The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim

I God

When two meet centering on the Word of God and have a heartistic connection, unification comes into existence.

The Word is eternal, so please don't evaluate it by your imperfect measurement. If you don't understand it, please just follow it.

Both the quantity and quality of True Parents' Words are greater than those of the Words of Confucius, Buddha and Jesus.

Be always with the Word so that Satan does not enter you (be the substance of the Word).

If you can't understand God spiritually, try to understand Him by the truth.

The Word is for me; through me God wants to liberate myself, the nation and God.

The Word, the family member, is based on the harmony between brothers and sisters. From this family will come the children of filial piety as well as loyal subjects.

Be always stimulated by the Word.

You should deeply understand the Word and lecture well in order to succeed in life.

Be serious about the Word, the Principle, indemnity and the ideal.

Thirst for the Word.

If you depart from God's Word, your life has no significance, because man was created by God's Word.

If you are late in contacting the Words, you will be late in the life of God's Will.

A. God's Word

The Heavenly Word is True Parents' greatest gift to the world.

There are no compromises in the Word of God for the sake of popularity or diplomacy, because history will surely prove it true.

There are no secrets in God's Words. He just reserves some for a later time because man's intellect is still immature.

Precious is the Word that says we become strong through suffering.

Receive Heavenly Words with a pure heart. Creation began from zero, and re-creation must do the same.

The Word without practice is of no use.

Concentrate on understanding and practicing the Word more than on the content of spiritual communication.

In Korean, ban means "the subject's sorrowful and tearful lamentation towards the object who refuses to receive the subject's unlimited love."

When you deliver God's Word, invest the power of recreation (sincerity and devotion).

Deliver God's Word with the motivation of God.

Once you understand the truth, work desperately according to the truth.

Good words are good medicine for a good person, but they may seem like nagging to a bad person.

The Word is unique, but its method of practice depends on the time and the human intellect. So, the practice of the Word is progressive.

The main point of the Tao (way) is "How to have an honorable death!"

You can be a real member of our church if you can understand the real meaning of True Parents' speech.

The Words tell "me" to repent and re-determine.

Follow God's Words obediently, and oppose the secular affairs. (To practice this principle is hard, but brings good results; to violate it scars your spirit, and you suffer in your conscience.)

God is the fountain of truth.

Be the Lord of the Words.

Explaining the Word is the basis of our sermons.

Lead your life according to the family-based Word, not the individual-based Word.

Generally speaking, truth is bitter to this fallen society.

Make a friend by giving Heavenly Words, then, even if he leaves you he will inevitably come back.

Practice the Word. Don't criticize it, because True Parents have already seriously criticized it.

Don't discount Heavenly Words.

The best medicine is that you like to touch God's Word more than you like eating, sleeping or sex.

The Word and the Principle are the representatives of True Parents; so don't try forcibly to meet me (True Parents).

The Word must be practiced.

The Word came here on earth before man came.

The Word is eternal. God begins to laugh when He hears the Word of True Parents.

Don't discount the Words of True Parents.

The Word is the best medicine. It is better than eating, sleeping or sex.

The best condition that will enable us to have a nice life in the spirit world is to witness the Word.

Be pure and humble before the Word.

The time to give love, the Word and life is short; but we can receive them for eternity.

To lose God is to lose everything.

Though many believe in God, there are few who know God's suffering and tearful heart.

God's hope lies in the world where His heartistic children govern.

God's hope should be my hope.

The parental position is tough and difficult.

We should know that, after He chased Adam and Eve out due to their fall, God's heart was anxiously and seriously waiting for them to come back with repentance.

God has no enemy nor jealousy. We should be the same.

Our mind and body are poor because God's sorrowful heart is in them.

Unless we solve God's historical ban we can't be liberated.

God works in extreme situations.

God is the Alpha and the Omega. History that started from God will return to God.

As children of God, we should let God be liberated first.

If a couple doesn't have children they can't know parental love, which is the essence of God.

One who has not raised children will have difficulty in understanding the heart of God and Parents.

B. God's Personality

Let us willingly accept suffering for God's Will. God Himself lives like that.

Even though we may lose everything else, let's not lose God's heart.

God is all-knowing and almighty, but to His persecutor He gains the real victory just through being silent.

God feels anxious because He has no object! Fallen man is trying to not be God's object!

In God's dictionary, we can't find the word "enemy".

Self-ignorance is self-destruction. Self-discovery can come from knowing God, the origin.

