The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

III. Ideal of Creation [Part 3]

C. True Love

If we are intoxicated with true love, we can overcome any kind of temptation and be happy. So, the essence of happiness is true love.

A spacecraft needs incredible power to enter into outer space; once it is there, it doesn't require the same amount of energy to maintain its orbit. In the same way, once individuals and organizations centered on true love come into being, this world can maintain its harmony automatically.

Neither money, power nor knowledge can save the country. Only words based on true love can.

We should create a better object of love through our continued investment.

Treat all things with cosmic love.

True love is to love the public at the cost of one's life. Because true life comes from true love, those who offer their lives will survive.

If we love, then even an enemy can be a friend.

Satanic love diminishes because it is self-centered. Heavenly love goes up because it is centered on the whole.

Be patient to the end if you want to be in true love.

Lead your life centering on the vertical axis which consists of conscience and true love.

The conscience can't bring men and women into harmony, but love can.

It is impossible to make the family of true love without the ideology of "for others".

Heavenly Fate works for the sake of true love.

The real truth centered on true love can bring the final victory.

Only with the mind of love can we dominate Satan.

Invest and forget what you invested, then invest again. Then the miracle can come.

Horizontal love that comes from vertical love can bring a result.

I must connect myself with the True Parents' antenna of true love.

I exist for my subject first, then for my object, not for myself. Living for myself is satanic.

Children only need their loving parents. Children can go into the Heavenly Kingdom.

Living for the sake of others makes a person less tired; because he is giving, the good spirits (spirits that give) give him energy. And vice versa.

Because our life comes from the principle of love, life problems can only be solved by true love.

One who does not lead his life for the sake of others is harming himself.

Don't have regret or complain about nothing coming back to you after you invested your love. It will surely come back with much interest.

Love people as people, not as animals or plants.

If you want to meet God, please give love.

The "feast of the lamb" is the ceremony to have a new start through the unification of true love between human beings and God, that is, the ceremony of the unity between man and woman by true love.

If we lead our life for the sake of others, thinking that everything is God's, the barriers can be destroyed.

Vertical love is eternal and unchangeable. Horizontal love should meet it perpendicularly in order to be true love.

To have brotherly unity, you should love your brothers with parental love. Fraternal disunity is to deny your parents, your spouse and God. Therefore, if you can't love people (brothers), you can't be a person of God.

Through the Day of the Victory of Love, the barriers between Heaven and earth have collapsed and the fear of death has disappeared.

In this fallen world, true love is apt to go to the poor, the powerless and the low-educated.

Because love is the origin of life, we fallen people should seek true love at the cost of our life.

Faith and love that are not practiced are dead.

Have you, as a human being, really loved people?

The ideal person is the one who knows first and loves more God, mankind and the world.

Don't escape from the partner whom you don't like, but instead, digest him willingly and go through him.

True love must overcome the shady spot (difficulty).

Why is racial discrimination bad? Because everyone is in the same principle of love.

Vertical parental love is stronger, deeper, and more unchanging than horizontal love.

You should love the world according to the central figure in order to overcome this fallen world.

The one who gives is the master.

If you give you cannot perish, even though it seems you are used by others because of it.

The result that comes without suffering is not precious. (e.g. birth pangs and a new baby.)

If there is love, a spanking is OK, but if there is no love, whatever happens, it is bad.

To love the smaller should be for the sake of loving the greater more.

Love is:

1) the necessary one of invisible order, peace and happiness which is charged with the public interest.
2) the common property of mankind and the world.
3) the symbol of God's will and power.

If you lead your life for the sake of others, eventually everybody will follow you and be obedient to you.

If you lead your life for the sake of the greater, it will look like you'll perish, but you will survive and eventually prosper.

"For others" can include "for myself' but it doesn't work the other way around.

Frequent giving can bring development.

True love is cosmic; it requires responsibility and duty, and it is the common purpose of all the creation.

The equality of men and women can only come about through true love, which means living our lives for the sake of others.

Life is extrovert, and love is universal.

Love should be realized based on the Principle, then it can result in goodness.

To live for others we should put the emphasis more on: 1) the vertical than the horizontal, 2) the invisible than the visible, 3) the greater than the smaller, 4) the Word than man, 5) the public than the private, "one plus one does not equal two" than "one plus one equals two," 7) man than money, 8) heartistic understanding than intellectual understanding.

