The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

VII. Church Life [Part 2]

E. Our Attitude

Those who have a negative attitude will find themselves in hell.

The best medicine to cure eternally non-profitable spiritual pain is humility.

Unless you can be patient through small difficulties, you can't do great things.

In order to know others, we must first know ourselves.

Be serious and sincere.

Self-domination is the way of success.

Don't let others do what you don't like to do.

Now is the time for us to shout the way True Parents have shouted.

We need to sometimes surrender for the final conquest.

Those who are working for the holy mission should not joke around.

Everyday 60,000 people are dying from starvation. Do you feel apathetic?

A good friend is good capital for life.

Our position and rank are for the sake of the Providence, not for our own dignity.

If you can't persuade someone by talking to them, keep silent with a sincere attitude.

Be sincerely patient centered on good motivation. (Re: Noah.)

1f you want to be a victor, jump into the satanic world.

Don't change your attitude of loyal heart towards God's Will even if your environment changes.

Discouragement is the first step towards failure.

Don't try to get the sympathy of people; instead, try to get God's sympathy.

Let's be the substantial hope in this hopeless world.

What I am is God's gift to me; what I become is my gift to God.

Do you believe in God for God's sake or for your sake?

Shed your tears for saving the world.

Doing things eagerly makes us sweat, so the amount of urine diminishes.

One who thinks deeply and tries eagerly can get victory.

Talk seriously centered on God's heart.

Don't be absorbed by and assimilated into the environment; if you are, your growth will stop.

Indemnity is the absolute condition for restoration (re-creation). So, be serious!

Be serious about how to be liberated from Satan.

Before asserting myself, I need to look at the others' situation.

In this world of competition, if we think only of having an easy life we will perish through our lack of progress.

We should be different from others; then we can get the prize.

Hesitation will be time that is stolen.

One who doesn't have love and conviction towards his mission is unhappy.

A heavenly temple must be clean, arranged and calm.

Quickly forget bad news, but remember good news for a long time.

Be serious about "who am I?"

Wherever and whenever you are and whatever you do, think of the providential and worldwide God.

Every moment of your life should focus on the eternal.

One who cheats his conscience is the most serious sinner.

Don't be attached to your past. Try always to march forward.

Often, to be simple and honest is better than to be sensible and clever. Choose the former if you have the choice.

Even though you fight with each other, don't make enemies.

Try to protect God's dignity.

Wherever and whenever you are and whatever the situation is, influence things in a Heavenly and subjective way.

Tenaciously oppose Satan's tenacious temptations.

Wherever and whenever you are, please have hope. Because if you are acting centering on God, there surely is possibility.

Be creative.

For the weak one to survive, he should sometimes pursue unreasonably.

The question is the standard of heart.

One who looks far away toward the future is wise.

One will not perish who always asks of himself, "To whom shall I give this?" whenever he receives something new.

Invest with responsibility, obedience, patience, sincerity and a fighting spirit.

He who stands and works is better than he who sits and blames others.

Have the mind to throw away Satan and love God more. Otherwise, you can become arrogant and you won't be able to enter into the Heavenly Kingdom.

Whatever good merit you have, if it is secular and satanic, it is nothing.

For reaching the truth, obedience is better than complaint and the humble sacrifice is better than arrogance.

Excuses will finally destroy everything.

Make noise by making a good problem.

Be pure and honest. The mission is more important than your dignity.

Our personality can develop by overcoming fallen habitual emotions.

Don't be restricted by time.

Be desperate; then you will have success.

If you retreat and then try to proceed again, it takes much more energy.

One who does everything centered on his own convenience shall perish.

Have tears for the miserable fallen people under satanic domination.

If you are not heartistic, you are just flattering and uttering empty words.

Don't think of a problem as an obstacle. It is your chance to start again.

To know something and not to practice it is the same as not knowing.

Change yourself and your environment in a positive way.

Whenever you feel your life is difficult, visit the place where disabled people are.

To do big things, you should forget small worries.

A sincere heart means heartistic devotion.

Cry for God and True Parents.

If someone is persecuted, you should feel righteous indignation; if someone is praised, you should desire to report it to your higher leader.

If you want to be bigger, you should invest yourself purely and seriously.

The result of jealousy will come back to you in a negative way.

If you want to be the master of a typhoon, you must live with it.

Be a man of sense who knows his position and a man of heart who can bring harmony among positions.

Attract others' concern by your altruism, otherwise another subject will be over you.

If you eat quickly, you will get an upset stomach. Quick success has an aftermath.

Don't try to receive encouragement from others; rather, try to give it. If you give, you can become better.

Become new every day.

