The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

VIII. Family Life [Part 1]

A. Blessing and Family Life

The real purpose of religion is to establish the true family.

The Blessed marriage is the fruit of God's historical work through 6,000 years of indemnity.

Even if you have been Blessed and have children, whenever you don't fulfill your responsibility, you should feel ashamed and then you can become conscientious.

The most serious concern of the Blessed family should be how to establish and practice the tradition of pure true love.

It is not easy to become someone's husband or someone's wife.

The Blessed family should be as a soldiers in a battle, so don't try to settle down comfortably.

The Blessed family is more precious than Jesus. Therefore, it should sacrifice more than Jesus.

The Blessed family is the supervisor over any mistakes that happen in the Church.

Sincerely educate your child, otherwise he will be your enemy when he grows up.

Through international Blessed marriage, we can erase national borderlines and racial discrimination. Only we can do it.

If the root is withered, the whole tree will wither.

Educate the second generation thoroughly about Divine Principle. They should be better than the first generation.

The purpose of Tribal Messiahship is to restore the elder sonship, and then parentship, through restoration by indemnity. Therefore, it is the absolute mission of the Blessed family.

The reason for the Blessed family to settle is so that they can be a good example to nicely influence the people around them.

We criticize our fallen ancestors in order to not be criticized by our descendants.

Unification starts with the family, because man and woman are the origin of every affair.

The life of the Blessed family is completely different from the life of the non-blessed family.

Letting children see the struggle between their father and mother is most shameful.

The woman who encourages her husband to work for the public is a real wife.

The Blessed marriage has completely revolutionized the concept of marriage.

Because the Blessing is conditional, we should do our responsibility in order to develop it. Then Satan will leave us.

Marriage is not for the sake of joy, but it is the condition to launch into the higher dimension by making the holy family, nation, and world.

We cannot marry because we are children of Satan who has not married. Therefore the Blessing is conditional and absolutely requires the fulfillment of our responsibility.

We are blessed to pay back our debt.

Our debt to Satan: we didn't love the world as much as did Satan, so we must love this world more than Satan does.

Our debt to God and True Parents: they have shed their blood, sweat and tears for us. We must indemnify this through Tribal Messiah activities, shedding blood, sweat and tears.

The Blessing is for the sake of better development, not for the safe settling.

True Parents are not pimps; so if you divorce, they will not easily rebless you.

If you are Blessed without meeting the necessary conditions, you will surely pay indemnity.

Safe settlement is possible only in the ideal world.

The Blessing is a revolutionary command; it is the condition for eternal life. We should do our 5% responsibility for its realization, which means to restore completely satanic love, life, and lineage into Heavenly ones.

One person alone cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. There must at least be two; the more, the better.

The Blessing must be shared with others; it is absolutely public. It is for the accomplishment of the purpose of creation.

The Blessing is for the sake of the position, not the person. Don't dirty it. The Blessing is not perfect.

The Blessing marriage is:

The key to historically open the gate of the Heavenly Kingdom for all mankind to be liberated;

The ceremony to accomplish the purpose of creation, after true parents meet true children.

Therefore, it is the most happy day for God.

The Blessing is for our descendants.

Don't escape from the partner whom you don't like, but instead, digest him willingly and go through him.

The biggest blessing is to get a good partner who is centered on God's true love.

The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ceremony of:

1) restoring Adam and Eve into their state before the fall;
2) changing the blood lineage; rooting out original sin;
3) the promise to accomplish the new life standard after passing through the gate of True Parents' love.

The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ceremony of spiritual restoration.

The Holy Wedding Ceremony is the ceremony of physical restoration.

The training center of true love is the family. The Unification Church is not here for the sake of the individual but for the family. Only the family can enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

We are a different species.

The Blessed couple is the historical holy place coming from God. It is the offering table to restore the vertical history horizontally through indemnity.

You can go to God only through the Blessing. After the Blessing, you are in the position which represents the cosmos.

The Blessed one is a representative of God. Be the textbook for the future by establishing the obedient tradition of blood, sweat and tears for the Providence of restoration.

