The Fountain of Life

Zin Moon Kim



I. God

A. God's Word
B. God's Personality
C. God's Will

II. Principle of Creation

A. Divine Principle
B. Original World
C. Spirit World
D. Subject and Object Relationship
E. Mind and Body
F. Quality and Quantity
G. Unification

III. Ideal of Creation

A. True Parents (Messiah)
B. The Kingships and Realms of Heart
C. True Love
D. Love, Life and Lineage
E. Peace

IV. The Fall (Fallen Nature and Original Nature)

A. Satan and The Fallen World
B. Good and Evil
C. Freedom and Responsibility
D. Public Purpose and Individualism

V. The Principle of Restoration

A. Cain and Abel
B. Self-denial and Indemnity
C. Offering
D. Repentance
E. Faith and Judgement
G. Persecution

VI. Restoration Providence

A. Restoration Providence
B. Jesus
C. National Restoration

VII. Church Life

A. Unification Church
B. Training
C. Witnessing
D. Prayer
E. Our Attitude
F. Public Gatherings

VIII. Family Life

A. Blessing and Family Life
B. Tradition
C. Loyalty, Altruism, Filial Piety
D. School and Education
E. Material

IX. The Providence Today

A. Religion
B. Leadership
C. Moneys Power and Knowledge
D. Ideology and Thought
E. Heavenly Fate
G. Tribal Messiahship
H. East and West

I. Korea and The Korean Language

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