The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

V. The Principle of Restoration [Part 1]

A. Cain and Abel

God is searching for the Abel-like one who works sacrificially, wherever and whenever he is.

Abel's arrogance made Cain kill him.

The "Abel-figure" (subject) and "Person of the Abel-figure" (object) are different from each other.

If you want to be the Abel-figure, you must: 1) unite with God; 2) witness to your Cain-figure; 3) pass through the period of offering (preparation); 4) get public recognition from God, good spirits, angels and even Satan.

The person who is more public is the Abel-figure.

The mission of the Abel-figure is to: 1) restore the Cain figure; 2) liberate parents; 3) liberate God.

It is easier and faster for the superior (Abel-like person, one who knew earlier) to indemnify.

In every situation, there are Cain and Abel.

Cain can be restored by Abel's sincere heart.

If brothers and sisters have no unity, the family becomes satanic, because of neglect for the Cain-Abel principle.

Unification can be accomplished by Abel teaching Cain and Cain following Abel.

After the condition of eldersonship is restored, the Cain-side will suffer more than the Abel-side.

From the viewpoint of position, we have two: Cain and Abel.

The Church and democracy are Abel; the State and Communism, Cain. But today, sorrowfully, Cain is superior.

Abel should be a good example for Cain and for Parents.

Abel should represent the vertical; Cain, the horizontal.

Abel-like Korea (by thought) and Japan (by economy) should save the Cain-like western world.

Adam, as the subject, should understand God's heart more than his children, so that he can prepare a good atmosphere in which Cain and Abel can have good give and take.

Abel who brings back Cain can attend the Messiah.

The Abel figure must be the most sacrificial person among all people in order for Cain to love his Abel.

If Cain doesn't fulfill his responsibility, Abel will die.

Abel gets hit and then gets paid back with interest.

If you digest your Abel-figure's scolding, it will bless you.

Within myself, there are Cain and Abel. My Abel needs your Cain, and my Cain needs your Abel.

Without Abel, Cain cannot be restored, and without restoring Cain, Abel cannot be a son of filial piety.

In order for an Abel to be a real Abel, he should separate Satan from himself through persecution.

Cain can be restored through Abel's sacrificial true love.

Because Cain killed Abel, Cain must follow Abel at the cost of his life.

When you ask your Abel something, to say "I think I need to..." is better than "I have to ....".

Only a good Cain can become a good Abel.

You should make your object and progress with the object through the Cain/Abel principle.

The greater number of Abels you have, the more stable and wide life you can lead.

Cain and Abel exist wherever we are, so we need the restoration by indemnity.

The struggle between Cain and Abel is being reduced through the Providence's development.

The position of being used is that of Abel.

Because Abel belongs to the mainstream, he has responsibility.

Is responsibility given to Cain only?

 B. Self-denial and Indemnity

There may be many kinds of unreasonable situations in the indemnity course since the fall was brought about because of unreasonableness.

The key to solve the resultant problems is to know the cause.

Indemnity can be paid by going the way that is against common sense.

We can get the real blessing at the cost of our life.

We must deny our self which is connected to Satan, if we want to reach the standard of re-creation.

If we as fallen people want to change from Satan's side to God's side we must go the way of self-denial.

If we deny ourselves, we can understand that this world is ours.

In the Last Days, what we love most becomes our enemy. So we must start from nothing to be able to be re-created.

There is no forgiveness in the law of indemnity.

Indemnity is the way to make it balanced.

My original self is different from my self of today. Therefore, I need self-denial.

Indemnity is the absolute condition for restoration (re-creation). So, be serious!

Deny completely all the established satanic resultant realities.

Receive Heavenly Words with a pure heart. Creation began from zero, and re-creation must do the same.

The purpose of making indemnity conditions is to kick Satan away from myself. I must be proud of establishing the condition of suffering.

Begin from the bottom.

As Satan is serious to accomplish his purpose, in the same way we must be serious to rid ourselves of our fallen nature through making indemnity conditions.

Follow the indemnity course of True Parents, then you can also become a True Parent.

