Faith and Life

by Yo Han Lee

Faith And Life - Volume 1 [Part 1]

Yo Han Lee
May, 1977

Published by International One World Crusade
4F. World-Building
12-9 Udagawacho
Tokyo, Japan


Internal Guidance

1. Connect yourself with God's standpoint
2. Who washed your fallen nature?
3. Don't be an onlooker
4. My position
5. Dominion
6. Shifting the crime action
7. God's heart
8. The sixth sense
9. No action with much realization
10. The sixth sense in faith
11. Reversed Dominion I
12. Reversed Dominion II
13. Cain and Abel
14. Get anxious about people
15. One person can make God prosperous.
16. Your own suffering
17. God's direct dominion.
18. Reversed dominion III.
19. The original nature
20. To serve
21. Spiritual thirst
22. The result
23. To practice
24. The problem of Adam and Eve
25. Solve your problems within three hours
26. Regard small things as heaven and earth
27. One who returns
28. The significance of the seven-day fast
29. What you should do first
30. To think
31. The original sin and individual sin
32. God works on the base of your attitude
33. Problem before witnessing
34. Public standard
35. Indemnity life, reconstruction of life
36. How to set indemnity conditions . . .
37. Witnessing
38. Prayer

How To Be Spiritually Stable

39. Two motivations for joining the family
40. A person who entrusts himself and a person who asserts himself
41. How do you keep seeking for Canaan until the end?
42. Resurrection by the words
43. Be trusted by brothers and sisters
44. For your spiritual stability

Internal Guidance


I'm going to speak about how to apply Divine Principle in our daily lives. As you learned in Divine Principle, our life is composed of continuously setting indemnity conditions, by walking the course of indemnity. We are standing on the point between the two opposite sides - one is to solve the problem of history and our own selves by paying indemnity. The other is to pay more indemnity because of failure in paying the previous indemnity condition. It is decided by the condition if we win or lose. We, who are standing in the middle position between God and Satan, are on the point which determines whether we can escape from Satan by applying Divine Principle or get caught by him. As for us, who live with God and Satan at the same time, it is exactly in the life on earth that we must remove the relationship with Satan and unite with God.

1. Connect Yourself with God's Standpoint

To the fallen people, God made a foundation according to each era, working through Abel directly on Adam's family, giving ten commandments in Moses' age and sending the Messiah 2,000 years ago. This foundation was not sought by men but made by God in order for men to be saved through it. And the foundation of God is established substantially, not spiritually. For example, God sent a substantial entity such as a prophet or Jesus in the age of commandment and prophecy. You are motivated to come to Unification Church by the person who believed in Divine Principle. God taught you such a foundation or such a point of God through this kind of substantial entity.

2. Who Washed Your Fallen Nature?

The life of faith exists in order to remove your fallen nature. It is not God or Jesus but the person of more sinfulness than you who removed your fallen nature. Existing churches believe that Jesus saves them. That is not true. The person who has more fallen nature than you only can wash your fallen nature. Then in this life the person whom you hate most and dislike most takes care of your fallen nature. The way to remove it is to connect yourself with God's position on one hand and persecuted yourself by those people on the other. Unless you have God on one hand, you cannot bear it.

In the general world, people can't be joyful and glad when they have trouble with others. But the man of faith can be joyful and kind to them and grateful in such situations, because he can see God's position by connecting with Him. A man of faith is joyful even when he suffers damages from the horizontal or worldly viewpoint. It is because he can see that it is more valuable to gain the eternal future than to lose in the present time. The Bible says that you should be glad to carry the cross. If you feel unhappy and bad when you get persecuted, it means you have the same fallen nature inside of yourself as the persecutor has.

Otherwise you can't help taking pity on the persecutors. When you are not completely within the principle, Satan invades you. On the contrary, even Satan praises you if you are totally principled. Therefore, when you encounter something unhappy, don't forget that it is happening because it is necessary for you. Then, I want to emphasize a man of faith has no enemies. Whenever you confront any hindrances and troubles, you can be glad considering that they are happening because you need them. Through that you can liquidate something important. You can never redeem anything if you leave God's position.

