Faith and Life

by Yo Han Lee

Faith And Life - Volume 1 [Part 2]

Yo Han Lee
May, 1977

13. Cain and Abel

Unless you have determined the heartistic position between Cain and Abel among the brothers and sisters of the church, you will suffer. This is true not only in this church, but also in a family outside the church. Unless the relationship is clear, society becomes spiritually dark. It is better to have your Cain/Abel relationship decided very clearly; that is to say, the relationship between church director and the position of the church director implies the archangel. Because the archangel stole the word of God from Adam and Eve, in the process of restoration, he must transfer them to the sons and daughters of God. It is the position of the archangel to teach and give the Word.

Our purpose is to give you some testimonies of our experiences; to support and help you take the responsibility of the age. Then, the subject is no longer us, but you Japanese brothers and sisters.

The church director is also in the same position as he went to the place assigned for the people there; his position is the mediator or the servant. Therefore, he must encourage the members to become more dutiful than himself. This is his responsibility. Archangel is in the position to respect and serve Adam and Eve as God's children.

In Korea also, church directors often educate and lead their members in their own ways and order them or get angry at them. But in this way, they hinder their member's way and cannot grow themselves either.

In the Old Testament Age, God served man in the position of servant. Jesus did not live on earth as an only Son. He was in the position of the Son of God in the internal value, still He pursued the mission of the servant in the practical life. He was the servant and He was in the position of John the Baptist when he transferred the Word to the people. John the Baptist was in the position of the archangel. Then Jesus served as the archangel in reality for three years, even if he had the internal content of the Messiah sent by God. Afterward, he should have been able to take the people to the position of the sons and daughters of God. He could stand for the first time in the position of the Messiah. The same things applies in the case of the church director. He must take the role of the archangel for some period necessary, maybe three years or seven years. During that period he has to gain 12 children who are more dutiful than himself. Then, the question occurs whether he is to be in the position of the Son of God. In other words, unless you accomplish the mission of the archangel in the position of servant in real life and in the position of parent having the vertical connection with God in the spiritual life, you cannot go back to your original position.

Since it was by the fall that man fell away from the son's position with the archangel, it is the way of restoration that he should go back to the son's position through service in the archangel position.

The position of Cain and Abel is very flexible. For example, when you go witnessing your physical body becomes Abel, because your spirit cannot go anywhere out your physical body. Then, the mind is not always Abel. The relationship is determined according to the job or mission. In the church, sometimes, the person who is responsible for the economy becomes Abel and sometimes the preacher is Abel. At home also, the person who is responsible for the matter is Abel. Then you must be humble to Abel and serve gladly and comfort him when someone also is in the position. You cannot consider yourself always superior to others. According to the respective job, the central figure must suffer in the position of Abel. The peace exists there. However, if someone thinks he should always be Abel, the whole church must suffer and the family as well.

Therefore, you can learn clearly what is your position if you understand the above. Then you can comprehend automatically the position of others also. When you insist on your own opinion, saying "I go my way," this is resistance, not obedience.

The difficulty is that you must consult with your Abel about your secrets of faith. This is the main point. As it is the central position, your mind is never in the mood to do so. Before you meet your Abel, you determine to talk frankly to him about your family problem, your internal problems of life and the contents of your faith. But once you meet him, you cannot speak so well. You often come back home without telling anything important. It means you have lost your position.

Then you try to pray by yourself in troubles. But God cannot accept such a prayer. If you speak to God without going through your brothers and sisters, especially your Abel on the earth, even if you tell God about the secrets which only you know, God cannot listen to you. Then you get into much trouble. In this case, the church director must open the door of your mind.

There are two types of people; one type to whom people want to reveal their secrets and the other type is the one to whom people do not want to reveal anything.

As, for our Master, as soon as someone meets Him, they begin to confess the secrets which had been hidden all their lives. No matter what their religion is; Christian, Buddhist, Confucian, etc., they immediately start to tell everything to our Master. He has the power to make people reveal their deep secrets.

14. Get Anxious About People

In the world, many people are anxious about their own living condition; but there are very few people who are anxious about people. I can recognize the one who suffers for the family, cries for the race or makes effort for the people. Unfortunately, I cannot meet such a person often. Therefore, such a person is very precious and necessary. You cannot lose him even at the risk of your life. The church director is supposed to be such a person. Unless he sheds tears for the people he is responsible and has a connection with, he is not qualified to pray for the place assigned. From the viewpoint of heart, he cannot pray for the area unless he has a heartistic relationship with the people.