If you love your enemy, he will eventually come to your side.

The unchangeable being can melt the changeable one.

As the high pressure atmosphere automatically flows into the low pressure atmosphere, so love flows into the miserable people. This is the tide of heart.

Without love, we cannot live eternally.

The tide of heart is to give and then forget what was given, and then to want to give again.

If you understand true love, you can feel God's heart even in small things.

We must be intoxicated by true love as others are intoxicated by drugs.

We need to overcome many kinds of difficulties in order to connect with true love.

One who leads a life of forgetting himself and serving others is happy.

True wisdom leads us to unite into one centering on true love after destroying the barriers between us.

A sincere heart is really something to fear. It surely will be recompensed with interest.

The only way to unite into one is the way of love.

To correspond and to mutually aid is to enforce love.

Love needs the shortest straight line.

If you unite with God in true love, you can live eternally.

We must love at the cost of investing for the sake of the greater.

To make all family members become people of true love, we should destroy Satan in our neighbors.

The ideal world can be accomplished when the individual, family, nation and world are going in the same direction centering on true love.

If you love the smaller for the sake of the greater, you will progress.

There is peace in true love. The Chinese character for peace means balance and harmony.

The revolution of love is first the revolution of sex.

What is eternal, unchangeable and unique can't be attained by money, but only by true love.

There is absolute obedience only in true love.

True love moves faster than the speed of light, because it is for man to live in the endless and immense spirit world.

True love is to want others to be better than me.

The man who was born by love should live in love and enter the spirit world of true love. This earth is the practice area for love.

Those who invest everything along with the center can enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

Because true love exists for the sake of everything, we don't need any religion or political system in the world of true love.

In the principle of physical nature, the input must be bigger than the output.

In the love principle, the output is bigger than the input.

The best reason is the Heavenly reason, which is centered on true love.

True love is directed toward the true partner.

True love can penetrate any place, even into God.

True love should have give and take with others' true love.

The way, the truth and the life are under true love.

True love is love for the whole.

The pearly gate mentioned in the Bible is the gate of love.

The Day of the Victory of Love is the day that love gets victory over death.

Love is the motivation as well as the cause.

God's problem is not political or economic, but is one of true love.

Only a doctor of true love can enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

Love people.

Why must we love our enemy? 1) Love can bring the final victory; 2) Satan must surrender naturally; 3) Lucifer became Satan because of lack of love; 4) If we hit saran at the immature time, we will have trouble; 5) There are me and God in him; 6) He has good family members who love him.

Only on the foundation of true love is forgiveness possible.

True love acts in the shortest distance, which is the perpendicular angle where subject and object meet.

Because of the principle of circular movement, perfect investment will be perfectly recompensed in receiving.

I must invest repeatedly until my investment fills the cosmos. Then this cosmos becomes mine.

Living for the sake of others is the way to become eternal, unchangeable and unique.

The way of true love is the way to help.

True love that can transcend time and space is more powerful than political power, intellectual power or money power.

The more love we give, the more love we can give.

Love makes eternity.

To love and to like are different. Essentially speaking, the former is to give, but the latter is to take.

The man of true love can be a brother to everybody.

The man who loves the world can be loved around the world.

Living for the sake of others is true love.

The root of true love is the family of True Parents. Satanic false love has no root. True love is the ancestor of the family. If the subject and object come into oneness for the greater purpose, true love will come to them.

Human beings must love other human beings the most.

Love the heavenly, subjective and original holiness of your object.

True love is love for the sake of others by forgetting myself.

For the sake of true love, I and the cosmos have been created.

We should be the ones who love God rather than the ones who know Him.

The perfection of responsibility is that of true love. The resonance of the individual mind and body can also be accomplished only by true love.

The perfection of my true love can be made only through my object. I was also created to perfect the true love of my object (my spouse).

Unification, peace and balance centering on true love comes from the unification of mind and body. That is the basic condition to go into the Kingdom.

The true life is that of true love with the unification of mind and body.

All things of creation were created by the love of God, so they all want to be dominated by love. Therefore, all ambition can only be realized through true love.

If the co-relationship centering on true love is established, Heavenly Luck (fate) will come there.

The more people you love, the more you can be proud of yourself.

From the unchangeable true love and life comes the unchangeable true blood lineage. True love is original, absolute and eternally unchangeable.

If the center based on true love is settled, happiness can come through the center.

