The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

II. Principle of Creation [Part 2]

B. Original World

One should ask, "Why was this universe created?" more than one asks, "Why was I born?"

Living beings should always grow. Where there is no growth, there is death.

Everything starts from one point and can multiply through love.

The original order of a human being's mission is: First, children's mission; Second, conjugal mission; Third, parents' mission.

I and my country should become original, God-centered, Adamic.

To know original human desire, we must know the things of 6,000 years ago. Don't put your hope ambiguously in the future.

The reason children can go to the Heavenly Kingdom is because they know only their parents.

Man and woman can have a sexual relationship anytime to bring harmony and multiply, so man is the lord of all creation. Therefore, we should thank God.

Cosmicism is Heavenly familyism. [(Heaven), (home)]

Laws of creation and restoration are destined.

Examples of creation laws are laws of:

1) give and take
2) center-subject
3) responsibility
4) repulsion
5) growth period.

Examples of restoration laws are laws of: 1) indemnity 2) the false proceeding the true 3) time-identity 4) separation 5) conditional providence.

The law of repulsion emphasizes the order of nature, but if it is used by Satan it will create problems.

Give thanks for everything and every being, because God has given me the Universal Prime Force, and all the creation enables this force to be realized.

Each person is a cell of God (individual truth entity).

The invisible consciousness (God) is first; the visible substance (His creation), second.

Every creation has a purpose. Then, who endowed it with that purpose?

The ideal world can be accomplished when the individual, family, nation and world are going in the same direction centering on true love.

The Heavenly Kingdom is qualitatively different from secular nations, that is, it is supra-racial and supra-national.

The man of the Heavenly Kingdom is the one who has unification of mind and body, parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters. Therefore, the Heavenly Kingdom is in your mind and your family.

The cosmos is God's body. God is the mind of the cosmos.

All the living beings stand vertically because of God's vertical love.

Mine = my partner's = my family's = . . . the cosmos' = God's = mine.

The growth period is the period for the Principle to dominate, therefore, the Principle is more important during this period.

It is not the period in which one gains the right to receive love, but instead is the period of gaining the ability to love others.

The national barriers must eventually fall down. Were there any barriers in Eden?

All of the precious creation was created by God's parental love. So, God is love.

The motivation behind Creation is God's love. Therefore, life can come from love.

I am God's masterpiece of love.

God wants to dwell in me.

The horizontal tie between a couple can be cut, but the vertical tie between parents and children can't be cut absolutely and destinedly. This is because the vertical is central and original.

It's natural that an old person has amnesia (forgets things). Otherwise, his health will get worse because of his weak physical power (his body can't live up to what his mind knows).

The human purpose of existence is predestined from the moment of birth.

To know God (the first cause) is to know all.

God created man first, and He created woman from man, for man.

The delicious fish have many bones or swim fast, so they can survive.

The important organs of the human body are spherical. The spherical shape is perfect, harmonious and balanced.

The spherical family is the model for all organizations. Therefore, any organization that goes against this principle shall be expelled by the Heavenly Principle.

The human body can be said to be the organization of the numbers 2, 3, 4, 7, etc. Therefore, it is ideal that all human organizations should also be like this.

We should love our first grandparents, God, the most.

It is the Principle of Creation that we can embrace all things after having found our spouse.

The true human being has his reason go ahead of his senses.

In the beginning, the first concept was true love. So, God created all creation by the pair system. True love is the Alpha and the Omega.

Man and woman were created for love. If these two come into oneness, re-creation comes into being. Even if a man gains all the creation, if he has no spouse, it is meaningless.

All creation shares in God's love. For example, there is the sweet honey of love in the flower. As man is born from his parents' sweet love, so the fruit comes into being through the sweet honey of the flower.

There was no concept other than true love at the time of creation; this should also be so during re-creation.

The original purpose of man's life is to find a true woman, and vice versa. Therefore, man and woman were created to be the object of their spouse.

One perfect man (or woman) is the representative of all human males (or females).

Even a small fish wouldn't like to exchange its one eye for the world, because the standard of creation is absolute.

Sunlight, air and water, the most important things for our life, are everywhere. So we should always be grateful to God.