The Blessing comes with responsibility.

If you don't work for the public after the Blessing, you are off the track.

Be a good example to your children.

The goal of the Blessed couple is to save the world. Therefore, they must transcend the family, tribe, race and nation.

The purpose of the Blessing is to bestow the mission of Tribal Messiah to us; it is for our descendants and this world.

Offer your precious child to God as a sacrifice, as Abraham did.

Practice thoroughly the Church life and the formal life. Don't make a secular family addicted to Satan.

Parents have the responsibility to prepare a clean environment in order for their children to live well.

The Blessing carries with it the precondition of responsibility. The family is a small holy church. It needs harmonious unity.

We don't need individualism for the sake of the smaller, but familyism for the sake of the greater.

The Heavenly family is realized through the family made up of three generations (children, parents, grandparents) living for mankind.

The family is:

1) the textbook to make the Heavenly Kingdom. It is the place where grandparents (past), parents (present) and children (future) have give and take. If it is extended, the nation and world come into being.
2) the training center of true love. It is the place where vertical God's love and horizontal family love can meet. From here, we learn how to love our neighbors and others.

Do something important to leave behind for your descendants.

If a couple doesn't have children they can't know parental love, which is the essence of God.

If we look at the children, we can understand the parents' faith.

In the Blessed family, the children are better than their parents, because the children are born with Heavenly Fate.

The parents' self-centered attitude will bring misery to their children.

You don't do the morning pledge service meeting well. How can God give you good descendants?

Give good words to your children at the morning pledge meeting.

To adopt a child, you should adopt through your trinity. (Adopt a son first.)

If the husband of one of your trinity has died, the other two families must help that family.

We should communicate with our trinity members at least once every 21 days.

Better descendants (or successor) can develop the family (or the organization).

Children should grow from eating the delicious extract of history. They should inherit from it and then develop history, so they need to hear anecdotes from the past. (Actually, they like to hear anecdotes.)

In order to pass on the good tradition to your children, be a good example of sacrificial service and attendance.

Just as my parents willingly cleaned up my urine and feces when I was a baby, so should I do the same for my parents when they are old.

To accomplish our responsibility, there must be give and take between man (heaven) and woman (earth) by the true love. Therefore, it is cosmic.

Man plants the microcosm and woman gives birth to it. Therefore, sexual intercourse is holy. To not have a baby is to have shame before the cosmos.

A daughter-in-law who dislikes her mother-in-law shall be miserable when she herself becomes a mother-in-law.

A home that has God in it will be visited by many kinds of animals, too.

The last will and testament you can make for your children: " I have lived an exemplary life centered on God. Do as I have done!"

One who has not raised children will have difficulty in understanding the heart of God and Parents.

Parents belong first to God, next to their children, and last to themselves. Therefore, they should be respected.

What other words are more heartistic than "Dad" or "Mom"?

A father is a special friend and teacher as well as father.

When one spouse comes home and the other is not there, the one spouse who comes home should feel that the house is empty.

You need to emphasize to your children responsibility more than love and freedom.

Let's be the love race.

Blessed members should be lecturers and preachers.

Reform your satanic lineage.

The struggle of couples is less serious than the struggle of just men or just women, because of love.

God's ideal is not the ideal family but the ideal world.

After the third generation is Blessed, the ethical problems should be solved.

Challenge after you understand you partner.

The happy family is one in which:

1) the True Parents are the master;
2) love and law govern;
3) there is absolute sexual morality;
4) each one of the family works hard in the day without noticing each other, and in the night embrace one another.

The beginning point of the Messianic love is the family centering on parents.

The family is the representative of the whole, beyond time and space. If it has a problem, the children will have problems.

The Blessing is fearfully valuable.

If brothers and sisters have no unity, the family becomes satanic, because the Cain-Abel principle was neglected.

We need the unity of parents-children and the unity of brothers-sisters as well as the unity of a couple.

Everybody wants his/her spouse to be better than himself/herself.

If you say, "Serve me!" you will lose your partner.

The basic unit of the nation is "husband and wife": the family.

