Faith and Life

by Yo Han Lee

Faith and Life - Volume 3 [Part 2]

Yo Han Lee
October, 1977

12. Working without God

Since Jehovah was always with them, all what they had to do was just to believe in God and keep going for ward. When they faced the danger, they forgot Jehovah and thought horizontally what they could do by themselves. They were thinking as if they had walked there by them selves. Until then, they came centering on Jehovah. But they were thinking as if they had run out of Egypt by their own will. They reached there together with Jehovah and centering on Jehovah. Still they thought as if they themselves had come there, by themselves! We think we came to the Unification Church by ourselves. We think we went witnessing by ourselves. Without Jehovah, we worry, study and judge by our own wisdom. Therefore, we are against the condition. Then, our spirit becomes dark and we are troubled, and we are accused by Satan. We are very similar to the Israelites. It shows that we are surely the descendants of the archangel. We are always in debt. Even though they were faithless, God led them because of Moses who set up the foundation of faith. All the Egyptian chariots, following the Israelites were drowned. Looking at this scene, they were all glad. But they had no qualification to be glad. Because they had complained until then. They should have cried severely in regretting what they had done.

Reflecting their attitude towards Jehovah and their character which made them complain to Moses, they should not have been glad even though they were saved and their enemies defeated. They started dancing. Like children, we feel glad when we are glad and we feel uncomfortable when we are uncomfortable. We must be sad when we feel happy. It is true when we think about it. We don't understand. We can only understand and feel the visible thing.

The sad thing is a blessing. We must be responsible for the happy thing. If we are given. such a blessing and if we don't fulfill our responsibility, the blessing becomes nothing: The good thing may become a disaster and the bad thing may become a blessing. It's a, reality, Nevertheless, the Israelites became glad when they were saved, not thinking about what they had thought and done towards God a moment ago. We are very similar on this point because we are fallen men as were the Israelites.

13. Taking Responsibility, not Complaining

If they had started on the foundation of faith and substance centering on the murder, they would have reached Canaan in 21 days. The foundation of substance means to connect the hearts with a central figure. They arrived at Kadesh-barnea in 21 months. It was a course of complaints. He had chosen 12 spies from each tribe and had them spy on Canaan for 40 days. For 21 months there happened various affairs, they complained against the lack of water and food. The Israelites seem to be a very foolish race. Because we read the affairs continuously in the book, shortening the period. We think we would not have behaved like the Israelites if we had stood in the same position. But we will do the same thing. Think what we've done for 3 years, shortening the period. During these 3 years, how did we worry and how were we glad or thankful? If we think back over our course, shortening the time, then we'll know that we are the same race as the Israelites.

We are shown how to indemnify and discover ourselves through the course of the Israelites. This applies to our daily faithful life. If we don't take responsibility for what we have done in the past, we cannot grow spiritually. Then, God worries about it and He cannot forward His providence. God tested the Israelites three times so as to set up a stronger relationship, however, they failed three times. The Israelites should have not complained after the covenant shown by God through ten calamities. God guided them by performing the three miracles; dividing the Red Sea, providing manna and quail, and bringing forth water from the rock by striking it. Seeing these miracles,, they should have followed at the risk of their life, but, they, complained God could not lay the foundation with those who complained God so He prepared the Ten. Commandments for them. God could not trust them any more. The people of Israel lost their credibility toward God. They disbelieved God three times, then God concluded that it would be very difficult for them to succeed Their mission centering on Moses. God could not but shift His providence to the Second Israel.

14. Having Hostility to Evil

It is written in the Divine Principle that, a reason why God harden Pharaoh's heart was to unite the heart of the Israelites with God by showing God's sovereignty and power to them: It was a good opportunity for them to meet the living God. The another purpose was to subjugate Pharaoh. When leaving bad sovereignty, we should have hostility and keep it until we reach the goal. However, the Israelites for got this hostility and complained. Thinking about the severe persecution under bad sovereignty, they should have been thankful for their situation even when they felt hungry or met difficulties. If they had a strong hostility towards evil, they would not have complained: When Korea was under the control of the Japanese Government, thousands of Korean soldiers were frozen to death in the snows of Manchuria in war against Japan for the independence of Korea. They determined not to return to their home country unless the nation became independent. No matter how cold they felt, they fought for their nation at the cost of their life with strong patriotic heart and hostility against the enemy. They were genuine patriots. Therefore, the span of life as the faithful person depends on how strongly we have hostility against the enemy. We can compare the hostility to the power of a battery, which indicates how far the person can walk the path as the faithful person.

