From Evolution Theory to a New Creation Theory -- Errors in Darwinism and a Proposal from Unification Thought

Under the Supervision of Sang Hun Lee


At about the same time when Marx advocated communism, Charles Darwin advocated the theory of evolution. In 1859 Marx made public the formulas of the materialist conception of history in A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, systematically stating the Marxist theory of economics for the first time. In that same year, Darwin published On the Origin of Species, establishing the general thought of the evolution of living beings.

In the first half of the nineteenth century, the theory of evolution had been fairly well accepted, but Darwin's theory was fundamentally different from other evolution theories. Prior to Darwin, the cause of evolution had been ascribed to a life force or to history as directed by God ; spirit was regarded as essentially irreducible to matter. In contrast, Darwin advocated nondirectional mutation and natural selection. This advocacy was definitely rooted in materialism. Darwin wrote in one of his notebooks

Love of the deity effect of organization, oh you, materialist! - Why is thought being a secretion of brain, more wonderful than gravity a property of matter? It is our arrogance, our admiration of ourselves. (could 1977, 25)

However, Darwin refrained from disclosing the fact that his theory of evolution was based on materialism. To remind himself to be careful about unwise disclosure, he wrote in his notebook

To avoid stating how far, I believe, in Materialism, say only that emotions, instincts, degrees of talent, which are hereditary are so because brain of child resembles parent stock. (could 1977, 26)

Marx was quick to perceive the implications of Darwin's theory of evolution and accepted it as a strong ally. As Frederick Engels said, "Just as Darwin discovered the law of development of organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of development of human history" (Engels 1970, 162). Marxism and Darwin's theory of evolution shared the direction in which to advance.

Darwin's theory of evolution, which was based on materialism, had a destructive effect upon Christianity and traditional Western thought, even though that theory was not as destructive as Marxism. Darwin's theory of evolution was not merely a view of nature; more than that, it guided people toward the direction of denying God. In a manner of speaking, the theory of evolution prepared a favorable soil or climate for Marxism to grow, and to this day Marxism and the theory of evolution have been working hand in hand to further alienate people from God. Therefore, the way a person deals with the theory of evolution can strongly sway his/her view of life. About this, Homer Duncan says,

The battle between creation and evolution is not a neat little game. It is not merely a matter of proving that the other side is wrong. The conflict between creation and evolution is a major part of the gigantic battle between God and Satan. It is a battle for the minds and souls of men. (Duncan 1978, 59)

Today the ideals of communism have been discarded, and people have come to realize that communism is wrong. Yet, the theory of evolution continues to be adopted by textbooks of biology in every nation, whether free or communist, and is accepted as scientific truth. Unless the theory of evolution is overcome, people will continue to accept atheism and materialism and will be prevented from approaching God. Humankind today is entering an era when the ideal world can come to be realized; but what's posing the greatest obstacle on our path is precisely the theory of evolution.

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