The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

VI. Restoration Providence [Part 1]

A. Restoration Providence

The course of Providential history shows the gradual decrease of the symbolic and the gradual increase of the substantial. As God's power becomes stronger, Satan's power becomes weaker and man's intellectual and heartistic power increases.

Ham felt shame upon seeing his father Noah's naked body (because he was not prudent).

Isaac obeyed his father Abraham when Abraham tried to kill him (because he was prudent).

In God's Providence, Satan can claim up to 2/3 of the victory, but in the end he will perish (because Satan reached only as far as the perfection level of the growth stage).

Due to the fall, that which is absurd and that which is reasonable are often compatible in the restoration course. For example, "If you try to gain your life, you shall lose your life."

We have to temper and forge even our body for the sake of revolution.

Our position and rank are for the sake of the Providence, not for our own dignity.

Let your Providential territory broaden as a spider broadens his web.

We had a wrong beginning. Therefore, we should go back to the starting point and make a new start.

Listen carefully to the abnormal order of a good leader. As we know,

God Himself ordered Noah to build a boat on the top of a mountain.

The providence of restoration is that the private must be sacrificed for the public.

Even though they failed, we should try to protect both physically and spiritually the first and second Israels. We can't forget the contribution of the Jewish believers and Christian believers, and God's sacrificial heart in the early times.

If we stay attached to the old generation, we can't make a revolution.

Try to have many kinds of working material in the Providential history.

Without understanding the past, the future cannot be cultivated.

Don't lose the providential focus of the day, because God is always there.

Total reconstruction is better than repair.

Give, give, and give; then forget it. This is God's method of restoration.

Connect the result with the original motive.

Keep the Sabbath to restore God's dispensational nation and world.

Practice and its results are also important as is the motive.

Follow the Providential timetable.

The strategy of God's Providence of restoration is to restore together the principal (capital) and its interest after being struck by Satan.

Fallen man must walk the way of Divine Principle and had to seek the way of restoration. But as for us, we just have to follow the True Parents for everything to be OK.

The way of restoration can be cultivated by giving others a true heart, good character and the word.

We are historical pioneers. Therefore: 1) "I" am the history, "I" am the direction, so I must be serious; 2) the future is more important than the present time; 3) I must be simple and honest.

Our mission in the Providence of Restoration is the restoration of: 1) man; 2) all things; 3) God's sorrowful heart into a joyful heart.

Restoration is first; salvation, second. That is, we need to make indemnity conditions first.

Problems made on the earth should be solved on the earth.

God's purpose of restoration is not to gain money, power, or knowledge, but to restore true love.

Development comes into being through propelling a difficult task.

The restoration providence is the providence to seek the lost original line (blood lineage) and original point (True Parents).

The restoration course of the providence is the way of shedding blood, sweat and tears while forgetting eating and sleeping.

The final victory is the most important.

The final conclusion of the Providence is made by man.

The Completed Testament Age is the age of love.

I am the origin of the historical accomplishment of desire.

Restoration is to give strong subjectivity centered on God to the mind.

The enemy is my spouse and children.

In the way of restoration, the one who works ardently, prudently and diligently can get the victory.

Time-period + effort + patience = result.

In the process of restoration, the subject is always serious because God is serious.

Each day you should be positively flexible to make a new start (creation).

History has been developed by good people who are chased by Satan.

History has been developed by pushing the good, not by attacking the evil.

The history of martyrdom has brought a better position through paying with human life.

Restoration is the restoration by indemnity.

1. The age of the Old Testament (offering all things): a. Restoration of all things; b. Symbolic offering; c. Restoring foundation of faith by indemnity; d. Sanctifying blood. (At the time of Creation, God created all things first.)

2. The age of the New Testament (offering body): a. Restoration of body; b. Substantial offering; c. Restoring foundation of substance by indemnity; d. Sanctify body. (At the time of Creation, God created man's body second.)

3. The age of Completed Testament (offering mind): a. Restoration of heart; b. Heartistic offering; c. Restoring foundation of heart by indemnity; d. Sanctifying mind. (At the time of Creation, God created man's mind third.)

