The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

VI. Restoration Providence [Part 2]

B. Jesus

Because Jesus was crucified before he was married, Christianity is the religion of the bride. It is God's Will to create the parental religion centering on the Lord of the Second Advent.

The Blessed family is more precious than Jesus. Therefore, it should sacrifice more than Jesus.

Jesus is the historical fruit of God's blood, sweat and tears. Look at the immoral Providential course of the Old Testament!

Jesus explained about love and life, but he didn't explain about blood lineage. Therefore he must return.

God sacrificed His only son, Jesus, to save fallen mankind. We should follow this tradition.

Did Jesus work in a nice office?

Jesus said, "You should love me more than anybody else." Without the vertical love standard with Jesus, who was the substantial center of vertical love, horizontal love was impossible.

To inherit Jesus' spiritual foundation, he tearfully testified about Jesus in the 1960s.

Because Jesus prayed for the ones who were killing him, Heavenly Fate could resurrect him.

Jesus was the first one who clearly explained the relationship between God and man.

Judaism, centered on Rome, killed Jesus. Therefore, Christianity, centering on America, should follow True Parents.

Adam is our father who is the enemy; Jesus, the father who came to save us; True Father, the father of love.

Christianity was born out of Jesus' heartistic foundation of prayer on the cross, when he prayed for the soldiers piercing him.

Because of God's absolute Will, the spiritual Jesus subjugated the most powerful country, Rome.

Jesus said that he is the way, the truth and the life. He omitted one thing: "the love." Without love, the way, truth and life are of no value. (For example, look at the extreme way of Liberal Theology.)

We can know the most precious things (water, air, God, love, etc.) not through special education but by only following our parents. Therefore, Jesus said, "Follow me," not "Study me."

"If you don't believe in Jesus, you'll go to hell," should be changed into "If you don't believe in True Parents, you will not go to the Heavenly Kingdom."

In order to understand well that Jesus, who has no original sin, is the second Adam (1 Cor. 15:45), we should know well the biblical passages (Matt. 1:3-16) concerning the women in Jesus' ancestry:

1) Judah and Tamar.
2) Salmon and Rahab.
3) Boaz and Ruth.
4) David and Uriah's wife (Bathsheba).
5) Mary and ?

Adam before the fall was more valuable than Jesus.

John the Baptist: pregnancy by the Holy Spirit, Zechariah (father).

Jesus: pregnancy by the Holy Spirit? (father).

Jesus at the marriage feast said to his mother: "Woman, what's the matter with you?" (Mary was apathetic towards her 33-year-old son's marriage, yet she congratulated the other man's marriage.)

Joseph unhappily asked the pregnant Mary: "Whose baby is it?" Mary could not answer because of the Heavenly secret. There was a bad relationship between them. So, they found the lost Jesus through seeking him for 3 days, and asked him, "Why are you here?" Jesus said, "I am in my Father's house." (Because they didn't attend Jesus as God's son.)

If there was not Jesus' cross, there would not be Christianity.

The presence of four lewd women in Jesus' ancestry is made very clear in the Bible. Why? (We usually hide our problem ancestors.)

Figure 6-3 (duplicate)

1) Christianity and the right wing united in 1945, and they could have attended the Messiah centering on God.

2) Thereupon, they could have had the Abel position and made unity with the other group (Cain position).

3) The Messiah paid this indemnity through his 40 years (by 1992) to open the Completed Testament Era.

If Jesus had not died, the restoration providence would have gone toward Asia, which was already prepared. The bloody sacrifice of the martyrs would not have been necessary.

Because of the crucifixion, however, the restoration providence moved to the unprepared Western world with much bloodshed.

C. National Restoration

North Korea is the satanic Adam nation, and the CIS is the satanic archangel nation.

South Korea is the Heavenly Adam nation, and the USA is the Heavenly archangel nation.

True Parents are trying to save Kim Il Sung through the unity of the CIS and the USA.

If America neglects Korea, she will perish. So, True Parents hold her under difficulty. Because the archangel consumed Adam and Eve, America (archangel) must save Korea (Adam) and Japan (Eve).

The future Providential plan:

The order of creation:

1. Angelic world (3 archangels)
2. Adam
3. Eve

Centering on God (lost this number 6).

To restore:

1. To restore 3 archangel nations (USA, CIS, China)
2. To restore Adam nation (Korea through north/south unity)
3. To restore the Eve nation (Japan through Korea/Japan unity)

Centering on God (the lost number 6 restored).

Today's Japan looks like a naked Eve in front of three archangels. Therefore, True Parents are protecting Japan from them (on behalf of the Adam nation of Korea).

The nation can be developed by centering on the schools and the churches.

We should become the second "founding fathers."

