The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

II. Principle of Creation [Part 3]

C. Spirit World

Spiritualists should know how to distinguish between the reality on earth and that of the spirit world.

Everybody will die eventually. How can we accept this clear fact without any preparation? There is time-order in birth, but there isn't the same time-order in death.

A person on earth lives with many spirit persons. Therefore, "I" am a historical and public person.

Ownership gradually moves from "mine" to "ours". This is preparation to live in the spirit world where everything is "ours".

Make harmony between your life on earth and your future life in the spirit world.

Think of the future more than you think about today. Life on earth is a process, but the spiritual world is our hometown.

Those who are in Hell in the spiritual world (to whom we did not witness) are cursing us.

Living for the sake of others makes a person less tired; because he is giving, the good spirits (spirits that give) give him energy. And vice versa.

Evil spiritual invasion is the cause of mental illness, causes unreasonable physical pain, makes it difficult for one to read good books, etc.

You should mobilize the spirit world.

The spirit who persecuted us when he was on earth repents and helps us through his descendants.

How much you have exactly lived the Principle: this will decide your position and rank in the spiritual life.

If you go to the spiritual world in a non-Blessed state, you will be separated from each other and be single.

Because you have ties with many spirits, you are never alone. (It's like a relay race).

Because of our ancestors' ties, we are all connected to each other.

Can you live eternally on the physical plane? Prepare for your eternal life in the spirit world.

True sickness is not to know the Will of goodness.

The spirit world exists. Please, cause good problems.

Mobilize God and spirit world by applying the tide of heart in your life.

I worry about you, living beings, more that those who have died and are in spirit world.

Until True Parents go to the spirit world, people can't live as couples there.

We are living for God's Will. Why wouldn't the spirit world help us?

One is eager to find God (not to find one's spouse) after he dies, because the vertical love from God is greater than the horizontal love from one's spouse.

It will take a long time to get to the right place after we die. How much of a true love life we led will determine how long it takes.

Establish the love property. Sow a lot of love seeds. Then you can easily visit this earth after you die.

Wherever we go, the spirit world goes before us.

True love moves faster than the speed of light, because it is to enable man to live in the endless and immense spirit world.

The man who was born by love should live in love and enter the spirit world of true love. This earth is the practice area for love.

Because of the conditions that have been established for the restoration of the eldersonship, parentship and kingship, the spirit world is in the position of the second son from now on.

The purpose of our life on earth is for our spirit-self to grow.

Prepare for a good death so you can have a good life in the spirit world and so your descendants can lead a good life in this world.

The true friend is the one you will be with even in the spirit world.

If we pull God with the thread of true love, He follows us, and the principles of weight and distance do not operate. The spiritual world is the world of true love, therefore it is the world transcendent of time and space.

If the heart level of the couple is the same, they can live together in the spiritual world.

In the spiritual world, true love is our air, transportation and money. But this true love can be prepared only on the earth.

The heartistic realm of love lets the spirit world connect with this earth.

The conscience knows goodness without being educated. Therefore, the spiritual world works through the conscience. Education is to make the body follow the conscience (mind).

Only the result from the life centered on true love can be enjoyed in the spiritual world.

True love is to lead my life for the sake of the greater purpose. This principle is at work in both the spiritual and physical worlds.

As the ripples in water differ depending on the weight of the stone and the power with which it was thrown, so too the human ties differ depending upon the merits of the ancestors.

Because of the principle of true love, the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world is possible.

The spirit world of true love is always "now."

Everything is abundant in the spirit world. The only thing people try to feel more of is love.

You will surely be worshipped in the spirit world if you lead your life for the sake of God on earth.

The spirit world is the enlarged one. So, do what you should do, here on earth.

This earth is the factory that produces for the spirit world.

Pray for those who buy from us, then, spirit world can be mobilized to help us to have good business.

Spirit world is the root of the tree, which is this world.

As the flowers blossom in the spring atmosphere; so too when a certain atmosphere is made, the spirit world can be mobilized.

Even a rich person cannot get even one penny when he goes to the spirit world.