We have to be concerned about the people whom we associate with; pour our concern for the people we know. Unless you can do this, how can you pour your heart toward the unknown people? You can never do it. Your emotion cannot move or function without the reciprocal function.

When you notice some points that you can advise or correct, among the people you are witnessing to and associating with, you should pray about those points. When you have something to say, try not to point this out, but first of all, pray about it. You should try to tell the person as little as possible.

For whom does the devoted member devote himself? The kitchen members must pray as they cook meals for the people who are going to eat the meals. While you cook, you should pour your heart to the people who will eat the food -say, two or four people - then, pray abstractly about the race of heaven. Such a meal, then, becomes very delicious and joyful.

You may feel the difference between someone you have prayed for and someone you have not prayed for. The church director may be able to get acquainted with his members' situations and conditions up to around 20 or 30 people. He must report to God about their contents in detail and pour his heart to them, their family and even their relatives. Eventually, they want to come to the church. They find the person who has been praying for them even while they did not notice and they now want to speak to him about anything in their life.

The church director must offer such people to God; then, he can pray for the area assigned. For example, I go to a given city and meet a person named Nakamura. I pray for him and shed tears for his circumstances; he becomes the first offering in the city. Then, 1 can make it the condition that 1 prayed for the whole population of the city from eyes of God.

Without such a concrete condition, even if you pray, "I come to witness to this city, please lead the people and take care of them," God can do nothing even though He truly wants to help even before you ask.

Then You must comprehend heartistically the members' situations and report them to God concretely.

Church directors should pray with the members as soon as they come to the center. They should then reveal their internal secrets to the church director. This is very important. The director must not lose the chance. Once the member tells his internal problems to the director, he feels very comfortable. The director then must report the member to God at once. Then the member can gain Cod's power and redetermine himself. Thus, God ran work directly through that member.

15. One Person Can Make God Prosperous

The existence of a person really raises God's hope. God regards you not only as a person, but also as the whole population of the world. Then. unless you give all your loyalty to God in such a position, you cannot meet God. How does God regard the sufferings and situations of the three billion people in the world today'.' We sec the number of people from man's viewpoint, but God sees only Adam's family: that is, there is only Adam and Eve on the earth. God sees only Adam and Five. Then. He doesn't think there arc many people in the world. As the main stream is flowing centered on fallen nature. God considers as Adam and Eve whomever He sees. When He finds a person who knows this reality and sheds tears praying in the historical and providential contexts as the representative of the whole world.

God feels joyful and tries to forget the sadness which He has ever experienced.

Thus, a person can make God prosperous and cheerful. When you go witnessing in the countryside, God regards you as the representative of all ancestors, past and present, in spirit world of that area. You should never forget this position. But it is very hard to remember and keep the position because you don't see the position from God's viewpoint.

16. Your Own Suffering

Many people complain about the church director not being subjective. When you went to talk to him and you can't , then you go home. You may talk with your brothers and liters about the difficult points that you were unable to talk about with your director. When you talk horizontally to your brothers about your internal suffering, Satan takes that condition. You must hold the problem in you with God.

Anyone is useful even someone with only a primary school education or a servant. But you are apt to think you are useless as a man of faith because you cannot solve even your own problems and you tend to underestimate yourself. You may find a person struggling more than you. You can share your experiences and solve his struggling by saying, "I could overcome the problem you are struggling with." Thus, you can lead him to the church. And by watching him solve his suffering and problems, you will appreciate your own suffering and the fact you were able to help someone else at the same time.

If you lead a few people to rebirth your own problems are automatically solved by God.

17. God's Direct Dominion

It is very hard for a man to talk about his own problem or his nature. It is also hard for you to discuss this person's problems with him. It is easier if he has a trinity. You should relate his problems to the person closest to him, preferably his trinity leader' saying "he is like this or like that, but this is not good for him. He must change in this way..." The trinity leader must then advise this person directly. There is no free choice in this matter. Then God may intervene directly through the trinity leader.

So, you cannot go the way of faith by yourself. You may have too many secrets when you go alone. When a spiritual mediator prays alone and communicates with spirit world, God does not tell him directly and plainly; but reveals to him symbolically. Receiving the symbolic revelation, he tries to interpret it in his own way. This only results in bad consequences.