3. Don't Be an Onlooker

A person who witnesses from his own personal desire and worms when situation suits his own taste becomes depressed when he gets bad results. That such a person gets depressed to find the result turning worse reveals his motivation, that he started from his own standpoint. The problem of faith or belief should be God's will or viewpoint. But there are many members who don't connect themselves strongly with His standpoint. Master calls such people "on lookers." As people are looking around the park, some people are "looking on" into the church. Among them many people lose their faith in the church. For example, there were many onlookers when Moses took 600,000 to Canaan. When Jesus performed miracles, there were many onlookers; even His disciples were so. Peter should have followed Jesus, carrying the cross. But the reality was different, that he denied Him three times. In the same way, those who get depressed to find the result coming, out differently from what they expected, even though they devoted themselves completely to the church, have the wrong motivation. You don't have to be glad or sad when you gain good or bad results. However God uses you, you are apt to mistakenly think that you, yourself, do God's work, and therefore you feel happy or sad according to your own accomplishment or failure. However, in doing this you ignore the truth that we work for God. We are His instruments and not just our own selves. When you do not connect yourself with God's standpoint closely, your motivation goes wrong.

This is the most important point for men of faith; that is, the relationship between God's standpoint and yourself is the key for you.

Then God holds us by the hand and gives us many proofs that we cannot help believing. Everyone experiences being given some mysterious power beyond explanation when he starts his faith with God. Nobody believes without proof. Faith is keeping the standpoint which was connected with God, as in the beginning of your church life.

4. My Position

If you ask a person fallen away from the original position, "Are you a son of Satan?", he gets unquestionably mad. If you ask, "Then, are you a son of God?" he may say, "I'm not so sure..." Then you ask whose son he is; but nobody can answer clearly what his own position is. This is the conscience of the fallen man. The position is vague to him. But the man of faith who knows God's standpoint should be aware of whom he belongs to. As his subjective substance is determined, his own position is automatically determined, too. How does he purify and keep his own position? This is the matter of character.

Jesus always kept it in His mind that He was the only Son of God. He never changed the position in His mind, even once, throughout His life, that He was the Son of God -- even until He was finally crucified, no matter how miserable He was, or even if He had something regrettable, or slept at the foot of a tree in the wilderness or looked like a beggar.

That is called chastity of faith, which we are apt to fail in accomplishing. If you run off the position, you destroy your character and get your horizontal human relationships confused as well. It sounds arrogant to keep or cling to your own position; but don't mistake it. For example, when you are alone in the crowds like in a movie theater or so, it is the question of by which position you came to such a place. God appreciates the person who has the conviction of being God's child and keeps the position continuously, even in such an awful Satanic world. Then God must be given good people. In Jesus, the confidence of being His only Son became stronger, as He was disposed. Many of us, however, begin to doubt our positions when we encounter miserable situations. We doubt if God really exists with us together, when we come to the dead end. We doubt our positions by ourselves. Even Satan would bow down to the person who keeps his position and is responsible for the portion of being God's son without His intervening when he feels no connection with God. Jesus showed the standard of it.

As long as we have faith in God, we are supposed to always be glad in any situation. The circumstance has waves; like sometimes when we are deserted by God and we get hold sometimes of Him, then we grow like waves. It becomes our relationship with God as to how we can set indemnity conditions and what result we can bring.

