The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

III. Ideal of Creation [Part 1]

A. True Parents (Messiah)

Because Jesus was crucified before he was married, Christianity is the religion of the bride. It is God's Will to create the parental religion centering on the Lord of the Second Advent.

The Messiah has brought the seed of true love and planted a huge orchard through the World Wars. When he grafts, he cuts the lowest part of the tree.

True Parents indemnify the mistakes we made in the history of mankind and the Unification Church.

Father Kim II Sung gained his life by shedding other peoples' blood (false parents).

True Parents are shedding their blood so that others may live (true parents).

If America neglects Korea, she will perish. So, True Parents hold her under difficulty. Because the archangel consumed Adam and Eve, America (archangel) must save Korea (Adam) and Japan (Eve).

After making the world-level foundation for restoration, True Parents must return to their fatherland. In the same way, we, too, must return to our homeland after making a certain foundation.

Today's Japan looks like a naked Eve in front of three archangels. Therefore, True Parents are protecting Japan from them (on behalf of the Adam nation of Korea).

This fallen human history started by satanic love centered on the body. Therefore, we need true love and True Parents.

The True Parent, the Messiah, is the one who tries to change the direction of democracy and communism, and especially to change the western world into a place of true life.

The way of success is the way given by True Parents.

The True Parents' best gift to the world is the Heavenly Word.

We should know the True Parents' tears behind their success.

True Parents teach what they have already practiced.

True Parents have restored the elder sonship; so if we follow them, God's Will can be accomplished by the help of the spiritual world.

Work by adjusting yourself to meeting True Parents' providential direction for that day.

I am not the owner, but a manager. The owners are God and True Parents. But if I have good give and take with them, I can also be the owner.

Like our True Parents, let us do our mission by our own selves.

Because they are the True Parents of all mankind, wherever True Parents go they put the emphasis on education, not sightseeing.

Because they are the Parents of true love, wherever they are and whatever time it is, they are eagerly trying to give.

Why are True Parents able to predict the future? Because they are the ones who know the omniscient God the most deeply.

The True Parents' fishing net has been cast far and wide.

Everyone should study the words of True Parents, because they speak about all kinds of human lives.

Have concern about all of True Parents' concerns.

Follow the indemnity course of True Parents, then you can also become a True Parent.

The Messiah does all affairs well centering on the True Family.

The content of True Parents' education is the same as God's education of Adam and Eve.

Fallen man must walk the way of Divine Principle and seek the way of restoration. But as for us, we just have to follow the True Parents for everything to be OK.

We should meet and love True Parents, who practice self-denial.

God and True Parents can't resign from their mission. Therefore, the relationship between parents and children is eternal.

The man who has lost his way in the darkness and who doesn't know the cause of the human fall or his own fallen nature should meet the True Parents and follow them.

Though True Parents invest so much, there is no good result; this means serious indemnity (judgment) shall come.

True Children are not proud of themselves unless Parents are proud of them.

The true elder son centered on True Parents can become the next True Parents and True King eventually.

True Parents want to work according to the Heavenly system.

The purpose of knowing True Parents is first to practice their will and then second to witness to it.

There are many who believe in the True Parents externally, but few who know the True Parents' hearts.

The Lord of the Second Advent (True Parents) brings the right thief (democratic bloc) and the left thief (communist bloc) into one, through true love.

The one who bring all human affairs to a worldwide level for the sake of world peace is the Messiah.

The ones to whom we feel closest and at the same time furthest away are the True Parents.

The parental position is tough and difficult.

Because True Parents paid indemnity in blood, we have no martyrs in the Unification Church.

God sent the Messiah to save this world, so we should love God and the Messiah more than we love any other person.

Parents must come and liberate the children from Satan, and then God can be liberated.

To inherit Jesus' spiritual foundation, he tearfully testified about Jesus in the 1960s.

The Messiah is the one who destroys the walls of the fallen world and constructs the highway of true love for all people.

True Parents are those who are the true masters, true parents and true teachers for all people.

The family that is the textbook of family ethics of living for others is the true family. The one who makes the text and teaches it to people is Messiah.

