Father's Course and our Life of Faith

by Won Pil Kim


Chapter 11
Love Problem People

In the prison camp there was a man who did not repent, unlike the thief I told you about yesterday. He caused problems, beating and torturing other prisoners, who just wished that there was somebody who could subjugate him. Actually, they let him torture others as he liked because they were afraid of him.

Father called him in front of the other prisoners and asked him a number of questions, such as why they were all there in prison and then told him that he should stop being so cruel. The man thought seriously and decided to change his attitude.

From then on Father was unable to pray, even though he tried to do so. He felt as if his prayer was completely blocked and that he was groping in the dark. After a week he was able to pray again. Father sometimes tells us how happy he was when he could pray again. Why did this happen after he gave the advice to the bad person?

Is it good or bad to teach the standard of good and evil to a bad person? It is definitely good, so why did this happen to Father?

When I see a bad person, I must think that I am just like him before God. From the viewpoint of God, I am as sinful as he is, but I cannot understand how sinful I am. Therefore God has to show me how sinful I am by having me meet a bad person. When you give advice to a bad person, you must first think of your own situation before God, rather than judge the person. First of all, you must have a deep gratitude towards God, who has forgiven, loved, believed and led you, who are as bad as the other person. This way of thinking stops you covering up your own fallen nature by seeing that of the other person. A thief cannot tell another thief not to steal. This is of vital importance. Think that Father became completely sinful for a week. If you really understand this way of thinking, the Cain Abel problem will never occur and you will become respected leaders and come to understand Father's heart and God's heart. You can forget everything else but never forget this point!

Suppose you have a 'problem member' in your team. When you meet him you must think that God Himself gave you the chance to meet him. You may think that he is a problem member or you might even say that he is a special problem member. Then God would say to you, "Oh, is that so? From my point of view you are a special problem member as well." Do you realize that? Do you understand it? Who is the real problem member, the one who you think is or the one who God thinks is the problem member? You are God's problem member. But the problem member in the team is your problem member. Do you understand that the problem member is not the problem member, but that you are yourself the real problem member? I have told you many times that he who calls anyone a problem member is himself the real problem member.

You must know clearly why this is so. I am God's problem member and he is my problem member. Here is the difference. When you think of a problem member, you have to think of God who has forgiven, trusted and believed such a sinful person as you first, by giving you such a big responsibility as to realize God's Kingdom on earth. You must think of God's miserable situation.

The member who says that his leader is a problem member is also a real problem member. You should teach your members always with this thankful heart to God. Above all, you must have a grateful heart to God. This is the attitude that Father teaches us. Father thinks, and teaches us, centering on God's heart. That's why we feel grateful after being taught by Father. His motivation is always centered on God. When we also teach a problem member with the same motivation, he will never feel bad or bear us a grudge. When you see a person doing wrong, you have to reflect upon yourself and how wrong you are. That person is now teaching you how sinful you are through himself.

When Father went to America all the churches and the American government opposed him. How did Father receive this? Father has never thought that others are wrong or bad. He thought, "If I had come about 30 years earlier, in 1946, I would not have had this kind of persecution. Since I was late coming, I must receive this persecution now. This is the result of my not having come earlier."

Even though you are told many times to forgive, you cannot. Why? Because you have your own idea, not God's idea. We should never forget that Father has God's heart at the center of his heart. In order for us to become a true child of Father, we have to have the same heart as he has. The leader who says that his members are not good, is not good either. Nor are the members who say that their leader is not good. It is the same with a 'relationship between a husband and wife. Nothing is worse than a husband speaking ill of his wife or a wife speaking ill of her husband.

When a leader says that his members are bad, he is proving that he is bad as well in front of God and the True Parents. In restoration, a Cain will lose his way if he grumbles and complains to his Abel even if the Abel is not well qualified. Then how can a Cain overcome his complaints? When you find that your leader is not good, then you must either realize God is teaching you that you are not good either, before your Abel and God. You must think in this way and then help him with a thankful heart. Then you, a Cain, can be an Abel for your Abel.

If, for example, this country is terribly bad, then Father thinks that he must work for this country more earnestly. If Father takes such responsibility, then Heavenly Father thinks that Reverend Moon did well but that Heavenly Father Himself was not good enough. Heavenly Father thinks in this way. Heavenly Father believes in Father completely and leaves all the responsibility to him. We can say that Heavenly Father is always within Reverend Moon. They are inseparable. That's why the Messiah is called a substantial God, that is, a perfected, unfallen Adam.

Also, please think about how difficult Mother's course must be. Mother is required to become completely one with such a man as Father. Even in this world a woman can't easily follow a man. If a subject stands on a world wide level, an object also has to stand on the same level. The object shares the same difficulty as the subject. Can you understand how difficult the life of Father and Mother is? You may think they can live naturally without effort.

For example, the wife of the national leader of Monaco! She stands in the same difficult position as her husband. She is not the wife of an ordinary member. Even though her husband is a leader of limited experience, still she is the wife of that leader. If she complains about her husband, a national leader, she will surely be accused by the spiritual world. God will not be happy. Her husband is not the same as ordinary members. Even if she wants to hate and beat her spouse, she cannot do it. The ordinary members could do this, but the members with greater responsibility cannot. If she thinks that it is difficult, she had better become an ordinary member. Even if she makes the same mistakes as an ordinary member, her mistakes are counted in a different way. If a leader is responsible for ten people, then his mistakes weigh as heavily as all the mistakes of the ten people put together. The bigger the responsibility, the bigger the accusation.

If we listen to Father's deep story, we feel that we are not able to do anything because everything seems to be so difficult. We are discouraged from acting. Therefore, I would like to avoid telling the deep stories about Father. They are more likely to make the listener weaker than stronger. Father does not speak about his deep story because we would have to practice it if we understood it. Father tries not to talk about himself. Do you understand Father's heart? He doesn't want to speak because he loves us.

The Unification Church hasn't made any laws. The purpose of law is to save people and to make them happy. But, if people can't obey the law, they will become criminals. The severer the law, the more people will break it. Father said he would make the law of three stages. You can see that Father has such an attitude of love towards us. You must understand Father's heart and then you'll see how to behave yourself towards the members, leaders and people in society. Next time I'd like to speak on how to attend the True Parents and God. Thank you very much.


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