I and my country should become the original God-centered Adam-like ones.

For the advanced country to save this world, she must learn other languages. (True Parents are also learning other languages.)

The purpose of the Church is not so that I can go to the Kingdom but so that we can save the country.

To vertically save the world and horizontally save the country is the standard of patriotism.

The atheistic CIS recognized the Divine Principle nationally, but America did not. So, the last becomes the first.

Develop your patriotism centering on God. This is the short cut to the unification of the world

Because Japan, the former Soviet Union and America divided Korea, they should help with the unification of south and north Korea.

Our way is not the way of fate based on free will, but the mandatory way of Divine Principle based on having no choice.

The country that works sacrificially to save this world can control this world.

The original greatness of America is:

1) she was the first Protestant country (representative of the Second Israel);
2) she was on God's side in WW I and WW II;
3) she protected the democratic countries.

But today, she has become a very selfish Sodom and Gomorrah.

If a nation centers on God, it will prosper; if on itself, it will perish.

The way to save America is to destroy today's America.

If anything centers itself on the individual, it will perish after it develops past the first stage. (e.g. USA, Japan.)

America, which has 6% of the world's population, is consuming 60% of the world's resources. How unbalanced it is!

How can we stand idle as the young people abandon themselves? If we want to save the country, the central task is to guide young people.

Judaism, centered on Rome, killed Jesus. Therefore, Christianity, centering on America, should follow True Parents.

You should pay True Parents for the grace you received from them by living for the nation.

After the nation becomes unified, forgiveness will be difficult.

True Parents came to America in order to: 1) gain victory over communism, 2) resurrect morality centering on the education of young people.

Only the people who respect and attend God and love others can save the country.

If we lead China to the Heavenly side, Satan shall perish.

Truth and virtue, the center of mankind, can cross over the nation.

Our motivation in joining the Unification Church is not for my sake but for the sake of the country. If it was not, we must re-establish it for the sake of the country.

The unification of the nation can be made by that of my mind and body.

To build His righteousness and His country is more important than food, clothes and shelter.

Can you enter the Heavenly Kingdom only by observing national laws?

Transcend national barriers, race and thought. We should destroy all the barriers made by the fall. Then, sow God's seed.

Even though the American government perishes, America must not perish.

The purpose of our coming to America is to connect the spiritual culture of Korea with the material culture of the West.

Meet the leaders in government and discuss with them how to save the nation.

Colonization itself is not the question, but why they are colonizing is the question.

If you lead your life for the sake of the Heavenly nation and its righteousness, you will not starve.

It is God's Will to build the good Heavenly nation through the sacrifice of the Blessed families.

Man's responsibility is to build God's nation.

To save the world, we need to sacrifice our nation. Can you just watch as a bystander?

Only by true love, (life for the sake of others) can we build the Heavenly nation.

If you want to be helped by the nation, you should first work for the nation.

God loves all mankind, even to the point of casting away Jesus, who was His only son!

True Parents love Korea, Japan and America to the point of Father throwing himself into prison in those countries!

The obstacle to the Providence is the advanced countries' opposition of True Parents.

The Blessing is for the sake of seeking our nation.

Our way is to find the God-centered nation, family and individual.

The tendency for the advanced countries which have persecuted True Parents to go down testifies to the tendency of True Parents to go up.

You can raise your children, but you must be doing something helpful for the nation.

The family-centered life destroys the country.

Compare today's United States, which was made through individualism, with the Roman Empire.

The country that works the hardest in the world is Japan.

The big western powers destroyed a third-world country, Iraq. Then America had a big victory parade after the army came back. (What about after being defeated in Vietnam?)

If a child has an incorrect relationship with his parents, brothers, sisters or with the opposite sex, he will become a bad person due to his emotional instability. Therefore, the solution to juvenile delinquency is the resurrection of family ethics and family morality.

Because false love dances boisterously in the advanced free countries, Satan's realm or power gradually expands.

Don't you care that this western society is rotting? Can you just sleep comfortably? Even foreign members who have come to America are suffering for your country!

We don't have our own country. Do you want to save the country, or do you want to be a slave in a satanic country?

Adam and Eve fell when they were young, therefore the last days will be the age of seeing the nation decay due to juvenile delinquency.

America is the country of the Second Israel, so we can't throw her away.

We should save America for the sake of saving the world.

Because Americans occupied America through shedding blood, her restoration can also come through the indemnity of blood.

True Parents is the central root, trunk and bud that have passed through 40 years of wilderness to restore by indemnity substantially the true family in their one generation. America is in the dark night. She should prepare to receive the coming dawn, otherwise she shall surely perish.

The American moral illiteracy causes the world difficulty.

Transcend your national level viewpoint.

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