The spiritual mediators are specially apt to be self righteous. The mediator's purpose is to be a speaker for those who have not communicated with spirit world. His mission is to give personal testimony of his experiences. However, he is inclined to be joyful in communication with the spirit world and look down on to others. This is completely against God's will.

18. Reversed Dominion III

Satan invades you through the gate of complaint, anxiety, anger and short temper. The Bible warns you to be in peace, appreciation, loyalty, fidelity, sincerity and humility - not to be angry. In order to remove your fallen nature you must separate yourself from those with whom you are connected and the position in which you use your emotion.

You can't use your emotion in your way, but in two ways -for God or for Satan. You have only two choices. When your emotion is within God's standpoint, you feel peaceful, not self-conscious and joyfully grateful even if you're persecuted. You can smile even when someone gets angry at you. Then, he gets more mad and enraged because he takes up the anger that was even in you. For example, someone has ten units of complaint or anger and I have five units of them. When the other person gets mad at me, if I can keep smiling at him instead of becoming angry, then he takes upon himself my anger, aiding it on to his own, thus carrying the weight of 15 units of anger.

If you feel angry at him at the same level he is, you share your anger with him and a fight occurs which may last for some time. When you, a man of faith, complain and get angry, you automatically come into Satanic dominion, together with him. If you endure and remain patient and smiling, he must take over your Satanic side and pay indemnity. Then an angry man might fight with another angry man. On the contrary, a humble person never fights with an angry man. Therefore, sometimes a person who often used to strike people before the family, might have to be hit in the family by a stronger member to pay indemnity.

19. The Original Nature

The fallen nature of stubbornness is the opposite of our original nature's loyalty. But if a stubborn person comes to believe in God, he becomes a very loyal man of faith. Saint Paul used to be such a tenacious person. Thus, even fallen nature turns into original nature when the standpoint is reversed. You should not be so quick to regard yourself as evil because you have much fallen nature. If you use your fallen nature properly, it can be just as valuable as your original nature. Conversely, when your original nature is misused and leaves its original position it becomes sin. Therefore, a sin doesn't exist essentially. Then when do we call something a "sin"? This "something" causes Satan to work through us. This is why we can liquidate all sins through Jesus. Even if we express anger and rage because of Jesus or even kill people to accomplish Jesus' desire, it is not a sin at all. Trained men and faithful men may pray desperately enough to have blisters on their knees or go without meals or sleep, but they can never grasp their Satanic nature. It means to change the original nature that bore the fruits of evil because of Satan, to the original nature which bears the holy fruits because of God. Then, once you acquire faith, you come to have a higher and more public purpose. Examples of this are being more anxious about your family than yourself or caring more about the nation than your own family. After you have faith in God, the level and standard of your heart becomes higher than before as you shed tears for others. Finally, you love others more than your self, and the history and the future more than the people of the present. You will even love the heavenly purpose of creation more than the most wonderful thing you can find on the earth.

You shouldn't worry too much about your sinfulness, weaknesses and faults. We should carry God's anxiety and worry instead. As long as we live and eat only for God, our heart will become His Heart. We should realize we have entered a new realm separate from Satan's dominion. If you think you're in the same position you were in before, even a long life of faith will not change you. Even as the Bible says, "Your faith has helped you," so will your faith make it possible to fulfill your desire. It is important to know to whom you belong - to yourself or to God. You must see your emotions as God's emotions. People in the existing churches don't know this and so they pray, "I'm so sinful.

Save me from sin." They should know they are originally God's children.

20 To Serve

When you were called and excited by the Divine Principle, from the viewpoint of heart you were in the position of a newborn baby. Then from the beginning in the church, without knowing your position as a newborn baby, you might have come to find God and be happy knowing Him as your Father, saying "Father, Father," Truthfully, it requires much responsibility and many indemnity conditions to be able to call Him, "Father." Because of this, you might feel you would do any kind of work at all in the church, which means you would put yourself in the servant's position.

Parents want to serve their children through any means. This kind of heart is the servant's heart. The heart that move you to do good to those under you and give them joy is the heart which parents have toward their children. So too, you would want to humble yourself in this way. Once you are aware of your sinful nature, you find that the relationship between spiritual parent and child is the same as that between Cain and Abel. In the parent's position you may sometimes have to scold your child instead of welcoming him with a smile.

