The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

III. Ideal of Creation [Part 2]

B. The Kingships and Realms of Heart

The Home Church campaign and the Tribal Messiah campaign are for the sake of restoring the family, because the elder sonship, parentship and kingship were lost at the family level.

True Parents have restored the elder sonship; so if we follow them, God's Will can be accomplished by the help of the spiritual world.

The purpose of Tribal Messiahship is to restore the elder sonship and then parentship through restoration by indemnity. Therefore, Tribal Messiahship is the absolute mission of the Blessed family.

The true elder son centered on True Parents can eventually become the next True Parents and True King.

The realm of the king's sovereignty was to have started from Adam.

One who has a pure heart, like a child, can become the eldest son.

Be God's representative by being a good parent in whom children can believe;

Be God's representative by being a good husband in whom his wife can believe;

Be God's representative by being a good wife in whom her husband can believe;

Be God's representative by being a good child in whom the family of the child can believe.

To do the mission of Tribal Messiah, we must practice the three great thoughts (True Parents, True Teacher, True Master) by investing, praying, and sincerely working towards perfection.

Originally, a child of filial piety, a loyal subject, a saint and a holy son all had the same center (true love) even though their scope was not the same. But due to the Fall, we don't know their original relationship.

Kingship is "the authority of the person who leads his life for the sake of his country."

Why should Israel and the Unification Church be persecuted, even without doing anything bad? It is because they are the chosen people who shall enjoy the eldersonship, parentship and kingship.

The family is:

1) the textbook to make the Heavenly Kingdom. It is the place where grandparents (past), parents (present) and children (future) have give and take. If it is extended, the nation and world come into being.
2) the training center of true love. It is the place where vertical God's love and the horizontal family can meet. From here, we learn how to love our neighbors and others.

The Word, the family member, is based on the harmony between brothers and sisters. From this family will come the children of filial piety as well as loyal subjects.

The original desire is to accomplish the three great subjective thoughts (true parents, true teacher, true master). This can be accomplished by the relationship between God, the father, and man, the child.

Because of the conditions that have been established for the restoration of the eldersonship, parentship and kingship, the spirit world is in the position of the second son from now on.

After the condition of eldersonship is restored, the Cain-side will suffer more than the Abel-side.

The three great subjective thoughts is the ideology to become parents of true love, a teacher of true love and a master of true love; also to take responsibility for the whole, to give for the sake of the whole and to open the way for the whole to go. Parents should teach this to their children.

The Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships

Figure 3-1

Ideal individuals can make ideal families, by which the ideal nation and world can be made. To accomplish this, the True Parents explain the significance of the ideal family through the analysis of the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships.

The ideal family is the small field comprising the total virtue of Heaven, earth and human beings, the small world of True Love, and the model of the ideal world.

1. The Three Great Kingships are vertically-oriented.

(1) Children's kingship: children represent the future.
(2) Parents' kingship: parents represent the present.
(3) Grandparents' kingship: grandparents represent the past, spiritual world and God.

2. The Four Great Heart Realms are horizontal.

(1) Children's Heart Realm:
Children's love
Children's responsibility
Special education for children
(2) Brotherly-Sisterly Heart Realm:
Brother-sister love
Brother-sister responsibility
Special education for brother and sister This realm includes the Children's Heart Realm.
(3) H-W: Husband-Wife Heart Realm:
Conjugal love
Conjugal responsibility
Special education for husband and wife
This realm includes the Children's and Brotherly-Sisterly Heart Realms
(4) Parental Heart Realm:
Parental love
Parental responsibility
Special education for parents
This realm includes the Children's, Brotherly-Sisterly, and
Husband-Wife Heart Realms

Therefore, parents are the total image of the entire family and are the center of the family. To a wife, her husband has the positions of her younger and elder brother, her husband and her father. To a husband, his wife has the positions of his younger and elder sister, his wife and his mother. In the spirit world, a husband can see the image of his wife when she was a baby girl, a girl, a wife and a mother. Likewise, a wife can see the image of her husband when he was a baby boy, a boy, a husband and a father.

The contents of the text book for the Heavenly Family (through these four great teachings we can enter the royal family realm):

1) Education of Children

They should be educated to: a) be able to feel all kinds of love when they become one with their vertical parents; b) relate with that which is bigger than themselves; c) understand others as themselves; d) understand themselves to be the foundation for the family.

2) Education of Brothers and Sisters

They should be educated to: a) embrace all mankind; b) know that they are representatives of the whole horizontal world; c) give more for the sake of others; d) grow horizontally in order to be someone's spouse.

3) Education of the Couple

They should be educated to know that: a) they are the ideal combination of Heaven and Earth;

b) a couple is the terminal of God's vertical love, so they must prepare to have the position instead of God as parents.

4) Education of Parents

They should be educated to know that: a) parental love is the total of all kinds of love, so they are the second creators; b) the first Blessed family becomes the center of the tribe, so if it does its responsibility fully, it can have the kingship.

Kingship is subject-ship. There are many different kinds: family kingship, societal kingship, etc.

The grandparents represent God; parents, True Parents; children, all mankind. Therefore, the family is the microcosm and it should be governed by the grandparents, who are the vertical standard of tradition.

The three great basic human relationships: 1) the parent/child relationship; 2) the husband/wife relationship; 3) the brother/sister relationship.

The model (original form) of an organization: 1) vertical (up and down) parent/child relationship 2) horizontal (right and left) conjugal relationship 3) oblique brother and sister relationship An organization can function by the give and take action among these three relationships, centering on love.

Eve devastated the three great loves.

Due to the fall, we lost four great rights, therefore we need to restore these rights. 1) Restoration of eldersonship; 2) Restoration of parentship; 3) Restoration of kingships (children, parents, grandparents); 4) Restoration of royal familyship.

"God's child" is the best name and fame.

Before getting love - divided for personal perfection: children, brothers, sisters

After getting love - united for family perfection: couple, parents

Children's love (up - down, south - north)

Brotherly love (front - rear, oblique)

Conjugal love (right - left, east - west)

All these three make up parental love.

For you to know God, you should know the three kingships and four heartistic realms.

The settled true family in which God is able to dwell joyfully is the family that has accomplished the ideal of the four great heartistic realms and three great kingships.

The first love is really important. We should love True Parents more than our first love, then we can be connected with the real Heavenly heart. If we center on this first love, the relationship of me, parents and grandparents is the brotherly one. Therefore, we can call God, "Father" in the same way.

If you live the three great kingships and the four great heartistic realms centering on the True Parents, you can see everything in the spirit world.

The highest dimension of love is parental love. The highest dimension of beauty is filial piety.

Parental love is uncountable and altruistic, but brotherly and sisterly love is countable and conditional.

Restoring eldersonship: restoring Cain by Abel centered on God.

Restoring parentship: restoring Eve by Cain and Abel centered on God.

Restoring kingship: restoring Adam by Eve, Cain and Abel centering on God.

On this foundation of restoration, the Royal Familyship can be established.

Figure 3-2

Principle of restoration: Restoration of elder sonship, parentship, kingship, royal familyship.

Principle of completion: kingship of children, parents, grandparents, royal familyship.

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