The Divine Principle - 1956 - Young Woon [Oon] Kim

 Table of Contents

Front Cover, Prefatory Note, Introduction, Contents, Chart of the Course of Indemnity and Restoration Based on Number Forty, Back Cover (pdf)

Chapter I. The Principle of Creation (pdf)

Chapter II. The Purpose of Messiah's Coming and the Necessity of the Second Advent (pdf)

Chapter III. The Consummation of Human History (pdf)

Chapter IV. Resurrection (pdf)

Chapter V. The Tree of Life, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (pdf)

Chapter VI. Why was the Fall Permitted? Does God Provide Salvation? (pdf)

Chapter VII. The Fall of Man (pdf)

Chapter VIII. The Providential Course of Indemnity and Restoration Based on the Number Forty (The Principle of Restoration) (pdf)

Chapter IX. The Second Coming of Jesus (pdf)

Chapter X. The Dispensation of Restoration after Jesus (2000 years) (pdf)

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