To serve your spiritual parent and God means to accomplish your responsibility for God's will. Serving is not doing something for your superiors or God. On the contrary serving means that a person in God's position brings himself down to earth to fulfill the purpose of creation. This is the original meaning of service which God desires. In the world of heart, nobody wants to be dominated on the horizontal level by another person. All men want to follow God directly in a vertical relationship, even fallen man. It is the most joyful thing for you to bear the necessary fruits that grow your heart. In this case, parents would prefer to see their children praised by people in society rather than have their children give them praise or materials things at home.

As for spiritual parents, when our spiritual children become church directors before we do, we feel joyful that we could bring a person to God who could show much loyalty and closeness more than we. But you would feel ashamed to have children who have not done much for God yet, while you have become a church director. It is the hope of parents to see their children become more famous than they are. When you need someone who came to the church after you, and who has some glorious work for God, you gladly regard him as your elder brother in faith. Though Cain was born as the first son, Abel was the first blessed to go back to God. In this case, a person in Cain's position who was "passed by" doesn't have to serve the person in Abel's position in the strict sense, but regard him as someone very precious to God. So also, the person who came later to the church should look at the one before him as his elder brother who led him to the faith. It doesn't mean you have to consult and receive guidance from this elder brother, but rather that you speak with him about what you are doing to comfort him.

Again, to serve means to bear fruits in the form of results for the purpose of God's creation. Therefore, serving means to go beyond position. Yet, even though this is true, the ones who led you to the family might feel lonely when they see you pass by without any acknowledgement from you. It is certainly good that you are accomplishing God's will, but still they might feel abandoned somehow if you have no relationship with them. From God's point of view, if you make someone feel lonely it's an evil condition for Satan to invade. You should write to them sometimes and comfort them. They will be so grateful and feel you did not take them for granted.

21. Spiritual Thirst

In the beginning of our life of faith we gladly work for God, but after that we may not grow spiritually. There are two reasons for this. First, the problem may be with your central figure. For instance, if a church director is anxious for results but does not have this anxiousness as an original subject, he can destroy a man's heart with his attitude. When you can't keep the same heartistic relationship with your subject as you experienced in the beginning, your faith declines. If you can maintain a foundation of unity with your church director on the heartistic level, you will be able to have 50 members in your church, but if you don't have more than 50 member it's because you haven't multiplied your heartistic foundation. The heart is compared to the root of the tree. Though the root is invisible, the wider and deeper the root is, the more the tree grows. From my experience, if you , as a church director succeed in having three members who have the same heartistic standard of faith as you, you can easily increase your membership to 30. If you unite with 12 members heartistically, you can gain 120 members automatically. Unless you have a heartistic relationship with three core members, you can never have more than 30 people. What is worse is to have members who were once united begin to leave. All members and even spiritual directors have a spiritual thirst. Sometimes a church director might feel no joy in seeing his members visit his church and just think, "Oh, here they come again," The situation is completely opposite to what it was in the beginning. This is a critical time for your spirit.

The second reason you may not be growing spiritually is that you yourself aren't setting indemnity conditions. The problem lies with you, not the center director. Unless your attitude toward God progresses after a while, you can't grow in your faith. We always have to set conditions in some ways and progress. Otherwise we are apt to have "faith by habit" after a long time in the family. The church director should watch each member and talk to him about internal things. After the director comes closer to him the member might begin to say, "I don't think I can keep this life of faith much longer..." He will become concerned about his situation and confess unconsciously that he should get some kind of indemnity condition. When a person who has already set indemnity conditions and walked the life of faith hears this he can see very clearly what the member should do. Even the member can figure it out by himself.

When you joined the family for the first time, you did it by paying a heavy indemnity condition, that is, the condition of devoting yourself completely to the church. Still maybe in one or seven months, your mind changed from the mind you had in the beginning when you joined. It was not as serious. On the condition that you gave up all worldly things - your parents, family, vocation - when you joined, you could retain a standard of spirit for some time. But now after some time has passed, your condition is determined by your success in accomplishing the purpose for which you gave up all those things. The important thing is what you overcome and what result you brought in. Unless you have such things to bring before God, your faith will decline gradually.

