The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

III. Ideal of Creation [Part 4]

D. Love, Life and Lineage

Be serious about Satan's three "L's" (love, life and lineage).

The conscience and true love are harmonized, and they are the origin of life and blood lineage.

The purpose of witnessing is to witness that we are God's children through the blood lineage, truth, our life and work.

The sexual organ is the palace to accomplish God's ideal through love, life and blood lineage. So, we can't use it outside of the Principle.

Jesus explained about love and life, but he didn't explain about blood lineage. Therefore he must return.

The most important things of Unification Church are true love, true life and true lineage.

The Blessing is a revolutionary command; it is the condition for eternal life. We should do our 5% responsibility for its realization, which means to restore completely satanic love, life, and lineage into Heavenly ones.

The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ceremony of:

1) restoring Adam and Eve into their state before the fall;
2) changing the blood lineage, rooting out original sin;
3) the promise to accomplish the new life standard after passing through the gate of True Parents' love.

We should have the following experience and awakening:

1) I am the child of God's direct lineage;
2) I am the citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom;
3) This world is the inheritance given to me by God.

Indemnity is needed in order to change the blood lineage. Indemnity here means to do our responsibility.

The time of changing the family names will come. We will not be able to use our present family names which originated in the satanic blood lineage.

We should destroy the satanic environment and change the satanic blood lineage.

The "savior" means the savior of love, life and lineage.

The sexual organ is the palace of love, life and lineage. Satan invaded this palace, so, we must be reborn.

Faith can't get us into the Heavenly Kingdom, but the change of blood lineage can. Therefore, the more highly developed religions have recommended that their members be celibate.

Is God's blood really flowing in me?

Great art can appear when art is centered on true love, life and lineage.

When love is functioning, life is active and the blood stirs. These three are always together.

The sexual organ is the holy palace of love, life and lineage (the 3 L's). It is the holy place to practice God's public love. My sexual organ belongs to my spouse.

The family consists of men and women based on the blood lineage. It is the training center to grow into the national family, the worldwide family, and eventually the cosmic family.

True love can make everything happy because it is the concept that existed before life and blood.

Love, life and blood lineage act as a trinity. That is, life is passed on through the blood lineage based on love.

To sacrifice love, life and lineage for the sake of others is holy.

Though blood is thicker than water, love is much thicker than blood.

Love and life can be effective when the person's righteous sex partner's love and life respond to his own love and life.

The blood lineage continues by life centered on love exploding through the sexual organ. Therefore, the sexual organ is very important.

Our sexual organs are the center of love, life and lineage; so, we should take good care of them.

From the true life, love and lineage can be born the true master whom everyone wants.

Love, life and lineage centered on God are the origin of all.

Because we have received Satan's blood, we must shed blood in the Providence of Restoration.

If you invest your love, life and lineage, you can accomplish God's Will.

The sexual organ is the connecting point of the true love between man and woman. It is the place where God, you and I can meet and become one; and then the new life comes.

Until today, history has been the history of the satanic lineage.

Love is first, before life and lineage. Therefore, it is the cause of Creation.

Satan doesn't know that God is the Father, because he is not in God's lineage.

The best truth is "parents, couple and children," which is the family centering on love. Therefore, truth always exists with love and life.

If you want to make a good tree by engrafting, please cut the lowest part of the trunk.

Reform your blood lineage.

The three great things in this world are love, life and lineage.

The three stages of salvation are: first, the blood lineage; second, the life; third, the love. Therefore, the holy wine ceremony is done before the three-day ceremony.

The Providential covenant is the covenant to get back the love, life and lineage.

Religion is the way by indemnity to restore in reverse love, life and lineage.

Happiness comes when the love, life and lineage function in unity centering on God.

When you meet your lover, both your faces become flushed because the life from each other comes and goes between you. Love, life and blood lineage are always together.

Liberation comes when we keep one love, life and lineage directed towards happiness centered on God.

Due to Satan, the word "liberation" is necessary. We should be liberated from Satan's love, life and lineage.

Unification comes from the liberation from the false love, life and blood lineage.

The Messiah's priority is the pursuit of the liberation of love, life and lineage, not the pursuit of money, power or knowledge.

Liquidating the satanic blood lineage can only be accomplished by doing it for others and for God, not for the self.

At present we are fallen and have the satanic blood lineage and will go to hell; therefore, we should restore ourselves through indemnity in order to become a Blessed family and then enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

Because of love, life functions; and because of life, blood functions. Therefore, the blood functions because of love.

Building a house is difficult, but once we have built it, we can sell it by only a contract. (It's difficult to make the prototype to change the blood lineage.)

The new blood lineage can succeed if the parents' love and lives unite and fuse into one through the Heavenly Way.

The Holy Wine ceremony is the symbolic ceremony to change the blood lineage. Through direct blessing into the True Parents' family from generation to generation, the substantial change of blood lineage can be done.

We can't restore our blood lineage without indemnity.

Christianity is the only religion connected with the change of the blood lineage.

For us to be reborn into our original self, we should be reborn through True Parents.

Because of the fall of the blood lineage, restoration takes a long time.

We should restore the heart, blood lineage and property.

What we must restore through indemnity:

True love, life and lineage;
Realms of lineage, ownership and heart.

Engrafting means denying oneself thoroughly.

The two most important and simplest principles of human being is:

1) Lead life for the sake of others;
2) The sexual organ is the palace to practice love, life and blood lineage.

The blood lineage of the Blessed marriage can't be erased.

The original man in whom there are God's love, life and lineage needs neither religion nor savior.

E. Peace

World peace can be accomplished by the cooperation of God and man centering on true love.

Racism and nationalism are enemies to peace.

The pre-condition for peace to come is to invest for the sake of others. The origin of peace is one God.

Religions should respect and serve one another and make an atmosphere of world peace.

The one who brings all human affairs to the worldwide level for the sake of world peace is the Messiah.

There is peace in true love. The Chinese character for peace means balance and harmony.

Balanced relationships bring peace. Therefore, individualism is the seed of unhappiness.

Unification, peace and balance centering on true love comes from the unification of mind and body. That is the basic condition to go into the Kingdom.

The peace initiative starts from the unity of my mind and body.

Peace can originate by myself, who has give and take action with others. Let's be the subject of peace.

Peace comes from unity of mind and body.

Peace and harmony are the result of the heartistic balance, not the physical (material) balance.

We can't make world peace through arms.

If we want to overcome this confused world, we should present a clear idea of the future world of peace.

The key to world peace is to establish the perfect relationship between God and man.

As long as there is hostility, there cannot be the ideal world.

The starting point of world peace is found between my mind and body.

Let's be the central figures who can construct a peaceful world.

Peace, freedom, happiness, etc. cannot be discovered, but must be created by you.

World peace can be established through family peace.

As long as there is no balance between mind and body, there can't be world peace. (Every part of body is in balance except for the mind-body unbalance.)

World peace (the Heavenly Kingdom) comes after the unification of individuals, families, tribes, races, nations, the world, the cosmos and God.

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