Divine Principle and Its Application

Young Oon Kim


"The old concept of God is dead." "Christianity is no longer the answer." "This age needs a prophet, not preachers." "We need a new revelation." What do these remarks indicate? In their restlessness, aren't people anticipating something new?

In fact we are today living in a time of great transition. The year 1960 was a significant year, marking a new era. Because of this, evil, which has formerly taken an aggressive stand, will be in a defensive position; and good, which has been on the defensive, will take the aggressive position. Consequently, evil will decline gradually. The principality of this world, the sovereignty of Satan, is to be destroyed completely.

The long, gloomy cosmic winter is passing, and the cosmic spring is coming. The New Age, the Cosmic Era, has begun. Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, is being fulfilled. The old heaven and earth are passing away. A new heaven and earth are being established. The new history of God's sovereignty has begun. At this historical turning point, man needs new insight. The world will be in great turmoil until this transitional period is over; man needs God's new revelation for his guidance.

In conveying any idea we use various methods of explanation, depending upon the experience and knowledge of the individuals addressed. God also uses different ways to express His unchanging and eternal providence according to man's understanding and capacity.

In the Old Testament Age, God commanded the Hebrews to offer sacrifices as the means of approach to Him. Later He gave them the Mosaic Law. By observing the Law, they comprehended God's will to a certain extent. In the New Testament Age, however, God used another method and sent His son, Jesus Christ, to mankind.

Jesus brought a new system of belief which appeared contrary to the Mosaic Law to many of his contemporaries; but in fact, his teaching was based on the Law and was the fulfillment of the Law. According to his new system, the people were simply required to accept Jesus as the Messiah and join him. This was the essence of his teaching, and it was a new revelation from God. By accepting Jesus and joining him, man comprehended the nature of God even better, and came closer to God than ever before.

Today science has progressed to a high degree. Many people rarely accept anything without scientific test and logical proof, and for them religion cannot be excepted. A blind faith has no attraction or authority over the minds of modern men. They crave a new definition of God, of His will, and of immortality in the terminology of the twentieth century. We need a new revelation which explains the nature of God, His relationship to man, and His providence.

The Old and New Testaments contain many parables and symbols. For two thousand years, Bible students have attempted to interpret the Testaments and have produced numerous commentaries, most of which vary in content. But there is no commentary which has fully explained the hidden inner meanings of all the parables and symbols in the Bible. No commentary is regarded by all Christians as the absolute, authoritative, and complete interpretation. Diversity of interpretation has created a diversity of doctrines, causing divisions in the Christian Church. It is obvious, therefore, that the ultimate truth and the hidden inner meanings of the Bible lie undiscovered by the popularly established church denominations.

When this ultimate truth is revealed to man with the explanation of the inner meanings hidden in all the parables and symbols, and when the truth is so clear that all denoninations can agree, then the barriers of denominations and sects will be broken down, and all Christian churches will be able to unite.

A true religion must have spirit and truth in both worship and teachings. A truth apart from the spirit is only a philosophical and ethical teaching and cannot be a true religion. On the other hand, spiritual experiences not based on divine truth, a right explanation or interpretation of God's will, lead to false religion and confusion. In great part, the Christian doctrines set forth by modern churches lack rationality and are full of contradictions. Spiritual power and direct communication with the living God are almost entirely absent from the Churches. They are virtually unknown to the Christianity of today. Consequently, one is never informed about one's spiritual progress or about the nature of life hereafter. In the Christian churches there is no way to prepare adequately for one's eternal life. The churches are not capable of giving any content whatsoever to the idea of immortality.

Jesus said, "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth." (John 4 :24) Today's Christianity is remote from its founder's intent. We need a new revelation from God to bring mankind back to true religion and to an active communication with the living God.

In the West as well as in the East, Christians and non-Christians alike long for a positive religion which will enable man to experience the reality and power of God by direct confrontation with Him. The fact that the thought and desire of the people are so directed is one sign that the hour has come for the fulfillment of this universal craving.

The spirit world is widely and decisively affecting current human affairs, but few people know how and why it is interfering. Today most people feel confused, disturbed, and depressed; yet they do not know exactly what the cause is or how to deal with it.

The last great promise of Jesus is the Second Coming of the Son of man. Some disciples of Jesus anticipated his return in their lifetime, but their expectation was not fulfilled.

One of the characteristics of this generation is to hear frequently of the Second Coming of the Lord and of the end of the world. Some say that every two thousand years God sends a new universal leader. Two thousand years after Adam, Abraham was sent; two thousand years after Abraham, Jesus was sent. Now is the time when God is to send another new leader to mankind. Some say that the Christ Age is coming. Some say that Christ has already returned to earth and that he is now in the Far East. Some say that a drastic change in the world will take place very soon. Others say that the New Age started in 1960.

Apart from such strange and mysterious statements, we can see today the signs of the time all over the world: a more frequent and striking occurrence of natural catastrophe; a sense of insecurity in material life; a growing lack of honesty and moral sense; the breaking down of the family unit; sexual license; an increasing usage of alcohol, tranquilizers, and harmful drugs as an escape; an increase of juvenile delinquency; the lack of trust, respect, and wholehearted love among people; a rapid increase in mental illness and suicide; rumors of war; international tension; conflicts between ideologies, political parties, and nations; the rapid decline of existing churches, and the incapability of the churches to confront this world crisis. Today almost everything is abnormal, and the growth of this abnormality has nearly reached its limit. It is the feeling of conscientious people today is that this seething world is about to burst at any moment.

