The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

VII. Church Life [Part 1]

A. Unification Church

Members of the Unification Church movement should have a parental heart.

The Unification Church is the first to create God's real children, couples and parents.

As the purpose of the flower is the fruit, which includes and represents the entire species, so the Unification Church is the fruit of all the religious theories.

The Church is the mainstream, so we should center our lives on the Church.

The purpose of the Church is not so that I can go to the Kingdom but so that we can save the country.

The Church is the method or the process to build the Heavenly Kingdom.

Your Church life is more important than your social life, so you can lead a social life after being recognized in the Church.

If you don't know the importance of Church life, you can't understand the direction of God's Will.

To serve the Church is to serve myself.

Horizontally multiply and develop the vertical tradition through the Church.

True Parents want to work according to the Heavenly system.

Be new and fresh. We should be different from other churches.

The reason the Unification Church is not growing quickly is "me".

The Unification Church is the training center to form and cultivate human personality. Therefore, the family and society (object) should come from the Church (subject).

The Unification Church is:

1) the place to awaken all to the significance of unification;
2) the medium where the indemnity conditions can be met;
3) the passage to the Heavenly Kingdom (training center to lead a Heavenly life);
4) the most holy place that connects earth with Heaven;
5) the fountain of spiritual life

We go to Church to make God our own.

The question in the Unification Church is not "money" but "me".

The established churches center on the individual; our Church, on the family.

The Church should save the area and the country in which it is located.

Because True Parents paid indemnity in blood, we have no martyrs in the Unification Church.

The members of the Unification Church are the men and women who are establishing the tradition of love.

We should be the North Star for this fallen world that has lost its compass.

We are a special religious people, the people of the family religion centered on parental love.

The church is the place where people are educated and guided to build the Heavenly family.

Go first to the Church or Holy Ground wherever you visit.

Don't suffer for the sake of the Unification Church, but suffer in order to practice and witness about the Unification Principle.

The four basic duties of a Unification Church member: 1) Study of the Word, 2) prayer, 3) witnessing, 4) restoring material (for example, tithing).

Sexual and racial problems are historical problems in the satanic world, but not in the Unification Church. Therefore, we are an historical church.

Boasting of the time you joined the Church means you are lazy now.

Because people ignore True Parents and because people have bad minds (which are Satan's playground) the Church's development is blocked.

We don't really know what a great job we are doing now.

The Unification Church is the one that can make all religions unite.

Buddhism stresses give and take between man and all things;

Confucianism, between man and man;

Christianity, between man and God.

The Unification Church embraces all of these.

The world is very much dependent on us.

Love our Family members.

There should be someone praying in the Church day and night.

The Church for the nation, and the nation for the world.

This world should follow the Unification Church, not the Unification Church follow this world.

The order goes down through the system in the organization which is the origin of life.

Our motivation in joining the Unification Church is not for my sake but for the sake of the country. If it was not, I must re-establish it for the sake of the country.

The Church is the place of: 1) melting the satanic world through true love; 2) the pain of giving birth; 3) the Messiah to restore the elder sonship.

Make clear your vertical standard: God, then True Parents, Regional Director, Center Leader, then me.

Boast of being a member of the Unification Church any chance you get.

As long as we are here, this world will not perish.

Full-time devotion can be completely protected.

The Unification Church is the Church that makes the champions of true love.

Members of the Unification Church should be the doctors of true love.

Know your position, be one with your center, point in the right direction and spur yourself on: members of the Unification Church have been raised by this kind of principle. Therefore, we can be great leaders on the world level and guide this world.

The Unification Church exists to help others, so it is very different from other churches.

To know the Unification Church, you should know True Parents. To know True Parents, you should know the Divine Principle.

The background of the Unification Church is the blood, sweat and tears of True Parents.

We want to liberate three generations:

1) liberation of the spirit men;
2) liberation of people on earth;
3) liberation of our descendants.

Therefore, we are "cubical" and exist for the sake of three generations; other churches are flat (on a plane) and exist only for the present.

You can think about being helped by the Church after the world is brought into unification.

Our purpose is not to achieve the self-centered domination of all people, but to save all people and establish the parent/child relationship with God.

The Unification Church is the church that will unify religion, culture and thought.

We are the revolutionaries of religion, race and love centering on God.

Only the Unification Church is clearly teaching about all relationships.

The Unification Church is the place that emphasizes the zero point of restarting, and also seriously teaches that we have to pass through this point by love.

Don't negatively think, "Why doesn't the Church give me an external reward for my dedication?" Just positively thank God for the great internal Heavenly change of your personality.

The first generation joined the Church by cutting temptation from the outside.

But the second generation was born inside the Church and joined that way.

Therefore, the first generation has a more difficult time to overcome temptation than the second generation.

Christianity is the bride church; other religions are the archangel church; and the Unification Church is the parent church.

The purpose of the Unification Church is first to liberate God.

You can be a real member of our church if you can understand the real meaning of True Parents' speech.

Let's be the brakes and steering wheels to this fallen world. (Our spiritual power is the fuel.)

We should let all the families in this world know True Parents.

Church, in Chinese characters, means the education of the life for the sake of others through gathering.

Members of the Unification Church shall be gypsies until the last day.

"The Unification Church" is the greatest name.

Our mission is to turn satanic world around 180 degrees.

The fall made by Eve through her cheating father-son (God and Adam) must be restored by the indemnity Providence, through which a true Adam and a true Eve should be restored. e.g.:

Rebecca cheated Isaac and Esau (father-son)
Tamar cheated Judah and her husband (father-son)
Mary cheated her father-in-law and Joseph (father-son)

A mother and her children should restore the husband (father) since Eve and Cain (mother and child) made and expanded the fall.