Have I become an historical, world-level, eternal and ideal person?

Sit, stand and move in a straight fashion. For example, don't sit askew.

The man of moral personality should be a formal principled person who can be recognized by the past, present, and future.

Prudence and nervousness are not the same thing.

Man needs a successful and positive change.

If you share your sorrow and difficulty, it will be halved; if you share your joy, it will be doubled.

No capital brings no result.

Don't build your own nest by evaluating others with your own viewpoint.

Don't appear as the prodigal son (beggar), but as Jacob (victor).

The question is not "Where am I?," but "Where am I going?" and "What am I doing?"

If you have the attitude of "I'm here for you," people will follow you.

A full stomach slows the heartistic development.

Peoples' concern for you comes at sunrise, which means your golden age.

The one who uses his hands and feet is better than the one who uses only his hands; the one who uses his hands, feet and head is better than the one who uses only his hands and feet.

A big tree can grow even in the shade.

The root must be strong, but the tree should be flexible.

Don't talk until you make a good foundation.

Holiness is precious, so don't joke about it.

If you lead your life in harmony with nature that is not man-made, you will be healthy.

Keep always the dream for greater things.

Now there is nothing for which we can be blamed. There are only things to be praised. Therefore, make good problems.

If you complain, others will complain about you.

Become a creative and developing believer, not a repetitious and habitual one.

Let us come forth for the last challenge with a horizontal connection.

Let us be the sword with which our almighty and all-knowing God can fight.

Motivation, purpose and direction are more important than fact, action and result.

We need patience, obedience, an affirmative attitude, prudence and humility in the course of indemnity.

God as well as Satan is serious. So, we should be serious.

Covet others' sincere, kind and beautiful heart.

Fear cowardice, insincerity and apathy.

Don't be a pessimist to this world.

If you lead a life of gratitude, you can be healthy both physically and spiritually.

Think that you are always with God and True Parents (attending them).

Have strong guts! Be proud of being a Moonie!

The one who prepares will become the master.

Lead your life boldly, with hope. Then you can live a long life.

Lead your life in accordance with your conscience (original mind). The conscience is the law.

The conscience is soaring. It is a teacher that teaches us limitlessly and it heads for the whole.

There is not so much difference between a crying face and a smiling face, but their results are very different.

Make yourself busy. Otherwise, Satan can enter you.

Quickly forget your resentment. Keeping resentment can make you even physically sick.

Don't be like the dog that barks to the echo of the mountain.

Have talks with the opposing party. Be bold and strong.

"Can do" makes everything possible. "Cannot do" undoes everything.

A viper's bite poisons one person, but man's corruption poisons everyone.

To stop growing is to die.

Patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet.

Time waits for no man.

Be fresh, affirmative and positive.

Sitting down will cause you to fail, but if you stand and work, you will succeed.

Don't forget that God is always with you.

Don't become a man of one way, but become a man who can be everybody's friend

Don't be one who works for wages, but have the consciousness of being the subjective master.

The one who is patient until the last moment can be saved.

If you willingly accept advice from others, you can prosper.

When you are in the up-situation, think of your down-situation.

If you want to be helped, you will perish.

To stop is to relatively retreat.

Don't miss your chance. For this, you must be serious.

The Heavenly heart and the humanistic heart were originally the same. Therefore, the former should be first in this fallen world. If we put the latter first, we will have to pay much indemnity.

Shed many tears for others.

Create and do your own work. If you wait for someone to give you something to do, you will be a servant.

Don't think in an old fashioned way. The Providence is progressing far ahead of you.

Continue to serve others until you go to the spirit world.

One who tries to seek will surely find.

Light rays can be reflected well on the clean mirror.

The great man and the child can communicate well with each other.

Only the unchangeable person can own God. Therefore, to a changeable person, the beautiful nature is ugly.

Listen carefully to everybody's words. Each person is an "individual truth body."

True happiness and bliss can be attained from working with sincerity.

One who wants to be happy should first of all learn how to let others be happy.

Invest more to get a greater result.

The origin of life is God. Do your best and wait for God's decision.

If you become humble, others will praise you and respect you.

A chance won't come to me on its own, so I should seek it.

Development needs stimulus.

Don't retreat because you can't; rather, try harder.

If you thank everything, you will be healthy.

The problem is within me.

Words must begin in the heart.

If you want to own God, you should be God's devoted servant.

If you give everything, you can receive everything.

Just as metal rusts, if you are angry, jealous, resentful or complaining, eventually you will die.

Be serious about Satan and death.

Master a good chance by patiently overcoming much difficulty.

If you don't have a drill, you should make a hole even with a chisel.