In the spirit world, the brighter and redder he shines, the better person he is.

Living for others here on earth enables you to freely tour from the spirit world to the earth.

Have confidence. Now is the time when good spirits are coming to earth, kicking out the evil spirits and pushing your descendants towards goodness.

When the new Heavenly seed comes, spirits come down and work with men on earth; then the unification of the world can be accomplished.

Spirit world is one nation. Only one language is used.

Life on earth is temporal. But it is the period which we really need in order to have a happy eternal life in the spirit world.

We felt the spirit world by spirit waves in the past, but now we are together with it. Therefore, if we act, it will immediately help us.

If you think nationally, you will be helped by national spirits.

Now is the time when the spirit world has come to our minds, so our minds want to work without rest.

All that you experienced on earth will appear before you in the spirit world through your love intuition, according to the heartistic degree of your experience, if you want it. Therefore, if you treat everything centering on God's heart of the ideal of Creation, your life in the spiritual world will be very rich.

If a spiritualist is humble with true love, his spiritual ability can increase.

You should directly say the words, "True Parents" in order to mobilize the spirit world.

Our life on earth is preparation for life in the spirit world.

Don't be a man who just floats away. Die leaving something to talk about in the spirit world.

Your life on earth comes only once. (It is limited.)

You should be able to say honestly in the spirit world, "I have lived with True Parents on earth."

You must put the spirit world first, your knowledge next.

Your rank in the spirit world will be decided by how much great true love you have practiced.

In order for the whole spirit world to be blessed through us, they are trying to help us.

How to die is more important than how to live.

If you feel a lot of vertical love here on earth, it will shorten the time for you to get to your place in the spirit world after death.

Those living on earth are more of a problem than those in the spirit world.

Build up your offering table of true love. Then you can frequently visit the earth after you go to the spirit world.

The Kingdom of Heaven or hell in the spirit world is the enlarged world.

The spirit world is the expanded shape of the family. This world should also be like that.

The origin of happiness in the spirit world is love. Money, power and knowledge are only for this earthly life.

If you don't know God and the spirit world, you will go to hell because you don't know true love.

The best condition that will enable us to have a nice life in the spirit world is to witness the Word.

The man of true love can go freely between the spirit world and the physical world.

The air of the spirit world is love. We have a family in order to harmonize with this spirit world.

If you live in love on earth and then enter into the spirit world, you will be very free there.

The spirit world can be mobilized by the absolute sacrifice for goodness.

There is only one kind of borderline in the spirit world: that of heart.

We should go to the spirit world only after we make some good thing for God's Providence.

From now on, make much propaganda, then the spirit world will be mobilized.

For eight years until the year 2000, the spiritual world is strongly pushing True Parents.

Because multiplication can be done horizontally in this world, there is no multiplication in the spiritual world.

If you live the three great kingships and the four great heartistic realms centering on the True Parents, you can see everything in the spirit world.

The number of countries' persons who have visited my home is very important in the spirit world.

Our purpose in living a long time is to have a happy life centering on God in the eternal spiritual world.

Know the spirit world and prepare for it.

Why can't we easily feel the spirit world?

(1) Because of the fall, our spiritual sense are degraded.
(2) Satan controls both worlds and interferes with human beings.

Worship by truth and spirit. The more spiritual person can commence a big project but is apt to give up on the way because of lack of intelligence (truth).

The spiritual experience (subject, comparatively unchangeable) must be declared after being interpreted according the truth (object, comparatively changeable).

The spiritual condition is more causal and more important.

Everyone must go on his own way of the eternal life by himself.

After fresh water arrives in the ocean, it becomes salty. Likewise, regardless of the kind of life we have in this world, once we arrive in the spirit world, we must follow the principle of that world.

If we don't know Divine Principle, we can't understand the Heavenly Kingdom and control the spirits.

If you live in four countries including your own country, you will have no problem in your life in the spiritual world.

If you are apathetic toward tribal messiahship, you will have no foundation in the spiritual world and your ancestors will attack from the spiritual world while you are on earth.

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