Faith and Life

by Yo Han Lee

Faith And Life - Volume 2 [Part 2]

Yo Han Lee
September, 1977

8. The Search for Abel

God looks for the Abel -- the one who can take God's position, share His responsibilities, and serve. God searches through the lineage for that serving person who will follow God's command no matter what. Someone who will believe in the unbelievable.

There are people who will try to believe in the unbelievable. They possess a superior type of emotion. Those who show an interest and curiosity in the unbelievable have a different type of emotion through their ancestry.

To believe in the things that are believable is to comprehend things only from one's own viewpoint, not from God's. Therefore, God separated Abel and Cain through lineage, through the heart.

Abel, considering his lineage as condition, was chosen as the person of faith. If we go deep enough into Jacob's course, we'll find that it has the same heart as the course of Abel.

Jacob was quite an internal person, standing in the position of parents by lineage, and was living with the full responsibility of the family. Esau was always out hunting in the mountains. Because Jacob had the internal heart through lineage, his offering, too, was internal.

When we look at the fact of God's choosing Abel as the central person of faith, we may think that it was God's plan from the beginning, but if we look at it from the viewpoint of emotion, it wasn't God who decided, but it was Abel who was responsible for it. Because God dealt with man through his emotion, God can never carry out His dispensation if there is no mutual standard of the heart. If we look at it from the principle that God works through the mutual standard of the heart, or the spirit, God chose Abel as the central figure because Abel had the internal condition of heart to receive God's blessing.

Why did God not bless Cain? Because God can form reciprocal relationship with only the most superior (in heart) of the family. Therefore, no matter how much God wanted to bless Cain, He couldn't because Abel had the reciprocal (mutual) standard.

If Cain, the eldest of the family, was blessed, then of course there would have been no problem in that family. But since Abel, the younger brother was blessed, Cain did not know what to do. This created the problem.

God cannot work His dispensation with the leader of the world as the representative of history. It must be someone who is cast away, and has no relationship with the evil sovereignty. He cannot be someone who is loved by this world.

But why, in case of Abraham, was he called by God while he was loved so much by Terah? Well, he was loved by his father, but he had quite a lot of animosity toward his father's job. Moses was the same way. Though he was in quite a glorious position, internally he had strong repulsion toward it all and instead had deep love for the Israelites.

It is difficult to control one's own emotions when, as in the case of Abel and Cain, both have prepared the offering with the same amount of care, but only the offering of the other person is accepted and, contrary to your expectation, your own is not. Often this is a difficult problem for us, but what we have to do is to fulfill our responsibility as Cain.

Of course Abel did not have anything to be so proud of, but he was to symbolize the side of God through his lineage. If it had been Cain who was chosen, he would have worked more in the parents' position in that family. Therefore, the main problem is how to handle your emotions in such circumstances. Cain does not know the contents of the providence of restoration, nor the way in which he can get rid of his fallen nature. He simply wants to be with God, but he doesn't know what position he is in, with what responsibilities, and what he should do about it.

Cain did not know what to do about the decreased love he felt after Abel was blessed. The only thing he knew was that Abel accomplished what he was out to do. That Abel was closer to God. But actually, if he knew that much, then he should have known what to do. Shall I love ...or shall I hate; shall I kill...or shall I follow? He knew this. He knew that he shouldn't hold negative feelings toward the one whom God loves. He knew God would say, "Why are you feeling unpleasant? Don't you see that if you feel that way, you'll only accomplish Satan's desires, only Satan's purpose?"

But from Cain's position, he was a little vague about just how much Satan rejoices when he feels such unpleasant feelings. He did not know that the negative condition he was setting up against his younger brother was only making Satan happy.

If he knew, he would be able to return without much difficulty. But Cain spent this time holding this grudge; he was with his unpleasant feeling. And this unpleasant feeling became the seed, and grew into sin. It made Cain kill Abel. But didn't Cain's parents know about his feelings? Did Cain go to confess to and discuss with someone, somewhere, his unpleasant feelings, his sufferings?

