The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

II. Principle of Creation [Part 4]

D. Subject and Object Relationship

The pair system was created in order to maintain balance through relationship. Individualism, therefore, is an unbalanced way of thinking and causes many kinds of social problems.

Becoming a subject before becoming a perfect object is the fall.

Why did God create?

1) for the sake of eternal love
2) to create an object of love in heaven
3) To do this, the pair system in the physical and spiritual worlds are needed.

The world without objects shall perish.

Have a clear subject of Principle.

People will obey the person who is obedient to his subject.

By becoming properly the subject or object according to your position, your conceptual faith is substantiated.

To develop:

First, we need to create a good environment;

Second, we need to establish the subject-object relationship between the Abel-like person and the Cain-like person;

Third, we need to establish the corresponding greater realm (a greater partner)

Pragmatism will bring about negative results centering on the visible object, because it does not center on the invisible subject.

The nearer you are to the center, the easier you can see all directions.

If there is no balance, give and take cannot come about.

We fallen people always go up and down because of self-centered give and take. Good give and take can only come about through the vertical standard.

The subject moves first. The subject who gives can be the first to be promoted.

If you know what a true woman and true man is, centering on God, you can solve all kinds of problems.

Let us be the subjective center through much investment.

To know clearly the first cause is our urgent task.

The whole is the totality of man and woman.

Sacrifice makes you the center.

The life that does not center on the subject is a problem.

Man wants to have a relationship with a being greater than himself, because man is meant to have a relationship with God, the greatest being.

Give and take allows a thing to stand, and stopping makes it fall (for example, a top spinning).

To elucidate clearly the relationship between God and man is to have the key to solve all problems.

If you have a relationship with the unlimited God, you can fulfill your desire.

There is no harmony on a straight line.

The pair system in all the creation exists to realize love.

The equality of man and woman can be realized through love.

Everybody wants his/her spouse to be better than himself/herself.

The subject appears through its object.

If there is a perfect plus, the perfect minus will appear, and vice versa. (There are similar numbers of men and women in the world)

Let's become the center. It can't be done by election. The one who leads his life for the sake of the object realm can become the center.

The spherical shape is the shape of the number 8 (front and rear, right and left, up and down, in and out).

I was born not for myself only, but for the being of a higher dimension.

True love acts in the shortest distance, which is the perpendicular angle where subject and object meet.

Think first of everything cubically and vertically.

The root of true love is the family of True Parents. Satanic false love has no root. True love is the ancestor of the family. If the subject and object come into oneness for the greater purpose, true love will come to them.

As we can't discern each color on a multi-colored top that is quickly spinning, in the same way, when the intense give and take between subject and object is going so fast, they become harmonized into one.

Why is the mind the subject? Because it invests, and then forgets what it invested and tries to invest again.

Love the heavenly, subjective and original holiness of your object.

Why does the vertical need the horizontal? To be eternal through balance, harmony and unity.

If two go around (give and take), they become near to and resemble each other, and come into oneness.

Without waves in the water (give and take), there would not be any air in the water and all the fish would die.

What can change the strong is not the strong, but the soft. For example, a diamond can be nicely shaped by copper.

The perfection of my true love can be made only through my object. I was also created to perfect the true love of my object (my spouse).

The purpose and idea can be realized when we find our object.

If the center becomes stable, its right and left and front and back can be balanced.

The ideal of male and female can be perfected only through their objects.

Freedom is needed for true love, which needs subject and object. Therefore, freedom is not for the individual but for the public and is conditional.

Until the proper object appears for the certain purpose, or until a greater subject appears, plus and plus stay together and minus and minus stay together. For example, children before their adolescence stay with same sex, many women under one patriotic organization, etc.

If there is a perfect subject, the object will come into being.

By resembling its subject, the object can have a significant existence.

In human relationships, the object should do its responsibility as its subject does his.

Man represents Sungsang (internal character); woman, Hyungsang (external form).

If you laugh with great joy, your whole body vibrates (give and take).

One for two, two for one.

Every being, thing and affair is relative and paired.

To not give back after receiving is to perish.

Personality means a man's position and mission centering on a certain greater purpose.

Without the object, love can't be formed.

If you want to have a perfect object, you should be perfect.

The invisible subject can be seen and recognized through the visible object. Therefore, the subject is relative.

When there is a subject, then the existence of the object can have significance. Therefore, the subject is absolute.