Therefore, having hostility becomes the most important thing for us. However hard the sufferings are, we must not loose the hostility. If we loose it, we suffer much from the surroundings. Many people dropped from the track of the faithful person because off their giving priority to the own situation (hunger, thirstiness, etc.) rather than faith. Those people did not know how bitter the spiritual hardships were. The Israel people under the status of slaves had been persecuted and experienced deeply the bitterness of spiritual hardships. God tried to form this in the hearts of the Israelites by showing them the ten calamities.

15. Revenge against Satan

We also suffered seriously from the contradiction of life, before the family. I guess that many young people who joined the Unification Church had tried to commit suicide. In Korea, many people were resurrected through the Divine Principle, they found God more pitiful than them, and determined to liberate God's resentment. You also walked the same way, didn't you? I think most of you gathering here had the experience of an attempted suicide. You once tried to commit suicide, however, you found out the only way to reverse history was by the Divine Principle This made you thirst for revenge against Satan and gave you energy to reach the goal this is not true, you could never listen to the Principle. Let's see Peter, for example. Because he didn't have strong hostility, he pleased himself seeing the miracles. He expected to become a high official or foreign minister by following his Master, Jesus. He was concerned only with his own benefit. This type of person cannot walk the way of faith. Absolutely not. We should get angry toward the circumstances of the fallen wold Many Satanic things are surrounding us to destroy it.

After gaining faith, your parents and relatives and especially Satan, who will take any chance to invade you, pay careful attention to you. They may say, "He brags about the Unification Church. Let us see what will happen in the future. Though he talks big, but in three years time They are waiting for our failure. Going through these struggles, how can we think about our own benefit? Unless we dominate all the races and nations and the whole world completely, we must not feel relieved. Never! Therefore, the hostility for us means the source of energy to attain the goal. If the Israelites had had hostility, they would not have longed for the life of Egypt, even facing starvation. When they became hungry, they yearned for the comfort able life of Egypt, remembering, "Today is the birthday of my friend. Though we were slaves, we used to bake bread or something nice on a birthday."

16. Patriotic and Official Spirit

After Japan capitulated unconditionally in World War II, the higher officials who didn't have hostility ate meat easily, though general soldiers could not eat even eggs. When they walked down the street wearing many medals, they were sometimes beaten by the common soldiers, who had just returned back from the frontline. They said, "You don't know the miserable life of people. You told a lie and cheated the people utilizing the military power." When being beaten by the soldiers, the high officials might have thought that the pre-war time was better. They were concerned only about themselves. If we have a strong patriotic and official spirit of the entire purpose, we cannot but become angry towards the unprincipled world. When I started as a pioneer missionary Korea, I could not have a Sunday service. People threw stones into the Church, because I did not have a sign to say it was a church. "You set up a church without a sign. Let's cast away the heretic! We cannot sleep because of singing. Go away!" Wherever I went, I received the same persecution. In 1954, 1 could set up a signboard finally, however, children came and took it away. So, every morning, we had to watch and guard the signboard to stop it being taken away. People and even relatives persecuted me. The class mates of the theological seminary laughed at me, "You said the Second Advent is a man? You went to see such a man?" They believed Jesus would come down from the cloud, I said he would come from a woman's womb. Some of them asked me on the street, "Rev. Moon is Jesus? No kidding! Explain the reason!" Many people gathered around us, and they pursued me more severely, "Hey, this guy says Jesus will be born as a man. How crazy he is! He witnesses only for himself." They humiliated me in public. If I had tried to escape, they would have struck me, but I stood be fore the masses with endurance. I was a member of the Presbyterian near Seoul station, and I met some of the leaders on the street by chance. They mocked me, "Hey, you, you are very smart, but why did you leave the Presbyterian Church? Has the Messiah come? If it's true, what do you want to be? His disciple? or King?" They, the earnest Presbyterians treated me as if I had become crazy, because I suddenly converted to something strange. So I kept silent in public.