Don't lower your head. We have already worked hard and sacrificially for over 30 years.

We don't know what will happen or when. Therefore, we should sincerely devote ourselves to the Providence.

Be the mouse which tries to pick up the cat's eyeball.

God is alive! Be bold! Have the subjective consciousness! Don't hesitate!

We should be people whom everybody likes and envies.

A narrow-minded person is apt to be sick.

Come with the result of knowing, then practicing.

In whatever you are doing, think that God and True Parents are working with you.

You must be proud of being God's children under any kind of absurdity, in order to become God's children.

Be a Heavenly Don Quixote.

If you are spiritually weak, the one near you (substance) looks like one far away from you (virtual image) and vice versa.

One who prepares for the future prudently over along period of time can get the final victory.

Know yourself and know Satan.

If you gain the victory but remain humble, you will be able to enjoy that victory eternally.

Raise good problems of volition.

Would you chop grass with an ax?

When I am facing difficulty, I should comfort others who are facing difficulty.

Don't be calm. Attack and raise good problems.

The attitude of "He is doing it that way, so I'll do it as he does," could possibly destroy you.

Understand everything in heart.

Shed blood, sweat and tears with a parental heart.

Don't gather only with your favorites.

Volition should follow the good duty.

A stinging tongue has no sincerity.

Virtue is the root, and richness is its fruit.

Evaluate a person by his motivation.

Without God, the spirit world, the spirit man, etc., man would be cunning or brutal.

Before saving this world, don't try to rest.

There is a bulldozer, but no one bold enough to drive it.

To give what you made by your hard work will entitle you to receive.

Attend God; then you will be loved.

Prepare when you are at ease, because winter is coming soon.

Don't be discouraged when winter comes, because spring will soon follow.

Be serious about God and Satan.

It is most important that you know God exactly.

Fallen "I" is the cause of all kinds of trouble.

When you go up, you should prepare to go down sometime in the future, or else you shall fall and die.

"What I live for," is more important that "How long I will live."

Know the Heavenly way and practice it, so that you can be a good example to others.

Be the living seed! Sow it deeply.

Think always of God, True Parents, the ideal world, etc.

Be bold and strong, like True Parents.

Respect good people.

Our job needs our life. It is really serious.

Be consistent.

The first belongs to God; the second, to me.

Follow boldly without suspecting. Then God will come to be with you.

Don't live for just your one generation.

If you believe it and practice it, your creativity comes out.

Give stimulus constantly in order to succeed.

Don't be a foolish person who spits straight up.

Those who obey God can survive and prosper; those who disobey God will perish and disappear.

Making excuses is not good for the self.

Be serious! God is serious. How can we, His children, be joyfully excited?

Make yourself busy.

Forget your resentment quickly, because it will harm you.

Don't get used to the day, because night is coming. Don't get used to the night, because the dawn is coming.

First, you should be humble. Then you can be free from fallen nature.

You should be pure white paper on which God can freely draw.

From where do you start? From the head? Legs? Heart?

Act in accordance with God's reason.

Wherever you go, be a good example.

If you can digest the party opposing you, you can take care of both camps.

If you appreciate what you eat, you will not easily be sick.

If you want to get golden eggs, you should patiently wait for the goose to grow enough.

Let's go forward until the end. We can overcome any kind of obstacle.

Know yourself thoroughly.

Say "thank God!" first, then thank in the following order: parents, brothers and sisters, teachers, and nature.

According to one's individuality and/or one's way of comparing, one can be negative or not.

Don't be controlled by negative affairs.

Do you know yourself as a child of God, a member of the Unification Church and a member of a Blessed family?

To develop, you must go forward sooner or later.

When a blessing comes to you, you must seriously think, "Am I qualified to receive this blessing?"

Even if you die, you should take the position of marching forward.

Be positive, broadminded, prudent and serious!

Our youth can't be recycled.

One who has a debt is uneasy.

There are many cases in which others know me better than I know myself.

It's arrogance to use a cunning method to reduce the effect of another's talk.

It's foolish to raise yourself by under-evaluating others.

An exaggeration is almost a lie or distortion: 1) overstated; 2) vague (by using "all" or "every"); 3) talking in terms of black or white; 4) reasoning by the causality; 5) misusing statistics.

Analyze and evaluate positively your failure, and make it your capital to try again.

Attract others' concern by:

1) being honest and sincere;
2) respecting others' secrets;
3) being tolerant;
4) embracing others by love.

Accept positively others' criticism.

One who loves God deeply can understand God deeply.

You should leave something Heavenly, anytime and anywhere.

You can't start only upon understanding everything. You will grow through experience.