22. The Result

When we hear the word "result" we immediately think about an external thing. Actually, the problem is an internal one. Some of you worry saying, "I've been in the family for four years but I have no spiritual children as a result of my witnessing. I taught many people the Divine Principle but no one joined at all." This is wrong. The external result of gaining members is brought by the merit of your ancestors not by your own ability. You merely convey the message to the people. What is called "result" is what you have remaining in your mind after you convey the message in place of your ancestors. You must not only fulfill the role of trumpet, but you must also bear fruits in yourself as the player of the trumpet. The problem is the contents of the fruits. A person who brings in many members dons not always grow spiritually. Even if a person can witness so well that many people join the family, his own mind may become empty. No matter how many people join the family in this way, we can hardly stand in front of God. What finally happened to Moses, even though he could take 600,000 people out of Egypt. He could perform miracles such as separating the Red Sea, but still he couldn't enter into Canaan. The works Moses performed were not doer by Mows himself but by the power of God. In another example, the apostle Paul was a famous preacher. Still, his missionary work was not done by Paul himself', but by God through Paul. However hard he worked for mission, unless Paul gained something in his own mind, everything would come to naught. It is the same for us. We are not working just for an external result. The reason our faith weakens is because we work for the external result instead of feeling joy through what we received internally. eventually, our hearts become hollow. Therefore. the central figure should not push members to work for the external result only - as in setting up a church or bringing in members. The church director must become acquainted with members personally. He must check whether each one if joyful and if each one can turn his external Joy into internal food to digest. We should not be happy just because a large number of people gather at one of our rallies and are amazed at what we can do. That kind of happiness has nothing to do with internal growth.

The external result that comes about is not because of us, but because the heavenly time has come on earth by the power of God. It is not because of us, but because Father's word has the explosive power of an atomic bomb no matter where it is set. Another reason we get such a large external result is because spirit men were mobilized by heaven to bring many people to one place. When we see such a magnificent sight, we must realize something internally. If we become businesslike looking for quick returns in our witnessing, we'll become empty spiritually. Furthermore, if we continue to live in such a situation over a period of time, we will completely destroy our spirit and lose the power to do anything.

23. To Practice

If someone orders you to do something you don't want to do, but you do it anyway, you will surely gain something from it after, God will never force us to do something or sacrifice us without giving us something in return. At the same time He is using us. He gives us something and makes a living give-and take action with us. Therefore, the martyrs had such a relationship with God even as they were being killed. So, they died without feeling suffering even though they were in the midst of suffering.

You might have a new member who doesn't even know about God, work hard doing God's will and after that he'll tell you he has such a wonderful feeling but he doesn't understand what it is. This is because he is unconsciously dominated by someone good.

An any situation, unless you move according to your heart you will gain nothing. For instance, if you eat your meal reluctantly saying, "I'm not so hungry but I'd rather eat now or I'll he hungry tomorrow," the food won't be digested well. It's the same with your faith. If you follow the church reluctantly saying, "I joined this church and even gave up my parents, but if I were to go home now, I'd be ashamed, I have no alternative but to stay with this church," your faith is in critical condition. In such a case you had better take some time to rest and reflect on your internal position.

24. The Problem of Adam and Eve

Even though a person may be strong and gifted in accomplishing the purpose of his life of faith, he can lose his vertical connection because of horizontal emotion. In the beginning when you joined, you were so eager. You would rush to the center as soon as you finished your meal at home. You wanted to work under your church director and follow any orders from him. This is like the time of restoring through indemnity the Old Testament Age in which people followed closely the orders of the priest. But after this you may go through a period when you are not willing to go to the church and follow the orders of the church director. During this period, you're apt to fell closer to brothers and sisters in a horizontal way. Then unless you have a strong vertical heart, your emotions will flow horizontally and brothers and sisters will come closer. Since this problem is necessary as an indemnity condition for spiritual growth, no one can judge it as wrong automatically. This phenomenon is inevitable in the course of restoration.

If you struggle about this problem, talk to your church director and tell him everything about it. It's absolutely not advisable to talk about this problem horizontally with other brothers and sisters. A church director must be able to control this kind of horizontal love by standing between the two people and connecting both of their emotions with God. You will face the time when your emotions will flow strongly in a horizontal way. You must know before hand how to control it vertically. The problem of love is an indemnity condition because it was the cause of the fall. Then, we must go over this action of the fall. When it happens, we have to grab that point where we can change the emotional, horizontal flow into the vertical flow.