Man, when he is in some unprincipled condition, will search for someone, who will form reciprocal relationship with him. Just as you suffer when you have a disease, you will also suffer when you think in an unprincipled way. If one doesn't have such a reciprocal relationship, he feels spiritual sufferings.

Therefore if one is feeling unpleasant, he looks for someone who will acknowledge and accept this. So who did Cain go and search for. Didn't he go to his mother? And maybe he told her the motivation and the contents of his unpleasant feelings.

But, if at this time his mother reprimanded him and said, "You should not fight about who is in the position of the older brother ...if you feel unpleasant towards your younger brother who is in God's position, you're being disrespectful to God ..." and refused to become involved in his problem, then Cain would have had no one to share and multiply his problem with. He would have kept his sufferings to himself, and it would have made it difficult for him to put it into action.

Since Adam and Eve and Abel were all in Abel's position, Cain could do nothing by himself. This situation of Adam's Family is not written in the Bible nor in the Divine Principle. It is when we look into Jacob's Family that we can find this secret. We understand a little about the secrets of Adam's Family for the first time when we look into Jacob's Family.

9. Mother-Son Cooperation

In the Bible, it tells of how Jacob went to receive the blessing in cooperation with his mother, with the lentil pottage, and how he was hated by Esau and had to flee. When we see this, we can see the contents, or the causes, of Abel in Adam's Family. We can understand the causes through the results. There is nothing in the Bible written about mothers, but after Adam's family, we see repeated patterns of mother-son cooperation. Noah had a very noble wife. Abraham, too, had a wife very famous for her faith, without whom Abraham could have never been Abraham. As we can see in the Bible; Abraham's wife was taken by the king of the gentiles but when she returned, she returned with many riches. It was so with Rebecca, wife of Isaac, mother of Jacob. It was the same with Moses' mother and Mary, mother of Jesus.

God cannot carry out His dispensation without women in the center, and central figures who had lost their woman cannot stand in front of God.

In the end, Jesus too, could not gain Eve and was crucified. If Mary had been one with Jesus until the end, risking her own life for him, he would not have been doubted by the people. Even if many young girls came to wash Jesus' feet or clothes, no one would have thought it suspicious if his mother had been with him.

Perhaps Cain, with his displeasure, went to discuss and complain to his mother, and kept on multiplying his negative feelings. In the Bible, nothing is written about how Cain handled it, but complaint will grow only if give and take occurs with someone. It will diminish with time if one keeps it just to oneself.

No matter how much complaint one may have, it'll not grow in power without give and take in the subjective position; it will eventually diminish.

Therefore, we can imagine that there was someone with whom Cain had give and take. After killing Abel, all the relatives said: "Kill Cain", and tried to kill him. Cain, at that time prayed in repentance to God, and after this, God wrote a sign "Do not kill him" on his back.

We are much more developed than Cain, more logical, more intelligent than him. We are a little different from him.

This is because we know that we always exist as the desire of our subject. We always have a subject with whom we can discuss our problems. Therefore, we never need to suffer because of our displeasure. Personal suffering takes away much from one's spirit, but public sufferings gives much power spiritually. Because suffering for the sake of the public, the more one gains power spiritually, till there is always more on reserve. Private suffering gains no power from the subject. And since one's own reserve is low, all of the reserve is dissipated when one complains.

10. Judging Good and Evil

With what do we judge Good and Evil? This can be done when we see whether our desires are centered on ourselves or not. Therefore, you must always check to see on whom your desires are centered. Otherwise, you may think: I am me, myself and I. That is not the attitude of a believer. A person of faith knows and recognizes that he is the object of the Absolute One. He knows just whose object he is, like a married woman does ...just as one cannot do as one pleases once one is married. It is no exaggeration to say that one must go down a great and lonely hill of death if one fails to make one's desires and feelings pass through the subject, because this will make the object himself the cause, and this will trap him.

Therefore, Cain did not have any way to go. He should have discussed it with Abel. But since he had strong displeasure toward Abel, he did not have anywhere to go. He could never go to his father, so he couldn't help but go to his mother.

In our case, even if we were in disharmony with our immediate leader, we can go to other leaders, we have many leaders. We have many ways to escape. But Cain had only Abel, and no other. With frustration and anger, he kept on having give and take with Satan till he killed Abel.