If you make excuses when the True Parents are scolding you, they become silent, so that their parental heartistic love towards you does not leave. The next day, they will love you, forgetting any problem you had yesterday. Therefore, they are really great

True Parents never do anything to lose. Sometimes, it looks like he is losing, but it's really to gain.

The best one is Parent. Otherwise, he surely would have perished.

Even when you die, call out for God and True Parents.

Re-creation is more difficult than creation. Therefore, True Parents are going the really difficult course.

As creation began from Adam's family, so must be re-creation.

We have a partner to whom we can say, "I'm tired." But True Parents have no one to whom they can say it.

Adam is the father who is the enemy; Jesus, the father to save us; True Father, the father of love.

You can understand the heart of True Parents only in the actual place.

If you have a relationship with True Parents, you can have the exact same relationship with God.

Cut your relationship to Satan and then do your responsibility as a child of True Parents. Then you can have a true relationship with True Parents.

This fallen world which originated from the failure of Adam and Eve (the first human ancestors) will become the Heavenly Kingdom built by True Parents' (the second human ancestors) course of restoration by indemnity. We should follow the True Parents' example of living for the sake of others.

A hero controls space and a saint controls time, but God (Messiah) controls space and time.

Our hope is the True Parents and their hope is us.

The True Parents are the ones who can make the false parents give in.

The savior is the one who saves this world, not just a certain nation or religion (John 3:16).

The ones who accomplish harmony and unification in the world and then enlarge and magnify it are the True Parents.

The True Parents are the love department or the love encyclopedia.

True Parents came to America in order to: 1) gain victory over communism. 2) resurrect morality centering on the education of young people.

Know more the internal side of True Parents.

True Parents are trying to make you into another Messiah.

If you are outside the realm of True Parents' concern, you will be dominated by Satan and have difficulty.

The True Parents should be the King of owners, the King of teachers and the King of parents.

Know the True Parents' heart of trying not to have a Providence of martyrs.

He who feels that True Parents are miserable becomes a true person, becomes spiritually sensitive and doesn't feel tired even with only sleeping a short time.

The first vertical parents is God; the first horizontal parents are the True Parents.

Occupy God's absolute love centering on True Parents.

There is to be the unification of the Way (Tao) in the work of the Second Advent.

The true Messiah is the one who is wanted by both the religious and the non-religious man, as well as by God and Satan.

The connection between the "dominion over the result in the principle" and the "direct dominion" can be made by the completed Adam and Eve (True Parents). This connection is the focus of human hope.

For the fallen person to meet God's love is more difficult than for a person to meet the president of the country. The right way was shown by True Parents.

The person who gives True Parents hope is the one who can digest everything by true love.

Nobody can kick out our True Parents.

True Parents are pioneering, but we just need to follow them.

I want to make you a king, so I must strongly push you without any praise.

There are no complaints. Our wise True Parents are silently following this way.

With the foundation of satanic "love," it's not good to love True Parents.

Anybody can persecute the True Parents and feel happy, but the final victory goes to True Parents.

Only those who love God more than any other and sacrifice the smaller for the greater can follow True Parents.

Korea was taken care of specially by God for the True Parents.

We should be Messiahs; True Parents are working so hard to make us Messiahs.

Re-creation is only one (absolute). Therefore, we are only representatives of God and True Parents.

Don't forget that the Divine Principle is here because of God's 6,000 years of suffering and True Parents' 60 years of suffering.

Be thankful for being able to connect on earth with the True Parents, who were not here in the past and who won't be here in the future.

If you don't follow me today then tomorrow your descendants will follow me.

Don't dislike my long talks. Historically, many of your ancestors have wanted to listen to me. Make a reciprocal base with them.

If I help you, you are just the status quo. If I don't help you, you will develop. Does God give money to True Parents?

Think about becoming Heavenly Children by the True Parents.

God loves all mankind, even to the point of casting away Jesus, who was His only son!

True Parents love Korea, Japan and America to the point of Father throwing himself into prison in those countries!

True Parents are sorrowfully missing their beloved physical parents because they tried to restore the nation more urgently than to restore their parents!