The small lives for the big. So, in the animal kingdom there is no such thing as "the strong preys upon the weak."

The cosmos is in balance. (For example, the number of sons and daughters are almost the same.)

When there is only the vertical realm, it is so lonely. So God created the horizontal realm. This kind of creation is cause for man to be so grateful to God.

Man is bound by many kinds of invisible strings, for example, time, space, relatives, ancestors, etc.

Beings are spherical both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The word "man" can exist under the condition of the word "woman."

The world of harmony, balance and unity is the ideal world.

The ideal of male and female can be perfected only through their objects.

The ideal family is the place where everything is OK, transcending time and space in both the natural and spiritual realms. So the family is the microcosm where man is the center. Therefore, the spiritual world is also in man.

I do not belong to myself, but I am God's good gift to all. "All" is bigger than me. Therefore, I am important and I must lead my life for all.

Though "you and I" exist, "the idea of creating us as God's object of love" was there before "you and I" were created.

Water flows passively but according to principle.

All the Creation exists in the principle of circular development.

In the perfect world, there are no secrets.

There is strong mystery about the nighttime.

Man and all things are needed in order for the invisible God's idea to be substantialized.

An individual color has no beauty of harmony, because it has only one specific meaning.

The smile of Adam and Eve came from the objective relative sex.

The seed represents God, because it has the state of harmony between yang and yin.

Grandparents are the root and parents are the seed of me. The root and the seed are vertically one.

The number 7 is the spherical number of completion. (Center, front, back, right, left, up, down.)

All parents are my parents; all couples, my couple; all children, my children.

A man's mind is wider and more tolerant, but a woman's mind likes small and beautiful things in front of her eyes.

The first concept is love; the second, you; the third, I.

The development of creation, or the development of a species, can be made through different dimensions of love, because love is absolute. Therefore, the theory of evolution is wrong.

In the seed, there is "sprout," which is a more important concept than the seed. If the seed just remains as itself, it shall rot.

The small serving the big is for the sake of the small to develop greatly in quality.

A grandfather and grandson can have give and take action even without involving the father.

First, consciousness; second, design; and last, practice.

First, the relative concept of love; next, creation.

Therefore, consciousness is first; existence, second.

The younger a man is, the more he loves nature.

Variation comes into being from the origin by certain conditions and having a certain time period elapse.

Each created being has its own specific love, so it is holy.

All things are the result of God's love, just as man is. Therefore, man can dominate all things.

When you eat all things while thinking that they are the result of God's love, then they will all become a kind of medicine and won't make you sick.

Those who eat any food with appreciation can generally live a long life.

Animals as well as man communicate centering on love and food.

Human relationships in the Heavenly Kingdom:

Teacher as parent, and parent, teacher;

President as parent, and parent, president;

Students as sons and daughters, and people to the president as children to parents.

The third life comes only from the love between the first life (subject) and the second life (object). Therefore, it is not evolution, but creation.

If seeds that have life are dropped on the earth, they will sprout.

There is no day or night in the Heavenly Kingdom, which is the world of heart.

True development is spiral.

If you depart from God's Word, your life has no significance, because man was created by God's Word.

We can recognize God's absoluteness from His absolute love.

The difference between the center and the circumference is the same as that between the vertical and the horizontal.

Because horizontal life comes through the vertical, it should be horizontal centered on the vertical.

Every cell of mine represents God.

Because man stands erect, he is the lord of all creation. He can look at the sky above and also at the earth below.

The upper part (shoulder) of man is heavy (Heaven) and the lower part (hip) of woman is heavy (earth).

Because mountains are perpendicular, they make our spirit clear. So, all the saints like mountains.

Without movement, beings perish.

A man wants to be tall rather than fat, because the vertical is subject.

The original relationship is the horizontal relationship centered on the vertical relationship (relationships in unification).

The reason that God gave responsibility to man is His love, by which the responsible and creative God, who dominates by love, wanted to create His children as the second creators, resembling Himself. That is, He wanted to create His children who would be responsible and creative, and who would dominate all things with true love.

The Heavenly Kingdom is the place where parents of true love enter with their children of true love; it is the Heavenly Kingdom of the family.

