determining to represent True Parents to save God centering on True Parents.

The Blessing is for the sake of seeking our nation.

The three stages of Blessing are: 1) the Church level Blessing (recognized by the Church); 2) the national level Blessing (recognized by the nation); 3) the world level Blessing (recognized by the world).

Candidates for the pre-married couples' Blessing should take the position of not knowing who their spouse is until the day of the Blessing.

Repent and unite! The Heavenly Kingdom is here on earth. You must register through the Blessing.

Pre-married Blessed couples should respect the normal Blessed Couples, regardless of age.

You can raise your children, but you must be doing something helpful for the nation.

The family-centered life destroys the country.

Don't spend time with your children just because they are cute, but instead spend time with the Providence for the sake of God, the world and the country.

You can spank your child if you love him.

Spanking based on sacrificial love leaves no resentment.

Satan is behind your child, and the Heavenly Kingdom is in front of him. Therefore, parents should even spank their child in order that he gets to the Heavenly Kingdom.

The best truth is "parents, couple and children," which is the family centering on love. Therefore, truth always exists with love and life.

If your family lives for the public, your country will prosper.

Teach your children the way of true love before they are 20 years old, through church life. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be.

If you conceive when your conscience is striking you, it is possible for you to have a disabled baby.

Children learn their parents' heart.

Love your son as a son of this world.

God is sorrowful when He sees a Blessed family become secularized.

Don't interfere too much with your children's going on to the university, or else their way of God's Will be a problem.

The most precious thing in this world is the family order centered on true love. It can't be exchanged for money, power or knowledge.

We are the historical, worldwide and future children, couples and parents of God.

The first place to substantialize both vertical and horizontal love is the family.

Man carries the seed of human life and man was created before woman was created. Therefore, man is subject.

When a man and a woman become a couple, they can share each others' joys and sorrows, participate with each other and share the same position. Therefore, if they are individualistic, they will divorce.

The grandparents represent God; parents, True Parents; children, all mankind. Therefore, the family is the microcosm and it should be governed by the grandparents, who are the vertical standard of tradition.

The human being was created centering on the sexual organ. Therefore, it is located in the safest place, and we should keep it safe especially until marriage.

To give is more valuable. Our sexual organs play this kind of role.

The necessity is a responsibility. The Blessing is necessary. Therefore, the Blessing is a responsibility.

The struggle between husband and wife is the same as cutting water with a knife, because behind the couple there is love, which brings the two into one.

If all the families are resurrected into the true families, this world can be liberated.

Educate the second generation by the Divine Principle.

The time is coming when no matter where people are in the spirit world or on this earth, and no matter what position they have, they will bow to you, the Blessed members.

The tree that does not bear fruit will be cut down for firewood.

The Blessed family is the representative of the Heavenly family, beyond time and space.

Only the ideal family can go to the Heavenly Kingdom.

At present we are fallen and have the satanic blood lineage and will go to hell; therefore, we should restore ourselves through indemnity in order to become a Blessed family and then enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

The more you love your partner, the smaller you become and the bigger your partner becomes.

God's sorrow at the fall of the second generation is the same as His sorrow at the fall of Adam and Eve.

Even though His children are imperfect, God can't just educate them. He is obliged to give the Blessing and education simultaneously; this causes Him difficulty.

The Blessing marriage is the ceremony in which you swear to live your life for the sake of others and you inherit true love from True Parents.

The wife should keep beat (time) with her husband's heart.

The Blessed couple is the Tribal Messiah.

God's view of marriage includes: 1) the system of one husband and one wife before God; 2) the dignity of love and sex; 3) God's blessing; 4) marriage for the sake of the descendants.

The home should be a holy place to make this world clean.

Remember the preciousness and the importance of the Blessed marriage.

Be serious for the future of your descendants.

If a family has international marriage with twelve countries, the Heavenly Kingdom comes into being.

Can God cast aside the one He dislikes?

Can you divorce your spouse whom you dislike?

Because there is no model of the Heavenly formal family, society becomes uneasy.

Your debt to True Parents should be paid back to your descendants.