The root of the mind is the vertical true love. Therefore, true unity is only possible by the centering on true love.

If you lead a life of love, everything is good to you.

True art should be connected with family life and centered on true love.

True love makes miracles.

God is worldwide and is the cause of love. Therefore, love is worldwide.

True love and God are eternal, so these three (love, God, eternity) have a correlative relationship.

To die for true love is true love. Loving God the most is true love.

The more we get into the realm of heart, the more we can forget ourselves.

Freedom is needed for true love, which needs subject and object. Therefore, freedom is not for the individual but for the public and is conditional.

Love is willing and sacrificial joy.

In the spiritual world, true love is our air, transportation and money. But this true love can only be prepared on the earth.

Respect is vertical; fraternal love, horizontal.

Love is spherical. It can roll in all directions. The quicker it rolls, the better its results.

Love likes to meet perpendicularly and directly.

The dimension of love also grows bigger.

True love is the origin and the result, and the beginning and the end.

One can arrive at one's final destination only after passing through the unique center.

Freedom as well as dictatorship can be valuable when each of them has harmony, balance, and unification with the purpose of the whole. These two can only be harmonious through true love.

Harmony, balance and unification can be made only by true love.

True love can make everything happy because it is the concept that existed before life and blood.

Without love, there is no yang and yin, or male and female; so, there is nothing.

Love develops from the individual to the family level, national, worldwide and cosmic level.

The horizontal is the development of the vertical through love.

The common denominator of human desire, both oriental and occidental, and the past and present, is true love.

If one creates something by investing love, he will absolutely not lose.

The strongest power is the power of love.

Only love points historically up.

If love moves, it becomes bigger.

Finally, to give is to receive. If it doesn't come back at the due time, it will come back with interest.

If you lead a sacrificial life for the sake of your partner, you will monopolize your partner's love.

Love movement is circular movement. Therefore, the more you give, the more you will receive.

Love surely has light, sound and moisture centering on heart.

Only the result from the life centered on true love can be enjoyed in the spiritual world.

The absoluteness, omniscience and omnipotence should be centered on true love. Otherwise, they have no significance.

Absolute investment guarantees absolute return.

Love can move life.

Everything centered on true love can harmonize centered on goodness.

The way for us to be the direct object of God is the way of true love, because God's essence is true love.

We need art for the sake of true love.

If you talk about love, you need innumerable adjectives.

We are here to give love to others. Then people will finally follow us.

The life for others and the life of a creditor is the true life.

Though blood is thicker than water, love is much thicker than blood.

The four position foundation centering on true love can have dominion over all things.

Only love can go over any kind of barrier.

Man behaves in a manly way and woman behaves in a womanly way; if these two have give and take action, true love can be there.

I exist for the sake of love and others.

If you live your life to give love, your chance will not slip away, nor will you lose it nor have it snatched away by others.

Love makes unity through its power of making us like each other.

The origin of mercy as well as benevolence is love.

Love should be naturally accomplished in the natural and normal life.

The true love is the content to accomplish the ideal of cosmic unification.

True love is to lead my life for the sake of the greater purpose. This principle is at work in both the spiritual and physical worlds.

In love there is the right to participate together, the right to have the same position and the right to inherit.

Because the concept of love is worldwide, the language centered on true love should be the world language.

Because of the principle of true love, the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world is possible.

If you have a connection with a greater substance of love, you will be attractive.

Even if something doesn't look so beautiful, if there is love, it becomes beautiful.

The deeper water it is, the calmer it is. So is love: the more precious it is, the less you can see it.

Parental love is altruistic love, which is true love.

The man of true love doesn't care about position.

The motivation of the creation was love.

God's central subject is love. Where there is love, there is only beauty or joy. In love, everybody is equal and there is no typical "I".

Dominate by giving love.

If we lead our life centering on love, we can make man's way give in to the Heavenly way.

Think much of art centered on love.

Because God is the source of true love, we absolutely love God.

Because of the unlimited depth of love, people can deeply understand each other in the world where people lead their life for the sake of others.

God also submits in front of true love.

Without the vertical axis, you can't have the human horizontal love.

The word "love" is a compound word. It connotes "sacrifice, service, humility, forgiveness, etc."

True love can be known not by the head (intellect) but by the heart.

How much have you loved others with parental love?

The harmonious world of God, man and all things can be accomplished centering on true love.