The faith of the trinity is to believe in the Word (Old Testament), to practice it (New Testament), and to live it (Completed Testament). This should be today's living faith. Through this kind of faith, man can enter the spiritual realm.

Figure 6-1

We need to pass the eight stages of the restoration of indemnity, vertically and horizontally.

The age of the Old Testament is the age to sanctify all things. The age of the New Testament is the age to sanctify man. The age of the Completed Testament is the age to sanctify true love.

The Providence of Restoration makes the internal and external barriers disappear and, after confusion comes and passes through, then provides the way for this world to go to God (who is unique).

The offering of material in the Old Testament age;

The sacrificial serving of man in the New Testament age;

The forgiveness of God in the Completed Testament age;

All these are for bringing in the ideal age of love.

The purpose of saving mankind is to eventually save the cosmos centering on God.

The Old Testament age - centered on priests - following Moses' course - taught people the Old Testament.

The New Testament age - centered on pastors - following Jesus' course - taught people the New Testament.

The Completed Testament age - centering on Tribal Messiahs - following True Parents' course - teach people the Completed Testament.

The fall happened because of a heartistic reason. So restoration should be done heartistically.

For today's blessing to come, there has been much historical blood, sweat and tears shed.

The responsibility in the course of indemnity in the realm of the fall and the responsibility in the completion stage are different. The result of the former cannot remain as actual result, but that of the latter can remain.

Paradoxical Words in the restoration course of indemnity include:

Old Testament (Numbers 21: 4-9): Even though the fiery serpents were biting their feet, God said to the Israelites, "You can live if you look upon the brass serpent on the top of Moses' staff."
New Testament (Matthew 16:24-25): Jesus said "Deny yourself and carry your own cross. If you seek to gain your life, you will lose it."

The great question is, how can we fulfill the Providence without martyrs!

If we overcome adversity, God will give His bigger miracles to us.

Because of me, there has been blood shed throughout history. So, I am the result of God's hard Providential work.

In the restoration course, what kind of result I leave behind when I die is more important than what kind of material life I lead on earth.

From now on is the time of the salvation of love.

Walk on the tip of the spear of history.

The age of the Old Testament: the age of restoring material, so material was struck.

The age of the New Testament: the age of restoring man, so the parents were struck.

The age of the Completed Testament: the age of restoring the self, so the self is struck.

After the Heavenly authority is restored,

1) Satan will give back his ownership,
2) people will live by the Heavenly law,
3) trials will be done at the home of the criminal,
4) only those who invest absolutely will live here,
5) children will be educated by living in twelve different homes.

Fallen man's desire to own is the satanic twisting of the original human nature that wants to inherit God's heart.

Salvation = restoration = re-creation = creation. (The essence of creation is to invest true love.)

Because the fall started with Eve, the woman's mission is great in the Providence of Restoration.

History is our witness.

The Providence of Restoration can't be done with a smile.

Our first and second generations should enter Canaan together. Even the high and thick wall shall be fragile before our God.

Because man has the seed of human life, man must be pure. Also providentially, people like to have sons more than daughters.

"Who is landing first?" is the question.

The age of competing to live a life for the sake of others is the true age.

We can't spend time fighting against a stubborn enemy, because we have many tasks to do.

Americans want to be Americans, but they are apathetic about solving America's current problems.

Absolute God will absolutely succeed.

That which is true can finally get the victory.

The night exists. It means that the day is coming.

Because this fallen world is irrational, the Providence of Restoration can't be done rationally.

The Providence of Restoration has hope because even fallen man has the original objective element by which he can be attracted to true love.

The symbolic history diminishes; the substantial history increases.

Learn many good lessons from the Principles of Restoration.

An iceberg doesn't melt in one day. Make a small crack in it so it will melt quickly.

The restoration by indemnity reverses the method of the fall, that is:

The fall went from the individual to the family to the society to the nation to the world.

Restoration goes from the world to the nation to the society to the family to the individual.

Therefore, I must always think first of the salvation of the world.

Salvation is re-creation, which is Creation, which originates in love. Therefore, the method used in the Providence of salvation is only love. There can be no resentment.

The Old Testament Age was to liberate children through the sacrifice of all things;

The New Testament Age was to liberate True Parents through the sacrifice of the children;

The Completed Testament Age is to liberate God through the sacrifice of True Parents.