The one who works under more difficult circumstances is more valuable. Therefore in the satanic world, the more one goes down, the more valuable one is. (There are many kinds of paradoxical expressions in the Bible.)

We should meet and love True Parents, who practice self-denial.

Repent! Complaint comes because we don't deny ourselves.

Restoration is first; salvation, second. That is, we need to make indemnity conditions first.

We want to cross over the mountain, but Satan is on it. Therefore, we must make a tunnel to get to the other side (indemnity condition).

If we understand God then we can deny ourselves, because God denies Himself. Therefore, we can understand God only through suffering.

Self-denial means to offer oneself along with one's children and all things.

The real advantage comes from self-denial.

Go down to the bottom (starting point) and come up by making indemnity conditions. Coming up without making the indemnity condition makes the self suffer, blocks us from True Parents, and makes God sorrowful.

If you have a debt to Satan, you can't be liberated from him.

Be proud of the law of indemnity.

If you are Blessed without meeting the necessary conditions, you will surely pay indemnity.

Be bold and strong. Now is the time for Satan to pay indemnity.

Self-centered (satanic) habits should be overcome.

As creation began at zero, so too must re-creation. Therefore, we should have the humble attitude of self-denial (Matt. 16:24-25).

Stress and obsession should be solved internally and positively through self-denial.

When you make a bigger corresponding environment through sacrifice, you will develop.

To sacrifice means to go lower.

God makes one who knows, yet doesn't practice, pay indemnity first.

New wine should be in a new wineskin.

Restoration is the restoration of indemnity.

Satan dislikes the difficult and miserable place, so if we go to that place, he won't be there.

The best medicine for fallen man is indemnity.

Indemnity is needed in order to separate Satan from man. The way of indemnity is the way of sacrificial true love. Because this way is the way of man's responsibility, God cannot help.

We should show the right direction to the world by coping actively with the Providence of re-creation.

The indemnity course is the course of the formation and growth stages, in which our hard work is not recognized. In the perfection stage, however, our hard work will be recognized.

God destroys barriers through indemnity, and Satan makes barriers.

To be the chosen people, we should pass through the indemnity course and be confronted directly by God. Everyone else needs just to follow the chosen people.

The purpose of self-denial is not to destroy myself but to resurrect myself.

He who has won over hell can enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

A "melting pot" can be made by self-denial. Through individualism, there is only a "salad bar."

Be strict with yourself in order to get rid of your fallen nature and evil habits.

You should go down by self-denial and then come up again. Then God will give you more.

When you feel the most difficulty, you should make the most believable environment, in which you can manage the difficulty.

We go down to zero and receive the blessing, and again start by the Heavenly way. We should change our satanic habits through the suffering course.

We need patience, obedience, an affirmative attitude, prudence and humility in the course of indemnity.

The religious life is the battle between the real you and the fallen you (self-struggle).

Without blood, sweat and tears we cannot go the way of blood, sweat and tears.

God has suffered endlessly to save an unlimited number of people. Then why can't we, His children, suffer a few decades in order to save several people?

The debtor shall perish. Therefore, go to the frontline, and then you will not be a debtor.

Indemnity is needed in order to change the blood lineage. Indemnity here means to do our responsibility.

Self-denial is for gaining eternal life (Matt. 16:24-25).

There is no complete affirmation without complete denial.

Without perfect self-denial, the sprout cannot emerge.

The Blessing is bequeathed at Satan's frontline. Therefore, there is a special three years of special fighting.

Be serious about the Word, the Principle, indemnity and the ideal.

Before you are 50 years old, please make a lot of result.

If you bring good result under difficulty, Satan can't invade that result.

If the satanic wall is too high, we must make a tunnel, even though it is hard work.

If you dislike indemnity, you cannot be saved.

Your self-sacrifice will let you come to God's side.

To try to live is to die, and to try to die is to live.

Irresponsibility should be indemnified.

If you lead a humble life for the sake of others without complaining, you can enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

Those who like what fallen people dislike can receive nature's protection.

When you are in an absurd situation, don't focus on the difficulty but think "What kind of blessing will come to me after this?"

When we are going up, we should prepare to go down. Otherwise, we shall fall and die.

