Faith and Life

by Yo Han Lee

Faith and Life - Volume 3 [Part 3]

Yo Han Lee
October, 1977

6. We Need Satan

The relationship between Man and Satan is compared to the relationship between sea water and the boat. They are in an inseparable situation. But if there is a hole in the boat, the sea water would occupy the whole boat. The sea water would take sovereignty over the boat, and then the boat would sink because of the sea water. Therefore,. Satan's mission is to help and support us. You have to hate the water that comes into the boat from the hole. That water is the enemy. "Hey, you, where are you going? You have to help us from outside the boat. Why did you come in the boat? Get away!" Like this, we should treat the water as our hateful enemy. If the water is outside in the helpful position, it is very good friend to us, but the water that comes in the boat is really our enemy. Originally, Satan should help us as a close friend. Even Satan helps God's beloved people willingly. Do you understand? Eve n an unfaithful person wants to help the person who is really loved by God. In a word, they are standing in the position of water. We are the boat which floats on the water. The boat and the water are in an inseparable relationship. They need each other. The boat without water is useless. This is the relationship between Satan and us. Therefore, don't be afraid of Satan. Don't be scared of the sea. If you get on the boat and become timid thinking, "If this boat might sink. Oh!....", even the helpful water would turn into the hateful enemy. The boat needs the water. Why on earth are you afraid of the water?

In existing churches the people hate and are afraid of Satan. Therefore, if they see Satan helping us, they come to know themselves. In this sense, you had better be persecuted and meet people from the Satanic side, the priests of existing churches. They are tree Satanic prophets. The priests of existing churches are the first-class prophets on the Satanic side. At the time of Jesus, the Pharisees, major priests, secretaries, and elders tried to kill him, standing at the head of Satan. It is because they were loved most by God before Jesus appeared. They were loved most, but if they didn't unite centering on Jesus, they would be Satan's best disciples. Do you understand? If one of the disciples of Kim Il Sung converts and comes to our side, we must not hate him. We must love him as a precious person. He will reveal the secrets of Kim Il Sung, and so we have to love him with joy. He was the enemy, but now he can be a helpful person to us.

You must not be afraid of Satan. You must be afraid of having a hole within you instead of being afraid of Satan. The hole, through which Satan can invade, is the thing that you have to be afraid of. Unless Satan finds the hole to enter, he cannot but help you. Satan helps you, if he finds no hole to come in, but if he finds a hole, he comes in mercilessly. Satan cannot control by himself. He cannot stop himself entering. As water comes in naturally through a hole, Satan does the same. Satan also cannot control him self. The archangel lost his control. When he was attracted to Eve, he could not control his strong desire to be with her. He was completely out of control, but he could not but do so. If Eve controlled and utilized him well, he would have become a happy archangel. The problem for Eve was how to deal with him. If she could control him, she, his subject, would have become the most necessary person for Satan. In this sense, first of all we have to hate our fallen nature. Unless you take responsibility for your fallen nature, though you hate Satan strongly, it is really meaningless. You have to know yourself, first! You have to understand yourself thoroughly.

7. The Temptations

Jesus had to face three great temptations from Satan. Adam should have fulfilled the three great purposes given by God, but he failed. So, Jesus had to fulfill them and he appeared with the purpose of creation of the Creator. Satan knew it well. Therefore, Satan tested Jesus by asking him, "Get food by changing stones into loaves of bread." Satan said to Jesus, "Tough people heard the word through you, they gave it up because of hunger. You lost John, and your disciples left you. Nobody believes you. You are very hungry now, aren't you? You don't need to suffer because of the word. You should eat!" Satan tried to change the view of value of Jesus. Satan continued. "First, you have to eat! After eating, you can think about the word. Concerning about the word without eating is just foolish."

We always face this problem. In Korea, Satan attacks us most through this problem. Satan, in the highly developed country, tests the members through another problem. He brings the problem of love. "You solved the problem of daily things. Don't think about the future. You can spend today joyfully. That's everything." Satan tries to tempt like this.

