The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

V. The Principle of Restoration [Part 2]

C. Offering

The offering material is the condition to decide ownership.

The offering material must be made with heartfelt sincerity. Offering leftovers is to make the condition to be punished.

The offering material represents my life.

Make your offering with a serious heart.

Obedience and sacrifice of love are the best offerings.

An offering has no ownership and no consciousness of existence.

All things that we offer to God eventually come back to us.

If, by your conscience, you offer money and people centering on the Divine Principle, you can go to the Heavenly Kingdom through them.

Offer your result as God's.

The moral personality means the human value of leading a responsible life according to the subjective or objective position of human life, based on God's heart.

The condition and time are really important.

To be able to march forward in a better and greater way to God, you should make conditions (offerings) and unite with them.

The sacrificial offering should have no consciousness of self. Therefore, in the Providence of Restoration, you are the enemy of yourself (Matt. 16:24-26).

Build up your offering table of true love. Then you can frequently visit the earth after you go to the spirit world.

The sacrificial offering has no self-consciousness.

My offering sacrifice is mainly for the Providence, not for me.

D. Repentance

I must know that I am a sinner, and then repent!

If you meet difficulty, think that it is because of you and your ancestors. Then repent and re-determine.

During the time of worship, we should repent, re-determine and keep our thoughts only on God.

Forsake your satanic past.

Forgiveness is 95% God's or the Abel-like figure's responsibility and 5% my responsibility.

Before we praise God, we should self-criticize, repent and re-determine.

Repent please! God's forgiveness is over-anxiously waiting for you.

Repent! Complaint comes because we don't deny ourselves.

Reproach yourself in whom there is Satan.

We should know that, after He chased Adam and Eve out due to their fall, God's heart was over-anxiously and seriously waiting for them to come back with repentance.

If you make a mistake, please repent purely without excuse, and you can be forgiven.

To not correct a mistake, even after knowing it is a mistake, is a more serious mistake.

The definite vertical standard (God's true love), which is the standard by which to repent, is a pressing need today.

Pray in order to repent, re-determine and accomplish the purpose of creation.

Pray much in order to repent, and then practice your repentance.

Whenever you can't succeed in your given mission, repent and re-determine.

St. Peter repented by his death of being crucified upside-down on the cross.

The debtor will always be the servant; the creditor, master.

Be humble, you debtor! A fallen man who does not know he has a debt is bad, and the fallen man who doesn't pay back his debt even after knowing it, is worse.

The origin of mercy as well as benevolence is love.

Repent and re-determine.

Before you say "Thank you," you should say, "I'm deeply sorry..." to God.

If you pray with tears of repentance, you can feel God's love.

Repent and unite! The Heavenly Kingdom is here on earth. You must register through the Blessing.

One who recognizes his own problems and then repents can be with God.

Feel shame towards yourself, or you will become more miserable.

Cry out for your miserable spirit.

E. Faith

One can smile in a difficult situation if one has real faith.

Faith that is experienced in reality is valuable.

Faith should not be a concept; it should be life itself.

Don't become a man of faith to see, but to show others.

Have conviction that God is with you.

Believe and sacrifice centering on God as the subject.

By becoming properly the subject or object according to your position, your conceptual faith must be substantiated.

Look beyond death by thinking of God.

The faith of the trinity is to believe in the Word (Old Testament), to practice it (New Testament), and to live it (Completed Testament). This should be today's living faith. Through this kind of faith, man can enter the spiritual realm.

Faith and love that are not practiced are dead.

The life of faith can't become a side job.

Though an individual's faith can be helped by a good pastor, the family level faith must be taken care of by each of the family members.

Weak faith means a man will easily be sick.

If you understand God and yourself, you can establish your foundation of faith.

Faith without conviction will always make us struggle and have difficulty.

There is no threat in faith.

The way of faith is the way of the struggle between mind and body.

This pitiful world has no direction because it does not know the root.

If you believe in me, then do what I am doing (John 14:12).

According to the viewpoint, things can seem possible or impossible.

The best present to God is the life for the sake of others.

Our problems come from not fully understanding True Parents and the Divine Principle, and from a lack of spiritual power.

E. Judgement

The religious life is the life to liberate one's self through judgement.

Judge from seeing the internal.

The final judgement on me will be done by me, not by others.

The final standard of judgement is heart. This earth is the place for the heart to grow.

Because the judgement of history influences your descendants eternally and also influences your life in the spirit world, be serious about it.

Keep in mind that God's law is more fearful than human law.

If we believe strongly in God (Judgement of Word), come to have Heavenly personalities on the foundation of that faith (Judgement of Personality), and unite heartistically with God (Judgement of Heart), we can remove the fallen nature.

G. Persecution

He who is persecuted for righteousness can become the victor in the end.

If we know God, we can live, even in the midst of death.

Persecution is the medicine of indemnity which cleanses our mind and body. Therefore, we should pray for our persecutor.

Human ties made in difficult times are really precious.

Satan persecutes but he goes down. Yet even though God is persecuted, He is going up.

The spirit who persecuted us when he was on earth repents and helps us through his descendants.

In the restoration process, no persecution will lead you backward.

The one who gets insulted yet patiently ignores it will be the master.

Why should Israel and the Unification Church be persecuted, even without doing any bad thing? Because they are the chosen people who shall enjoy the eldersonship, parentship and kingship.

One who is patient for the sake of the greater purpose, even under persecution, is really formidable.

We should overcome persecution and make the Heavenly Kingdom by ourselves.

God is first beaten by Satan and then is recompensed with interest. Persecution is the condition for restoration.

The religious life is the tearful life of being persecuted for the public righteousness.

When you are persecuted because of goodness, please don't be discouraged.

Persecution is another method to inherit that which is the enemy's.

He who hits first, will perish first. If you grow through others hitting you, you will be stronger.

If even a thin piece of paper is pasted on the hard wall, the strong fist cannot tear it.

The more persecution we receive, the quicker restoration can happen.

We will be sleepy without persecution. If there isn't any persecution, I (True Parents) will persecute you.

Don't be satisfied with your present situation. The greater future awaits you. The greater future comes through greater persecution in the present.

In the future, the persecutor will die when he says even "Uni-" of Unification Church.

Anyone can persecute the True Parents and feel happy, but the final victory goes to True Parents.

Because the True Parents are God's people, wherever they go, they will be persecuted. Yet anyone who wants to be a true person must follow them.

Persecution is God's strategy to separate us from Satan.

Greater persecution is the precondition to receive greater blessing.

You should expect to be accused by others because of your goodness. Don't expect to be praised.

In order for an Abel to be a real Abel, he should separate Satan from himself through persecution.

The persecution you receive for doing good is the capital for your later success. Therefore, if you receive world level persecution, it's the capital that will allow you to dominate the world. The one who practices this principle can be a great man.

God has been living His life for the sake of human beings, and He has been persecuted. Through this kind of course, He shall get the final victory.

If you get complete victory over the whole that has persecuted, the new age will come.

Persecution is the condition to move Satan's ownership to God's.

Persecution is the shortcut to unity, therefore a man of principle goes the way of persecution.

If you hit strongly, you shall be hit more strongly.

Think of your persecutors and opponents as your elder brothers.

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