Here, we must learn that when we are joyful or sorrowful, or when we are laughing ...we must think on whom are we centering our emotion, our heart?

Abel's position was decided by God, so neither Abel nor Cain should have had any unpleasant feeling about this. They should have been friendly toward each other. They both had one purpose in giving the offering; they shouldn't have any problems. They should have talked about what Abel should have done for Cain's situation, what responsibilities Abel should have taken. Abel was in a position of having God's blessing, so Cain became lonely. Abel must worry in Cain's situation, and must repent toward Cain, "Brother Cain, I really thought you'd be blessed first. But what can we say about what God has done? I really am sorry, I don't know how to face you, etc. Of course it was God who gave me the blessing, but I am younger, brother Cain, so just what shall I do about this? I'll have to pray to God about it so please wait..."

In this way, if Abel had deep understanding of Cain's position, with genuine emotion, pain for Cain, Cain cannot keep his unpleasant feelings for long. The reason for this is that younger brother, in understanding Cain's position more, and by trying to actualize Cain's heart (feelings) in himself, would have made Cain say, "It's O.K. Just think what would have happened if neither one of us had received the blessing. As long as one of us from our family is blessed, does it really matter who it was? I can bear it, so let's just let God handle the rest." Maybe Cain would have thought wisely in this kind of way.

Thus, when the one who is in Abel's position emotionally shares the situation of Cain, wisdom like this will always spring up. And maybe Cain would have said, "Let's rejoice that at least one of us received the blessing. What would happen if both of us failed? It's good that at least someone from our family could stand in front of God. I will endure, not as the elder brother, but in the position of the providence. So don't you worry." In this way, Abel could have instead controlled Cain.

But in Abel's position, he couldn't sympathize and share the situation of Cain, so they couldn't have give and take.

When you come to your own father after having heard the Divine Principle, after you have received more spiritual stimulation about your fellow men, about your own nation than your own father, then you should feel "Oh how much I've been a burden to you! And how hard you had to work to keep us living..." If you come to him with tears, then he cannot remain cold to you. Instead he'll say, "My son has never been like this before he joined the Church. It must be due to the good education he has received in the Unification Church." In this way the parents can get the right influence, and they must come to feel that though they've raised the children, they weren't able to give you much spiritual influence, but now the church leader has helped you become an established personality. They must become grateful to the Unification Church.

Inside each 'thank you' should be with tears of gratefulness, yet those who have no tears will one day experience a terrible time. Between Cain and Abel, there is a reason why Cain, in his lonesome position, had difficulty in discussing his problem with his younger brother. Abel was not in Abel's position internally, yet he felt, "Oh I'm blessed. I'm successful. I'm in God's position'..." Therefore, we can say that the responsibility of Cain being unable to have give and take with Abel is partly that of Abel. And it is for the purpose of having harmonious human relationship that Abel was set up. Cain, in a position where he must get rid of his fallen nature, had only Abel to go within this course of restoration.

11. Going through Others

In all the theologies of past and present, there was never this idea of going through just one person. And even we tend not to take it so seriously; we don't think of it as our own life.

You treat the Principle or the Absolute God with respect. But how much respect do you have for someone immediately beside you? If you cannot see each other, as absolute, then we can never have a reciprocal relationship with the Absolute God. Many believers will talk about the Word or God, but when asked about the Abel that each one must go through, they simply do no know.

God's providence is an absolute course that must go through an Abel in order to overcome Satan, but most people do not follow the Abel as their Absolute one. So there have been some who gave their lives for the great men of history, but only Jesus gave his life for the sinners. That is the true spirit of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we can say that we must go through each other. You must go through Abel, and when you are Abel, you must go through Cain.

The love that comes from God must revolve in full harmony through three points. God's love must come to you after going through an Abel, then to others through me. In this way God's love must go through three points in order to exist. The foundation for existence means you and me and another person. That is absolute, and there cannot be any absolute without the three. There cannot be any absolute without Abel, and no absolute without Cain. Therefore, there must be myself, you and another. Without these three points, there cannot be any way to come into a relationship with the Absolute God.

