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Tyler Hendricks


Why write such a lengthy essay? Will there be a reader in the movement who takes the time to read it, even if it is worth reading? I write it because the challenges we are facing are complex.

Well-motivated brothers and sisters with roots as deep and deeper than mine vary in their views on how to meet these challenges. We tend to amicably learn from each other but never to reach a consensus beyond keeping on keeping on, especially when the ON button is staying so on and on and on.

In all these conversations and committee conclaves, I hear the same questions and the implicit plea for "something to be done." And, well, I wrote this while in the position of president. I had a heavenly responsibility and I believe that grace does lend itself to position appropriately. I feel it reasonable that God might have provided me some illuminating power to help others on the way. And the answer always rings in the same place in my heart.

"I'm not trying to push you to work; I'm not trying to kick you out to work harder. I'm not planning any strategy for you. This is the truth I am giving you; it's up to you to fulfill it." (True Father, "Tribal Messiahship," May 24, 1993 at Shimjung Gardens; my notes from Dr. Bo Hi Pak's translation)

I have convinced myself at least that what I am setting forth is consistent with True Parents' providence and workable in America. Most of it is not new to us. What it really amounts to is not new ideas or new activities but rather a plea that we focus on what brings life, because life by its nature multiplies.

This book arises out of my research, discussion, prayer and reflection about the way God and True Parents want to work with us and through us to build the Kingdom of God in America. That's a big statement, but it is truly what we are about. It is to build a church community reflecting, practicing, teaching and living true love through true families.

I do not consider these ideas to have any finality. They are my offering, awaiting Heaven's resurrecting love.

I thank Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the national headquarters staff, and Macintosh computers for allowing me the various types of space necessary to compile this work out of numerous memos drafted over the last three or four years. I want to thank my wife, Hye Yong, in advance for putting up with these crazy ideas and the crazy guy who is thinking them, and my children whose love goes beyond the question of whether their appa is crazy or not.

This is dedicated to our True Parents and True Family, to my mom and dad, Jack and Jane Hendricks, and to all God's people who have spent their blood, sweat and tears for the sake of America's salvation.

Tyler Hendricks,
President, Unification Theological Seminary

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