17. Experiences in Korea

One day I went to a prayer meeting of the YMCA held on top of a mountain and I was surrounded by young people. "This man is John, who says the Messiah comes to Korea. Look everybody! This man! Let's ask him biblical proof of it." But nobody defeated me. They could not explain well, but they wanted to defeat me in biblical debate. Hundreds of people who- attended the prayer meeting gathered around us. I exclaimed, "If your explanation about the Bible is really right, logically, somebody can defeat me! If you can do it, then you have the right to strike and beat me. If you cannot, how do you get right to beat me?" Nobody wanted to have man-to-man debate against me.

Finally, an elder appeared and said, "Because of you, we cannot continue the prayer meeting. Please go away from here. We cannot pray, if you stay here." How did I feel at that moment? If I could preach then, the real faithful person would have listened to me earnestly. However, the elder said, "You are not responsible for this prayer meeting. Do not destroy our meeting! You are wrong! Please leave here!"

At the foot of the mountain, Rev. Moon rented the room of a farmer's house and pitched a tent to have a two-day prayer meeting on the same day. One hundred and fifty people attended and Rev. Moon spoke in the big tent. Then I appeared there and they became curious about me. They saw me, the Korean, as if I were a gentile. How I should express that feeling?

I reported what happened to Rev. Moon and he suggested to me to go to Seoul, but the policemen chased after us. As soon as we arrived in Seoul, the inspector from the police station tried to arrest us. The priests of the existing churches informed the police that we came from North Korea pretending to be Christians, and we were spies trying to destroy the churches in South Korea. So, the police looked for us and tried to arrest us. We hid ourselves in lodgings in Seoul. They sent policeman from Teagu who knew us well. They heard bad information about us from the priests in the existing churches. When I went back to Taegu, I was captured by them for seven days and was interrogated everyday about our ideology and what I spoke at Sunday service.

They asked many questions. I cannot describe my feeling how I felt there. I also determined to introduce this ideology to the established churches. Therefore, Rev. Moon also stresses to witness to Christians and the teachers of theological seminaries. "You have to visit 1,200 houses of elders, priests and Christians. Visit the established churches. Now it's our turn to attack them!" Therefore, people are afraid of the Unification Church and are against us. Because they persecuted us so much, they now have a guilty conscience for what they have done. Now we can say to them, "You have been misunderstanding us, you talked about us negatively to others. Did you ever listen to our ideology? You didn't. Then, why did you talk about us in such a way?" They are afraid of us, in Korea. Now is really our turn to attack them.

18. Reaching Out to Established Churches

They feel powerless towards us now. But we don't have the people who can explain the Bible faithfully to them. We need excellent missionaries. We are young physically and spiritually, and are ignorant about the Bible as we didn't receive an orthodox Christian education well. We don't know even where the Gospel of Matthew is in the Bible. But we studied the Principle directly, we cannot explain logically about the Bible when we have debate with the priests. We say, "The Lord of Second Advent is here in Korea." "Where and Who?" Then we cannot explain any further.

First we have to respond to their questions and guide them to the conclusion. However; we leapt to the conclusion immediately. We have to guide and arrange what they know already.

Witnessing also is to guide and teach how to have faith. "What do you think about this? How can the faithful person relate with God? Jesus directly communicated with God, but can we do that? Well, we cannot. but it is written in many parts of the Bible.

In this way, first you have to listen to them well and guide them until they have an interest in listening to us instead. But we, even if the first meeting, insist our ideology. The elders and priests of the established churches can't deal with the young members of the Unification Church. Within the Unification Church also, there aren't suitable members who can take care of the elders and priests of the existing churches. The only way left for us is to appeal with tears. Cry out before them, Heaven will show them something. This is the only method for us, as we don't have the ability to persuade them. Heaven helps us through your tears. You don't have any words to explain. Moses also had no words to persuade the Egyptians, however God helped him to perform miracles. All he had to do was just to go to Egypt. God supported him strongly from behind. Therefore, all we have to do is also go and witness. Then, heaven will take all the responsibility for the result.

Rev. Moon said, "Anyway, you have to go and witness. You cannot witness with your intellect. Therefore, go forward joyfully. Nobody can go, except you. You have to know the frustrated heart of God, who sent you for that responsibility. If you really know the suffering heart of God, you can go really joyfully f or Him,, So, you have to visit the churches and occupy them. Without sleeping, you have to pray all night for them." We pioneered in Korea like this, so through this pioneer witnessing we could gain strong hostility.

