From Evolution Theory to a New Creation Theory -- Errors in Darwinism and a Proposal from Unification Thought

Under the Supervision of Sang Hun Lee



I. The Path to the Contemporary Theory of Evolution

1. Aristotle's View of Nature and the Christian Theory of Creation Species are eternally unchangeable
2. The Classification of the Living Beings by Linne God allowed him to look into the secret shelves of specimens
3. Lamarck's Theory of Evolution Living beings develop from lower to higher stages
4. Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection The struggle for existence in nature selects the species
5. Mendel's Discovery of the Laws of Heredity His experimentation with peas eventually gave rise to genetics
6. De Vries' Mutation Theory New species have appeared suddenly
7. The Discovery of DNA The remarkable molecule of heredity
8. The Emergence of the Synthetic Theory Darwin + De Vries = Synthetic Theory

II. The Contemporary Theory of Evolution (Neo - Darwinism) Is Wrong

1. The Nonexistence of the Fossils of Intermediates The archaeopteryx has turned out not to be an intermediate
2. A Difficulty in Explaining the Spontaneous Generation of Life: Why was the elaborate chemical factory within the cell generated?
3. The Character of Mutation Even though mutation took place, fruit flies remained fruit flies.
4. Can Natural Selection Create a New Species? Did the front legs of a mouse evolve into the wings of a bat?
5. The Rise of Neo-Lamarckism The Theory of Differentiation in Inhabitation denies the struggle for existence.
6. The Mystery of the Genetic Code Genes can make a frog out of a frog's egg
7. Gradualism under Question New species emerge suddenly

III. A New Theory of Creation Based on Unification Thought

1. The Purpose of Creation and Dual Purposes Living beings are fit for existence, but at the same time they exist for human beings
2. Creation through Logos The genetic code of DNA represents the Logos of God.
3. Creation by Stages Abrupt changes have occurred through the action of God's power
4. Creation in Likeness All living beings were created taking the human being as a model
5. The Two-Stage Structure of Creation Within the concept of God, the human being was created first
6. The Creation of Human Beings Based on All Things as Material The creation of all things was aimed toward the creation of human beings
7. On the Theistic Theory of Evolution Everything came about through God's creation, not through evolution.
8. The Creation of Adam and Eve God's Love is realized through Adam and Eve


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