5. Domination

The problem of domination in our life of faith exists in this point. The person who knows his position is never dominated by Satan. It is the fallen nature to reverse dominion. From seeing the lives of fallen men, we can find they were dominated by the material, evil sovereignty or the rich people in front of them. We can see they were dominated by those who could not dominate originally. By whom are we dominated? This domination must be done with love. Then children want to be dominated by their parents and women are glad to be dominated by their husbands. The word, "dominion" in this meaning is different from the normal "dominion" we have used so far. When we say "I want to be dominated by Jesus from the bottom of my heart , "it does not mean Jesus is my dominator or dictator. He is the subject of life, the subject of heart eventually, and he is adored and longed for. This is the domination of love. You must develop this kind of dominion. Therefore, the Bible says, "Don't be tossed, ignored by people. Give love and virtue to people even in hell, and you are adored and praised by them." This is the way to develop your dominion. Then by sacrificing yourself for others, you get the power of dominion eventually as the result. What kind of dominator or sovereign is the Lord of the Second Advent? He is, in short, the dominator who unites all mankind into one, like a family, by love. Without the fall, we were originally united with such a dominator of love. Since mankind fell, we were dominated by those who were not original dominators. Then we have much resentment and repulsion against this in our veins. But it's hard to have the dominion power in your life of faith. However you come to this church thinking it is the way of life, unless you have a heart to long for someone in the church, you're considered to have no power of dominion. Many members don't connect with the heartistic relationship. Then they become as I mentioned before. The life of faith must be the life which flows out from the bottom of your mind. In other words, it is the problem of emotion; that is, how your emotion moves. You have no connection with God unless you have someone in the church that you are more strongly connected with than your own parents or brothers. Jesus said, "Love me more than your own parents." How do you apply the words in your present life? Find the person in the center who is most responsible and suffers most for the public and the center, and especially find the person among the members who has the notion and heart to be most responsible for you. And if you can love and long for him more than your own parents and brothers, and can connect with him not by your notion but by your heart and soul, it means you have found out the dominion. In other words, you have found the standard of dominion. The dominion means love, doesn't it? The dominion which we used before was the power for a commander to order his soldiers, or the action for soldiers to follow the commander in one accord. It is not of love that the sovereign of the nation dominates the people by the laws and power. There are the dominions by force and the one by love. The latter one is the original dominion. When you come to this church and overcome the lonely feeling experienced before by words, you may be an onlooker but you feel no deep joy. However you may gain something there, you are not touched spiritually.

You just come to the center and get blessings, then you can remove the darkness in this way. It is better than nothing that you come to church and become an onlooker. But as an onlooker you can't keep the same feeling which you experience in the center after you go back home and stay with your family.

Then the responsible person must lead such a person to connect with the dominion, which means brothers and sisters reporting to each other and getting acquainted spiritually and internally with each other. If you come to the center without telling about your own family or internal struggles, you can't be separated from Satan even after coming to the center for many years. So the leader must know the situation and let the person catch the dominion. He must restart witnessing to the person.

6. Shifting the Crime Action

The fallen man has thought that a good thing was done by him, and that a bad thing was done by somebody else. When he finds something that may be praised by people he thinks it becomes like that because he was there. In case he sees that something wrong happened, he wants to say, "I did not know anything about it." In this way he is inclined to justify himself. This is the fallen nature, not the original nature. In such a case, Jesus said, "I own the sins of the world." It is completely the opposite of our attitude. We may complain and judge this world saying, "This world should be destroyed," or "The world is too dirty even if I'm pretty pure." But Jesus took the responsibility totally. It is the standpoint of a man of faith that he should take responsibility for bad results even though he. is not sinful, and that he should return the glory to the people. It's hard to practice it. We can understand the logic intellectually, but we often hide ourselves unconsciously, when we face the reality of practicing. If you are aware of it and pray about it with tears, God helps you. When you make a mistake by being defeated by the fallen nature, and pray in reporting the fact, "Heavenly Father, it came out wrong when I did like this," He assists you and works through you. Therefore, unless you pray concretely, you can get no answers. When you witness, you should pray for the nation as you pray for the person witnessed to. And you should pray for mankind as you pray for the person who persecutes you and despises you. Then unless you pray with the substantial conditions, your prayer can't be accepted.

7. God's Heart

Because of the fall, man's standard of happiness is relative. To perfected man, however, happiness exists only when he knows the joyful heart of God. You may ask, "Has God ever been as happy as I feel sometimes?" The answer is "God has never been happy." If you pray about it, you will get the answer. When you feel happy being stimulated in your life, you must not be happy by your own standpoint. If you experience happiness by your own standard, you share only a little part of God's work. You should ask God first, "Who is responsible for the whole work?" There you will find that God is still sorrowful. Then you can see His attitude toward mankind. Knowing God's heart lets you know it is wrong to move your emotions by your own circumstances and standpoint.

