The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

II. Principle of Creation [Part 1]

A. Divine Principle

Read other books only after you understand Divine Principle.

To make the Divine Principle our own, we must apply it in our daily lives.

Fallen man needs the strict Principle more than he needs love. He must be patient to follow the Principle.

The Heavenly Principle is absolutely unchanging. It is for the sake of love.

The best gift we can give to God is that we witness about the Divine Principle.

All books fall into two categories:

1. Those that prove Divine Principle is right (God).
2. Those that are written unreasonably (Satan).

Truth can transcend time and space.

Educate the second generation thoroughly about Divine Principle. They should be better than the first generation.

Preach boldly even to one person. If he is moved, it will reach everybody.

The Divine Principle is the standard of all. Therefore, we should evaluate books based on the Divine Principle.

Without the Divine Principle, man's beginning is a maze, so the process is chaotic and the result is unclear.

Finally, we must not compromise in the Principle.

Development within the Principle makes things the same qualitatively, though quantitatively different.

You should thoroughly arm yourself with the Heavenly Principle in order to survive.

The unwritten Principle is quantitatively and qualitatively more important than the written Principle. For example: the written Principle explains that the spiritual fall was made by Lucifer and Eve. The unwritten principle explains that through their fall God's heart was so broken!

The Divine Principle is a cure-all and the master key.

Patiently obey the Principle.

Just as you eat everyday, study the Divine Principle everyday.

The Heavenly Law is fearfully strict.

You should deeply understand the Word and lecture well in order to succeed in life.

Be serious about the Word, the Principle, indemnity and the ideal.

The Principle should be practiced.

The more you pray and lecture, the bigger your membership will become.

There is no partisanship in the Truth.

The truth can make us free first, then later make us rich.

Loyalty, filial piety, chastity, benevolence, righteousness, propriety, knowledge, religion, morality, Heavenly fortune (fate); all of these are following the tide of heart (Divine Principle).

Just as a machine united with the electronic principle can be good, so man united with the Divine Principle can be good.

When we begin to know the truth, our lives become new.

This cosmos is cubic, so we need the cubic philosophy. Only the Divine Principle is cubic.

The oriental Tai-chi (law) plus the occidental God (love) equals the heartistic principle of God in the Unification Principle.

Principled autonomy means self-domination; principled domination is dominating others.

Listen to the Divine Principle lectures many times.

Lecturing many times will give you the victory.

Educating people about the Principle is inevitable. Use all kinds of methods, direct and indirect to lecture Principle. Whatever kind of meeting you have, share words of Principle with people.

The Divine Principle is not a theology; it is the absolute principle for all mankind.

Transcend your nation.

When you lecture, use frequently the words, "heart," "true love," "True Parents," etc.

If you know the immortal truth, you can come to understand everything.

Always loudly say to the people that which they don't like to hear but what their conscience wants to hear.

Think that the Divine Principle reached you over the long period of God and numerous saints shedding blood, sweat and tears.

The settlement of our thought can be done, after all, by studying the Divine Principle.

There was a history of blood, sweat and tears until the great Principle reached us. To inherit this, we should go the same way, without complaint.

Truth has creative power. If you witness joyfully to this, the power will work.

If you lecture with tears, even thought you did it incorrectly, you can be forgiven.

Lecture about the historical view of restoration by the final victory of goodness, centering on indemnity and True Parents.

The Divine Principle is to us is as the rudder is to the boat and the weight is to the scale.

Curing the disease of the fall by the Principle is a more urgent and important task than curing physical diseases by spiritual power.

Don't forget that the Divine Principle is here because of God's 6,000 years of suffering and True Parents' 60 years of suffering.

You can criticize the Divine Principle, but for you to understand its depth is difficult.

You should fall in love with the heartistic content of the Divine Principle more than with its logic.

Your understanding of Principle should be a practical experience.

We should find the center of our life through the Principle.

Educate by the Divine Principle. Study the Divine Principle. Lecture it many times and become a lecturer.

Know, believe in and practice the Divine Principle.

It would be better to lecture the Divine Principle at Sunday Service.

All problems come from ignoring the Principle.

Gather together frequently and pray, study the Principle and think about how to save the nation.

The Principle is the bridge to the love world.

If you can't lecture when you are street witnessing, just read the Principle book, and read especially those points that differ from other churches.

If you don't have a serious and sad heart, you can't teach others.

The True Parent has found the Principle by going the way of blood, sweat and tears.

Without understanding Divine Principle, even though you call God, you won't succeed.

Witnessing Heavenly Words is beneficial to the speaker as well as the hearer.

To know the Unification Church, you should know True Parents. To know True Parents, you should know the Divine Principle.

Speaking without any connection to the Divine Principle, which is the root, is of no use.

If you know the Divine Principle deeply, you will rarely smile because you will feel so much responsibility.

When you lecture, you should enable your audience to solemnly repent and redetermine, rather than have them applaud you.

The more you know, the more serious you should be.

When you lecture:

1) You should have the heart to let the dead be resurrected.
2) You should have the heart to make the unbelievable become the believable.
3) Your heart should be the same as God's heart in the lecture.
4) Emphasize God's three historical hearts, True Parents, True Love, the Blessing, etc.
5) Be serious, prudent, sincere.
6) Compare yourself with the contents of the lecture, and examine yourself.
7) The more times you lecture Divine Principle, the more you can be developed.
8) Think "I am restoring the lost."
9) Think of God's blood, sweat and tears.
10) If someone is not moved by your lecture, he will not come back again.
11) You should give your audience the attitude of parents, spouse, elder brother or sister.
12) You should be serious as in life and death.
13) You should be a lecturer who practices the contents of the lecture.

There are two kinds of Principle: Principle of restoration and Principle of completion.

The standard is horizontal and changeable, but the formula is vertical and unchangeable.

The truth is the formula.

The life of Divine Principle means the life for the sake of others.

The greatness of the Divine Principle:

(1) Introducing God's heart transcending time and space, and restoring the parent-child relationship between God and human beings.

(2) Explaining the harmony between the material world and the spirit world.

(3) Explaining logically the spirit world.

(4) Clarifying the defects of materialism and other viewpoints and presenting the counterproposals for them.

Worship by truth and spirit. The more spiritual person can commence a big project but is apt to give up on the way of completing it because of the lack of intelligence (truth).

The spiritual experience (subject, comparatively unchangeable) must be declared after being interpreted according the truth (object, comparatively changeable).

The more frequently you lecture Divine Principle, the more number of members you can get.

How much do you know Divine Principle and True Parents?

The Completed Testament era is the era to fulfill the promise given Adam's family.

God is the fountain of truth.

People usually see the beauty in nature, but they don't easily see the secrets of universal life.

For the balance of creation:

1) The gestation period and the number of offspring of each animal is proportional to its size.
2) Most of the ferocious beasts are nocturnal.

If you use only the result of a creator neglecting his motive you may have a bad result. For example, Einstein and the A-bomb.

History is absolutely important for the present and the future.

The value of the family, nation and world is absolute.

According to the Principle of Creation, higher living beings can eat and absorb lower living beings (e. g. man may eat fish). Likewise, man must sacrifice for God.

However dry the weather may become, a tree needs water or it will die.

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