Divine Principle Two Hour Lecture


God is eternal, absolute and one. Therefore, His will is one and the Bible, which is an expression of His will, is also one.

Yet today, Christians, who believe in the same God and read the same Bible, are divided into over 400 different denominations worldwide. The main reason can be traced to the fact that key parts of the Bible are expressed in parables and symbols.

Today, what Christianity needs is not another human interpretation of the Bible, but God's interpretation. We need to have God tell us how it should be interpreted. Then, we can have the correct understanding of God's will and be able to respond to Him according to His desire.

This lecture is a summary of the major topics covered in the Divine Principle, a revelation given by God to the Reverend Sun Myung Moon concerning God's will, His principles of creation, and how salvation is achieved, explained on the basis of the Bible.

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