Only the couple who has good give and take can enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

The apex of the couple's love is not "man woman" but is "man woman". Therefore the husband must protect the wife and the wife should obey the husband.

When breast-feeding, if the baby touches various places on his mother's body, he will grow to be a man of heart-strings.

If three generations of a family live together for the future centered on the vertical love, that family will surely prosper.

The Blessed family is a different species.

The Blessing is the start of the family in which God can dwell.

The root should go down deep.

The Blessing is the Heavenly order.

If you want to engraft, cut the lowest part of the tree where the new branch is received.

If the root is in pain, the branches will be the first to die.

We need to be Blessed three times: 1) the Blessing recognized by the Church; 2) the Blessing recognized by the nation; 3) the Blessing recognized by the world.

To do God's Will means to accomplish the God-centered four position foundation.

At any cost, we must do our responsibility. Otherwise, it's better not to have a family.

Accomplishing our responsibility dwells together with the Blessing. Even if you must do it through several generations, it must be done.

The Blessing could come to us through True Parents' shedding tears for the sake of goodness. Therefore, without your tears for goodness, you can't taste the Blessing.

Be a good example of Blessed family life to the worldly families.

You were able to join the Unification Church because of your good ancestors. Therefore, you should raise your children centered on the Will in order to recompense your ancestors.

God's hope is not in money, power or knowledge, but in children.

The purpose of marriage is for the two halves to meet God perfectly, for God's true love to come to them perpendicularly and for the two to cooperate to lead the life for the sake of others. The meeting place is the sexual organs.

The parents are the family king and queen.

Your dead fiancée is your sister so your couple should visit her tomb often. (For a couple of the comfort Blessing.)

The Blessed marriage is spherical because of the harmony of east and west, front and back, right and left and inner and outer. So, it is cosmic.

Before marriage there is the horizontal development between brothers and sisters and then after marriage comes the vertical development between parents and children.

If two separate ones centering on true love come into marriage, God dwells in them. Therefore, when they love each other, they should enjoy their love together with God.

The first purpose of marriage is to multiply through children.

The original purpose of man's life is to find a true woman, and vice versa. Therefore, man and woman were created to be the object of their spouse.

That which the parents are concerned about should also be the concern of the children.

Because woman has the element to raise the second life (child), she can generally live longer than man.

If we are going up, we should also know how to go down. It is revolving, so that harmony comes into being. The training center for this is the home.

The ideal family is the place where everything is OK, transcending time and space through the natural and spiritual realms. So the family is the microcosm where man is the center. Therefore, the spiritual world is also in man.

Possession of man's or woman's object is cosmic possession.

The place of expressing God's love is the family (home). The grandparents represent the past; parents, the present; and children, the future. Therefore, education in the family (home) is fundamental and absolute.

The family is the model of the world and the base of the heavenly kingdom.

If the heart level of the couple is the same, they can live together in the spiritual world.

The seed and root of true love is the Blessed family.

The part of a woman that a man likes the most is the sexual part, centering on love.

Grandparents are the root and parents are the seed of me. The root and the seed are vertically one.

Parents represent the past; a couple, the present; and children, the future. Therefore, this family is the micro-history that is really valuable and important.

Parents' love for children is wider and deeper than children's love for parents. Therefore, children are to follow their parents.

The first duty of parents is to be a good example to the children by leading a public life.

A grandfather and grandson can have give and take action even without involving the father.

The family is the textbook for man to be a man of the Heavenly Kingdom.

The family should be united centering on the grandparents; without them, on the parents; without them, on the husband; and without him, on the elder son.

If you lead a sacrificial life for the sake of your partner, you will monopolize your partner's love.

There should be parents, then children come into being. Therefore, parents must seriously prepare to be true parents.

The parent-child tie is the origin of life, which is the prototype of progressive development. The conjugal tie is not the origin.

Children are mostly influenced by the behavior of their parents.

To love parents means to resemble the parents' life and heart.

Without parents (past), there is no "me" (present) and no children (future). Therefore, we should have great concern for the past and future.

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