The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

II. Principle of Creation [Part 5]

E. Mind and Body

Satan's love is love centering on the body, not the mind.

The ideal man has unity of mind and body. Therefore, Satan tries to divide these two and create the world where the body controls the mind.

Fallen man is unbalanced because he has a big head and a small body.

The internal changes should be first.

The purpose of education (including religion) is to allow the mind to become the subject of the body. From this viewpoint, the Unification Church is the best educational organization.

Ruthlessly deny what your body desires most, then you will not go to hell.

The mind-like campaign for interreligious unity (the Interreligious Federation for World Peace) and the body-like campaign for international unity (the Federation for World Peace) are necessary.

God's method: to give, for the sake of the whole, mind-like true love.

Satan's method: to take, for the sake of the individual, body-like - false love.

Resurrection is the process of unifying the mind and body.

Self-conquest is World War IV. Conquer yourself first.

Free expression of a man's instinctual impetus, sexual desire and tendency of attack make him a barbarian.

Control yourself before controlling the cosmos. Then you can love the nation and the righteousness of God.

How much are your ears, eyes, nose and mouth sacrificially serving for the completion of you, a man!

The fundamental cause of disease is negative thinking.

The origin of success is self-control centering on the conscience.

Let our five senses act centering on Heaven.

Our mind and body are poor because God's sorrowful heart is in them.

The realm of non-liberation is the realm of disharmony between the mind and body. We should push out the Satanic family, tribe, race, nation and world and go beyond them.

Repulsion strengthens corresponding action. For example, pain causes balance of your physical body, and your conscience striking causes unity of your mind and body.

The eyes, nose and mouth should laugh at the same time.

If his eyes and nose smile but not his mouth, a person will lack food.

If his eyes and mouth smile but not his nose, he will lack descendants.

If his mouth and nose smile, but not his eyes, he will not be heartistic.

Charging the mind with energy through beating the body is the religious life.

"I did not sleep, so I need to sleep. I didn't eat, so I need to eat." This kind of thinking is a problem.

If you think only of yourself, you will be sick.

The beginning point of goodness is the unification of the mind (spirit mind) and body (physical mind).

The development of any organization comes from the unification of its body-like factor and its mind-like factor.

The mind must be the parent, teacher and master of its body.

Believe in God with your mind, not just your brain.

The man of the Heavenly Kingdom is the one who has unification of mind and body, parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters. Therefore, the Heavenly Kingdom is in your mind and your family.

The hope of the mind and body should be the same.

The mind wants to be with love, not with money, power or knowledge.

Every part of man's body likes to be with love.

First of all, you must conquer your own Satanic nature.

Don't complain that your eyes are not well-shaped. Thank them because you can see by them.

The mind is oriented toward the whole; the body, toward the individual.

In the Principle, the `body' means the body centering on the physical mind, and the `mind' means the mind centering on the spirit mind.

Solve your fatigue not by sleeping but by changing your feeling.

Why is the mind the subject? Because it invests, and then forgets what it invested and tries to invest again.

True love is the perfection of responsibility. The resonance of the individual mind and body also can be accomplished only by true love.

Unification, peace and balance centering on true love comes from the unification of mind and body. That is the basic condition to go into the Kingdom.

True life is the life of true love with the unification of mind and body.

We can enjoy this created world through the unification of our mind and body. This unification starts first from "me," and the training center for this unification is the family. The purpose of marriage is to give birth to children and establish a family. Therefore without marriage or without children, in the future we will not understand the meaning of parents and spouse.

You can be proud of yourself if you have unified your mind and body. Otherwise, you should feel ashamed and be humble.

The peace initiative starts from the unity of my mind and body.

One whose mind can dominate his body can dominate all things.

Peace comes from unity of mind and body.

The mind moves vertically; the body, horizontally.

The root of the mind is God's love.

The center of "me" is my mind; the center of the country, spiritual tradition; the center of the cosmos, the cosmic spirit.

The cosmic spirit is harmony between God and man in Heaven, harmony between tradition and man on earth, harmony between the Messiah (King) and man in human society.

Because all my physical organs have harmony, balance, and unification with me, each organ represents me.

When the nose feels uncomfortable, the eyes feel uncomfortable too.

The unification of the mind and body is the origin of unification. Conscientiousness means the unification of mind and body.

You need to make your metabolism new by supplying something new. Otherwise you shall rot.

The human original mind is God-like. Therefore, let this original mind be subject.

I should know myself internally and externally.

If you have unification between your mind and body through love, you can righteously love others.

We say, "The conscience is balanced." The conscience is the guard who keeps watch so man can balance himself and make himself a real human being.

After the mind and body are equal centering on true love, human equality comes into being.

The unification of the nation can be made by that of my mind and body.