The emotion is the flow. Love flows wherever a reciprocal relationship is made. When you witness to a person you never met before and begin to have a connection with him, for instance, in speaking with him all day, he might become your central concern and you'll wait for him and think about him, rather than your work or anything else you're doing. Then your emotions are flowing to him. In this case the leaders must be able to connect the emotions of their members with themselves, who are in the central position. But of course they can't always stop what they're doing to help. Then you should be able to control your love. You must have the ability to perceive whether the love m yours or not. When you long for something, you must check whether you are longing for it or God is longing for it Don't think of it as your own feelings and don't connect these things with yourself.

It's good to talk about these things with your church director or state leader because they are not directly involved with your problem and can see the situation more objectively to give you advice and guidance as to whether you are right or wrong. In the case where the church director has this problem of love, you as members, must pray for him in groups of two or three and report to his Abel or state leader by mail, telephone or by meeting him.

25. Solve Your Problems Within Three Hours

In Korea, when we have some problems and suffer an emotional collapse, we call it a "wrinkle." Just as you have to iron your clothes after you wash them, you have to iron out your "wrinkles" in one day. This means that when negative feelings influence you and you can feel your mind "shrinking" because of it, you have to iron it out before you go to sleep. If you pass the night in that same state of mind, you can hardly iron out the "wrinkle" the next day. It's the same thing as not being able to make your clothes smooth after you ironed them carelessly. If you still have your "wrinkle" after three hours have passed, Satan invades and accuses you. Once you do something wrong, Satan comes to accuse you in time periods of three: three hours, three days, three months.

What you have to do in such a case is find the cause of the "wrinkle." This means resolving the cause that brought about a wrong relationship with others. You must talk to the person directly with whom you are having the problem or else include your church director in your speaking with him. When you have a problem with someone and feel badly about it, you should resolve it and forget it immediately by shaking hands and smiling. Small things often become a big problem after some time, so a man of faith must be aware and careful of this point.

26. Regard Small Things As Heaven And Earth

Abraham had the major difficulties of sacrificing Isaac and having his descendents suffer and toil for 400 years because he did not cut a small pigeon in the first sacrifice. In the same way we will have much difficulty in our life and take the wrong direction if we lay the condition of complanning about trivial things. Such small complaints can prevent people from going to the church. Those who stop going to the church do so not because they found the Divine Principle was wrong but because they didn't like some person or couldn't have good relationships with the other members. It's obvious the Divine Principle must be more valuable when compared with such a relationship with others. Still, such a small problem can make many members give up the church, and thus, destroy their whole lives. Therefore, the important thing is to take small matters completely seriously. When True Father watches a leaf falling down from a tree blown by the wind, He takes it seriously and tries to find out what God wants to teach Him through that falling leaf. Although we become serious over things that look very important, usually we find nothing serious there at all. God hides important secrets where we tend to overlook them in situations that don't appear as life and death. Therefore, it's a serious thing to hold off until tomorrow what our internal, confused mind experienced today instead of solving the problem before we go to sleep. The more time passes, the more effort and time it will take to resolve the problem.

27. One Who Returns

It takes a certain period of time for members who have left the church to come back. Many of them come back in the time period of the number seven, such as seven months, seven years or so. They come back to the church to visit the person who was closest to them when they were there. You, as church director, must welcome them by recognizing the standard of love and affection which they had before they left. They feel so ashamed and accused when they remember their situation seven years ago. They can lose their shame if you treat them as members by resurrecting the standard of their joy they had in the family seven years before. They have to pour out their sincerity and suffering three times more than they originally would have had to undergone. You can restore historical and vertical indemnity by making small indemnity conditions, but you have to make three times more conditions to restore the indemnity which you brought upon yourself.

28. The Significance of the Seven-Day Fast

The seven-day fast represents 40 days separation from Satan. Since Satan invaded and destroyed the four position foundation, the fast must be the fight to restore the number four by paying indemnity. The number seven represents the growth periods for Adam and Eve. After they passed these periods they could get blessed in the position of man and wife. Then, to get blessed as heavenly children, we must go through the number seven, but because of the fall, we lost the substantial four position foundation as well as the number seven. To restore this foundation substantially, mankind has been fighting and setting up the condition of time periods, such as 40 days or 400 years. The seven-day fast means the same as this number four.

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