Parents and teachers should be strict examples to children.

Because parents are predestined, couples should be, too. Parents should be the Messiah to their family.

When God created man, His heart was serious, prudent, positive, good, broad-minded and in detail; our heart towards our children should be so.

The family problem, which is the origin of all the other problems, should be solved by the Blessed marriage.

Before getting love - divided for personal perfection: children, brothers, sisters.

After getting love - united for family perfection: couple, parents.

You should give more spankings to the child you love more.

Because the God of love alone created a man and a woman to be a couple, there should not be any divorce.

Through marriage and having a family, we can understand both sexes.

Because love (sex) is precious, we can't do it just anyplace.

The home is the practical training center that teaches children how to become couples and then parents.

You should love your partner and object as God loves him (her). God's center is love.

The main force comes from the trunk; but the fruit comes from the branches.

The first and original responsibility of man is marriage centering on God.

In the future, the public person will visit first the home of the Blessed couple.

Be good parents, whom your children can love as they love God.

The successful marriage is the developing marriage.

The family is the warehouse of life's treasures.

The blood lineage of the Blessed marriage can't be erased.

God's first ideal is to accomplish the ideal family.

All problems must be solved through family relationships.

The purpose behind the historical tradition of woman being banned from working out-of-doors is to have woman raise children nicely at home.

Marriage means to own and occupy God.

The blessed family is the worldwide representative created through God's historical sacrifice.

The divorce rate: (1) Is higher for marriages without parental agreement than with. (2) Is higher among marriages of the wealthy than of the poor. (3) Is higher for urban populations than rural. (4) Is higher among the highly-educated than the uneducated.

Because the second generation is in Jesus' position, they are not in the liberated realm.

Blessed marriage is for the restoration of the world.

If a big brother persecutes his younger brother, their parents stand for the younger.

The start of religious life is to leave home seeking for God.

The ideal partner is for accomplishing God's Will.

The blessed couple (husband and wife) should pray together with their sincerity for God's Will.

The sacrificially sincere family can bring forth good children.

Seventy-five percent of one's success originates with one's children.

Before your blessed marriage, prepare sincerely with prayer in order to bring forth good children.

Your baby must participate in the morning pledge meeting from the time you can carry it.

Adjust well your feelings as a blessed couple centering on God's Will.

Your spouse is another you who is not really you, and the second you.

Husband and wife must represent extremes in relation to each other, so that good children can be born in between.

A bad feeling between husband and wife must be solved within three hours.

Prepare to witness to the blessed marriage.

The contents of blessing marriage: (1) True love, true life, true lineage. (2) Inheriting the three great blessings. (3) Four great realms of heart and three great kingships. (4) Creativity and dominion. (5) Accomplishing God's hope.

The problem is not that God doesn't give His blessing to man, but that man doesn't take care of it.

The blessing which we can own eternally is the true blessing which originates from True Love.

Blessed marriage, which means to inherit God's true love, becomes substantialized by the life for the sake of others. It must be well kept, developed and bequeathed.

Proud of God, True Parents, True Love and blessed marriage.

Blessing marriage is not graduation but commencement (graduated from fallen realm; commence into the completed realm).

New families means families centered on the True Parents' family. Unified fatherland means the federation of new families worldwide.

To establish the heartistic base of family settlement, the mother's effort is really important.

The one who has given the best gift (children) to her husband is his wife.

All the members of the family should participate in pledge service on Sundays and the first day of the month. Because it is the most important condition to attend Parents.

One's spouse is the love priest who has the right to have the key to the love palace (sex organ).

We can enjoy this created world through the unification of our mind and body. This unification starts first from "me" and the training center for this unification is the family. The purpose of marriage is to give birth to children and establish a family. Therefore without marriage or children, in the future we will not understand the meaning of parent and spouse.

The greatest task of True Parents is to purify the blood lineage and create blessed families.

A blessed family must live its daily life prudently.

Arrogance and blessing cannot co-exist.

If any blessed family, including their children, makes a problem, other blessed families will punish them. This family will not be able to occupy a public position.

In the Heavenly Kingdom, the family is the smallest unit.

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