For this reason, if the relationship between you and me is connected with the Word, then God will dwell with us.

It is the Principle to go through an Abel in order to be rid of our fallen nature. Dominion comes through one man, not two or three. First through Adam, then Eve, then it multiplies. Thus, the way of life is always one way. Even when twins are born, they are born one at a time. And the way of death must be gone through be one. The archangel went the way in reverse course. This course of the archangel vas not centered on God, but he instead became the cause. He went through Eve, and using Eve, he went through Adam, finally to come back to himself. He did this with no connection to God. Therefore, Cain, on the side of the archangel, must always go through Abel on the side of God, and be dominated by the side of God. This is the reverse course to get rid of fallen nature.

We must not be children adapted for this world. Everything is in reverse in the providence of restoration. We believe in things that are unbelievable to the people of this world. The Self must die; we are not here to live, and it's only natural that we deny everything.

The archangel did not go through God. He didn't have God's position as his center. He didn't have God as the mediator. He was not dominated by God, was not loved by God, nor was he able to reach God. So if we are believers, we know who we must go through.

12. The Closest to God

We should know what is God and what is Evil-and which is closer to God. It is God's responsibility of 6,000 years to let us know this. God gave us Noah, Jacob, Abraham, and Moses with the Ten Commandments. Unity must be achieved with the person most responsible for the economy, or the one who takes the most responsibility and gives most consideration for the family.

In the Church, it may not necessarily be the church leader who gives the most responsible consideration toward the church. But a person who will shed tears for the providence of restoration must be found.

As history testifies, it is not the church leader who is in the position of God most, or has emotional give and take. The church leader, with the job of the servant, is complimented by everyone, and is paid. He's become more like a businessman than a religious man-treating his job like a business. And many times he is not the lord of heart (love).

I'm talking about the present day priests and ministers. When we invite these ministers to come to us, they say, "Oh, the Divine Principle's all right. But the Presbyterian Church will kick us out, and that's what we fear. What'll I receive coming to the Unification Church if you'll be responsible for my keeping my position as a minister, and for the well-being of my family."

This is a ridiculous story! Who do they think they are to be paid for going the way they must go? They were going the way of death and destruction. They must ask themselves if their family has been approved and blessed by God; Whether they themselves and their families have been approved by God and appointed to do His work. Without knowing this, it makes no sense to talk about being paid.

Also the Local District Leaders of the Unification Church, even if you are blessed, are only in the position of the Local Leader. If a Local Leader had a spiritual distance from others, then he is handling his mission only as a job.

It is not how much salary one brings that determines whether one is the master of a family or not. But it is the son of the family who really shares the situation of that family. He becomes the mainstream family member, just like the master of the family, and understands the sufferings and hopes of the parents in God's. position. It is God's responsibility to make the way for us to go.

13. The Way for You to Go

Abel was the gateway for his family, so Cain must go through Abel, Adam must go through Cain, and Eve must go through Adam. And only Satan would not be able to enter that gateway.

Thus a foundation of faith was to be established to make the sphere of dominion centered on God. And the horizontal feelings, connected, were to be the base for the foundation of substance. Japan has been through the times to establish her foundation of faith and her foundation of substance, and the 777 blessing families were to become the base to be connected to the True Parents. Their positions are those of archangel's, Cain's and Abel's. In these families the emotional (heart-centered) way in which we must go is to be pioneered. So their mission has to be in the archangel's, Cain's or in Abel's positions. Now we are accomplishing the missions of these three positions all at once ...

You are the archangel, and Cain, and Abel. And all this together must be done in super high speed. In three years, we must do what took 6,000 years to do.

Therefore, in the next 3 years, we must fulfill the position of the archangel, the mission of the servant, serving and following Abel, loving and caring for our spiritual children, loving Abel and giving respect ... these are the positions we are fulfilling all at once.

But there are some who are just happy to remain in the archangel's position. Some are just complaining in Cain's position ...trying to keep their dominion over Abel. There are only a few who will ever reach Abel's position.

If a church has three members in the position of Abel, then that church can be very active and grow. But there are too many archangels and truly many who keep on complaining in their faith. But there are few who'll lead people in Abel's position, in the position of the priest to take away the fallen nature.