Therefore, the answer of Jesus, "Bread won't feed men's souls. We have to live on God's Word. This is what we need," shows us that he kept God's Word and followed only his original mind. However hard he suffered physically, he never changed his heart, centering on God's Word. He did not move. To perfect the individuality means to be dominated by God completely. God wants us to become the incarnation of the Logos and live on it. This is the Heavenly view of value. Satan makes us feel happy to live materially. This shows the differences of view of value and standard of value. "Don't suffer so much because of the Word. What a stubborn person you are! John disbelieved you! Yet, it is nonsense that you still follow the Word." If we are told this by Satan, we are easily influenced by it. We are apt to think that what he said was true, and soon we have give and take action with Satan. But still we are protected as a group. Walking the path alone brings many more difficulties. Rev. Moon had walked so far alone. Rev. Moon always says, "You are happier than me." You have someone to consult with and someone who takes care of you. Though you have various problems, you can consult with someone and solve them in many ways. In this sense, you might be happy. But Rev. Moon endured alone, and had nobody to consult with. However deeply he felt loneliness, he had nobody to talk with. Nobody could relate to him.

When I see Rev. Moon walking alone, I really feel painful. We are too happy to realize the happiness itself. Jesus was in the same situation. He was turned out by his own family. John the Baptist also deserted Jesus. His position was so miserable. But because of him you could stand in the Holy Palace. Satan knows that the person whom God loves is the Master of the Holy Palace on the earth. Because he knew it, he accused Jesus. "Nobody wants to follow you as the Messiah and the Master of the Holy temple. You have nobody to obey you. You are not the Master any more. Became an ordinary person. You are not worthy enough to be the Son of God. Don't be proud of it." In this manner, Satan tries to loose and grab our consciousness. He tries to take away our consciousness as the Son of God.

Jesus was in such a miserable position that nobody followed him. He lost his family. He had nothing. Then Satan tested him saying, "How foolish you are! You are in such a miserable situation, you still worry about the world and try to save Israel. Give up!" Sometimes we also meet the same situation. When we feel joy, we call and worship God as Father, however, when meeting difficulties, we are liable to say, "I am so small..." You have to know that Satan makes you say so. Satan does. Thus is not you, nor your original mind. As the original mini is the direct reflection of Deity, there is no differences between the original mind and God. There is no distinction between God and the original mind. So your original mind also has the reciprocal relationship with God. "Such a small person like me has called God, Father. Oh! What a shameful thing it was!" This comes from Satan. Satan makes you accuse yourself through this.

8. Motivation of Heart

Feeling that you are a helpless person, the outside people seem to be happier than you. Though they don't have faith, they smile happily, and wear fine clothes. You meet such a situation. You might think, "I should not have listened to the Principle of the Unification Church." After hearing the Principle, you cannot deny its truth, and have to take responsibility for the providence of restoration. You cannot imagine. "Such a person like me, saving the family, Japan and the world.", this would become a heavy burden for you. Thinking about such a big responsibility, you feel as if you are pressed down under it and are fallen from tile top of the Holy Palace.

When you first resurrected by the Word, you prayed and determined to save the nation instead of God. But when. you become down spiritually.. everything seems to be impossible for you.

In order to crush Jesus. Satan accused him. "You cannot stand in the position of Messiah and the Master of the Holy Palace. You are wrong." Then Jesus answered. "Don't test your God!" Satan tried to test Jesus and God. Man, originally, belonged to God and united with Him completely. Jesus thought that he was a Son of God even in such a miserable situation. He was encouraged by this idea. That was a really big temptation for Jesus. Jesus told himself to have pride as a Son of God.

Jesus is not different from us, but the motivation of his heart and the way of thinking is completely different. Although we feel misery by ourselves, Jesus experienced Heavenly Father's heart through his miserable position. When meeting tribulation, he insisted on being the Son of God. You might think that Jesus was born as the Son of God and God loved him very much, so he could do so. But this is not right. Jesus is the same as us. If Jesus was given a completely pure heart from his birth and heavenly blood lineage was already prepared by God for him, then everybody could take the position of Jesus. If that were true, he would have spent his life joyfully and merrily instead of having sufferings and shedding tears for mankind. Don't you think so? Jesus, himself is not great. He is great, because he pioneered the unpaved road for us standing in the same position as us. This is the difference between Jesus and us.