19. Nutrition for Your Spiritual Growth

If you want to strengthen your hostility, you should visit the most negative family against the Unification Church. Visiting positive, houses doesn't help you to become strong spiritually. Through the negative houses you can gain the nutrition for your spiritual growth.. To visit the negative houses and receive persecutions, then you can feel God's heart,' that God has been ignored like that. At that moment you feel the heart of the pioneer missionaries, who had been despised throughout history. So you can endure the persecution as a historical representative. he more you visit the persecutor's houses, the stronger hostility you can obtain against evil. The member with little hostility have to visit as often as possible.

Rev. Moon often said, "When you become down spiritually, go and witness to the priests in the existing churches." If you explain about the Bible principally to them, they will ignore you or kick you out. Then, your hostility will be strengthen. Once you. a re persecuted and are provoked to fight against them, you can determine strongly to fight against the enemy as the representative of the Unification Church. The hostility is life for us. If the Israelites had had hostility, they would never have complained and never looked back to life in Egypt, even when they were starving to death in the wilderness. Even if we don't have such an experience, but we have to know the things explained above through history. When you go for donations, if many people donate, you forget everything. You begin to think like this, "Everybody helps us, they are not our enemy, we are the same." You loose your fighting spirit against the enemy, then.

However, in Japan, the people of the Satanic world are gentlemen to you. They are well-educated and they live in a civilized area. But, you must not forget! Even if they seem to be very positive to us and our providence, they are actually living in a fallen civilization formed by Satan. in the course of restoration, we cannot avoid persecution, as we learned through the history of restoration. In order to indemnify fallen, history and liberate God's resentment, we must have- strong- enmity against Satan. But we don't realize it! You don't know what kind of feeling hostility is, do you? Probably, you don't know. Because you have not experienced persecution.

20. Never Forget The Way of Indemnity

The situation of the Unification Church in Japan and that of Korea is quite different. Here in Japan, the churches rent large houses and own cars. You travel all through Japan from Hokkaido to Kyushu for business. The life in the Unification Church seems to be far better than your own life before joining the family. Then you may think, "If I had not come to the Unification Church, I would never have been to Hokkaido or Kyushu on business. It's very nice to be a member of the Unification Church. This may be the better way to succeed in life." Actually you always use the cars easily. Now even the young people can rent two or three cars in a loan. So, you also rent a house for the activity.

You, young people, are enjoying yourself making some thing together. As for young people like you, gathering together to do something with cooperation always brings lots of joy. Even university students sometimes cooperate together to publish a news paper. So, you like to do the by yourselves and, you immediately accept the Unification Church and are moored in its activities quickly. But, you don't know which. way you are running. Are you running on the highway? Or the way of faith, or the way of indemnity? You don't know at all. Japanese brothers and sisters, you are running on the well-paved high-way easily now, but you leave the way of indemnity behind. You must go, over the hill of indemnity. You have to make this point clear. If you find out -the true way to go, you have to walk the way of indemnity. You must be strict in this point. Though you gain a little donation; 700 or 1,000 yen, you should feel the heart of God of 6,000 years within it. God hides the deeper contents in the sufferings, you have to find out through your own experiences.

21. The Result of Successful Foundations

As God wanted the Israel people to strengthen their hostility, He hardened Pharaoh's heart. In the first course, God laid the foundation of substance by Moses' committing murder, and in the second course he did it centering on three great miracles. Though the blood lineage was the same, because of the success of establishing the foundation of faith and substance, Moses could appear. From the blood lineage of Judea, the Messiah was born. And centering on the family of the Messiah, mankind should have redeemed the Satanic blood. If the couple who redeemed the original sin of Satanic lineage successfully, appear and bear true children, this will be the eternal lineage and the eternal sovereignty. We have the responsibility for this lineage. We can take part in God's providence. Joseph just took the responsibility partially, and Judea was the person who indemnified his part of blood lineage. The providence centering on Jacob was the providence to lay the foundation. Through the whole course of Jacob's family, history was indemnified. On that foundation God prepared Joseph. Through Joseph God testified that he had been seeking the person like Joseph to proceed His providence.