True Parents' life motto: 1) Self-domination before dominating the cosmos; 2) Do everything only with God's permission; 3) Lead life for the sake of others.

Is there anyone more lonely than the True Parents?

The True Parent has found the Principle by going the way of blood, sweat and tears.

True Parents are serious.

The trend for the advanced countries that have persecuted True Parents to go down testifies to the trend of True Parents to go up.

True Parents are dictators centering on true love.

To know the Unification Church, you should know True Parents. To know True Parents, you should know the Divine Principle.

The background of the Unification Church is the blood, sweat and tears of True Parents.

The tangled human history cannot be solved by Satan or God, but only by the Messiah.

To love True Parents is to want to work to solve their problems.

True Parents put their heart and soul more into the salvation of this world than into the education of their children.

I know all kinds of difficulty, in which I can find out real happiness.

Don't discount the Words of True Parents.

"If you don't believe in Jesus, you'll go to hell", should be changed into "if you don't believe in True Parents, you shall not go to the Heavenly Kingdom."

The one who established the standard of true love is True Parents. Therefore, if you follow True Parents, you can get true love and true happiness.

True Parents are famous because of their perpendicular parent/child relationship with God.

True Parents willingly go the suffering course in order to own God's true love.

Both big and small cogwheels on the same axis (True Parents) rotate by the same principle.

All kinds of customs and cultures should be restarted centering on the True Parents.

The True Parents are the ones who make their enemy their friend.

If you witness about True Parents, you will feel more energy.

The Messiah is the one who:

1) speaks the truth from the position of being in accord with God's love;
2) acts righteously, motivated by love;
3) leads his life by the standard of God's true love;
4) saves the world by the standard of God's true love.

The Holy Spirit is Eve's holiness, the ideal of God's feminine perfection and God's femininity. (If she becomes substantial, she becomes the Messiah's wife, the True Mother.)

God sent the Messiah because He loves the world (John 3:16).

The True Parents are the parents who lead their lives centering on true love.

Let's make all mankind truly thank our True Parents.

True Parents' predictions, orders and forgiveness are under the precondition of man's portion of responsibility.

Americans and other people in this world do not know the value of True Parents.

As time goes by, True Parents become greater, but we become smaller. We should also become greater! We should have the same guts to "liberate God" as they have.

For us to be reborn into our original self, we should be reborn through True Parents.

Why do True Parents speak? Because we are a problem (education).

Why do True Parents speak repeatedly? Because we don't practice (emphasizing).

There would be no savior for the True Parents if they were discarded by men, but men can have of True Parents to save them.

The words "True Parents" are really great, because they can make cosmic unity.

Pitiful God and True Parents are suffering because of their children who are suffering under fallen nature.

True Father is the truth itself.

True Parents are the warehouse and department store of truth.

If you become absolutely one with True Parents centering on them, a miracle will come into being.

True Parents is the central root, trunk and bud that have passed through 40 years of wilderness to restore by indemnity substantially the true family in their one generation. America is in the dark night. She should prepare to receive the coming dawn, otherwise she shall surely perish.

The internal family problems can be cured by the True Parents, and the external social problems can be cured by the Messiah.

We must positively develop the True Parents' results.

From now on, anyone who opposes True Parents shall suffer much damage to himself or herself. Therefore, we should not let anyone oppose True Parents.

If True Parents go to spirit world, their work can be greater, wider and in more detail, transcending time and space.

The unification of mind and body and the fall of man can be clarified only by the Messiah.

True Parents' 20 years providence in America is the indemnity condition for the 2,000 years providence of New Testament Age.

The history is the one of changing the satanic world into the heavenly world through all kinds of struggle of all kinds of human walks by the standard of conscience and love. The true standard is the Messiah.

Even God follows the True Parents who represent the cosmos. These True Parents can repair any satanic problem.

Serve others and then forget. Your compensation will surely come.

We must hold and follow True Parents just as they hold and follow God.

The greatest agony of True Parents is to purify the blood lineage and create blessed families.

We should be the second True Parents.

To accomplish individual perfection, we should inherit and substanialize the True Parents' heart.

Centering on True Parents' standard, I must substantially develop myself.

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