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Theory of History

The theory of history presented here is not a description of historical facts; rather, it is a way of viewing history, including the questions of how human history started, by what kind of laws it is guided, and in what direction it is proceeding. It is, so to speak, a philosophy of history.

Why is a theory of history necessary? It is necessary in order to establish an image of the future and to present a correct direction for the future. From such a theory, the method for resolving actual problems will be drawn. In fact, finding fundamental solutions for today's complex world problems is impossible without a solid view of history, equipped with a clear vision of the future.

Thus far, many scholars have presented various views of history, but each and every one of those views grasped only one aspect of history, unable to grasp the whole aspect. None of them has been able to present a true image of tire future, and, therefore, none of them has been able to offer appropriate solutions to actual problems. Among them, no view of history was as influential as the materialist view of history, which is the Communist view of history. The materialist view of history grasped human history as the history of class struggle. Based on that, the materialist view of history presented a vision that, when the struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat intensifies in capitalist society, revolution will take place and a classless communist society inevitably will come.

The materialist view of history has been serving as the driving force of the Communists' revolutionary belief. In the Socialist countries, however, where revolution has occurred on the basis of the materialist view of history, the ideal of Communism, far from coming true, has produced societies that are contrary to the ideal. The Communist ideal has now faded away.

Still, in the free world we cannot rind any existing view of history that can cope with the materialist view of history. Hence, we need to establish a new view of history that, having a clear vision for a future society, can overcome the materialist view of history. The Unification view of history is presented as such a view of history: it reveals the falsity of Communism by means of a thought based on a new view of God, namely, Godism; it interprets history based on historical facts; and it shows that human history is directed toward the world of God's original ideal of creation.

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