Jesus' Course

1. Family Background

The course centering on Jesus is the first worldwide course of restoration into Canaan. Jesus' course does not talk about the providence on the family level. After leaving his family, he preached the principle to John the Baptist, however, he should have started from his own family. John's family, Mary, and Mary's brothers should have formed the family centering on Jesus.

As Jacob gained the position of Israel by the help of Rachael's brothers, Jesus also should have set up the foundation of faith, and foundation of substance in the family, but he failed. The relationship between Jesus and his family (Joseph, his brothers, and Mary) was very delicate. In his family Jesus was so pessimistic, with nobody to talk to. Jesus never knew the love of a family. As Jesus was born before marriage, Mary always felt diffidence towards Joseph. She could not stand on the wife's position. Mary was ignored by her family and relatives. She was in such a position. As the communication between husband and wife was so, Jesus was like a servant. He did laundry, kitchen, bringing water. Sometimes, he went to the next town and discussed the Old Testament with the priests from Jerusalem. His family accused and persecuted him saying, "He doesn't take responsibility for the domestic work." He was brought up like an orphan by his family.

If he didn't work from the morning to the night, he could not eat. He was brought up in such sad circumstances. He could not talk to his family. As he grew up being ignored by his family, he could not talk about his secret. His mother bore Jesus motivated by the revelation in God's providence, however, she didn't learn from Jesus after his birth. Though her motivation was right, because of the poor life and complicated human relationship in the family, Mary took her own way without asking Jesus. She spent her family life carelessly.

After the failure in his family, he had hope in the family of John the Baptist. If Mary and Mary's sister had believed in Jesus, Jesus could have controlled John the Baptist on their foundation of faith. Then, Jesus could not but meet John without foundation. It was dangerous. Because Jesus was not accepted by his family, and moreover by John's mother: Though John received the revelation from the spirit world to accept Jesus, as he knew the delicate situation of Jesus' family, he didn't realize the true meaning of his mission.

The person who is loved by God, sometimes takes an unbelievable attitude. Though Messiah is loved by God, he does not show it and takes the unbelievable position. Because man should be more humble than him in order to find out the secret of Messiah and take it as his own. Jesus hid his mission towards John the Baptist specially, because John was a strong faithful person. The stronger faith the man has, the deeper secret Messiah hides from him.

2. Parallels in Korea

Rev. Moon one time visited the group, which stood in the position of John the Baptist. One man, the most earnest Christian in Korea, knew that God proceeded the providence of restoration. He also realized that the cause of the fall of man was the relationship between man and woman, but he did not know the deep content. Therefore, he deserted his wife, and testified that man had to receive marriage from God. He was born 5 or 6 years earlier than Rev. Moon. As John the Baptist testified the appearance of Jesus, the spiritualists of that group must have testified the revelation from Heaven.

When Rev. Moon went to see this man, named Mr. Kim, the disciples of him, the spiritualists were told from Heaven that they had to serve Rev. Moon, because God loved him. One famous disciple of him came to see Rev. Moon and taught us the secret that they had to serve Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon's prayer moved their emotion deeper than Mr. Kim's prayer, and his message made them cry. His words had strong spiritual power. Then, all the disciples testified that Rev. Moon was loved by God more than Mr. Kim.

Mr. Kim was a rich man and had many followers, on the contrary Rev. Moon had just come back from Japan and was employed by an electric company. Rev. Moon did not speak what he was doing even to his family. Because his family only thought that he was their son or brother. Therefore, it was very difficult to witness to them. When you go back home, you are treated as their brothers or sons. In this situation, we can hardly speak about God's word. If a mother just sits down and has the acceptable attitude to listen to what her children want to say, there is hope. Unless a mother gets rid of the first motivation that she raised up and gave milk to her children, she cannot receive the word. This is why it is difficult to witness to our family.

Therefore, you had better not witness by yourself. You can send your most closest friend to your family. Then, your family respect your friend. On that foundation, you can speak the word. Emotion flows from the upper part to the lower part like water. You cannot make it flow in reverse order. Life also flows in this manner.

"You have to pray! Pray to find out the mission of Messiah.", Rev. Moon said to us. "May we pray like that?", we were surprised. For nobody prayed like that. When the followers of existing churches asked Rev. Moon, he said to them, "Through your prayer, you can ask God which church God loves most." They became surprised. You had better listen to God. You can ask God of all the denominations, which denomination he loves most. God will answer you!