Because we have received Satan's blood, we must shed blood in the Providence of Restoration.

To melt the people of the world who worship Satan, we should make the condition to worship God even more strongly.

The Jewish priests should have entered the Heavenly Kingdom centering on Jesus, but they failed. Today the Christian ministers should enter the Heavenly Kingdom centering on True Parents. Therefore, we had the Divine Principle seminars for their sake.

We can't do what we have to do by just a certain means, method, or knack.

The age of brothers and sisters has passed and the age of Parents has come.

As a snake sheds his skin by going through a rough way, so man needs to change his character in a rough way.

The chosen people are chosen for saving the world.

The past influences the present; the present influences the future.

The final goal of salvation is to save the world, not to save me or my nation.

Yesterday's small victory becomes the foundation for tomorrow's greater victory.

Know clearly the formal Providence of God.

The coming 10 years (1990s) are very important. By what you are doing, what will you receive in the year 2000?

The small mistakes you make at the turning point of the age are apt to lead your descendants into hell.

The Providence of Restoration begins with true love.

God, the center of altruism, will finally be prosperous. Satan, the center of egoism, will finally decrease.

The obstacle to the Providence is the advanced countries' opposition of True Parents.

The tangled human history cannot be solved by Satan or God, but only by the Messiah.

Even if it is just a condition, share the suffering of the historically good people.

The Israelites who entered Canaan perished because they indulged in Canaanite happiness.

Because parental love, which is similar to the original love, is still left in this world, God can work His Providence of Restoration.

Now is the Age of the earth.

History is the history of separating good from evil. Then, by establishing the condition of indemnity, it enlarges the side of goodness.

Jacob's 21 year course:

For Jacob, it was a suffering and sorrowful period of concern about God's Will, his hometown and his parents.
For God, it was the period of being worried and tight in heart, concerning whether Jacob would give up halfway.

The order that was lost due to the fall was: father - mother - children.

The order in the course of restoration through indemnity: children -mother - father (reversed).

Parents can appear on the base of unity between brothers and sisters.

Mankind's ultimate good will and common hope is God, our Father.

I must realize the bloody Providence is for my sake!

Today is the day to practice attending God and True Parents.

The priority of the Messiah is the pursuit of the liberation of love, life and lineage; not the pursuit of money, power or knowledge.

The mission for all mankind is to get the best victory in the end.

Now is the age to do everything centering on the restoration of the family.

Because the motive of creation was love, re-creation can also be accomplished by love.

Even though Satan always tries to hurt God's Providence, the result always helps the Providence.

Our main business should be re-creation, as God's is.

The time (chance) is coming. Don't miss it, please.

Human history is the history of restoration by indemnity of the struggles between good and evil.

The Last Days is the time that man will not be able to discern one from another.

Without understanding the origin (God and True Parents), restoration is impossible.

We should carefully go the way of restoration, step by step.

Behind the great grace lie the historical tears, sweat and blood of God.

This fallen human history started with God on the bottom and Satan on top.

Natural surrender is perfect surrender.

We can know it is the Last Days if individualism is everywhere. The origin of individualism is the archangel Lucifer's alienating himself from God.

The Last Days is the time when society is in confusion from having no center and no hope (a society of individualism).

In the Last Days, you will perish because of what you love the most.

I am the one who can solve this confused world.

The restoration of the origin and the rebirth are for me.

1st Israel (Judaism) vs. Arab - on the way to being solved by True Parents.

2nd Israel (Christianity) vs. communism - solved by True Parents.

3rd Israel (S. Korea) vs. N. Korea - solved conditionally by True Parents.

History is working without sleeping.

Because of me, there are the world and history.

The Old Testament age is the Providential age of restoration centering on sacrificing all things;

The New Testament age is the Providential age of restoration centering on sacrificing children;

The Completed Testament age is the Providential age of restoration centering on sacrificing parents.

Due to the fall, the direction of dominion is reversed (Satan - Adam -Eve - Cain - Abel - God.) We should change this direction. That is, first to establish the True Family (TF, TM, True Children); second, grafting good people (Abel) with it, then saving other people (Cain).