Man's three great desires are: 1) to attend God as His father; 2) to be a beloved child of God; 3) to inherit all of God's possessions.

God's Will + the purpose (ideal) of creation = the four position foundation = the family of love.

The three things of which an original man can be proud: 1) God is my Father; 2) I am God's child; 3) I am the heir of the cosmos.

It is best to appreciate the Creation itself that God directly created by Himself, for example, minerals, plants, animals, human beings, heavenly bodies, etc.

If there are good natural circumstances, the number of animals increases too quickly, so hunting is necessary.

From the one God, the same universal prime force is given to man and all things, so all the creation is to be harmonized among themselves.

The purpose of creation is to feel joy by giving love.

The vertical standard is the center. So, it is unique.

That which we can't see, for example, God, love, life, mind, etc. is more important. Therefore, one who has a good invisible mind can communicate with God.

Love is:

1) dynamic, subjective, active
2) parental love, conjugal love, children's love
3) the emotional force that the subject gives to the object.

Beauty is:

1) static, objective, passive
2) filial piety, chastity, loyalty
3) the emotional force that the object gives to the subject.

Duality of purpose, desire and value:

Purpose of the whole - desire for the whole - realized value - big.

Purpose of the individual - desire of the individual - pursued value - small.

Function of mind






Heart - intellect


philosophy and science



ethics and morality

That which is sweet at first is apt to be bitter later, and that which is bitter at first is apt to be sweet later.

Anything will rot if it does not move.

The universal prime force is the original and fundamental force for all beings and things to exist, multiply and act.

The most original relationship is the relationship between God and man (the relationship of parent and child).

All things can be humanized through being used by man.

In the indirect dominion, man and woman must fulfill their vertical responsibility to parents, then they can love each other in the direct dominion as husband and wife.

The root is the most important vertical central being, so it goes down underground.

Individualism -- familyism -- socialism -- nationalism --cosmopolitanism -- universalism.

There is no new love, there is no new species.

If there is no enemy, it is the Heavenly Kingdom.

We should become the visible God.

The 6th sense is heart; the 7th sense, love.

Because of the purpose (consciousness), the existence can be.

Checking the level has the premise of perpendicularity.

The absolute principle of multiplication is the pair system.

The purpose of creation is to multiply substantially after finding the object.

All the Creation exists by a certain vertical and horizontal relationship. The smaller one is in the greater one, and the greatest one is God.

Through the pair system of different love dimensions, a new species can be created. Therefore, there is no evolution without love. Evolution with love is Creation.

The lower level of Creation can grow nearer to God's love by its becoming food for the higher level Creation.

The unique absolute God, absolute Adam and absolute Eve make an absolute family with the absolute couple and absolute children. It is the original plan of God.

The essence cannot be seen, but it is more important. For example, God, love, the mind, etc.

Nature gives joy to man in every season, but what does man give back to her?

If spring comes, most people plan for outdoor play, but farmers prepare for farming.

The true me is the true life.

Because the evolutionist neglect the principle of love, they can't solve the final problems.

Self-struggle comes from not knowing the true self.

The true self is the individuation of God.

If our true self opens its eyes, we can see everything.

God has the subjectivity of the full power.

In the ideal world, God and man are each other's happiest partners.

If you strike the desk randomly, it is just noise. But if you strike it with time (beat), it becomes rhythm.

To be a man and woman whom everybody welcomes is the purpose of human life.

The connection between the "dominion over the result of the principle" and the "direct dominion" can be made by the completed Adam and Eve (True Parents). This connection is the focus of human hope.

Without understanding the Principle of Creation, we can't understand what a complete man or woman is.

The perfect man is one whose spiritual antenna has give and take with his physical antenna, and then on that foundation he has give and take with woman's antenna. This woman should be one whose spiritual antenna has give and take with her physical antenna

The perfect man can feel the joy of four seasons through 12 children.

The final purpose of the spiritual and physical worlds is a perfect person.

In the world of goodness, the distance between God and a man is decided automatically by the degree of his goodness.

The reason why the yang-yin of the creation are attracted to each other is that they have the element of true love in their different dimensions.

All the creation follows the person of true love, because even through its dimension of true love is different from man's, creation still has its true love. In this kind of original world, there can't be any poverty.

