Divine Principle and Its Application

Young Oon Kim


Part One


I. The Principle of Creation

1. Polarity of God and Creation

A. Polarity of God and Man
B. Polarity of Creation

2. Action of Give and Take

A. Source Energy
B. Give and Take
C. Thesis-Division-Synthesis
D. Purpose of Triple Objects
E. Base of Four Positions
F. Circular (Spherical) Movement

3. Purpose of Creation

A. Man
B. Three Blessings
C. Universe

4. Original Meaning of Value

A. Standard of Value
B. Love and Beauty
C. Good and Evil

5. Growth and Dominion

A. Six Days of Creation
B. Three Stages of Growth
C. Indirect Dominion
D. Direct Dominion

6. Visible and Invisible Worlds

A. Relationship of the Two Worlds
B. Correlation between the Spirit-Man and the Physical Body

7. The Heart of God

II. The Fall of Man

1. The Origin of Sin

2. The Identity of the Serpent The Archangel, Lucifer

4. The Spiritual Fall

5. The Physical Fall

6. The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

7. The Effects of the Fall

8. Free Will

9. The Cause of the Deviation from the Principle

10. The Motivation of the Fall of Lucifer

11. Could God Prevent the Fall?

Note on Indemnity

III. The Mission of Jesus

1. John the Baptist

2. The Kingdom of Heaven

3. Glorious Prophecy for the Messiah

4. How Was He Received?

5. The Original Course Changed

6. Prediction of Suffering

7. The Cross: A Secondary Choice

8. Jesus' Last Words

9. After the Resurrection

Note on the Gospels

IV. Christology

1. Jesus, A Man

2. The Holy Spirit

3. The Trinity

V. The Consummation of Human History

1. The Goal of History

2. The End of the World

3. The Final judgment

4. One World

VI. Resurrection

1. The Definition of Resurrection

2. Man's Resurrection in History

A. Resurrection to the Formation Stage
B. Resurrection to the Growth Stage
C. Resurrection to the Perfection Stage

3. The Resurrection of Spirit-Men

4. The Succession of Missions

5. Antichrists

6. The Unification of Religions

Note on Predestination

Note on Reincarnation

Part Two

VII. Foundation of Restoration

1. Adam's Family

A. Adam
B. Cain and Abel

2. Noah's Family

A. Noah
B. Noah's Ark
C. Ham's Failure

3. Abraham's Family

A. Abraham's Call
B. Pharaoh's Temptation
C. Symbolic Offering
D. The Significance of Dividing the Sacrifice
E. Isaac

4. Jacob and Jacob

A. Birthright
B. Overcoming the Angel
C. Reunion with Esau
D. The Foundation of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

III. History of Restoration: Moses

1. Moses

A. Unrealized Course
B. The Course of Exodus
(1) Three Signs
(2) The Test of Moses
(3) Pharaoh's Opposition
(4) Escape to the Wilderness
(5) Ten Commandments
(6) Tabernacle
C. The Last Course
(1) Spying in Canaan
(2) Striking the Rock

2. Joshua

3, Parallels: Jacob, Moses, and Jesus

4. Parallels: Moses and Jesus

5. Jesus' 40 Days in the Wilderness

IX. History of Restoration Continued: Judges to Jesus

1. Judges

2. United Kingdom

3. Divided Kingdoms

4. Exile in Babylon

5. Preparation for the Messiah

X. Prolonged History of Restoration: 2,000 Years After Jesus

1. Christians in the Roman Empire

2. Church Patriarchs

3. United Christian Empire

4. Divided Empires

5. Papal Exile and Renaissance

6. Preparation for the Second Advent

A. Protestant Reformation
B. Two Currents in Modern History
C. Industrial Revolution
D. Emergence of Democracy and Imperialism
E. Missionary Movement

XI. The Second Advent

1. Divergent Views of the Second Advent

2. The Time Is to Be Revealed

3. Coming on the Clouds

4. How Will He Come?

5. Jesus Spoke Symbolically

6. Are Christians Prepared?

XII. Dawn of the New Age

1. Forty Years of Universal Restitution

2. The Significance of the World Wars

A. World War I
B. World War II
C. Rise of Communism

3. The Third Israel

4. He Comes from the East

5. Characteristics of the Chosen Nation

6. The Qualifications of the New Messiah


1 and 2 Polarity of Subject and Object

3 Circular (Spherical) Movement
4 Three Stages
5 Relationship of the Two Worlds
6 Ideal of Creation and Result of the Fall


1 Course of Restoration

2 Correlation of Historical Periods

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