Think of everything in terms of the dual characteristics of Sungsang - Hyungsang and yang-yin.

Development comes into being through action.

Result comes into being from the give and take action of the subject with the object through energy.

If you as subject make the environment your object and then have good give and take with it, you can be prosperous.

It is the Principle that going up requires going down. Therefore, the above and below should have give and take with each other, then development can take place.

If the subject and object can unite centering on true love, the man's historical desire (freedom, peace and happiness) will be realized.

Love can be complete between only one subject and only one object. It absolutely doesn't like for a third party to be in between them.

God's subjective mind is true love; so God is absolute. But love needs an object, so God is relative as well.

The subject should have the strong power of true love life, because its position is that of protector, showing direction to and having responsibility for its object.

The subject and object are equal horizontally; but vertically speaking, the subject is over the object.

Until they correspond with each other (until they know love, that is, during the growth period), plus and minus can unite as plus/plus or minus/minus. (They do the same in front of the greater subject.)

Man is not meant to be just alone, but he should have relationships with three objects (3 stages).

Real happiness comes from giving love. Therefore, you need an object.

God is eternal because of the love between Sungsang (internal character) and Hyungsang (external form).

Man was created for the sake of his partner, from whom love comes. Love can come through living a life for the sake of others.

If the subject and object unite centering on God, Heavenly Fate protects them.

We need to create the environment in order to practice love which is our focus; and to create the environment, we need to establish the subjective realm and the objective realm.

The object should absolutely obey the subject in order for the object to accommodate the subject.

The wider the scope of give and take you have, the happier you become.

The motive and cause comes from the subject. So the subject must be active, victorious and responsible.

God's absolute object is man. Love makes the relationship between them one of unity.

If you live for many people, you can become the center of that organization.

Our five senses need good objects in order to act.

If there is no object, even God can't have give and take action.

We are resultant beings. Try to know our root, which is the subjective cause.

The subject of love invests totally and entreats its object to be better.

Revolve! Otherwise you will be hit and destroyed. Give and take action is spherical revolution.

Harmony is spherical. Therefore, the position of subject and object are exchanged with each other.

The more powerful the give and take, the stronger the power which is produced.

If yang and yin did not exist separately, there could not be thunder.

From the bigger realm of relativity, the bigger love can be established.

Highness has the foundation of lowness.

Satisfaction comes from harmony, which comes from give and take, which comes from relativity.

When kissing, the woman hangs onto the man, because he is the subject and the center.

Man is the will of relationship.

"Am I subject or object in the given time and space?" We should evaluate this quickly and act upon it.

To neglect the root is to neglect the self.

Man and woman were born for each other.

Wherever you go, keep the position of a true love object.

If the system of order in the organization is clear, it becomes more effective.

Why does the origin divide? To achieve the union, which is the object of love of the origin. Therefore, the union is the union of the origin, and the division should try to achieve the union of the origin.

Don't forget your center. If you do, you will die.

If you lead a vertical life in order to be one with God, you will eventually prosper; otherwise, you will decrease.

Without the relationship between subject and object, there is no life.

Our activity is not to repulse but to absorb, and not to struggle with but to harmonize with.

Without a center we shall perish.

You can't create happiness by yourself alone.

If you want to receive unlimitedly, you first have to give unlimitedly.

Love is inside of me, but without a partner, it cannot function.

If the horizontal concept centers on the vertical concept, it will be balanced and permanent.

Know clearly what the root is, and make a clear relationship between it and yourself.

The body alone cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. It must go with the mind.

I alone cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. I must go with my spouse.

My family alone cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. It must go with other families.

My organization alone cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. It must go with other organizations.

My race alone cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. It must go with other races.

My country alone cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. It must go with other countries.

Fighting between men and women is less serious than fighting between those of the same sex, because it is relative.

Man carries the seed of human life and man was created before woman was created. Therefore, man is subject.

The eternal nature of vertical love requires an object. Therefore, God created the cosmos.

You should be first a vertical object and know God. Without understanding the center, you can't understand the four directions.

To occupy another's love, you should be a complete object to the other.

In the end, you will receive the same amount as you have given.

Think always that your position is for the sake of the position higher than you.

If subject and object focus on each other, centering on their common purpose, then both their purposes can be accomplished. The essence of that focus is love.

If the subject and object have give and take with each other, and then as a unit have give and take action with the environment, they can have another corresponding partner and they expand.