After overcoming the second temptation, Jesus could restore the second blessing. He could stand in the position of the Master of the Holy Palace, in other words, Abel position. Through the first temptation, Jesus could separate himself from Satanic dominion. And he could stand in the Abel's position. Then God advance his providence centering on Jesus, whom God decided as the central figure. Jesus could also overcome the second temptation by answering, "Don't test your God." This was the answer.

Thirdly, Satan brought Jesus to the peak of a high mountain and told Jesus to kneel down and worship him.

Satan said if Jesus wanted to gain the sovereignty of the world, he had to be dominated by Satan. Then, Jesus answered, "Worship only the Lord God. Obey only Him! You have to obey your God!" Jesus taught Satan that he also stood on the position to obey God. Jesus had the strong belief that Satan should kneel and worship him

9. On Seeing Satan's Domain

A member longed for the outside world when he contacted with outside people through witnessing. He wanted to get a job, to be independent and live freely just like the outside people. The longer he was in the church, the more he felt restraint from the church. He came to think like this, "I have to obey the church leader always. I don't feel free within the church. The church controls me." His conscience became inconvenient for him to act freely and gradually he wanted to become free from the dominion of the church. Finally he said to Rev. Moon, "Rev. Moon, please give me my freedom for several years. I want to live freely by myself." Even when he was very sleepy, he could not sleep before Rev. Moon did. He felt conscience stricken if he did so. Rev. Moon did not sleep even around 12 mid-night, so his conscience did not allow him to go to bed. If he ate more than Rev. Moon did, he was tormented by a guilty conscience. He thought it would be better for him to leave Rev. Moon, "Please give me seven years. I would like to have a job and ..." He continued, "But please don't forget about me, for my respect toward you won't change eternally." But he wanted to live freely in his life. So after seven or, eight years in the church, he began to think how to earn money for himself.

Such a temptation, you have to know. When you see the world, you are apt to think that it might be more free to live in the fallen world and worship Satan. Is that right?

To fight against Satan makes you suffer. And you want to get free instead, even under the dominion of Satan. Satan attacks us through the temptation in this way. Although Jesus had nothing for him then, he overcame the temptation of Satan. "You must worship the Creator. You have the sovereignty of this world, but all of you have to know God first." Jesus had no house and no land, however, he had such a strong faith in God that he was not defeated by Satan's temptation.

Then, Jesus restored the sovereignty by overcoming the three great temptations. The members of the Unification Church work so hard from the morning to the night, living a poor life, but the general people also strive very hard to gain their daily food. Though you witness the whole day, they have to work all through the year to live. With endeavor and hard work, they gradually gain promotion in the company or society. They will become a director, vice-president or secretary-general in the companies. When you hear the news of your schoolmates gaining high social status, you begin to think about yourself. "I have nothing except this dirty jumper. When witnessing, I always wear only this. One of my schoolmate bought a car already and he has a television, too. He must spend a wonderful life."

10. Laying A Foundation of Trust

You are overwhelmed by the Satanic dominion, and lose your view of value eventually. You are the person responsible for the salvation of fallen people, though they look more abundant than you physically. You must have confidence as the son of God that the general people will come to you someday to be saved. Although they rely on the material life now, they will surely ask you for salvation. Therefore, you have to deal with the general people with the dominion and authority of the son of God. Jesus could overcome the three great temptations. As a result, he could take the position of John the Baptist. Standing in the position of John the Baptist, he could start witnessing and perform miracles. In other words, he could lay the foundation of trust. Due to this foundation, Jesus could say to the people, courageously, "Believe me! You must believe me!" If you could lay this kind of foundation, you would speak to the people boldly. Because you believe in your subject, God, completely, you can say to the people to believe you. When you witness, you must have this absolute faith and confidence. "Believe me! Don't doubt what I say to you. It is quite true!" With strong confidence, you witness, based on the truth of the Principle. You should be such a missionary. Unless you have confidence as a missionary, people don't follow you. Their heart is not influenced by the powerless word. You should not be a mere guide. If you just explain the Principle to the people, you would be just a guide for them. Being a mere guide, you cannot revive the heart to follow your original mind. Therefore, don't be a mere guide! With the foundation of faith and confidence, you can witness the people saying, "Love me! Not for me, but for yourself."