3. Finding the Right Position

When John the Baptist baptized Jesus, he testified Jesus as the beloved son of God. But he did not know the difference between the mission of Jesus and his own. Therefore, he put himself in the same position as Jesus. Mr. Kim, though he lived together with Rev. Moon for six months, did not know Rev. Moon's position and always stood in Rev. Moon's position, so Rev. Moon left him.

Though his master came, he did not give his seat to him. He had many disciples such as congressmen, and professors. Rev. Moon was 25 or 26 years old at that time, but he was 32. As he educated his disciples by himself, it was very difficult for him to follow the younger Rev. Moon, as his leader. He understood the ability of Rev. Moon at a glance. You also understand, don't you? When you meet a faithful person, you can understand the contents of that person by intuition. Once you talk, then you can understand what kind of person he is. Therefore, Mr. Kim realized that Rev. Moon had the different contents to him.

Then, you can find out by yourself. You can find out whether he had the contents or not. You can humbly ask about yourself and your mission. "I think that my mission is like this. How do you think about it?" If he answers with deeper comprehension than you, then you can understand that he is greater than you. "He knows me very well, though I don't know about him." Then you can understand your position immediately.

Therefore, Jesus kept silent with John the Baptist. Jesus did not say, "I am the Messiah, so you have to follow me. In order to receive me, you have suffered so much." He just kept silence.

Mr. Pak, the priest of existing churches with millions of followers, said that good spirit men push him not to speak but to listen to Mr. Lee. Then, I spoke to him about the fall of man and the principle of restoration. Through the principle of restoration, I taught him how spirit men worked with him. I explained clearly about resurrection and spirit world. But he kept silent. Finally, he said to Rev. Moon, "Your mission takes seven years now. Unless you catch followers, your church will scatter." We stopped to witness to him, then.

The famous spiritualist, who spent 50 or 60 years in training, knew our true value. He received the revelation from Heaven that the most loved person of Heaven would come to him. Then, he told his disciples not to eat breakfast that morning in order to give it first to us. They were Buddhists. When Rev. Moon and I went there, they were waiting for us without eating breakfast. Usually they gave the meal to the older people first, but that morning they served us first. Because God told him to do so. The purpose of the revelation was to show them the person whom they had to follow, however, they did not do anything further than giving us the meal first. They kept silent, after that. They did not take any further responsibility. Heaven just told them to give the first meal, and they did. Heaven told them not to eat, and they didn't. That's all. They always relied upon the spirit world. They did not accomplish their responsibility.

Heaven also told John the Baptist that Jesus was the Messiah. When Jesus appeared, John thought if Jesus was greater than him, then he was the Messiah. As John had been thinking that Messiah was behind him and he came to straighten the way for Messiah, he wanted to serve Jesus if Jesus was greater than him. Unless we serve, we cannot find out our responsibility. Whoever devotes for the whole good is a precious person.

You have to respect the person who works for the whole, though he doesn't belong to you. You should not discriminate against other organizations. In any organization the person who cries for the whole is a respectable person. Because he takes that responsibility instead of you. You have to be thankful and people with the same mission should respect each other.

4. John's Mission

John the Baptist did not change his attitude toward Jesus, so finally he was put into prison and was beheaded. He sent his disciples to Jesus to ask the mission of Jesus. Jesus asked, "The poor listened to the Gospel, and the sick were healed." It was a quite unexpected answer to John. He asked the mission of Jesus, but Jesus answered in that way.

Without understanding the heart of Jesus and Heaven, it was very difficult to catch the deep meaning. Jesus meant that John should have done these things instead of Jesus, but he disbelieved. Jesus lost John, the faithful person.

The mission of John the Baptist was the personage in the position of 'restored Adam', who had to have the responsibility for all mankind. He should have fulfilled Cain's mission, and at the same time he had to have Abel's heart. Therefore, he should have accomplished the missions of Archangel, child and parent at the same time. Blowing the trumpet was not enough. He should have followed Jesus, his subject to follow, then his mission would not have failed. We also have to take the mission of archangel, blowing the trumpet earnestly, and have to achieve the mission of parent being familiar with the people of outside. This is our mission.

