Essentials Of Unification Thought - The Head-Wing Thought


When we look at the world today, we cannot but feel appalled by the rapid disappearance of the sense of moral and ethical consciousness. At the same time, anti-moral ways of thinking are rapidly increasing. It is now becoming quite acceptable to think that people are free to do whatever they wish. As a result, various kinds of social crimes are committed repeatedly, social order is chaotic, and society is in great confusion. One of the causes of this social confusion is that the human pattern of thinking has fallen into materialism; another cause is that the traditional values and norms of ethical behavior have collapsed. In order to free society from such social chaos and to rebuild social order, we must establish a new perspective on ethics. This chapter is an attempt at presenting such a perspective.

Also, in order to prepare for the coming ethical society, a new theory of ethics is required. In such an ethical society, the values of trueness, goodness, and beauty, centered on God's love, will be actualized in daily life. In order to practice goodness, which is one of the values of the ethical society to come, a theory of ethics is necessary.

In the coming ethical society, all human beings will be brothers and sisters, centering on God as the parent of' humankind, and people will love one another centering on God's love. It is ethics that provides the guidelines for the practice of love. Since the coming ethical society is concerned not only with this earthly world but also with the spirit world, the norms presented by the new theory of ethics must be able to solve not only the confusion of this earthly world, but also the confusion of the spirit world. Thus, an eternal ethical society will be realized, where the earthly world and the spirit world will be united.

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