Love is unseen but it exists and is more precious than any visible jewel. From this love, everything comes into being. Therefore, everybody likes love.

The essence of true love is to live for the sake of others.

To become a true family centered on true love;

1) there should be a true wife before the true husband, and vice versa;
2) there should be true children before true parents, and vice versa.

A man of true love is the true parent, true teacher and true owner.

If you feel true love, every part of your body is happy, and you want to embrace your partner, spinning and jumping; your eyes close and you feel as if you are floating.

True love should start from myself.

Absolutely living for others leads to me receiving absolute love for myself from others.

The right to inherit, the right to live together and the right to participate together come from love.

The joy of giving love is greater than the joy of being loved.

Love should have a substantial object and then multiply.

The cosmos revolves centering on true love. Therefore, couples centered on true love are protected by the cosmos.

Absoluteness can be established through loving others with true love.

If you want to receive love, you will be in pain; but if you give love to others, you will become happy, because the reason of creation is to give love.

If you give love you will eventually receive love, but it does not work the other way around.

Love is precious and holy. Therefore, we can't love as we like, indifferently or anywhere.

True development comes from true love.

The more you give love, the more you can have love.

The truth before man is woman, and the truth before God is true man, and vice versa. Therefore, true love can be made by harmony between man and woman, and together with harmony between God and human beings

Perfecting the Providence is perfecting truth, and true truth is true love.

If our five senses center on true love, they will be eternal.

He who doesn't lead his life for the sake of others cannot be loved.

Love is to give. If you want to receive it, you will suffer.

Without love, everything becomes a problem.

Only the relativity of leading a life for others based on true love can bring world unity.

We eventually tire of everything except love.

There is no calculation in love. Calculation comes from egoism.

The man whom all women applaud because he is living his life for others is a real man. The same goes for a woman.

True love is stronger than any country.

The person who gives True Parents hope is the one who can digest everything by true love.

If you are connected by true love, even though you are far away from your partner, you will soon be happy when you meet each other.

The essence which is liked by all the creation is true love.

Even though their dimensions are different from one another, minerals, plants and animals can feel true love. If we know this principle, we can come to know many new ones.

If there is a problem in true love, only God's special doctor (True Parents) can cure it by Divine Principle.

The reason why the yang-yin of the Creation are attracted to each other is that they have the element of true love in their different dimensions.

All the creation follows the person of true love, because even though its love dimension is different from man's, creation still has true love. In this kind of original world, there can't be any poverty.

Everything melts into one in true love.

The man of true love is welcomed by all people, no matter what he does or where and when he does it.

If you inoculate a fallen person with true love, he will be cured.

Hook and pull the center of the heart with the hook of true love. The one you hook doesn't feel pain and will be pulled.

There is only one way of true love. There is no borderline; there is only one method.

Only by the power of true love can we dash into the original world.

If you don't give true love, nobody will like you.

Any result not based on true love will be negative. (For example, look at the result of nuclear power and the A-bomb.)

Man's purpose is to complete true love. Therefore, all man's organs are for the sake of true love.

Love needs a partner and a growth period, during which man needs to grow to be able to love horizontally based on God's vertical love.

Even in death, we want to die in love.

Self-absorption is not true love. We should be intoxicated with our object.

When the strong and the weak unite into one, love comes. Therefore, homosexual love is not true love.

Even God who is all-knowing and almighty must love the trifling man.

Where God goes, man can also go there if there is true love.

If you want to be loved, you should seriously lead your life for the sake of others.

The perfect surrender is the one made by true love.

Because true love is the origin of eternal life, the man of true love cannot be dominated by Satan, wherever that man goes.

You should love others as you spare yourself.

One who loves can become the master, but the one who is loved becomes the servant.

True love is sacrificial service.

True love will finally liberate all.

True love should center on God's vertical love.

God's greatest hope is true love.

Love is to give and then to want to give more.

Love is faster than light.

If equality, ideology, happiness and freedom are not centered on true love, they are insignificant. -1-

True love is the contents of the life for the sake of others centering on God.

Parental love is eternal.

Love kills bacteria. Love makes us forget what is dirty.

There is no time or space in love.

There is no self-consciousness in true love.

Only by true love (life for the sake of others) can we build the Heavenly nation.

The suffering you feel from loving your enemy will become your good merit.

Don't love only certain people; love everybody. Then everybody will love you.