God and True Parents can't resign from their mission. Therefore, the relationship between parents and children is eternal.

If we understand God then we can deny ourselves, because God denies Himself. Therefore, we can understand God only through suffering.

Let us know the sorrowful heart of God which has been shedding light upon the true way for fallen man throughout the long, long history.

Satan occupies and expands his territory by power; but God, by investment for the sake of others.

God never attacks.

In Korean, ban means "the subject's sorrowful and tearful lamentation towards the object who refuses to receive the subject's unlimited love."

God is serious about restoring His fallen children (us). How can we just be excited and happy!

God's ideal is not the ideal family but the ideal world.

God can't curse Satan. Only through love can Satan be restored.

Let's solve God's sorrowful and suffering heart.

If you understand true love, you can feel God's heart even in small things.

God's heart has been suffering for 6,000 years in order to love this fallen world!

God's heart is suffering because He can't meet His true children.

God has much power, knowledge and money; but He needs an object of love.

Think of God, who bears the burden of heart and is panting.

There are many who believe in God, but few in whom God believes.

The day that God found His children is God's Day.

God's heart is like an old mom's parental heart, worrying about whether or not her big son has lost his way back home, even though she herself will soon be killed by wild animals. (from Ubasute, a Japanese folly story)

Don't forget that God had been sorrowful until He established today's foundation.

God is not just the conceptual and philosophical being, but the existential being who is always with us.

The three great stages of God's heart are:

1) Hopeful, happy heart at the time of creation;
2) Despairing, sad heart at the time of the fall;
3) Suffering heart (ban) through the history of restoration.

Han includes:

1) love
2) longing
3) good motivation and purpose
4) greatness
5) wholeness
6) unity
7) urgency
8) completion
9) sacrifice
10) hope
11) repentance
12) large quantity
13) regret
14) sorrow
15) grudge

Parental heart: the heart that:

1) has an unbreakable love directed towards the children,
2) desires that the children be better than the parents,
3) desires to give unconditionally and without limit,
4) desires to teach justice only,
5) desires for children to be harmonious,
6) desires to give all the good result to the children after working together with the children,
7) worries whether or not children will make a problem,
8) desires to forgive children who made a problem with desire for them to repent and come back,
9) feels pain when seeing the children suffer,
10) wanders without eating or sleeping to seek the children that are missing.

Know yourself centering on God's heart.

Know the difficult and suffering parental heart God has had in order to build the base for the Messiah to land.

God has suffered endlessly to save an unlimited number of people. Then why can't we, His children, suffer a few decades in order to save several people?

Only God can completely solve problems.

God's heart transcending time and space is the origin of all.

Even though God is all-knowing and almighty, without completing true love, He is surely sad.

If you center on God's true love, you can be joyful or sorrowful according to God's joy or sorrow.

There is nobody whom God really loves in this fallen world. This makes Him sorrowful.

God is the one who has the heartistic character. Therefore, He has tears, anger, love and forgiveness.

God's desire is balance.

God loves all mankind, even to the point of casting away Jesus, who was His only son!

True Parents love Korea, Japan and America to the point of Father throwing himself into prison in those countries!

God is unique, clear and vertical; Satan is multi-directional, unclear and has no vertical standard.

If you lead a life of sincere heartistic devotion, God will protect you.

God's desire is true love.

Don't forget God's sorrow from missing His children whom Satan took.

God and True Parents are sorrowful and anxious because we are leading false lives.

Historically, God has been shedding the most tears for His children.

A mother's heart desires to happily give her breast milk to her child, God is more sad, lonely, suffering and feeling unfairly treated than He is almighty and all-knowing.

Act with confidence, just like God's heart when He was creating.

If we look at brothers from the side, we can see distance between them, but when their father looks down on them from above, they are the same.

God invests absolutely, eternally and unchangeably, so He is absolute, eternal and unchangeable.

To know God is to know me.

The omniscient and omnipotent God also is distressed over something He can't do because of His parental heart.

The parental heart desires for brothers to love each other as parents love them.

Parents can be joyful or sorrowful by one word from their children.

One who has a longing heart is not lonely, because he has hope.

There is no difference between men and women in the vertical love. For example, the same parental love goes to both the son and daughter.

God loves the man who loves the Creation which God loves.

The vertical God couldn't have a direct connection to the horizontal relationship between Adam and Eve.

God's essence is heartistic freedom.