Abel's position was not to be hindered by anything. He was to know only God's Will. We simply do not have many such people. Jesus gave himself as an offering throughout his entire life.

We must go quickly from the position of Cain to the position of Abel, and internally possess parent's heart and externally be in archangel's position. We are learning the situation of parents, so internally we must know parents and we must be restored from the position of the archangel, externally. Since we're learning the real situation of parents, we must know that life starts from here and ends here. Each of you must know well just where you belong in Adam's Family. Are you now in the position of the good archangel, or Cain, or Abel? You must know this well. If you knew about the Family of Adam, but did not know your own position where you belonged in that family, then you can be totally confused, not knowing what to do in your life of faith. We can really expand, our influence in the world if we would only indemnify our own course of restoration in Adam's Family.

14. Nothing Exists without the Family

Rev. Moon always emphasizes that, "I would never exist without the family; the society, nation or the world would not exist without the family." The religions up until now had not taken the family so seriously, but after the discovery of the four-position foundation, we began to place importance on the family.

Therefore, life in the Church is one family centered on the Word, and we must reflect and observe just how much that family has established the heart-centered foundation. If you came in through an Abel, you should only have one Abel, and the Abels of others are not your Abel. You have only one Abel to go through.

The causes (motivation) that we mutually possess differ. When a baby is born, he comes through one mother. In the same way we must find the course where we must be born into the heaven's sphere of dominion, and treat it most preciously. We must make it our life. This is the family problem. Thus, by making the foundation of faith centered on Abel and making the foundation of substance next, the foundation of parents of faith, that is the foundation for the messiah, can be built.

John the Baptist blew the trumpet, but he had to stand in front of the congregation, the people he had organized, in the position of parents, and he had to unite with the Messiah.

The archangel did not carry out the mission of parents. The reason for this is because he did not know Abel. Which means he did not know the position of Jesus, the position of the Messiah ...and did not follow him.

We need not worry about the external things so much just work on your personality centered on the family, on the Word, and just have the warm feeling, the deep emotionality, the intimate connection with others ...that's all you need. Therefore, the purpose of our work is to see just how much depth we achieve together emotionally. The purpose of work is not work itself. Therefore, when you go fundraising, that is not its purpose. The problem is how we persevere no matter how much bitterness can we have for the purpose of history, inside our heart. We go to search for this bitterness, this grudge. To find out just what kind of bitterness God had toward what kind of men, we go out witnessing. Through this we become brothers in bitterness, God's bitterness. We must know that there is just too much bitterness. And any of you who do not feel animosity aroused in learning about this bitterness should not be going this way, because you'd be only trying to understand things with your own intelligence, logically or psychologically, externally in the archangel's way. Thus you must really feel hostility toward sin. You must be persons who always have the fighting spirit, the hostility inside your heart, and it must be such that some little incident will start you crying with tears. Rev. Moon also said that we must hide the bitterness, the sadness of God inside so that some little thing will provoke its explosion.

Walking alone, you would not talk about your sadness, it cannot be discussed with anyone. And when you're witnessing you must know just how much the enemy has got you surrounded. The same can be said for brothers and sisters ...

We must know that those who are going this way of the Principle without fully comprehending the Divine Principle will someday become an enemy of God. These people will someday come to have a different purpose than the rest of us. Peter said he'd risk his life for Jesus without knowing just what he had said. But in the end, we saw that he had a different purpose. Therefore, Rev. Moon said that Church members who do not know the Principle will one day become his enemies.

The problems are how do we come to know the Principle, what connections do we have, just how are we going to digest our own position in the Principle, and just how are we going to acquire our ability to control, etc.

Unless such things are clear within a person, we can see that there is a possibility that someday his own thinking, his self-will, selfishness, will dominate him, and he'll become selfish from his own standpoint. This can be seen by observing him and his emotional relationships.