We can erase the dualism which recognizes enemies by natural subjugation.

Because the Providence has been developing on the course of opposition (in a reverse direction), the history of indemnity is absolutely necessary. So there are many paradoxical passages.

To let Christianity accept Divine Principle is the shortest way of the Providence of Restoration.

B. Training

The Heavenly life is balanced. There should be both ups and downs in our lives.

Real understanding brings about practice.

We need tough training.

Training can decide your future's ownership.

One who wants to have a happy life from the beginning can't be a great man.

Train centering on and based on the Principle.

Patience is capital for your business.

We should not just drift along in our life; we must achieve.

The purpose we pursue is for the whole Providence.

Let's not forget that we are in the guerrilla battlefield.

As God trained True Parents by putting Father even in jail, you should do the same to your members. The ones who overcome this course will become true family members.

Only the one who is prepared can get the victory.

When the enemy is quiet it means he is preparing to attack again. So, we should prepare more than he.

The one who prepares will remain; the one who does not, will perish.

Ability is crystallized into result.

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

If we are going up, we should also know how to go down. It is revolving, so that harmony comes into being. The training center for this is the home.

Adaptation is development, and rejection is waste.

Don't be afraid of prison. It's a place of education.

In the deep valley you can understand how high the mountain is.

A great mission needs much and various kinds of preparation.

Progress begins from self-support.

Working is the requisite of human life and the foundation for a person to be happy.

You can't raise a good sailor on the calm ocean.

The fall made by Eve through her cheating father-son (God and Adam) must be restored by the indemnity Providence, through which a true Adam and a true Eve should be restored. e.g.:

Rebecca cheated Isaac and Esau (father-son)
Tamar cheated Judah and her husband (father-son)
Mary cheated her father-in-law and Joseph (father-son)

C. Witnessing

To witness means to make responsible peacemakers.

The best gift we can give to God is that we witness about the Divine Principle.

When you witness, your method and way should vary. Therefore, you need to have many kinds of experiences, especially experiences of suffering.

The seeds harvested this year should be sown in the next year (witnessing).

The purpose of witnessing is to witness that we are God's children through the blood lineage, truth, our life and work.

If a member wants to witness to a person in a village, he must: 1) think of the person as a representative of that village; 2) be the priest of that village; 3) establish a condition for that village.

Witnessing ability is in direct proportion to sincerity, but not in proportion to knowledge, power, or money.

The purpose of knowing True Parents is first to practice their will and then second to witness to it.

The tree which has no leaves or branches shall die (witnessing).

Now is the time when illness is cured through witnessing and to not witness makes one sick.

Because we are almost dead due to the fall, we must witness desperately at the cost of our life.

Spiritual children are the:

1) condition to restore the archangel Lucifer;
2) condition to restore the satanic world;
3) condition to be able to go to the position of a son or daughter who can receive the Blessing.

Witness clearly about the contents of the Principle.

Because man has a spiritual vibration, we can distinguish between the satanic person, the mind-like person and the God-like person. To witness to a satanic person, we need to pay indemnity; the mind-like person, if we influence him, will follow; and the God-like person just makes us happy.

Without spiritual children, the completion of the Providence as well as self-salvation is impossible. It is the condition of restoration through indemnity.

We should be pure in front of the Word in order to witness to it.

Plant carefully; the time of harvest is surely coming.

If you pour out your sincerity to one person and he leaves you, another person similar to him will come.

Witness with the heart to console God who is sad because He misses His lost children.

If you sow the seed, at some time in the future it will surely sprout.

You should protect and raise up your spiritual children with responsibility.

Lecture and witness centering on patriotism.

To not witness is to die; to witness is to progress.

Be crazy to witness. Visit your contacts with tears.

Wherever you go, meet first the one in the highest position and make him your friend.

Without feeling the pain of childbirth, we can't witness.

First, witness; second, witness; third, witness.

Witness to a family through witnessing to an individual.

The tree that does not bear fruit will be cut down for firewood.

Your problems can only be completely solved by the perfect God. Therefore, mobilize God by doing what God wants to do the most (witnessing).

To make man is more difficult than to make money.

Witness with the heart of parents who have missed their child.

Always, man is the question. Educate man, and let him have ownership.

Even though there is only one person there, you must lecture to him as though you are lecturing to the cosmos.

Lecture with a tearful heart.

You should deeply understand the Word and lecture well in order to succeed in life.

D. Prayer

We need prayer to be restored from the fall.

If you pray to receive a blessing, after you are blessed you will fall.

Pray for the accomplishment of God's desire and the blessing of the world.

Pray for the bigger and public purpose.

To pray is more important than to eat.

The purpose of prayer is: 1) to communicate with God; 2) to comfort God; 3) to purify my heart.

Pray in order to repent, re-determine and accomplish the purpose of creation.

Pray much for your root to go deep.

Pray for God's shadowy side.

There should be someone praying in the Church day and night.

The more you pray and lecture, the bigger your membership will become.

Hit your body by prayer, and dominate it.

We should pray with repentance and re-determination, and pray for others.

Don't pray asking for help yourself.

Three stages of developing prayer: first, to receive; second, to thank for what was received; third, to comfort God for His suffering hard work for me through repentance and re-determination.

Pray for your mind and body to cry.

Can you pray asking the miserable God for blessings?

Pray tearfully, and come to God with a lot of good results.

If you pray much, your root can go down deep, and you can overcome any kind of satanic hurricane.

The best heart comes from prayer in difficulty.

The prayer of reporting shall exist eternally.

"Prayer by two people joined together" means "Subject and object pray for the bigger common purpose."

The heart of a person in prayer must be same as the heart of a person who is hungry.

Pray that everything fulfills God's Will.

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