The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 4 Dedication of the Palace of Heavenly Presence

The following content has been selected from True Parentsí speech and prayer at the dedication ceremony for the Palace of Heavenly Presence on November 7, 1999 in order to directly convey to our members True Parentsí vision and hope for the Palace.

Section 1 The Palace of Heavenly Presence is the Palace of Family, Tribe, People, Nation and World

1. True Fatherís Benediction at the Purification Ceremony

Loving Heavenly Father, on this day, November 7, 1999, we are commencing a purification ceremony before holding the dedication ceremony for the Palace of Heavenly Presence. I am truly grateful that we can welcome this day of dedicating this victorious Palace and offer the ceremony of purification while the Heaven watches us. This palace is the place where the blessed families in the spiritual and physical worlds can unite into one and make determination with You to manifest Your victorious sovereignty spiritually and physically.

Heavenly Father, please remember this day, claim this palace into your ownership, and establish it as a base remembered by tens of thousands of generations and the base of the initiation of the unified heart realm of spiritual and physical unity that sets the tradition of love. Please grant it to become a palace of admiration, a palace of love, and a palace of worship that can honor the ties of blood.

Through this, please allow this palace to become a landmark and origin for the expansion of the movement of globalizing the sovereign realm of love under the reign of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. I eagerly implore You.

Through this purification ceremony, in which this palace attains the name of an original palace and becomes established as the basic holy ground where everything in the heaven and earth can be purified from the position of oneness among all things in the heaven and earth, God, and True Parents; all the palaces in all nations can be connected, consecrated, and dedicated to the Heaven; I implore you to make it such a base and place of initiation of tradition of Blessing.

In purifying the entire place now, I implore you to accept this purification so that everywhere in the palace the blessed salt falls the environment can be purified, and the Satan's shadows expunged, and the palace becomes the base of the original tradition in which God's love and True Parentsí flesh and blood lead the history from beginning to the end.

With the national messiahs as the representatives of the 185 countries, please bless this place to serve as the base of restoring and achieving the completion over all the defilement resulting from the failure of the ideal of Adam's family in the providence of Korea, Japan, America, and Germany.

As True Parents purify with their hands, eagerly praying that You personally perform the purification together with the True Parents, please protect this palace eternally with blessing, authority, honor, and love. I prayed the blessing in the name of the True Parents. Amen! Amen! Amen!

2. Prayer at the Tape-Cutting for the Ceremony of Completion

Beloved Heavenly Father, today, 10 am, on November 7, 1999, we are offering You a dedication ceremony for the Palace of Heavenly Presence, and please be present with us and lead us.

We know very well how sorrowful the history of the providence of restoration has been, which seeks to order the entire level of the spiritual world from paradise, intermediate spiritual world, and hell and to purify the corrupt and fallen lineage of the satanic world by connecting the people to the ideal of true family and to God's direct life and lineage.

Hence, the destiny we have, who have inherited the Satan s fallen lineage, is such that amid the suffering and groaning in the world radically contrary to the original world of ideal, we are moving towards hell when we in fact are to be heading for the Heavenly Kingdom. In this age of the globalization of hell on earth, You have been treading the long path of tribulation through the history of religion in order to protect us against the chaos of the front and back, left and right, and above and below, and to organize new tribe of God through individual, family, tribe, nation, state, world, and cosmos by sending the True Parents on earth as the center of the providence of restoration to regain the blood lineage of true God.

Through Your love for the Korean Peninsula, You have called and established True Parents in this land; this pitiful nation have suffered over five thousand years of misery, and yet even as a solitary and small nation, they have been keeping ethnic purity and loyalty to the ideal and even have a title Country of Propriety of the East." You have loved this nation as they have been upholding sexual purity and traditional lineage and fervently pursuing the ways of the dutiful son, patriot, and saints.

On this foundation, the historical religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and the Unification Church have been integrated for the sake of reaping the fruit of their oneness with God's heart and, and the realm of liberation for the mankind has been established on the foundation of victory, thereby expanding the ethnic purity of God's lineage throughout the world. Furthermore, the movement of globalization of Blessing has been seeking to elevate the foundation of Blessing of unified liberation in the spiritual world, join the heavenly world and physical world together as one world like both sides of one hand, and raise the people of the world as flesh and blood of true love of the Parents of Heaven and Earth under the guidance of God and True Parents. This movement has resulted in the foundation of having blessed 440 million couples so far.

