Building A World Of True Love - An Introduction to the Divine Principle



Building A World Of True Love - An Introduction to the Divine Principle

We are entering a new century and a new millennium. Abundant speculation and anticipation exists with regard to what will happen when the year 2000 finally rolls in. Some believe we are nearing the end of time and that apocalyptic doom is awaiting. Others predict that we will witness the dawn of an age of peace and prosperity for all.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: have we as individuals, despite the technological progress and material abundance, become better and happier people? Have we become more loving, caring and responsible? The answer unfortunately is no. Technology has enabled us to produce more and better goods, but it has not at all improved the well-being of our families and communities. Even though our knowledge of the physical world has increased tremendously, we remain ignorant of life's spiritual dimension. The hatred that separates people, nations and races is the same as it always has been.

As a result, the world is beset by problems that seem insoluble: war, famine, environmental pollution, drug abuse, AIDS, family breakdown, crime and suicide. Who has the solutions to these problems? Government institutions certainly do not have the answers, nor can we expect them to. Neither will the ultimate solution be found in a scientific research institute or laboratory. The established religious institutions, for all their vigor and long-standing dedication, have been unable to prevent this crisis from developing. Their moral authority has been severely questioned.

A New Expression of Truth is Needed

A deeper analysis of the problems in our society reveals that they are not new. In fact, the failures of our modern civilization are the result of a deeper cause, which can be traced back to the beginnings of humankind. We observe that throughout history, people have striven for happiness and yet have indulged in attitudes and behaviors which lead to unhappiness and utter misery. Why is it that human beings have always longed for peace and brotherhood, and yet have caused so much conflict and suffering? Are love and hatred, good and evil destined to coexist, as some believe, so that lasting peace and harmony can never be achieved? If the world was created by a loving God, why is there so much suffering?

These and many other difficult questions touch upon the very essence of our being. What is the purpose of our life? What is our origin and destiny? Does God exist, and if so, how can we know God? Humankind has sought to answer these questions through religion, which is a spiritual, internal path, and through science, which deals with the external world. However, religion and science must be bought into harmony by a higher understanding of truth, one which interprets the spiritual and material aspects of life within one consistent framework.

To have a real effect in the world, this higher understanding of truth should also solve the inconsistencies within and between religions, creating the basis for reconciliation among religions and cultures. The major religions, based upon teachings given in the far-distant past, do not compel the intellect of modern people. In particular, this new expression of truth must clarify the meaning of the Bible and all the world's scriptures, paving the way for the world's religions to resolve their internal struggles and become resources for building world peace.

Furthermore, the true nature of God must be revealed, enabling us to know God through both logic and heart, and thus leading all people through the power of their consciences to lives of goodness. The new truth should reveal the source of the contradiction within the human heart, and show us how we can resolve the conflict between the mind and body. If we find peace within ourselves as individuals, then peace within families, communities, nations and the world will become a real possibility.

The purpose of this booklet is to introduce this new and revolutionary teaching. It is called the "Divine Principle" and is based upon the teachings of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church. The Principle, as it will be referred to here after, is the result of divine inspiration, prayer, and the study of religious scriptures and of life itself. Many tears and much intense suffering were part of the price of gaining this profound understanding.

There are three main parts to the Principle: the first part deals with the nature of God and why He created man and the universe; the second part explains why God's ideal for man was not realized and how evil came into this world; the third part explains how God has been working throughout history to restore humanity and establish His ideal world of true love.

From reading this booklet, it may be difficult to grasp the full power of the Principle, but if you begin to see even a glimmer of its potential to enrich your life, then you are encouraged to continue your study.

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