By accomplishing these missions, we have to establish the foundation of substance. After establishing the foundation as parents, we can obey True Parents. Without standing in the parents' position, we cannot follow True Parents. Therefore, when serving God, first you have to be served and admired by others. Unless you are served by people, you cannot serve God. This is out of question.

As the position of John the Baptist was Cain's position, he had to serve Messiah. The foundation to obey (serve) Messiah was to fulfill the mission of unfallen Adam and Eve. If John the Baptist subjugated Satan, he would have indemnified Moses' failure of striking the rock two times and breaking the tablets, and Jesus would never have met Satan.

Jesus could not stand on the Archangel's position, and he had to witness by himself. Because of this, he had to take the position of Cain, and had to serve others. Jesus would have taken the responsibility for the sin of Adam and Eve, and established the position of Parents. Jesus had to make the people believe that He came from Heaven as Messiah.

Jesus should have built the family and should have taken the position of True Parents.

5. Why Was Jesus Tempted?

We did not come from Heaven. But Jesus came from Heaven. Jesus could not but come down to the position of Archangel, but we, from the birth, are in the position of Archangel. So we have to come up to the position of Cain and Abel. As Cain, we should serve the church leader. Witnessing means to fulfill the mission of Archangel by bringing people who stand in Cain's position. Without restoring Cain, we cannot stand in Abel's position. After listening to the Principle, first we have to come back to the position of Archangel to restore Cain, then we can take Abel's position. This is the legitimate order for the members to go.

Jesus was pulled down from his position. Who pulled down? Satan did. It was a logical question. Why was God's son drawn down by Satan? Why did Jesus have to go to the wilderness and be tempted by Satan? Why was Jesus controlled by Satan, though there was no relationship between them? These have been the questions so far. The people of existing churches don't know the contents of Jesus' course. During Jesus' three years public ministry, Satan never bowed down to him. Without understanding the Principle, they cannot solve the secret of these questions, mentioned above. Jesus did a 40 day fast instead of John the Baptist. John had to prevent Satan from approaching Jesus, but he failed and Satan directly appeared to Jesus. Therefore, Jesus had to pay historical indemnity by doing a 40 day fast. The failure of Moses' striking the rock and breaking the tablets and the disbelief of John brought tests to Jesus. These were the three great temptations by Satan. Satan knew the purpose and secret of Jesus. So, we must discover Jesus' secret through these temptations.

Rev. Moon discovered the Divine Principle by observing Satan. By facing directly, lie found out the fall of man and the situation of Adam and Eve. Like an inspector, Rev. Moon pressed Satan with questions. Satan's reaction to his questions told Rev. Moon clearly that the fall must have been the problem between man and woman. With this conclusion, Rev. Moon parleyed with Jesus and Heavenly Father. After finding out all the truth of the Principle, he parleyed in the spiritual world. At first, the whole spiritual world denied him saying that he was a heretic. All people even Buddha and Jesus called him a 'heretic'. Rev. Moon explained the new truth that the priests of existing churches had never mentioned before. However, Jesus still called him a heretic. And even God denied him completely. Rev. Moon was deserted by the whole cosmos. Yet, he explained with all his might, "Yes! This is right. Man could not fall except for this reason. God deserted us because of this fact." Everybody, including Satan and the priests in the spiritual world laughed at Rev. Moon. Though Rev. Moon stood in the most miserable position, being deserted and denied by the Creator, he explained boldly. And finally, God affirmed. "Yes, it is true." Then, everybody bowed his head to Rev. Moon

According to the Principle, if people don't help Rev. Moon, they will be accused by Heaven. Therefore, you have to pray. You can ask to the spiritualists what is the mission of Rev. Moon.

Rev. Moon struggled for 14 years to find out the 'Fall of Man'. Unless he discovered the secrets of the Fall of Man, the Principle would never have come out. Therefore, you feel Satan is working within you, you have to know the cause. "Oh, then ....I didn't know that! Thank you Satan, for showing me this." Satan made you aware of what you didn't know before. We have to thank Satan, then. Satan never hated us. Because we have the Satanic part, Satan begins to have give and take action with that part. If we give back the Satanic things to Satan with gratitude, and afterward Satan tries to help us necessarily.

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