On the other hand, when you face the greatest difficulty, and are in the deepest troubles, you should not take those sufferings as your own. When you are distressed, you must not think your own circumstances gives you a hard time. If you think that you alone must go through such difficulties while other people only have a good time, it is a very unhappy and miserable train of thought. You must appreciate, that even though you are weak, faithless and small, God entrusts you with the portion of sin which all mankind carries. Even when you are in deep troubles, you should think that all mankind carries the same troubles, and you share only a small portion, and that the Messiah is responsible for the entire population of the world.

Fallen man shifts the blame for sin because he thinks he has nothing to do with sin. He who complains and judges others thinks he has no connection with sin. This is not true. He alone is to blame. The one committing sin wants to think he has nothing to do with sin, and is eager to escape from the situation. But a sinner is a sinner.

You should set a condition to apply Divine Principle in your daily life against each of the four fallen natures. Even if you hear an explanation about the fallen natures, unless you apply the Principle, you only remain in status quo.

8. The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense precedes the intellect, and distinguishes good from evil, right from wrong. When a person makes a mistake, he has a strange feeling. This confusion is due to intellectual ignorance. "I sensed something wrong. I thought it would happen. But still I made the mistake," No one says, "I did not know at all." Everyone says, "I had a premonition about it; I felt something strange." When Japan lost the war on August 15, 1945, I was in Japan with some company presidents. On that day they said, "I thought it would come out like this." "I thought the newspapers were telling lies." "I could see easily that the newspapers told lies when they kept saying that hundreds of American B-29's were shot down by the Japanese air force." Even before April 15, 1945, Mr. Tanaka, the manager, felt that the war would be soon over. This was the sixth sense. The same applies today. Today, Christian ministers know that it is not good to maintain the same situation and to interpret the Bible in the way they do. They also know their teachings can't give new spiritual life and lead young people. Their sixth sense tells them this. They know that, as well as knowing the time of the Age.

9. No Action with Much Realization

The reason why the sixth sense exists is that God does not pursue His providence secretly. Because He loves man, He reveals the secret three or seven years in advance. Because man is stubborn, he doesn't put into practice what, God reveals to him through a sixth sense. (Also because he is a pessimist). Eventually, he is swirled into the deepest sufferings. Even though some people realize their interpretation of the Bible is wrong, unless they act to find something new, they struggle very much over giving up the old interpretation, and endure in vain spiritually. Your sixth sense knows God's standpoint. Even though you don't realize it, subconsciously you know this. When the Messiah was among the Jews, they didn't know who He was; but they knew somehow who He was. How much did they know? They knew up to the end. We know the Garden of Eden and that world of love even in detail. Although we have never lived there in reality, still we have contact with it heartistically. Then our minds become so nervous. The body is behind the mind; and the sixth sense is in the original world. Then the mind, which is in between, feels nervous and restless.

A man of faith feels nervous because of that. Even a man not of faith, such as a normal young person today, also feels restless and un-peaceful, then tired and exhausted in these days.

10. The Sixth Sense in Faith

When you're with God, you feel peaceful in your mind. On the contrary, when you are away from God, you feel something different. You can tell by your sixth sense. When you are separated from God's standpoint, you feel that something is lacking and strange. You should distinguish it in your life of faith, you can't keep the content of your life of faith. Nobody can teach you the sixth sense. You can't find the way unless you use your own senses. When you leave your original position, you must feel uneasy, uncomfortable and fearful. Satan tries to catch these conditions and to dominate you under this kind of circumstances.

When you feel uneasy like this, go to the person who is optimistic and thankful, and tell him the whole content of your uneasiness; and you will feel recovered. If you feel you are leaving your position, find the person who is closer to the standpoint than yourself, and confess all the circumstances of your anxiety; then you can get well. If you spend more than three hours in vain since the happening, you get sick spiritually and have to pay the indemnity somehow. Three hours is the limit. Then, unless you solve all your anxieties of the day before you go to sleep, you could get sick or accidents might happen in three days.

They occur inevitably. In Korea, we had many experiences, like when someone got into an accident while he was witnessing, or someone had a robber steal everything valuable during the night. They might say they didn't know why such things happened. But once you investigate your feelings of three days before, if you sensed anything uneasy, you can find out what is wrong. Before you get into such accidents, you could definitely have a premonition through a dream or the sixth sense.