Do I resemble God in both mind and body?

The essence of the spirit world is in my mind.

The essence of the physical world is in my body.

The struggle is the battle between the body, which pursues only today's satisfaction, and the mind, which pursues the satisfaction for all.

The body of a fallen man is the enemy of his mind.

Fasting (against the desire to eat), praying all night (against the desire to sleep) and sexual separation (against the sexual desire) are the ways of the saints. It means hitting the body and enhancing the mind.

Be strict to yourself.

Dominate yourself before you dominate the universe.

The religious life means the life of hitting the body so it will be accustomed to obey the mind. It is possible only by the Divine Principle.

There is no eternity in your physical body. It will eventually rot.

Even a beautiful face will surely get old eventually.

Our physical mind cannot control our fate, and physical love is only a process.

We need to control our senses by our reason.

The eye that sees the inside must be more sharp then the eye that sees the outside.

Our internal self being (spirit self) should unite into one with our external self being (physical self) centering on God.

If you know your true self, you can overcome any seduction and become really free.

If you know your true self, you can get energy spiritually and physically.

Let our five senses become heartistic.

Salvation comes from self-control, from which also comes true freedom.

Man needs mind, body and matter; only the mind, which transcends time and space, can unite with the other two. Therefore, the mind should be the subject of love.

Sleep less, eat less, pray more and work harder; then, you can be God's person.

The body of a low dimension should enter into the Heavenly Kingdom through the mind of a high dimension.

Mind: the mental state of good true love that directs towards the purpose of the whole (spiritual mind).

Body: the mental state of egoistic self-centeredness directing towards the purpose of the individual. (physical mind).

Invest all of your mind and body.

My mind is the vertical "I" resembling God, and my body is the horizontal "I" that has to resemble my mind.

The way of faith is the way of the struggle between mind and body.

You can liberate yourself by overcoming the desire to eat, sleep and have sex.

Pray for your mind and body to cry.

If you forget eating and sleeping because you are so busy for the Providence, Satan can't invade you. Therefore, you can't enjoy your private life.

Make up your mind that you will practice, even without sleeping and eating.

The mind is the vertical "me," which has come from God.

The body is the horizontal "me," which has come from my parents and is under Satan.

Beat your body according to your mind.

Law without centering on true love is like a body without a spirit.

Because the mind is perpendicular, the horizontally aligned eyes can understand the vertical tree.

Happiness comes from living your life for others through unifying your mind and body centering on the unique purpose of goodness (purpose of creation), and vice versa.

If you love without a united mind and body, the result will be bad.

One who has a unified mind and body centering on the mind is the man of good personality.

The starting point of world peace is found between my mind and body.

Freedom without the foundation of unity between mind and body leads only to problems.

Know Satan in your body.

"Unity of mind and body is first," is the special feature of the Unification Church.

The liberation of mind is that of God.

The mind is the embassy of the Heavenly Kingdom.

If there is unity between heart and thought, the body can resonate to it.

Not doing our responsibility is more fearful than persecution. The most important and first responsibility is the unity between mind and body centering on true love.

The mind is the vertical "me" which is the fruit of love. The body is the horizontal "me" which is the fruit of love.

You are allowed to be really happy when you get victory over your own Satanic desire.

The subject with harmonized mind and body can feel freedom, happiness, peace and the ideal.

As long as there is no balance between mind and body, there can't be world peace. (Every part of body is in balance except for the mind-body imbalance.)

The unification of mind and body and the fall of man can be clarified only by the Messiah.

Freedom, peace, ideals and happiness, all come from mind-body unification.

Defeat isn't the end; giving up is the end.

The mouth is a representative broadcasting station to connect body and mind.

F. Quality and Quantity

We need quality more than quantity.

Because we are working diligently for many things, we are living twice as long as other people in the qualitative sense.

The most valuable thing in this world, the thing that is eternal, unchangeable, unique and absolute, is God's Will. Today, those who are leading their life for this by sacrificing their family, dignity, and property are the True Parents.

Thank all parts of your body, because every part works for you.

One plus one equals two, and sometimes it doesn't. It equals two quantitatively, but it has many kinds of results qualitatively.

The more times you heat and hammer metal, the better quality of metal you will have.

That which is eternal, unchangeable and unique is holy.

Because true love is eternal and unchangeable, there can be quantitative change (in dimension) but no qualitative change (development, revolution). Therefore, love can't be a means or be an expedient.

Our talks should be qualitatively different from other peoples' talks in order to attract others.

The harmony of yang-yin is for the sake of improving qualitatively and quantitatively.

Because natural science is more quantitative, religion must be more qualitative.

Absolute value means the harmony between God and man centering on true love.