The people who receive love feel debt to you. They do not know how to deal with it. When they didn't understand the true love, they could handle love freely. Rev. Moon also says that he feels debt most in his position. Because always members pay attention to him and pray for him even without sleeping. Therefore, if there is even one person who prays for Rev. Moon at the cost of his life, Rev. Moon can not sleep relaxed.

11. Concentration

Without experience, you cannot understand the heart of a central figure. The church director, who is responsible for about 20 members, should wake up early in the morning and sit up last at night to take care of the members. When the members come back home, he should listen to their report one by one. It is really hard work, isn't it? He also should do the general affairs. When a member comes back from fundraising, he should calculate and report it, sitting up late at night, though the members are sleeping. He should take responsibility not only for the external things but also for the internal things of the members. He also has to take care of them spiritually. Remember your parents. Imagine yourself being parents with many children. After all the children have gone to bed, the mother begins to prepare things for the next day and she is the last one to go to bed every night. True Parents' mission is to dominate all mankind heartistically. In order to do this he decided 120 places Holy grounds and visited 40 nations. His position is compared to a fisher man. When fishing, he leaves the fishing rod in the sea and, waits silently, but with much concentration. Externally looking, it seems to be very simple, but he cannot loose his concentration from the rod. When the cat catches the rat, she usually sits in front of the hole and waits silently. After 3 or 4 hours, the rat loses his power and comes out from the hole. In the hole, gradually, he loses his energy. So, all the cat needs is deep concentration. Then, the rat comes out from the hole by himself as if he wants to be captured.

This is also what you need as the faithful people. Rev. Moon grasps the heart of mankind as the central figure of the cosmos through concentration. But at the same time Rev. Moon carries the heaviest burden and suffers most as the central figure of the whole universe. Compared with Rev. Moon, you are much happier and more free. You can sleep when you want to, you can laugh as you want to, and you can avoid suffering if you don't want to face it. Even if you do so Heaven doesn't accuse you. You, who are under the dominion of Rev. Moon, are really happy people.

By overcoming the three great temptations, Jesus could indemnify the historical conditions of 6,000 years and could separate from Satan completely. He could restore the position of subject with whom people could have the relationship of Father and Son based on the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. He indemnified all the conditions for 4,000 years.

In this aspect. Jesus was Archangel Cain, Abel and the bridegroom. He had the mission of bridegroom. Therefore, the people who waited for the heavenly marriage all through their lives could stand in the position of bridegroom. Jesus had to stand on various positions such as Father and brother at the same time. He was a person of character. But you begin one by one. First, you can take the position of Archangel and fulfill that mission. You can fulfill the mission as brother or sister. And you can love your brothers and sisters with Parent's heart. You ca o e them gradual

12. Adam and Eve Problem

Now I want to talk about the Adam and Eve problem. To fulfill our mission we have to overcome this problem. For brother, if a woman begins to approach to you with affair of love, first you have to take care of her. Afterwards, you should educate her to have a higher view of value. As for a sister, if a man in the Archangel's position approaches you, you have to recreate him internally. They approach you with the Adam and Eve motivation. They don't come to you with pure love. They come from the Archangel's side. You cannot lay the foundation from the beginning. Therefore, sisters should think that it's natural for fallen men, but you should educate them to the true value of love. To pullout, original love from fallen people is the mission for the people who are aiming at the ideal world. Because you don't have experience, you cannot unite with your respectable person. At, the time of the Fall, Eve did not know what to do. When the Archangel appeared before her. If Eve had united with her heavenly partner, though she didn't have any experience, she would never have failed. Therefore, you have to think about whom you should unite with love. You should not relate with fallen love but you should be concerned with how to deal with love.

Man is unbelievable. Because man is in the Archangel's position. He sometimes does secret things. He keeps secrets from his parents and leaders. He does as he likes. Man is really a problem. According to the Fall of Man, the Archangel would not have fallen if the Messiah would have come. If you report your secrets to your Abel, you don't want to act by your free will. (Yet, if you still want to take your own way, it shows that your secrets develops within you, be cause you don't speak. Do you understand? When it develops within you and becomes higher, then it makes you commit sin. Because you cannot prevent yourself from committing sin. You cannot control yourself, so you have to report to the person who can control. You can tell everything to your spiritual father, or parents.