Don't think that a certain person loves only you.

Sweet true love and bitter indemnity are absolutely connected in this fallen world.

The best kind of love is the love that has us dedicate all of our life for the sake of others.

The sexual organ is the connecting point of the true love between man and woman. It is the place where God, you and I can meet and become one; and then the new life comes.

The Providence of Restoration begins with true love.

Through love we can gain the same position, the right to participate and the inheritance.

The climax of true desire is to occupy God's love.

True love absolutely wants to take the straightest and shortest way. However, satanic love wanders all over because there are no True Parents.

True love is first, and money, power and knowledge are second. The former is the origin of the latter.

True love is the power that allows the grandson to pull the grandfather.

The purpose of the Blessing is to seek true love.

True love can bring man and God into oneness.

We should be born, live, marry and die for the sake of love.

True love brings unity.

If I become the incarnation of true love, God will surely come to me.

An old couple playing as children do is the greatest art.

When love reaches its climax, it explodes and divides, then prepares to love again.

Wherever true love goes, it is the same, and everywhere is its hometown.

True love invests more than 100% for others.

Without true love, none of the various social problems can be solved.

True love gives totally and receives totally. Therefore, it can be called as the Unification Thought.

Love stimulates much concern and sometimes a scolding, too.

Throughout our whole life, we learn about love. But it is not boring.

Our mind can grow only by heart.

Because love is the origin of life, sometimes people die for love.

If you invest 100% for your partner, unification will come into being. Lead your life for others, and forget it.

Live for others! This is a fearful thought, because he who leads his life for the sake of others shall get the final victory.

Living for others, even having to borrow money to do so, means you are investing 120%.

Even God worships true love.

The reason for all Creation as well as God to exist is true love.

The central object of true love is man.

The parent-child relationship between God and man can be made eternal through true love.

The brain is the internal control tower of true love; the sexual organ is the external control tower of true love. Therefore, in the human being, both are located on the vertical central line.

Because true love is true freedom, a man of true love can finally be welcomed at all times and places.

You can kill an animal for your lover.

The only way to perfectly dominate Satan is through love.

The one who established the standard of true love is True Parents. Therefore, if you follow True Parents, you can get true love and true happiness.

Everyone likes love. Therefore, if you center on love, you can have happiness, liberation and unification.

If a top spins very fast, it stands perpendicularly and seems to stand still. The colors on it blend into one. The relationship of true love is the same.

Love can transcend the barriers between old and young, male and female, and time and space. Therefore, everything is just limitlessly happy in love.

To express love:

1st) the eyes and mouth smile;
2nd) there is touching, petting and embracing;
3rd) the two become one both physically and spiritually.

If we center on love, God is in me and I am in God. Therefore, God is not far away.

The reason we like God is because of His love, not because He is all knowing and almighty.

Love is the thing that, the more you give, the more you have.

Why does a woman love a man, who is wild and has a rough shape? Because of love.

Only when you center on love can your desire be accomplished.

In true love, external dirtiness is not a problem.

Social health as well as individual health comes from true love, and vice versa.

I must first be a man of love in order to attend the God of love.

If you don't know God and the spirit world, you will go to hell because you don't know true love.

Heart is internal and causal; love is external and resultant.

Heart is the center of Sung-sang and Hyung-sang. Therefore, reason, knowledge and power without heart are worthless.

There are all kinds of tastes in love. You should be the central figure of love.

If my love can meet its object, it becomes activated and can come out from me.

Language is the instrument with which we can express the truth of true love.

Why are man and woman precious? Because of love.

Love is the reason we want to see it if it is good and touch it if we can see it.

The very fast one is love.

The condition for God to be God is true love. He created the object in order to practice love.

In the end, true love will be developed positively.

True love should be the central tradition for everything.

Without true love, there can't be any equality among men.

The man of true love can go freely between the spirit world and the physical world.

Self-centeredness perishes; love-centeredness prospers.

We can hear true love, but it is difficult to taste.

True love is brighter and stronger than a diamond.

Love exists at the very least for the family, not the individual.

If I live in true love, God dwells in me and I in God (John 4:16).

Work is substantialized love.

A life lived for love is a life that bears fruit and vice versa.

Love is the essential element of life.

Nobody likes to be a slave, yet everyone wants to be a slave of love.

The more you love your partner, the smaller you become and the bigger your partner becomes.