1. The vertical, Sungsang, identical creation - internal, identical quality and quantity (95% universality).
2. The horizontal, Hyungsang, distinctive creation - external, differentiated, quality and quantity (5% individuality).

God is spiritual, all things are physical, and man is both physical and spiritual. Don't forget how valuable you are.

Only suffering for the sake of everybody (for the sake of goodness) has value.

One member of quality is more important than one thousand quantitative members.

Because values are essential, if there is a problem with them, everything will have a problem.

Result of the collapse of values:

1) God and religion are neglected (religions become inactive);
2) Materialistic atheism and secular humanism gain power;
3) There is no philosophical or religious harmony;

(because the vertical relationship between God and man has collapsed).

If it (a certain thing) becomes common, it may lose its original value.

The most precious is the most secret.

The issue is not the name of something but the contents of something.

Love, value and purpose are a trinity.

The heartistic quantitative repetition makes you have the qualitative confidence and action, then progress.

G. Unification

If all mankind knew one God, world unification would automatically come about.

The spring of unification has come. We should eagerly sow seeds.

Because of air pollution, people in the cities have scattered and now the electronic media has developed. The only problem is the language barrier. Therefore, the unification of language centered on God's heart is thoroughly and urgently needed.

Unification starts with the family, because man and woman are the origin of every affair.

We need the unification of heart, unification of language and unification of life.

Unification means that the individual purpose is accomplished centering on the purpose of the whole.

If enemy countries can love each other, world unification can come into being.

Develop your patriotism centering on God. This is the short cut to unification of the world.

The unification of the world comes from the unification of the heartistic language.

Know that so many good people have been sacrificed in order to establish today's atmosphere of unification.

When two meet centering on the Word of God and have a heartistic connection, unification comes into existence.

The unification we are seeking must be made by actively centering on the mind. It can't be done passively.

The A-bomb turns life into death, and love turns death into life. Therefore, the A-bomb can't bring unification to the world.

If you make unity by force, people will want revenge. Therefore, in the Unification Church family there can be no fighting, and religion teaches us to "love your enemy," too!

Because the word "unification" has been misused throughout the long history, we need much patience for true unification.

True unification means that individuals harmonize with the common purpose of God and all mankind.

Unite! The Kingdom is at hand.

Unification Thought promotes unification, but other thoughts promote individualism.

Dogma divides, mission unites.

The unification of the cosmos can't come through politics or dogma, but only through love.

The most urgent task is the restoration of the family, from which world unification will come.

We need the unity of parents-children and unity of brothers-sisters as well as the unity of a couple.

Unification can be accomplished by Abel teaching Cain and Cain following Abel.

The man of the Heavenly Kingdom is the one who makes unification of mind and body, parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters. Therefore, the Heavenly Kingdom is in your mind and your family.

The ones who accomplish harmony and unification in the world and enlarge and magnify it are the True Parents.

Our first goal is the unification of Christianity.

Unification, peace and balance centering on true love comes from the unification of mind and body. That is the basic condition to go into the Kingdom.

Unification can come through the vertical standard.

Unification has a central common purpose.

When we say, "my country," it means that I have harmony, balance and unification with the country.

Harmony, balance and unification can be made only by true love.

Only love can make the unification of the five senses.

Unification is essentially the unification of the invisible mind. For example, marriage centering on the mind is real marriage.

The original relationship is the horizontal relationship centered on the vertical relationship (relationships in unification).

The true love is the content to accomplish the ideal of cosmic unification.

True unification is a joint venture of God and man.

True unification is true love unification.

If you hold on to your opinion, there can't be unification.

Unification between God and man, and mind and body are the most urgent tasks.

Unification can be made only by true love.

True unification cannot be made by individualism and materialism.

The last revolution will be the revolution of language. If there is no unification of language, we will be accused by our descendants.

If the new Heavenly seed comes, spirits come down and work with men on earth; then the unification of the world can be accomplished.

Unificationism can fit with everything in both worlds.

The ideal of religious people surpasses the visible ideals of this world. Therefore, the unification of religions is difficult. Only by the Divine Principle is it possible.

Unification is not for someone else to make and then offer to you.

The unification of north, south, east and west can be accomplished only by love.

True unification is the unification of God, True Parents and me.

The more rich the unification of love is centering on God, the more happy and eternal you become.

Liberation, as well as unification, comes from preparation, responsibility, obedience and patience.

Where there is no unification, there is no happiness or freedom.

True love comes from perfect unification.

Unification can be made centering on a supra-purpose.

The unification of language can be done only by the heartistic faith (religions) centering on God's Will.

Whenever we unite, we can make miracles.

Over the balance and harmony, there can be unification, on which true freedom comes into being.

Division is Satanic, but unity is of God.

Money is the method of Satan, but love is of God.

To lead a life for the sake of others will bring unity.

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