The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim


Speaking His heartistic Word of Truth, God created all things centering on man. Satan, speaking his non-heartistic words of pseudo-truth, made man fall. God, our Parent, then spoke the new heartistic Word of Truth to fallen man. Throughout a long history, man on his part has sought to hear this Word. Finally, through the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Messiah and the True Parents of all mankind, all people can participate in the Providence of re-creation by connecting with the Word of Truth.

Thus, as the Word came first and then man was created based on it in the original creation; so too, for re-creation, the Word is much more important than fallen man and his traditions and systems. Please, let us meet the Word of God purely and humbly, with sincerity and seriousness.

This book contains the truth through which world peace and unity will come. World peace and unity is the expansion of individual peace based upon the unity of mind and body, centering on the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's philosophy of true love. True love is "the life for the sake of others." Herein is the result of my meditation on this profound truth.

This book has been edited in the style of a journal, and I sincerely hope that you, my beloved readers, read with a positive attitude in meditation.

I have come to appreciate the Word beyond description through my ministry of hearing, reading, learning, and teaching in overseas missions. In particular, through my missions in America, I have been able to hear the Word directly on numerous occasions. In such cases, an interpreter is used for the benefit of those who do not know Korean. As my master's level study was in the field of linguistics, majoring in English, I am greatly concerned about the limitations imposed by translation. The interpreter cannot catch and transmit everything, for two reasons. One, the Providence is heartistically very urgent, so the Word comes down to us rapidly and abundantly. Two, there is a great gap between the two languages, in terms both of external structure and internal signification.

Because I have felt seriously that non-Koreans, and to a lesser extent Koreans too, have difficulty clearly understanding it, I have always explained to members about the central themes of the Word, spoken and unspoken, as recorded in my notebooks. The time has come to edit these notebooks into a book.

I don't usually like to make a special text for a sermon. Instead, my sermon is my heartistic and reflective explanation of the content of my notebooks. Sermons crafted in this way have elicited a good response from many members. I would like to point out that Reverend Moon teaches that sermons must not be cliches, which are a waste of time, but should be simply the direct reading and explanation of the Word

This book contains repetition. I did not edit out repetition, because we need to emphasize certain points in order to reinforce the necessity that we practice them.

I edited this book hoping sincerely that it will bring prosperity to your life and ministry.

In conclusion, any mistakes in light of Divine Principle which this book contains are the editor's responsibility, absolutely and totally.

I really appreciate those who helped me to edit this book, especially Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Mr. Jonathan Gullery, and Mrs. Kate Hirata. I am most grateful to Mr. Jan Parker for the beautiful painting on the front cover. In future there will be new and enlarged editions of this book of the Word.

May 1, 1993 (Lunar)
The Day of All Things
Rev. Zin Moon Kim
New York, New York

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