By newly Blessing and organizing 400 million couples of single men and women, we can fully open the gate of Blessing for the heavenly world, fully open the earthly world, and open the gate of hell in heaven and earth, thereby laying a super highway through which the families can enter the Heavenly Kingdom on the hills of the Parents of Heaven and Earth; we know that You have been working hard in order to spread to the entire heaven and earth the Heavenly Kingdom, which is the source of the original homeland and God s ideal of creation, and to realize the realm of unification in the heaven and earth. In the long course of tribulation to determine the victorious supremacy on earth under Your guidance and grace, we have been coming over the form of unified country and hill of the world, and blessed and organized the people of the Heavenly Kingdoms on earth and in heaven that extend through the families and tribes the unified program of the spiritual and physical worlds; with this progress, we embarked upon building the Palace of Heavenly Presence as a place where the entire heavenly palace as the capital of the Heavenly Kingdom can come down to the earth and make a spiritual initiation for serving the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the Creator. We are grateful for Your hard work for us during this process since it began more two years ago.

This house has not been built by human beings, but rather by the spiritual world led by Heung Jin Goon, Dae Mo Nim, Chung Mo Nim, and Dae Hyung Nim guiding the human world with a cooperation based on utmost loyalty and filial piety. Today, as individual activities have been globalized, blessed families of the Unification Church have made donations with pious devotion, with which this palace became a reality, and for allowing us this joy today, we are truly grateful to You, Father.

This palace has been constructed as the base to begin setting a leading example to go over the country level in this age of globalization, an example for the efforts to establish the world of love under God's sovereignty by organizing a single nation with all the countries of the word, not to mention Korea; therefore, please rule over this place directly and lead us to the age of liberated Kingdoms of Heaven on earth and in heaven, an age when we can march into the unified heaven and earth and world of equality and peace with oneness between the blessed ancestors in the spiritual world and blessed descendants on earth. In connection with all these efforts, as we dedicate this as a palace of spiritual training and cultivation where all people can become firmly determined in their hearts to attain love of pure lineage through the connection of life, please accept this as a base that embodies the victory of having established the first object for the condition that represents all humanity and all things on earth in the place watched by all the spirits in the heavenly world and by all the beings in the Heavenly Kingdom, and as a hall where we can bring up victorious liberators of people who are fit to assume the authority of princes and princesses of the heavenly kingdom.

As ten thousand people have gathered here from all nations to celebrate this ceremony of dedication with sincere hearts, we implore You to make this place an elegant temple where hearts come together to arouse flowery fragrance and as an origin of love that can be revealed to the heavenly kingdom, to the whole universe, and to the heart of the humanity and be admired as the substantial symbol of love.

We earnestly implore You to newly proclaim in the name of True Parents and in the name of the entire mankind the blessing whereby the people of liberation can be educated to purify the entire realm of heart in connection with all things, the Korean people, and the humanity and together with all the angels in the heavenly world so that these people can be sent out as the leading citizens to the heaven and earth and the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven, thereby establishing this place as the temple and palace of love and pride over everlasting generations.

By realizing oneness with the blessed families of the Unification Church and the Second Generation as well as with the blessed families in the heavenly world and their blessed descendants on earth who are remembering and praying for this day, we will bring about the liberated realm of unification and unification of the South and North Koreas, and by equalizing and integrating the cultural difference between the East and the West, the economic difference between the South and the North, and the difference between the Heavenly Kingdoms on earth and in heaven, we will march into the equal and peaceful world of everlasting Heavenly Kingdom; this I dedicate and bless before the Supreme Ruler and Great King, the Creator of the heaven and earth in the name of the True Parents, who rely on Jehovah. Amen, Amen, Amen.