If you get a letter from the opposite sex, first you have to show it to your Abel. Through Abel, you can hear the contents of the letter. In this way, the personal relationship between you and the person cannot deepen horizontally. Then, including your Abel, you can develop the heavenly love between three people. You can explain to your guest that loving you means to love your Abel. You introduce your spiritual parents or your mother of faith to him. If the guest yearns for you very much, you suggest to him, "The reason why you yearn for me so much is because of my parents' love of me. You also report your love to the parents." You should let him do so regularly. He should not keep any secrets. And the other people also can suggest to him directly. You can educate hire like this.

First, he can report to your Abel through the person who received his letter. But after a certain period, he can come and report directly to your Abel. If he could establish this foundation with Abel, both of you will never fail. Absolutely not. You can examine by yourself whether this method is right or not. If Eve had. asked Adam, and Adam had asked God, they would not have failed. Think about it. Because the love of God is much more stronger than that of the Archangel's. You have to know your existence, and who you should center on. This is most important.

A missionary, was sent to the local area by the local director, and could contact deeply with the guests. When their relationship became deeper, he disappeared and left the church. A neighbor said that he disappeared with a woman. How do you think about it?

13. The Third Course

Eventually, the leaders of Judea disbelieved Jesus, and so did the disciples. So, he failed to establish the foundation of faith. First, John the Baptist disbelieved, and secondly, the Pharisees and Jesus Iscariot failed to believe. Therefore, the third course became the spiritual course. The foundation of faith, which was established by the 40-day fast of Jesus, was destroyed when Jesus was crucified on the cross and went into Satan's dominion. After the resurrection, Jesus had to establish the foundation of faith and foundation of substance within 40 days by visiting his disciples.

During the period of resurrection, Jesus appeared to Peter, and called him, 'Simon, the son of John', instead of 'Peter'. Resurrected Jesus asked Peter three times, "Simon, the son of John. Do you love the Lord?" He answered, "Yes, I love him." twice, but at the third time he was little worried and answered, "Lord knows. He knows me."

Peter realized that he had believed in God from his own position, but he existed not for his own sake. He had to find out that his position was for God, and he did. He understood that he was for God. Jesus taught him next that he would not be free but be dominated by God, and his whole body would belong to God completely that he would not be able to fasten the belt of his clothes by his own hands. Jesus reeducated him as a man of faith.

Jesus taught us the central point of being a faithful person. A faithful person doesn't exist for himself, but he should live only for God and should be dominated by God. You have to know this point, clearly, and have to resurrect it within yourself. Though Jesus was crucified, he was perfectly on God's side. And his resurrection was done by God. Jesus was completely dominated by God all through his life. Peter also followed God faithfully until he was also crucified.

Clarifying this point to the disciples, Jesus gathered them and established the foundation of substance, then ascended to Heaven. What he left was a spiritual nation without a substantial land. The second Israel became the spiritual race on the world-wide level.

Moses' course extended to the third course. The first and second course of Jesus failed and in the third course he established the foundation of substance centering on his resurrection.

Don't you have any questions?

14. Question: What is Internal Guidance?

Internal guidance is compared to breeding sheep. The mission of the Archangel is not give people internal guidance but to be the guide and conveyer of God's Word and information. Abel's position is to resurrect and educate people with parental heart, Unless you understand the 'Words' thoroughly, you can not guide people, internally.

You may think what to do. Let's study how Jesus did it. He had no teacher. Through the Word, you were taught the direction to go. As the direction is decided, God will dominate you, if you have the heartistic relationship with the brothers and sisters.

Suppose you don't have no leader in your pioneering area, or the local director is too busy to lead you internally, or you have, nobody to talk to, you had better consult with the person who takes the position of 'the mother of faith' for you.

Consult with them, in good or bad situation, and you will receive good guidance and suitable answers.

Because, you loose your direction when you become tired and meet spiritual darkness, however, consulting with brothers or sisters who are not in such a situation will bring you precious answers.