Whether it is the relationship of the husband and wife, or that of the family, if there is more than one possessing the relationship, then the life of that family will become shortened. So just how much consciousness do we have about the Cain and Abel thought, and just how much connection exists heartistically between brothers and sisters who have strong hostilities toward our enemy? This is the course to restore from Satan all the way back to God, and all around us exist enemies. There is nobody that will help. Cain and Abel can easily become enemies. They were both the same thing with the same purpose, but only one was blessed for his offering. When the other did not support, then there was a great amount of animosity built up. One may even kill. This is history. This also is the way we have been going. We are going in our mission quite happily, but if one of us comes to be in the position to be loved by God, how joyfully can we, others follow inside? Maybe it is us, family members of the Church, who can become enemies easily. We must reflect and repent on this point. The problem is how we give and take with the Principle, how we digest it, and with whom do we digest it. It is dangerous to digest it all by yourself. Digest it with the Abel. But which Abel? Cain's original heart was directed toward separation from his fallen parents and going back toward God, restoring to God, but he didn't have enough hostility toward Evil, toward Sin. Because he didn't have hostility toward Evil, he had unpleasant feelings and maybe he complained to his mother and others who had to come to God through Cain. Cain went toward God, but since he complained about the person he was to follow, those who had to follow Cain, couldn't do so any more. If you complain to those who must follow you, they may think its natural. If give and take and discussion is not done towards God's dispensation, it is because there isn't enough hostility (toward sin).

15. Actualizing Adam's Family

The Israelites, having been released from the dominion of Pharaoh, crossed the Red Sea and began to long for their life back in Egypt, and they desired to eat meat again, out of hunger. But if they had had strong animosity toward Evil, they would have felt that even if they died out of hunger, it would have been better than going back to ruin under the evil sovereign. They should have been thankful for being able to escape the Evil sovereignty, but they asked for, were longing to be eating the food of, wearing the clothes of, and living again in the evil dominion. They had come out with their emotional attachment still given to the evil dominion.

We believers must clarify this point. The world and myself, myself and myself (myself that has resurrected through the Word; and myself before receiving the Word must be clearly separated) must be sanctified, and I must fight with my old self as my enemy, with much hostility.

That was the heart that Cain should have had. But instead of getting rid of his fallen nature, he brought out his fallen nature even more. Instead of indemnifying, he set up more conditions that had to be indemnified. We too, born in this most precious time, have the possibility of creating such problems in the dispensation, if we do not fulfill our important responsibility. The family problem is the most important.

Therefore, when Rev. Moon was living by himself, he was centered on the Church, and he was living together with the brothers and sisters. But when he is with his family, he is centered on the family, and he lets the President of the Church handle everything. The President of the Church had to go away from the position of the archangel, and had to emotionally connect with members in the position of a parent. In this way, that responsibility becomes ours.

When Rev. Moon gives blessings to many couples, then that is the time when everyone must be responsible in Abel's position. But since we could not fulfill Abel's position before, we must fulfill the mission of the archangel, Cain and Abel in these three years. Then, we can perfect the ideal family of that foundation.

Ordinary families do not make such an emotional base first, so they have fights and emotional collisions between the husband and the wife. If there is no attraction toward the vertical connection, the spirit to live for others (for the public), for the purpose of existence, then there is the danger of disharmony between the husband and wife.

How can we know Adam's Family? By each one of us actualizing heartistically Adam's Family's foundation for existence, and by each one of us indemnifying it as members of Adam's Family. It is a course each one of us must go through with full responsibility.

That is why Rev. Moon emphasized that we must understand and actualize Adam's Family, emotionally and spiritually to the greatest degree possible.

Noah's Family

1. Historical Position

Satan came to completely control mankind at the second generation, centering on Cain and Abel, after the fall of Adam and Eve. God could not work His providence on this family any more because of the internal problem and externally because of Abel's murder. Consequently a period was needed to sanctify the lineage. There was a 1,600 year period to sanctify, to solve the family problem. This 1,600 year period corresponds to the number 4. This equals a 400 year period or a 40 year period. 1,600 years later, Noah, the tenth generation, was elected as a man of faith for the providence. Adam and Eve lost the growth period on the family level that should have been passed by them together. So God worked His providence on the tenth generation. If a certain condition failed and was invaded by Satan, there always needs to be a period to separate from Satan.