There is no exception in the law of indemnity.

Restoration by indemnity is serious and difficult, not enjoyable.

Suffering lets me receive more happiness from the next happy thing.

Fasting (against the desire to eat), praying all night (against the desire to sleep) and sexual separation (against the sexual desire) are the ways of the saints. It means hitting the body and enhancing the mind.

Because Satan also dislikes suffering, if you take the course of suffering, you can cut off Satan.

If your pledge is practiced, God will help you. If you give a lot and pray much for others, God will give you help.

The worldly seduction will eventually kill you.

Sins made by the ancestors must be indemnified by the Blessed descendants.

For fallen people, complete self-denial becomes the starting point of complete Restoration.

Self-denial can solve all problems.

No matter how much sacrifice we have, we must go to the original world. There should be sacrifice in the way of the restoration of true love. The mainstream of the Bible is sacrifice.

Even though you are suffering, please bring result. Otherwise, you will be beaten.

All the sacrifices are in order to pursue true love centered on God.

If you receive glory today without paying indemnity, it will perish tomorrow.

The way of Heavenly discipline is difficult.

If you sacrifice yourself and love others, then Satan can't invade you.

The more rugged the way of indemnity you go, the more real the taste of true love you can experience.

Before Satan makes a strategy to attack you, you had better quickly pay indemnity.

Through making good problems, you can make a noise louder than Satan's noise.

The Blessing comes through difficulty.

If you learn at the actual spot, according to necessity, you can quickly understand.

When you are facing difficulty and are lonely, think of God who is facing more difficulty and more loneliness.

Forget your self. If you want to gain your life, you will lose it.

Sweet true love and bitter indemnity are absolutely connected in this fallen world.

The more difficulties you have, the more you should think about God's and True Parents' difficulties.

Forget all satanic ties, and rebuild new ties centering on True Parents.

The indemnity condition is the bridge that enables man to cross over the satanic world and reach God.

Adam was kicked out with tears, therefore, indemnity without tears is impossible.

If you sacrifice yourself and love others, Satan cannot invade you.

The steeper the way of indemnity, the more delicious the taste of true love.

The sooner you go the way of indemnity, the better. If you are slow, Satan may attack you.

The narrow vaginal opening is so difficult for the baby to pass through; so too is the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Don't forget that we are only in the battlefield.

Can we pass through this bloody, sweaty and tearful suffering way without shedding blood, sweat and tears?

A theory must be practiced.

One who tries to soar upwards without the restoration by indemnity will be continually pulled down.

We should cross over the borderline (zero point) between Heaven and hell. Therefore, we should absolutely deny ourselves in order to go down to reach the zero point (Matt. 16:24).

Your dream can be accomplished by your suffering in order to serve others. Without such suffering, your dream will disappear and a dark future awaits you.

Without going through the suffering course, we cannot be great.

We can't restore our blood lineage without indemnity.

Due to the fall, man has fallen to the level of servant of servant. Therefore, only perfect self-denial can accomplish restoration.

Rearrange and repair yourself based on the unified standard established by you.

We, fallen man, can be dominated by God only when we establish indemnity conditions. (However, God can go near the Abel-figure only.)

If a patient doesn't take the medicine because it is bitter, he'll have to be fed it by force.

The way to become a saint is the way of self-denial and sacrificial service.

What we must restore through indemnity: True love, life and lineage; Realms of lineage, ownership and heart.

Indemnity and complaint cannot co-exist.

If you have nothing, you can go up because you are light.

Resurrection can be done by the complete self-denial only.

The self-denial means to get rid of the satanic habit.

A saint sacrifices today so that he can have a better tomorrow.

Indemnify at the position of God and True Parents.

The growth of liberation, freedom and ownership happens in direct proportion

Because the Providence has been developing on the course of opposition (in a reverse direction), the history of indemnity is absolutely necessary. So there are many paradoxical passages.

Restoration (salvation) can be completed through indemnity which goes the course opposite to the established facts in the satanic world. Therefore, it is the providence of older becoming younger, and religion can be developed by persecution.

To the fallen world, the true love means self-denial for others.

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