We can draw one example from Moses' course. As the Israelites danced worshipping the golden calf, Jehovah tried to destroy them. Moses persuaded God with supreme wisdom, so even God was surprised at it. We must not give joy to Satan by following his course. Similarly, when you meet difficulties, you can talk to other people. Some will say, "You should not do so. Church director will worry about you." or others will scold you, "You devoted to the church, through all your family was against you. You came with such determination. What are you doing now?"

Through the reaction to your problems, you can see who are positive or negative toward you.

In the midst of suffering, you cannot see your true aspect objectively. You don't know how people see you. The church director, local director, spiritual parent, and brothers and sisters can see you objectively.

If you don't have such a person, you have to grow by yourself. You can learn by standing in the position of servant foundation to be trusted by the other, and pray on that foundation, and God will answer you. God cannot but take such a person's prayer. Jesus took three persons to pray together, but they fell asleep. If they could have prayed with unity, Jesus would not have needed to shed blood to pray.

Therefore you have to love people. And then you have to pray for them. Love the not with conditional love, but from your original heart. Suppose you decide to witness to rich people in order to gain donations for managing the church, your motivation is wrong and this way of loving people is completely wrong. If you love and witness a person on condition that he has a special ability of printing or he is good at business, this love is not love. This is just the policy of how to utilize him effectively. So, love them unconditionally.

Next, you have to pray earnestly. You are protected by your love and prayer. This keeps you secure. Even God respects those who love men and pray for them. Though God wants us to fulfill our mission on the earth, if you don't care about the earthly things and concentrate on the spiritual things, spiritual world will come closer to you. It shows that you don't want to live on the earth anymore, though you have a physical body. In three years time, you will be sent to the spiritual world. It will be resolved as you want it.

To hate the earth means to die. Therefore, a faithful person must love the earth. Man is the reflection of God. You have to lead the fallen people crying for the loss of the substantial reflection of God. You should not think that they are Satan because of their disbelief in God.

If brothers and sisters can report and speak about the secrets to each other, though they are not so strong in believing God, God will pour His love out to that relationship. This is the love of the living God.

A member is persecuted and ignored by everybody. Nobody welcomes him and he doesn't bow to the members. The person who loved him treats him like a heretic. Then, he does not want to come to the church again. The general people welcome him, however. Therefore, he begins to return to the fallen world.

Your mind belongs to God. If you understand the truth thoroughly, you can understand the content of the providence, though when you don't want to fulfill your responsibility. The persons who are trusted by God can understand immediately. Therefore, he doesn't test God. There is no body except us who can build a new history. You have to know how much God expects of us. God has nobody except you to trust and rely on to fulfill his mission.

God always tries to recreate your personality. This is the love of God. So, He often teaches you through dreams. He educates you through them. First, God shows you through dreams but lie doesn't interfere directly from Heaven. It is necessary for a person to develop his personality in the human relationship. God cannot directly tell you, but through me. He talks to you, instead. From the father's position, sometimes He cannot say to you, but I, from the position of brother, can do it instead of Him. Therefore, when you meet brothers and sisters, you have to think that you are meeting God through them. Whisper to yourself, "Oh; I am meeting God now." And you can change your attitude toward them.

Seeing them as they are differs your motivation according to the Word and the way of thinking, our attitude can be changed.

See you have to realize that the fate of the nation has nobody except us. Only us! You should feel that the fate of the nation depends on us. So you should take responsibility in everything. When reading newspapers, you should read them with a sense of responsibility. In the paper, you see many articles, and you have to think about how God feels towards those things. You shed tears and worry about the fallen people, then you can influence Japanese people on this foundation. The people can realize that this organization is concerned about the future of Japan.

Rev. Moon predicted after giving blessing that the world would be like this or that. He said interesting things. After the blessing of the 36 couples, Rev. Moon said that a national problem would happen. Then actually the Korean War broke out. In our way there will happen many things, persecution and oppression, however, the more people hate us, the worse result they will gain.

The leaders of existing churches working in public office, are trying their best to prevent the development of the Unification Church. But strange to say, they are sent to a local area a certain period later. A week later, from when they persecuted us, they are sent somewhere. The people who sympathize with us come to the center of capital office and are promoted gradually.

Once they persecute us, the situation will surely become bad for them. If you are beaten and kicked out by the priests when witnessing to them, then they will be sent somewhere within six months.

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