11. Reversed Dominion I

When a person often gets angry, it means he reverses the dominion. Since Satan dominated Adam and Eve, because of their own fault, anger is flowing in the veins of people. When you are praised, you are happy and joyful, but once you are ignored, you are uncomfortable. Japanese people especially have a delicate sensitivity. When I was in Manchuria or in Japan and I lived with Japanese, they did not like me nor Koreans in general. They did not agree with nor get along with Koreans. A Korean remains silent with no greeting even in the morning. He doesn't greet you, and he looks hard to please, even when he doesn't mean to do so.

A Japanese gets angry at him, then. In Japan, they often greet even though they are not in such a mood.

In Korea, they don't express their appreciation, even though they feel very grateful: which is sometimes their weak point. However much they appreciate, respect and even worship someone inside of their minds, still they don't express their emotions in words. If they express and tell their feelings, their minds, they think, become wrong. In other words, when you say something by words about the feeling, which is like something filled with compressed air, your mind becomes like a balloon blown out. Then they speak so much. We received that kind of education from our family. Parents said "don't be so frank and expressive, and follow your heart." "You must hide your feelings deep in your mind and not take them out so often." A wife does not come out of the kitchen to greet her husband when he comes home, even if she loves and respects him. She suppresses her feelings strongly. General family education is like this. Japanese may misunderstand that when Koreans don't greet or just gaze strangely, it does not mean something is wrong. After all, you cannot hope or order someone to do exactly what you expect him to do by your own standard. He will express his feelings in his own way. A man of faith must know and consider this point. You cannot determine a person is evil because he is not the same as you. There are always internal reasons for his actions.

12. Reversed Dominion II

John 5:5 says, "One man was there, who had been ill for 38 years. When Jesus saw him, he knew that he had been lying there a long time. He said to him `do you want to be healed?" By saying "Do you want to be healed?", Jesus wanted to know if the man would become angry. The man wanted to get into the pool, but other people went first. He had been sick for 38 years. He had spent his fortune to get healed. Jesus despised such a person so much, asking "Do you want to get healed?"

Can you guess how much anger and rage he felt from being asked such a question by a person who looked like a young beggar, not like a doctor or priest?

Everyone must oppose and resist such an arrogant question at the risk of his life. But the fact was different. The man said "Yes, sir. I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is troubled," and he endured the words of Jesus. Then Jesus said," Rise, take up your pallet and walk." The patient was healed at once. What does this story mean? The fallen man has an instinct to feel unhappy when he received an order or request from someone who looks lower than him. Because of this nature of anger, Satan has held man for a long time. Jesus tested this point by despising him.

We can bear being despised and oppressed by someone higher than us. But we cannot help feeling displeased when we are ignored and made fun of by the person who is lower and more miserable than ourselves. However, it must be the attitude of a man of faith to take an order from the Lord, even if it is given by a child, because no one knows what kind of secret it implies. The important and serious problem occurs where people cannot believe so easily, not where they can believe without difficulty. Therefore, God has never used as His representative a person whom people can easily believe and follow. On the contrary. God uses a person in the providence whom people can hardly believe. As for Jesus, he was born in a stable and grew up in Nazareth which was said to be the most uneducated village at that time.

By the same token, people can hardly believe that God has started His providence on the worldwide level in Korea; a country which has never done anything good or influential for the world in the aspects of life, science and spirit. Even now, you can see how miserable the life of the Korean people is, and how far away it is from ordinary human life. It is hard to believe God's providence started in such an undeveloped country. It is not normal to believe what is absolutely unbelievable.

Then, those who believe in the providence of God are called crazy.

Since the fall, because man was dominated by the angel, the restoration must be done by the person who stands lower than the archangel. That is why God chose the most unbelievable person to save the family.

For example, in Adam's family, God chose and blessed the younger brother, Abel, rather than the elder brother, Cain; even though in the Old Testament Age, the birthright was considered absolute. Cain and his parents would have to bow and kneel to Abel and be dominated by him. However, this was very difficult to do.

We don't feel anger toward a person who stands in a higher position than we; but we feel anger toward a person who stands in a lower position. We must make an effort to humble ourselves; otherwise, we cannot walk the heavenly way.

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