Jesus said that the Son of man would come at the "end of the world" when these things were taking place. The characteristics of this generation, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and the quality of world phenomena, economic, social, and political, are the signs of the fulfillment of his prophecies: of the imminence of the Second Coming of Christ.

We must receive a new revelation which tells us how and when the great promise of Jesus will be fulfilled and how mankind can prepare for the drastic change in the universe. If a New Age, a new dispensation of God, is coming, mankind must be informed.

Accordingly, there are a number of people in the Christian churches and other groups who claim to have received new revelations. Such reports have been emerging more frequently in the last few decades. That individuals and groups of all religions and nations are receiving such revelations is not surprising.

Until recently no one had received a full revelation which answered all the problems that mankind has been pondering through the ages. A complete revelation has stow been given! The ultimate view of life and the universe has been revealed!

The message contained in this book was revealed by God to Mr. Sun M. Moon, over a period of seven years. When he was sixteen years old, Jesus appeared to him on Easter morning and revealed that he was destined to accomplish a great mission in which Jesus would work with him.

From then on Mr. Moon's spiritual senses were fully opened, enabling him to communicate with the highest realms of the spirit world. He, however, did not content himself merely with the demonstration of spiritual phenomena. He began to explore the hidden meanings of the parables and symbols in the Bible and the fundamental concepts and questions of Christianity and other religions.

For example, what is the true relationship of man and God? Why did God create man and the universe? Does God rule this world directly? If so, why is it full of evil, injustice, misery, sorrow, and pain? If, on the other hand, this world is under the dominion of Evil or

Satan, how and when did he and his reign originate? How did man fall? What is salvation? What was the mission of Jesus? Was it fully accomplished? Was his crucifixion God's will? Will this evil world be like this forever? If God is to restore mankind and all creation to Him, how and when will He accomplish it?

While mankind and the spirit world were severely afflicted by Satan, indeed while the entire world was paralyzed by his power, Mr. Moon was intensely aware that something was wrong. He was determined to uncover the root-cause of the world's disorder.

For a period of seven years Mr. Moon desperately searched through prayer despite constant attacks by Satan. During these years of struggle, he discovered the Divine Principle, God's entire providence for mankind, the hidden meaning of human history, and the secret crime of Satan.

Upon discovering this key to the world's problems, he singly challenged Satan in cosmic battle for over twenty years. His anguish was beyond imagination. He shed countless tears for God and prayed most fervently for the world. In this way, he tirelessly fought the cosmic enemy.

He discovered that God would restore man with the same Principle by which God had created him. He pioneered the path to perfection -- the cosmic restoration of which no one had even dreamed. However, when he told the divine truth, no one would listen to him. A number of times he was imprisoned and severely tortured under different regimes because of the new truth he taught. His life was a bloody battle and a tearful struggle. His course was a thorny path of great suffering.

Ironically enough, in struggling and suffering in order to liberate mankind, he was mocked by the world. He was condemned as a heretic and persecuted by Christians. But he persevered through the lonely and bitter struggle.

For several years he sought people through personal contacts who had also received new revelation pertaining to God's new dispensation. In this way he found a number of people who could understand his message. They gave witness and testified to the authenticity of the message given to him.

He organized a group in Korea in 1954 and began to make the Divine Principle public. In this group many have spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or perception of spiritual fire, electricity, or odor. Some hear exquisite heavenly music in trance, and some do automatic writing in languages they have never learned. Among this group several communicate with the highest realms of spirit world, and some converse with Jesus and God under any conditions.

Even though Mr. Moon does not stress healing, many people have been healed by understanding and accepting die Divine Principle. These healings came about spontaneously, without special prayer or the laying on of hands. Mr. Moon emphasizes that the New Age is highly spiritual and philosophical, that a harmonious relationship with God and a full understanding of the Principle are most important. Spiritual phenomena are results of this all-important understanding. Healing is only a by-product of one's wholehearted response to God's new dispensation.

A striking characteristic of this group is its interdenominational and interreligious membership. Some members came to this group through direct guidance of the spirit world. The Blessed Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, and Confucius are among those in spirit world who are directing certain of their followers to this group. The group includes people of Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish as well as Buddhist, Shintoist, and Confucianist backgrounds.

Since God has started His new dispensation and the era of the Christian Church is over, He is removing his direct guidance from existing churches. This is why today we see churches the world over undergoing great spiritual decline.

In preparation for the complete revelation, many people have received partial expressions of it. When they study the Principle, they will understand more fully what they have received.

The message in this book is only part of the total revelation given to Mr. Moon. The complete schedule of restoration and the life of the Golden Age are reserved for the future. The material I have used is based on a full revelation from God. I have elaborated upon it and referred to information from other sources only in order to explain it more fully and to make the revealed facts more relevant to the readers.

It is absolutely necessary for one to read this book in sequence from the beginning, because it builds up logically toward the conclusion. Each chapter will increase your understanding by introducing and explaining fundamental concepts and terminology. If you have any doubts as you read, pray to God, and you will receive a clear and affirming answer. In this way God has given many people assurance of the absolute validity of the Divine Principle.

It is my earnest prayer that God's new dispensation may be clearly manifested to you as you study the Divine Principle.

Washington, D. C. January, 1969 Young Oon Kim

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