3. The Forth Adam, the Realization of the Kingdom of Heavens on Earth and in Heaven

What is the name of this sacred place? It means the realization of Kingdoms of Heaven on earth and in heaven for the Fourth Adam. What is that? The earthly world and the heavenly world had been separated until now. They were enemies. God and the devil were fighting. Who would stop that struggle? Had God been able to do it, He would have done so from the day when the fall took place. However, He could not do so. Why? Why could the almighty God not do so? If God tried to stop the fighting, then the devil would want to drag it to a deeper level of conflict.

Then, who would stop this fight? The false parents had become the origin of this conflict. If True Parents ask Satan, "God had this situation because of this and this; you, Satan, in opposing me because of this, arenít you walking this course, also thinking how to escape from this situation?" then he would say, "Yes." And if asked, "What is the path by which you can be restored? Isnít it true that God can find a rest and you can escape from this painful history of struggle only by True Parents finding the position of higher value than the original Adam and Eve and establishing the tradition of original ideal parents?" the Satan would again say, Yes. I know it well." God knows this, and so does the Satan. A person who can offer such an admonition is neither God nor the devil, but the True Parents.

The family that the True Parents are talking about is the family God had longed for. Satan's family exists for the purpose of assisting the process of establishing the family that True Parents had talked about and that God had hoped for. Therefore, Satan should become the prince of darkness bearing the history of suffering as much as he had felt the differences existing here. He cannot feel resentful even if he assumes such a position because everything True Parents told him was correct and with undeniable evidence. Thus, who is the one who will stop and resolve the fighting between God and Satan? It is the Messiah, which Christianity has been talking about.

The Messiah is the perfected Adam. It is not the Adam who fell as a false parent and destroyed the tradition of True Parents, but the Adam who perfected it. The perfected Adam is of God's direct blood lineage. He inherited God's blood lineage. When such Adam and Eve pass through the adolescence period, they come to understand who their partners are and naturally seek after their destined relationship, forgetting their every other desire.

When they enter into the adolescent period, what should they do? Adam and Eve should not do as they wish. Adam and Eve's marriage is the marriage of God. It is where God s blood lineage is being connected. God stands in the position of the mind, and Adam stands in the position of the body, through which God becomes God of vertical standard and connects to the horizontal foundation as its center.

As the result, love, life and lineage, that are the original principle of the great cosmic path, can settle there and connect with the seed. If God's blood lineage is red, the eternal and unchanging red seed will leave behind descendants who can go straight to the Kingdom of Heaven. However, the seed that should have become the red seed had turned into something else. Therefore, this must be retracted and be restored. You have no idea how incredibly difficult this path of restoration is. Yet, those who do not understand such a sorrow (han) of restoration are not qualified to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot be the owner of liberation if you cannot overcome the trap of disgrace and the walls of Satanic world.

So, did Father build this house or did Father's son in the spirit world and Father's mother-in-law, Dae Mo Nim build it? Who built it? Did the spirit world build it or the substantial physical world build it? Did Father help or not? Father did not help, not even one penny.

In a not so distant future, sunset and night will visit the Satanic world and the bright morning light will visit the Unification Church, and we will welcome the time of spring and liberation. Is it the Unification Church or the Unification Family? It is Unification Family. Therefore, it is the Unification Family that represents the heaven and earth. It is the Unification Family that represents and transcends all nations. It is a representative family that transcends the nationalities. It is a family representative of everything. Why? Because it has the root of True Love. It is the seed of True Love even if it dies. The Unification Church presented the great revolution of family.

Today, the Satanic world has completely given up. American families are all in ruin. The former Soviet Union and even advanced nations are indebted to me. They should come in front of me, kneel down, offer their possession, their children, their tribe, and their nation, and should have a wish to be governed by me. In order for that nation to be administered by me, it must walk the path of sacrifice, even if this has to be carried out forcefully; otherwise, there will be no way for them to survive.

That is why Rev. Moon has been walking this path throughout his life even under enormous persecution. Have I walked this path with life-long persecution or with life-long complements? What kind of situation am I in now, after having walked through such a persecution and curse? Am I a person of low energy just struggling to get by or a person of courage and pride? I am always courageous and bold. I persuaded Gorbachev of Soviet Union and Kim Ii Sung of North Korea. I am the one who persuaded the evil kings of this world. I live like that even today.