Noah was chosen as Father of Faith as well as a representative of Adam's family. A condition to be chosen was that he was a righteous man of that day. He had a heart that could correspond to God's providence. Internally he was ready to accept God's call and numerically he had the family members that could represent Adam's family.

2. Symbolic Restoration

He had a condition that he himself had to build an ark. At the time of Moses, God Himself made the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments the first time. But for the second time Moses himself had to make them and bring them to the top of the mountain. God created the universe as a Creator and worked His providence centering on Adam. But everything fell into Satan's dominion because of Adam's fall. Therefore man had not only to liberate himself from Satan but also to save his family and all things. Since man fell, he is responsible to restore everything.

The ark symbolized the three stages of the new world that included all things, centering God's Word. We can find the number 12, the 120 year period in the providence of Noah's family. This seems to be unbelievably long for us. We can't tell whether 1,600 year was counted with taking 12 months as a year. We can't say it was as long as mathematically counted. But it is enough if we can understand that a period to sanctify was placed between God and Satan. The 120 year period corresponds to the three stage period of growth. We learn that this period of 120 years, the number 12 was a period to set the foundation of faith.

3. Family Foundation of Faith

The reason why it took 120 years is that all Noah's family had to set the foundation of faith centering on Noah. Whatever happened in future, this relationship should not have been lost. We can understand this to see that God tested Ham later whether he had this relationship with Noah or not, to have him see Noah sleeping uncovered. So, we can say that the 120 year period was necessary to set up a strong relationship between God and Noah, and Noah and his family members.

Noah passed 120 years to complete the conditional object and 8 n-embers were separated from Satan by 40 day period of flood judgement. This separation was done by faith. Noah could receive the benefit of lineage through Abel's foundation of faith that was heartistically successful. Noah's faith make it possible to build an unbelievable ark for 120 years on Abel's merit.

Noah and his family worked together to fulfill the condition. Noah's sons had to inherit Noah's internal faith for this period. As God's responsibility, He separated them from Satan for the 40 day period centering on Noah's faith.

The number 4 is the number to separate from Satan, centering on a four position foundation. Noah sent the raven from the ark 40 days after the flood judgement. This meant that they lived with archangel together in the Garden of Eden. Satan could not find his object, and so he kept flying to look for his object. Noah sent the doves three times. This dove symbolized a spirit body. Adam had to grow to have a divine spirit. Therefore, three doves meant a dove of a foundation period, that of a growth period, and that of a perfection period. God showed the principle symbolically through three doves that He fulfill the purpose of creation through one man, Adam.

This symbolic providence tried to show the principle. The second dove came back with an olive leaf. This indicated the second dove's position; The growth period is a period of engagement and a sphere of reservation. If this was a prediction for the second Adam, Jesus to be crucified as a result, Jesus' crucifixion would become God's predestination. But this doesn't predict the happenings after the fall but shows the way which Adam should walk from the viewpoint of the principle of creation. They spent forty days as a condition centering on the ark. The central figure was decided and the relationship between God and Noah became completely separated from Satan.

4. Family Foundation of Substance

Next, the foundation of substance, a mission of Cain and Abel, the children's responsibility had to be fulfilled as man's responsibility. After they set up the foundation of substance to remove fallen nature, they could stand on the position which was separated from Satan and had nothing to do with Satan. It is true that they set up the condition of faith vertically. They kept God's order and had been loyal and filial in heart. Vertically 8 members became one centering on Noah. So as a next step, an examination to see if they could keep the same attitude horizontally that they had on the vertical level. This examination was to check the relationship between Abel and God or between Abel and Satan.

There is no conditional period for the foundation of substance, but the period exists on the foundation of substance, too. The direction of Ham's heart when he looked at Noah's nakedness was the same as that of Cain's heart when he looked at Abel being blessed by God. There was a standard of respecting Noah among Noah's family at least on the horizontal level. The test was whether they could keep the standard of respect toward Noah when Noah showed another aspect that he had never shown before. This was a period to separate the emotion. God and Satan examined how Ham set up the emotional condition. They set a chance to see Ham's heartistic manifestation, whether it was really God's or not.

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