Have you shed tears for the dying parents in North Korea who are crying because they miss their ten million children in South Korea?

Parents who have a disabled child may feel it would have been better if he had not been born, but they certainly can't kill him. (God's heart towards fallen people is like that.)

Pitiful God and True Parents are suffering because their children (man) are suffering under fallen nature.

God always looks down with love, therefore looking up makes us tired.

Don't give trouble to your enemy. Think of God's heart towards fallen man.

Satan captures God's royal family, enjoys them and imprisons them.

God receives His enemies, resurrects them by the truth and blesses them with His family.

The center of God's Sungsang is Shimjung, and that of His Hyungsang is the Universal Prime Force.

Even in the fallen world, God is the Being of unchangeable love.

Suffering God, who should let goodness pay the first indemnity on the front line!

God doesn't know how to take rest.

Does God give up Providence because it is so difficult?

God is always public.

God is eternal, but Satan is not.

Who can survive if God sues the fallen people? (The one who likes to sue will perish.)

and is broken when the child dislikes to suckle her breast (this is the earnest desire to give.)

The heart of the parents whose only son has died is the same as the heart of God whose only son Adam died.

God's only desire is to have children whom He can love.

Is God alone and lonely in a high place? Or is God together with His children down here?

God has gone the course of unlimited suffering in order for the Messiah to land!

We must know God, who has been looking for children of filial piety for 6,000 years.

God's sorrow at the fall of the second generation is the same as His sorrow at the fall of Adam and Eve.

God's suffering from watching our suffering is greater than ours.

God cannot quickly punish a bad person, because that person has parents, a spouse and children who love him in a way similar to the way God loves ("love your enemy").

Parents don't like to hear their sons or daughters criticizing each other.

We (children) are the ones who should solve God's (parent's) han.

Think of God's heart in the original world of Creation.

God wants to erase away even hell.

When God created man, His heart was serious, prudent, positive, good,

broad-minded and in detail; our heart towards our children should be so.

C. God's Will

Let us willingly accept suffering for God's Will. God lives like that.

If you don't know the importance of Church life, you can't understand the direction of God's Will.

Let yourself first be intoxicated with God's Will.

To accomplish the Will, True Parents are doing their 95% responsibility and I must do my 5%.

We should positively reconstruct our environment to be adjusted with God's Will.

Which do you love more, God's Will or your children? Now, its practice only remains.

Don't compromise with the age and don't be used by the age. Rather, you should witness to God's Will by using the age.

Holy Songs are used for the sake of accomplishing God's Will, therefore the words of the song are more important than the melody. The melody must be made according to the heartistic purpose of the words.

He who is a debtor for the Will can never perish.

We are living for God's Will. Why wouldn't the spirit world help us?

Even though Korea may perish, this world must survive. And even though this world perishes, God's Will must survive.

The most valuable thing in this world, the thing that is eternal, unchangeable, unique and absolute, is God's Will. Today, those who are leading their life for this by sacrificing their family, dignity, and property are the True Parents.

God's Will is for all, not just the individual or part. (John 3:16).

Because the way of God's Will is an eternal marathon, we must march steadily forward without stopping.

To do God's Will means to accomplish the God-centered four position foundation.

You were able to join the Unification Church because of your good ancestors. Therefore, you should raise your children centered on God's Will in order to recompense your ancestors.

We have brought God's Will up vertically. Now we have to extend it horizontally.

God's Will is developing. Therefore we should be progressive and aggressive.

God's Will + the purpose (ideal) of creation = the four position foundation = the family of love.

If you are late in contacting with the Words, you will be late in the life of God's Will.

If you invest your love, life and lineage, you can accomplish God's Will.

You must know that sometimes your position (rank) will go down for the sake of God's Will. Think of how a grandfather is pulled around by his grandson.

It is God's Will to build the good Heavenly nation through the sacrifice of the Blessed families.

In this satanic world, the Will of God is not a full-time job, but only a part-time job.

Even if we retreat, the Will of God will march on.

Forget eating, sleeping and sex (which are Satan's three great armaments) for the sake of God's Will.

Leave behind the tradition of suffering for God's Will.

Don't become a traitor to God's Will.

God's Will is absolute, but its accomplishment is relative.

Pray that everything fulfills God's Will.

The best commemoration day is the one which commemorates love.

Why did God create?

1) for the sake of eternal love

2) to create an object of love in heaven

3) To do this, the pair system in the physical and spiritual worlds are needed.

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