The human being is the best antenna of true love.

The original world is the place where all the Creation has pure give and take action by true love and it is continually expanding; but this fallen world is very different from that.

Love needs a partner and a growth period, during which man needs to grow to be able to love horizontally based on God's vertical love.

The ideal world is the world in which all Creation acts in balanced motion (one focus and the four position foundation) centering on God's true love.

The focus of all the parts of a matured man is love.

No matter how proud of his or her sex a man or woman is, each of them is only a half. Each of them must have a righteous partner of the relative sex in order to be perfected through love.

Animals, as well as man, must lead their life centering on God's axis of love.

Man is vertical. Look at the shape of his sexual organ and the action of it.

All the angles and actions desire to be at a right angle to the unique heartistic axis, which is God's heart.

Creation: 1. The vertical, Sungsang, identical creation - internal, identical quality and quantity (95% universality). 2. The horizontal, Hyungsang, distinctive creation - external, different quality and quantity (5% individuality).

All human organs exist not for themselves but for the whole human being. Therefore, man takes care of each of his organs very carefully.

Male and female have a common fate.

The cubic four position foundation is a spherical shape. The purpose of the number four is the spherical shape, harmony and beauty.

The relationship between God and man is first; that between man and man is second.

Man came from all things; children, from parents; and parents, from God. Therefore man and all things, children and parents, and parents and God should unite respectively.

There is one root. Anything different from it is wrong.

Water never complains, no matter where it goes. It humbly but steadily penetrates.

As a man starts from the narrow womb, so the Heavenly Kingdom starts from the narrow place.

To try to know God is to try to find our lost self.

A drama with a sense of what is proper can be true art.

Joy and anger together with sorrow and pleasure can be harmonious.

God is spiritual, all things are physical, and man is both physical and spiritual. Don't forget how valuable you are.

Man, who was created with a purpose, will wither if he doesn't feel his purpose. The bigger your purpose is, the more power you can have for your life.

Man wants to have an object of love who is better than himself.

If something rotates quickly, it will go up.

The mind represents God; the body, parents.

You should know the cause in order to know the effect.

The original man is all-knowing and almighty, eternal and unchangeable because he resembles God.

The most critical issues are God, man, woman and children.

After all, I am here because of others.

This earth is my home, where I attend God.

God belongs to me, and I belong to God. My parents-in-law are my parents, and the daughter-in-law is their daughter.

God gives oxygen to the life that is under water by making waves.

The ideal of relativity is that of love. Therefore, absoluteness and relativity are connected.

Vertical give and take is the origin of horizontal give and take; however, birth comes from the latter.

Our problems can be completely solved only by the perfect God.

Because God created all things for man, we must love man more than all things.

The relationship between parents and children is the origin of the cosmos. Therefore, parental love can transcend everything.

A baby must drink his mother's milk, sleep at his mother's bosom and be able to feel her body temperature.

The growth period is the preparation period for man to be able to give and receive perfect love.

For man to love is for God.

Man was born because of love and for the sake of love, not for the sake of money, power or knowledge.

The truth entity in front of man is woman, and vice versa.

The original truth entity is love, so a man without love is not a real man.

The basic relationship of the cosmos is the relationship between parents/children, and next to that is the relationship between husband/wife.

God is the God of heartistic character made up of intellect, emotion and will.

The purpose of human birth is for man and woman to unite into a complete truth. This cannot be completed by one sex.

Because God is eternal and unchanging, His love is, too. Therefore, if you unite with God, you can be eternal.

Because love moves spherically, all the created beings are spherical.

Even though the dimension of love differs, all created beings have love.

Everyone tries to have better descendants centering on love. This principle is eternal.

The love in the natural world is certain and unchanging, but due to the fall man's love is changeable. If man's love centers on God's vertical love, it becomes eternal and unchanging.

If the monkey was the first ancestor of man, man should worship it.

All things are the decoration for the vertical relationship between man and God.

People's desire to dress smartly and wear makeup comes from the original idea being decorated by all things.

In order for you to love God you should love nature and the cosmos.

God also has five senses, so He desires the better one.

If man truly laughs, God will laugh.

The original man is the second Creator.