You absolutely need your partner in order for you to become perfect.

Dream your dreams (hopes and desires) depending on the harmony of yang-yin.

Because of the low place, the high place can exist. Therefore, the high should thank the low.

The perfection of the relative being can be accomplished through its partner. Therefore, you are my dream (hope).

Equality is made by God, who is the subject; not by man, who is the object.

If you want to produce a good result, you should be a good object (not subject).

Because of love, you cannot be jealous of your love object when he or she is better than you.

Once the low atmospheric pressure (giving) reaches its limit, the high atmospheric pressure (receiving) comes suddenly and quickly.

The motivation behind the relationship between positive and negative is true love (living for the sake of others). Therefore, first is love; then second is God as the subject; and third is the Creation as His object of love.

Differences can be seen horizontally but not vertically in the realm of the heart.

True love always pushes the subject to invest all of itself, and then more, because the subject wants to have an object which is better than itself.

There are many "smalls" in the great. So, the small must serve the great. And then the small becomes the subjective center of the great. Therefore, the small's service is not insignificant.

The vertical is greater, first, standard and root.

The vertical is only one, but the horizontal centering on it is countless.

He who is not mindful of his position is ideal. (e.g., a grandparents pulled by a grandchild.)

Why is the vertical first? All the created first grow vertically. The vertical God's love is first.

If you gave but didn't receive, you can still survive; but if you received without giving, you shall die.

If there is love between subject and object, there can be the right to participate together, the right of sharing the same position and the right of inheritance.

If even the weak has love with its partner, it becomes strong. The greater the partner is, the stronger it becomes (for example, Joan of Arc).

Without give and take, it shall decrease. For example, without the technological balance there is no progress in the advanced countries.

Be a God-like subject and object.

All the affirmative concepts come from the concepts of the pair system (e.g. happiness).

In the Heavenly Kingdom, front and back, right and left, up and down, and in and out can willingly be exchanged (shared with) each other.

Human relationships are very important.

It is good faith to ask from and report to the central figure.

The solution of world problems can come from the solution of the human individual's (male and female) problems.

Male and female need each other for accomplishing the partner's will.

Man and mind are symbolizing the vertical Heaven; but woman and body, the horizontal earth.

Harmonizing these two makes the vertical love develop horizontally.

Harmonizing man with woman by love means harmonizing heaven with earth.

Right and left, and front and rear can rotate; but up and down can't.

The vertical is unchangeable and center.

The unity of the vertical and the horizontal can be done by love only.

The word that God created Eve from Adam's rib means that God created Eve as the object resembling Adam as her subject.

Man is subject and of heaven, so he grows well vertically and has wide shoulders.

Woman is object and of earth, so she grows well horizontally and has wide hips.

"I" is a man or a woman. Why? So that two can live together for each other. Therefore, lead life for the sake of others.

Why do I need a partner? To produce the third being.

I was born from my parents' complete love.

In the perfect sphere, the distance from any point on the surface to the central focus is the same.

God wants every person to resemble this perfect sphere.

Three kinds of ideal "me":

(1) "Me" who resembles God.
(2) "Me" who resembles the True Parents who resemble God.
(3) "Me" of the true ideal family that resembles God and True Parents.

If you want to be an absolute child of God, you must absolutely obey and follow. To obey and follow is to do something which you don't want to do.

If the object obeys and follows absolutely the subject by its self-denial, the object can become the second subject. This kind of object will be welcomed wherever it goes.

Originally, the root of the mind was to reach a deeper place than the root of the body, because the mind is in the subject position. Due to the fall, mankind does not realize that.

All created beings engage in temporary give and take with others, until they form a perfected partnership with their object. Once that is established, a third being is not allowed to interfere with them; Heavenly fate will protect them. Thus we can understand that the action of repulsion helps that of attraction. Once the perfected partnership between man and God is completed, not even a nation can destroy it. If this is broken, disease and confusion result.

In a sense, the purpose one studies is for one's spouse.

Man and woman absolutely need each other for each other's perfection.

Centering on true love, creation could be made by living for others through the pair system.

Don't forget that you have give and take with the environment.

Depending on the situation, we are sometimes in the object and sometimes in the subject position. We have to be able to respond quickly to each situation in order to be successful.

One person's fault has a bad influence on other people. One fault of a position of a person has a bad influence on that person's other positions.

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