All kinds of people in this world are dependent on me. I have such a historic and substantive authority. There is no one who can surpass me theoretically in the world of religion. That is why I fought to bring and educate theologians and philosophers from all over the world. Then, is Rev. Moon a great person or a fool?

We, the Unification Church, seek to make an indivisible family in which God wishes to dwell eternally. Even if we may drive out God, He will sneak in through the back door to sleep with us even in hiding. Such a family is the traditional family of the Unification Church and a family that can be welcomed everywhere in the heaven and earth.

The parents of the Unification families are dutiful children of God, loyal citizens of the nation, saints of the world, and holy son and daughter, and thus the children of those parents are also dutiful children to the parents, loyal citizens, saints, and holy sons and daughters.

Now it is a time for you to say good bye to Father. The restoration through indemnity begins when you deny the external world completely. When you have reached complete restoration, there remains a stage in which you must deny everything centering God's love. You must deny completely anything that does not meet the standard of True Love; in other words, you must purify it. As we welcome the second age of family settlement, this important period when heaven and earth are intersecting, True Parents last task is to set that principle. You must not be ignorant of this.

Have blessed couples done everything according to God's word? Father have declared many things in my forty-, or fifty-year public course. That path is the history of our tradition, but have you lived accordingly? Have you or havení t you? You havení t. In order to receive God's inheritance, Has Father done everything, even beyond what God knew and demanded of him? Have I or havenít I? I have blessed the saints and the murderers together. Could God have done that? That could only be done by True Parents. True Parents are the only people who can stop the fight between God and Satan.

If asked, God, You are such a sorrowful God, who has not found even a day of rest in the peaceful position of promised land because of this and this," then God would say, "Yes." If asked, "Through whom, are You going to resolve this?" then He would answer, "Through True Parents." If asked, "Then, do you trust the words of True Parents absolutely? Do you obey it absolutely?" then God would say, "Surely, I would." God obeys. The Unification Church is proposing this logic of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience because Satan has taken away obedience, real love and this principle of absolute victory.

The conclusion is this: our family is qualified to inherit the heaven and earth. That is our family! Those who pledge raise your hands.

This is the Palace of Heavenly Presence. Through the palace of our mind, the palace of our family, the palace of our tribe, the palace of our people, the palace of our nation, the palace of the world, the palace of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, we reach the palace of the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. This is a heavenly castle. In a palace, there is a king. You should understand that we are beginning a palace in which even God dwells. On this day of dedicating such a sacred palace, what should Father emphasize?

We must form an absolute family, unique family, unchanging family, and eternal family that can attend God. We should form a family with whom God wishes to dwell together for tens of thousands of years, a family with whom God can leave behind his sorrow, and a family whom He wishes to follow. Only with such a family, will God be able to find a beloved child, thereby transcending the sorrow of having lost the only begotten child for hundreds of millions of years, and leaping far beyond the blockage erected by Adam and Eve. God should be able to move freely from the heavenly throne to the earthly throne. He should be able to move freely by push of a button. Only true love can develop such an environment. That is why Father is the king who has created and taught the logical system of truth of true love. Who is the king of all blessed couples around the world? Who is the founder and the main figure calling for the globalization of true family? Everyone including people of a remote island knows that it is undeniably Father. Since Father has blessed everyone as a global true family, he is the king of the true blessed families. I am the father of such a king family. It is God's hope and at the same time Father's hope that you become children of such a king and form a family that inherits the tradition of king's family. What is the sorrow of God? God lost three generations because the first generation, Adam and Eve's family, as well as their grandchildren's family could not realize God's ideal. That is God's sorrow. By regaining the three generations, we should realize completely the foundation for the resolution of God's sorrow and make God declare, "I shall live with you eternally." That is the unchanging truth, eternal truth and traditional truth. You should pledge to inherit such a tradition and become true heavenly children and true parents who can inherit their spirit to your descendants. All those who make such a determination, raise your both hands and pledge in front of God! [Amen!] I pray that God's blessing be with you. [Amen!]

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