It is not that the beginning is the same as the end, but that a small beginning becomes a big end in love.

True love comes from perfect unification.

Mediated by love, man's seed can be transferred into the woman and then grow.

The root of love is unique, but the methods to practice love come in a great variety.

True love makes everything OK, but false love makes everything a problem.

Satan can only be subjugated by true love.

The lack of true love makes you tire quickly.

The motivation behind the relationship between positive and negative is true love (living for the sake of others). Therefore, first is love; then second is God as the subject; and third is the Creation as His object of love.

True love always pushes the subject to invest all of itself, and then more, because the subject wants to have an object that is better than itself.

March forward seriously towards substantial self-perfection centering on the Divine Principle and true love.

The greatest thought is the one that centers on true love.

Love, value and purpose are a trinity.

If you want to receive entirely and perfectly, you must first give entirely and perfectly.

If you receive (or greatly receive) without giving (or just give a little), you will get short term happiness and long term problems.

You should develop yourself by learning and applying the historical lessons. For human beings, air and water are more important than food, and the true love heart is more important than air and water.

Because we are the objects of the eternal love, the loves of parent/child and husband/wife want to be eternal.

It is the love principle that there should not be indirect love. Therefore our love relationships should be directed at 90 degrees (right angle).

If you look with the glasses of love, everything is beautiful.

God's absoluteness is in true love.

The two different sexes can be united into one only by true love.

The essence of all (including God) is true love.

Don't kick out your enemy and don't escape from your enemy, but absorb and digest him by true love.

The center of the cosmos is true love.

True love is to give eternally; from this, eternal life can come into being. (The theory of eternal life)

Today's problems can't be solved by theory but can be solved only by love.

If we center on love, the more that are brought into oneness, the better.

Water, air and love flow while filling pits and crevices on their way.

Be intoxicated by love, not by alcohol or drugs.

True love can overcome death.

The true last will and testament: "I didn't love all of you enough, and I'm going. I'm very sorry."

True order comes not from knowledge, power or money, but from true love. But the true love man and woman, who are the prototype (model) of true love substance, should come first.

Love means the emotional force that the subject gives to the object; the positive influence to accomplish the good purpose which lets everyone be happy.

"Even at the risk of my life I'll love you." This is the greatest love.

Life for others makes increase, but life for self makes decrease.

Originally the enemy was created by the love problem, therefore an enemy can be restored only by love.

My five sensory organs are not for the purpose of feeling myself, but to feel you. Therefore, lead life for the sake of others.

The five senses have love as their focus, and are attracted to love. Therefore, when we love, our five senses focus on one point, which becomes zero (e.g. if you kiss, you automatically close your eyes).

The harmony of all creation comes about through love.

Love makes us forget fatigue. Without love, there is no mystery, no harmony, and nothing at all.

The focus is the starting point. Losing it is a big problem. Imagine that a satellite loses its focus. Think: why should we long for hometown, home country and ancestors?

Revolution means to change focus. The original focus is true love.

If my quality of focus (purpose) for an organization is unchangeable, I can represent the organization wherever I go.

The family which represents the cosmos is the best family and the standard upon whom everyone should focus. This is the focus family.

Focus can change quantitatively, but is unchangeable qualitatively.

True love means to invest limitlessly, even at the cost of life, and to forget it.

Satan can't love God, but God can love Satan. Therefore, God is eternal. Anyone who loves his enemy can have eternal life.

True love is to love your enemy even at the cost of sacrificing your own life. The quality of a son of filial piety, loyalist, saint and holy son is this kind of true love.

Everyone desires that his partner (e.g. his spouse or children) be superior to himself.

And the superior one must be served by the inferior one.

Therefore, it is true love that one leads one's life for one's love partner.

Was I born through love based upon life for the sake of the other!

Serve others and then forget. Your compensation will surely come.

The five physical and five spiritual senses can be united into one through parental love.

Brothers and sisters should always grow and live centering on the parental heart. They will then grow to be True Parents.

True love can remove all of man's divisions.

Unification is based upon the completed position of parents.

Centering on true love, creation could be made by living for others through the pair system.

For monogamy and no divorce, God created one Adam and one Eve.

If you can love one whom you don't like, you can dominate this world.

The only method to conquer God, the absolute subject, is by the life of true love.

The true teacher is the one who practices true love in his daily life.

To fallen people, true love means self-denial for others.

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