You should do your mission centering on God's heart with prayer.

If you die with your mission not completed, you should make the condition for your successor, and then die.

Even if you succeeded, yet you led a self-centered life and died, you failed.

Be an active and positive person.

Don't lead your life at random.

Lead your life progressively and variably.

You'll absolutely be blessed if you lead a life of gratitude under any difficulties.

Be humble and tolerant.

The difference between the champion and second place can be even very small.

You should have strong guts in the last days.

If you center on God through any suffering course, you can make some base for your Heavenly purpose.

Don't try to be praised; instead, praise God.

Excuses and complaint give Satan the condition to work.

Once you know the truth, you should practice it. Otherwise, you are a traitor.

The certain friend can be understood when you are under uncertainty.

Our life is often wasted by foolish curiosity.

Greatness can be made by strong enthusiasm.

Proper silence is better than eloquence.

Don't connect your failure with abandonment.

Be seriously concerned with every moment of your life; it's your real life.

Don't be in a hurry, and don't rest a long time.

Temperance can make virtue.

The noble person's social intercourse is clear and sincere, but the mean person's is sweet.

Laziness is the refuge for the feeble-minded person.

Anger enjoys dwelling in the bosom of the foolish person.

The life of apathy is living death.

Change yourself into a being of Heavenly significance.

Humility scares arrogance the most.

Those who have a great goal in life and lead their life positively can live a long time.

If you try something before God with strong confidence, you will usually fail.

Let's always be thankful for what God has given man (for example, nature, system, talent, etc.). They are not made by man, so don't try to change them at random.

Do you believe for the sake of God or for your own sake?

The person with the attitude of wanting to give the most is in the position of owner.

You should be simple and humble to God, but wise to Satan.

"I" must cleanse my past, solve my present problems and create my future with a fresh outlook.

Center always on the fundamental teachings.

Proud of God, True Parents, True Love and Blessed marriage.

The foundation is very important.

Eat and sleep for your future.

Those who have not prepared will flow away meaninglessly.

Think of your persecutors and opponents as your elder brothers.

The blessed one must be humble as Jacob was to Esau. Abel's humility brings Cain's natural subjugation.

Beauty is harmony.

Humility cleanses the spirit man.

If you are afraid of Hell, you don't inherit the Heavenly Kingdom.

Man is the result, the second being.

The flower and fruit represent the tree. Therefore, they are for the tree and the tree is for them.

360 degrees and 0 degrees are the same. Therefore, 0 degrees represents the whole. 360 degrees starts from 0 degrees and ends its course at 0 degrees. The entire creation, including man and woman, lies between the two. If these two are motionless, they have no meaning. The original 0 degrees is different from the 0 degrees which revolved around 360 degrees. The more times it revolves around 360 degrees, the greater its quality develops.

My whole life must be perfect through my relationship with all 360 degrees centering on God's focus. Then I can represent the 360 points.

The longer we follow God's Will, the more profound the heart we should have; but there are many whose hearts are becoming more shallow.

Committing a sin, without the understanding that it is a sin, can be forgiven.

Because man has as great a desire as God, he can be the first object to God.

If you want to be a true object to God, you must approach God in a true God-like manner.

We must invest, forget, and invest more than before, because we want to harvest more for God's Will.

Dream the dream centering on the better and bigger purpose.

In future, people will try to bribe us with money, power and knowledge. We should therefore be careful.

Sexual love with the naked body means perfection. Therefore, when we imperfect people have sex with the naked body, we should pray repentently.

We fallen people are the unconscious raw material for God's re-creation.

We should use all our ties positively.

Be positive absolutely to the Providential works.

Let's be the antennae of God's Will.

Don't be a small-minded person - don't focus on just a small part of the land in front of you.

We should center our mission on the current Providence of our True Parents. If we just concentrate on one thing for a long time, we will surely fail someday.

F. Public Gatherings

My sermon must move my heart first.

Preach centering on the True Parents' speeches.

During the time of worship, we should repent, re-determine and keep our thoughts only on God.

For worship, we should arrive earlier than the preacher.

A sermon can't be prepared from a book, because God's heart is not in a book. Therefore, to preach is to be lonely.

Leaders should attend the time of worship.

Because the time of worship is the time to fight against Satan, be awake.

Come early to church in order to make a better atmosphere for the sermon.

If you don't do the morning pledge service meeting well, how can God give you good descendants?

The purpose of our life itself should be to worship.

Originally, the morning pledge meeting on Sunday was to be done family by family.

We should listen carefully to the content of the speech, whoever is speaking.

Have many gatherings.

After any meeting finishes, you should have a meeting reflecting on it.

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