Essentials Of Unification Thought - The Head-Wing Thought

VI. The Position of Existence

Every individual body has its own place for existence. The place that a being possesses is called "position of existence" in Unification Thought. When a being's position of existence is different from that of another, and the two beings are in the relationship of subject and object (that is, in the relationship of exerting dominion and receiving dominion), give-and-receive action can take place between the two. As a connected body, a being is simultaneously both in the position of an object and in the position of a subject. As a result, numerous beings become connected to form a system of positions. This is what is meant by order, or an orderly system. Such a system of positions of subject and object is simply a reflection of the positions of subject and object in the Original Image, which are projected onto the created world.

There are numerous stars in the universe, which engage in give-and-receive actions from their different positions, forming ;in orderly system and a vast organic body. The order of the universe is of two kinds, namely, vertical and horizontal. The vertical order of the universe is as follows: The moon (a satellite) and the earth (a planet) engage in give-and-receive action, with the earth as the subject and the moon as the object. Next, the earth engages in give-and-receive action with the sun (a star), forming a part of the solar system. Here the earth is the object, and the sun is the subject.

Next, the sun engages in give-and-receive action with the galactic center, and together with many other stars, forms the galaxy. Here the sun is the object, and the galactic center is the subject. Furthermore, the galaxy, in unity with many other galaxies, engages in give-and-receive action with the center of the universe, forming the universe. In this case, the galaxy is the object, and the center of the universe is the subject. This line-running from satellite to planet, star, and galactic center, all the way to the center of the universe is the vertical order of the universe.

Let us now consider the horizontal order of the universe. If we look at the nine planets of the solar system, we can see that they form an orderly, horizontal arrangement of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This planetary system, centering on the Sun, is an example of horizontal order in the universe. The vertical order and the horizontal order of the universe are illustrated in Fig. 2-8.

Fig. 2-8. An Example of Vertical and Horizontal Orders in the Universe

The human family, in its original form, should also have had an orderly system like that of the universe. In the family, there is vertical order, which consists of grandchildren, children, parents, grandparents, and so on; and there is horizontal order, which consists of brothers and sisters centered on the parents. The vertical order and the horizontal order of the family are illustrated in Fig. 2-9.

From the perspective of Unification Thought, the human being is a microcosm, or a miniature, of the universe. Considered from the aspect of order, the family is a miniature of the universe, and the universe is an enlarged form of the family. It is well known that in the universe there are innumerable planetary systems similar to the solar system. Therefore, we can assert that the universe is an aggregate of innumerable families of heavenly bodies.

Fig. 2-9: Vertical Order and Horizontal Order within the Family

In the universe, perfect order is maintained through harmonious give-and-receive action. In the solar system, centering on the sun, the nine planets maintain a collective disc shape while moving on their specific individual orbits around the sun. In the Milky Way, approximately 200 billion stars maintain, as a whole the shape of a convex lens while remaining in their respective established orbits. In the universe, there are 200 billion galaxies which maintain the unity of the universe as a whole while remaining in their respective established orbits.

Therefore, in the family as well as in society, order was originally supposed to be maintained through harmonious give-and receive action. Because of the human fall, however, the family has lost its original image of existence. To be precise, in families it frequently occurs that the husband and the wife become disunited, and parents and children oppose each other. Society, which is an extension of the family, has also become extremely disorderly.

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