The original man can't be made by money, power or knowledge, but only by true love. Therefore, the ideal world can only be made by true love.

The ideal world will be managed by true love. There is no external law.

The brain is the internal control tower of true love; the sexual organ is the external control tower of true love. Therefore, in the human being, both are located on the vertical central line.

The sexual relationship of a couple is their participation in the creation of the cosmos.

All parts of the human body are in balance. If this balance has a problem, a person's health becomes abnormal.

The circle is eternal. Therefore, the standard of creation is the circular or spherical shape.

God's final purpose is not the ideal family but the ideal world.

In the ideal world there will be no court system; it will be done at home. The worst punishment will be to kick the sinner out from his home. If the neighbors ask forgiveness on his behalf, he can be forgiven.

In the ideal world, children will be educated by living with 12 different families.

The center of the cosmos is God, whose center is love.

True happiness can be found in the true family.

Men and women are seeking a true partner. The truth is only one. The smallest social realization of the truth is the family.

The smallest unit that is moved by vertical and horizontal love is the parent/child unit (relationship). Society is the expanded family centering on this relationship.

The terminal of happiness is the life of having a parent/child relationship centering on God.

The thought of destroying our parent/child relationship with God is our enemy.

The vertical God created the horizontal realm in order to develop love.

All the created beings are spherical and yang-yin. For example, seeds are round and have two paired parts.

There is unity in the family even though it is plural and variable; unity comes not because of law but because of love.

Even though a husband and wife may divorce because of a love problem, parents and children cannot, because the vertical parental love is eternal and unchanging.

We need a family in order to feel love from eight directions (front and rear, inner and outer, up and down, inner and outer).

Logos = reason (freedom) + law (necessity) = Heavenly Law.

Life is latent, but has purpose and direction. Therefore, life is autonomous and dominant.

Always talk centered on the origin. (Origin: God's three kinds of heart at the times of creation, fall and restoration.)

Natural science goes from crazy thinking, to fancy thinking, to actual thinking.

If we go back to the origin, we are all brothers and sisters.

All Creation is made up of three parts (purpose, Sungsang, Hyungsang).

The most amazing miracle in front of man is woman (and vice versa).

The parent/child relationship is predetermined.

We can understand the resultant world if we present clearly the motivation of the beginning.

The ideal world is unique and unchangeable.

All the branch streams flow into the main stream and then into the ocean.

Man is the second cause.

God is almighty and all knowing only in love.

The Creator lives for His Creation.

If the corresponding relationship centering on the focus is accomplished, multiplication will occur.

Because the motive of creation was love, re-creation can also be accomplished by love.

The true family is the realization of Adam's family centering on God's love.

Without God, all is insignificant.

It's difficult to make an accurate model. But once you make it, you can quickly produce many more.

We are the second Creators.

The flowers that have too much beauty have no scent, and the flowers that have too much scent have no honey.

The center exists for the peripheral, and the peripheral exists for the center.

If you don't know God, then you know nothing, and then all kinds of problems will occur.

Order and law exist for the purpose of embodying the world of love.

Life originally consisted of birth, living and death in love. Therefore, it would have been only a happy life.

The basic cosmic position is the four position foundation centering on love.

The embryo is made of love (+) and nutrition (-) from the mother.

Man is made of love (+) and all things (-) from God.

God's eternal and subjective nature can appear through His object, human beings.

A woman is weak, but a mother is strong.

A woman is precious to a man, because through her he can have the children of his hope.

The tie between parents and children is the vertical love which is destined and unchangeable.

The tie between husband and wife is the horizontal love that is not destined and can change.

The absolute truth before man is the absolute woman.

The absolute truth before woman is the absolute man.

These two absolutes can unite only by love.

Mediated by love, man's seed can be transferred into the woman and then grow.

If a man or woman longs for the opposite sex, his or her thinking eventually leads to the sexual organ. Therefore, the sexual organ is the most holy place for both sexes to unite.

If we evaluate centering on eternity, God is absolutely fair and impartial.

Adam before the fall was more valuable than Jesus.

The world is one home; mankind is one family.

The motivation behind the relationship between positive and negative is true love (living for the sake of others). Therefore, first is love; then second is God as the subject; and third is the Creation as His object of love.