The Providence of Restoration has been done by God's and True Parents' (vertical axis) exclusive authority.

Salvation can be accomplished through the relationship between subject and object. Therefore, Lucifer who needs to be saved and who has no partnership, absolutely needs Adam and Eve who have the relative partner.

If Adam (subject) had not fallen, God could easily have created another Eve.

The system of restoring eldersonship:

Figure 6-2

Abel must first go to Cain, bring him to his realm, go up one step higher with Cain, and go to Cain's realm for restoring the same higher step.

Conditions to decide the restoration of ownership: 1) to love the enemy, 2) to go in the opposite direction, 3) to invest and forget it, and then invest more.

The problems of those who were born after 1945 (especially after 1960) have nothing to do with satanic power.

The suffering which we knew previously is not a real one.

Figure 6-3

1) Christianity and the right wing united in 1945, and they could have attended the Messiah centering on God.

2) Thereupon, they could have had the Abel position and made unity with the other group (Cain position).

3) The Messiah paid this indemnity through his 40 years (by 1992) to open the Completed Testament Era.

Old Testament Age: The period of making Cain and Abel united centering on the mother.

New Testament Age: The period of making Christianity and right wing unite and restore Islam and the left wing, which had come into being due to Jesus' crucifixion.

In 1945 this had been accomplished. If they had then attended True Parents for seven years (1945-52) the unified world would have come. Due to the failure at that time, 40 years of re-indemnity had to come (1952-92), to indemnify 4,000 years in one generation.

Completed Testament Age: Because of True Mother's victory in Beijing, this age has truly started. In this age the mission of the Tribal Messiah is vitally important and central.

True Parents' 20 years providence in America is the indemnity condition for the 2,000 years providence of New Testament Age.

Does God give up the Providence because it is so difficult?

Even if it is difficult, the shortcut is the quicker way.

The history is the one of changing this satanic world into the heavenly world through all kinds of struggle in all kinds of human walks of life by the standard of conscience and love. The true standard is the Messiah.

Since Lucifer is also the object of man's love, we should restore Satan by love.

Salvation can come from absolute obedience to God.

The origin of restoration is the Restoration of the blood lineage in the womb.

Adam-Cain and Abel-Eve: Complete reversal of the lineage of good and evil

Isaac Jacob and Esau-Rebecca: Restoring lineage outside the womb

Judah-Perez and Zerah-Tamar: Restoring lineage inside the womb

Zechariah-John John the Baptist and Jesus-Mary: Complete change of blood lineage.

Eve cheated God and Adam, the father and His son. Therefore, God lost Adam and Eve and eventually their family.

(1) The Old Testament Era is the era to establish another Adam through indemnity. Rebecca cheated Isaac and Esau, the father and son. Tamar cheated Judah and her husband, the father and son. Mary cheated Joseph's father and Joseph, the father and son. Therefore Jesus, another Adam, was born free from original sin.

(2) The New Testament Era is the era to establish another Eve through indemnity. The Christian church is the church in the position of the bride.

(3) The Completed Testament Era is the era to establish the ideal family centering on the third Adam and Eve, who are the True Parents.

Since God created His love object to be better than Himself, He cannot forget us, fallen men, and has been seeking us for 6,000 years.

If Jesus had not died, the restoration providence would have gone toward Asia, which was already prepared. The bloody sacrifice of the martyrs would not have been necessary.

Because of the crucifixion, however, the restoration providence moved to the unprepared Western world with much bloodshed.

Originally: God -> Adam -> Eve -> Cain - Abel Fall: Satan -> Adam - Eve -> Cain -> Abel Restoration: 1st, Abel must restore Cain (restoration of elder sonship)

2nd, these two brothers must restore Eve (restoration of parentship)

3rd, these three must unite in oneness with the True Mother (True Eve) and restore Adam (restoration of Kingship), and then unite in oneness with True Father (True Adam) (restoration of Royal Kingships).

I joined the Unification Church to be a sacrifice for the restoration Providence.

The Providence of Restoration begins with true love.

Because we have received Satan's blood, we must shed blood in the Providence of Restoration.

Jesus is the historical fruit of God's blood, sweat and tears. Look at the immoral Providential course of the Old Testament!

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