Originally, the archangel does not have the right to have a spouse or the right to have ownership; however, he has these two rights because of the fall.

Think of God's heart in the original world of Creation.

Even though the seed is small and looks meaningless, it has the strong life energy to sprout out when the spring comes after the severe winter coldness.

The basic natural elements for human health are air, water and soil. Therefore, these should be well protected.

Nature (sky, ocean, plants, etc.) is blue or green. These colors don't make us tired.

Parents want their will to be accomplished by their children, because God's vertical ideal is to be accomplished horizontally by man.

The reason to create:

1. God has no body;
2. Multiplication is only done horizontally;
3. To accomplish God's love ideal vertically and horizontally.

When God created man, His heart was serious, prudent, positive, good, broad-minded and in detail; our heart towards our children should be so.

Creation was created for its partner. Therefore, we should lead our life for the sake of others.

The vertical ideal of creation can be horizontally accomplished by multiplication.

There are 12 kinds of power in the four position foundation. Therefore, God loves all the creation.

Our three fathers: 1st God, 2nd parents, 3rd all things.

God's love - Parental love - man's love

Man is created to accomplish the purpose of goodness. Therefore, if he violates this principle, he shall feel uneasy, get sick and finally die.

The origin of the ideal world is love.

God Himself is a handsome man and a beautiful woman.

Does God, who is the original origin of love, have illicit love?

A woman's desire to have sex many times is her original nature desiring to have many children.

The being in which fertilization takes place out of the body is less precious than the being in which fertilization takes place inside of the body.

Because man eats all things and can have sex anytime, he is the lord of all creation.

Man is created to be able to do almost anything if he really tries.

The laws of nature are the textbook for human life.

The two most important and simplest principles of human being are:

1) to practice love, life and blood lineage,
2) the sexual organ is the palace to practice love, life and blood lineage.

God created man better than Himself:

1) God is vertical; but man, vertical and horizontal;
2) God created only two children; but man, more than two;
3) God took many billions of years to create His child; but man, only nine months;
4) God is spiritual; but man, spiritual and physical.

The cosmos is mine.

The three worlds of man:

The first world (age in mother's womb: water) -- prepare for the second world -- cut the umbilical cord (like death) -- to the second world.

The second world (age in the cosmic womb: air) -- prepare for the third world - death (like cutting the umbilical cord) -- to the third world.

The third world (age in Divine womb: true love) -- eternal completion in the third world.

Knowledge, Emotion and Will:

(good) (happy) (right)

In the original world, emotion was first.

Knowledge plus emotion equals emotion.

The center of the family is emotion.

Philosophy has developed in the knowledge-centered western world.

Religion has developed in the emotion-centered eastern world

Even though we sow a seed upside down, the sprout always is directed to go up and the root is always directed down.

God can dwell in the place where God's ideal of Creation has been accomplished.

Because God's love is the first vertical true love, every member of one family can call Him "Father."

There is no time or space in the heartistic world.

Since the origin is one, the original fatherland is one.

In the Heavenly Kingdom, front and back, right and left, up and down, and in and out can willingly be exchanged (shared with) each other.

Adam was created directly by God, but Eve was created by God through Adam.

The development principle of creation:

Figure 2-1

(This principle is working in the restoration providence too.)

Example 1

Man (environment), spirit self (subject), physical self (object). By the reciprocal relationship between this subject and object human beings have been developed.

Example 2

Figure 2-2

The original man in whom there are God's love, life and lineage needs not religion nor savior.

I'm a meaningful being because there is my partner. Therefore, life for others is the principle of creation.

In the original society, if spirit or body is growing, the other is also growing.

In the fallen society, if spirit or body is growing, the other is retrogressing.

The word that God creates Eve by Adam's ribs means that God creates Eve as object taking after Adam as her subject.

Man is subject and of heaven, so he grows well vertically and has wide shoulders.

Woman is object and of earth, so she grows well horizontally and has wide hips.

Adam was yellow, because

(1) the temperate zone is the best place for man to live,
(2) 3.2 billion yellow people live in the temperate zone, and
(3) culture started from the temperate zone and is returning to that.

Parents must be the heavenly textbook for their children.

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