The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 3 Messages of Love from Dae Mo Nim [Part 4]

This is a collection of Dae Mo Nimís speeches given in the Chung Pyung workshops.

Section 5 Episodes and Testimonies

Many miracles have happened to those members who have visited the Chung Pyung Holy Ground. Especially those who had set up many prayer conditions prior to attending the workshop or the ancestorsí liberation ceremony not only received the grace of liberation but also testified to Dae Mo Nim that many of their difficult family problems were solved. Dae Mo Nim introduced some of these episodes in the workshops. We have collected some portion of testimonies and presented them here.

1. Chronic Asthma Was Totally Healed

Ooshima Keiko is a 46 years old member in Kagawa Region of Japan, who experienced a real elation and joy. She was under sickness for 22 years without being able to breathe freely. She visited hospital as often as she visited her own home, because she had a bad case of chronic asthma. If she neglected to take the medicine, then she would experience a severe suffocation. When she came to Chung Pyung, she could not sit properly and attended the workshop in a laying-down position. One day Keiko prayed like this: "Heavenly Father, Please receive me. I cannot contribute to God's providence because of my sick body, so either please cure me and use me for your Will or let me quickly join the spirit world...

When I prayed earnestly and laid my hands on her, her asthma was totally cured as if it was washed away. Keiko was overjoyed. She visits Chung Pyung quite often because she can now receive workshop like other ordinary people. She attends workshop sitting down properly as if she had never had asthma. Keiko can have a new beginning now and she thinks of Chung Pyung as the Garden of Eden where she found a new life.

2. Invasion of the Spirit of a Comfort Girl

The spirits of those who were dragged away from Korea, were forced to serve as comfort girls under the Japanese colonial army, and died are spread all over Japan. These resentful spirits cause troubles among Korean-Japanese Couples such as infertility, breast cancer, and uterus cancer.

I counseled one Korean-Japanese couple. This couple could not bear a child even though they waited for a long time and came to me to receive special prayer. I found something incredible while was counseling them. When I saw spiritually the Japanese wife, she had an even more serious problem than having no children. Her uterus was in the process of rotting from its outer wall. If this process continued, her life would be threatened by uterus cancer, not to mention her being unable to bear a child. So, I quickly began to pray for her and laid my hands on her uterus area.

And I asked the spirit who was causing this infection of the uterus why. That spirit confessed that she was a comfort girl who could not bear such a life and tried to escape but was caught by the Japanese soldiers. She became a resentful spirit because she was killed by cutting off her uterus from her body. She explained that she wanted to kill this Japanese member by rotting away her uterus in order to revenge herself. The wife of that Korean-Japanese couple was a descendent of that Japanese soldier who had killed her. The condition of the uterus of Japanese wife was in shambles. I thought that sexual relationship would be impossible with this problem and asked her if she was having relationships with her husband. However, her answer was unexpected: she had thought that sexual relationship was supposed to be that painful. I felt such a pity for her after hearing this. I prayed and placed my hands on her for a long time and finally I was able to separate that spirit from her.

She was grateful that pain stopped and she felt fresh. Actually, she had had tremendous pain but could not tell that to her husband. She visited many hospitals. She even confessed that she had visited famous spiritualists and even shaman. She had lived with this illness alone, hiding it from her husband. Had she visited Chung Pyung a little late, she could have met with a serious tragedy.

3. Atopy and a Child

A while ago, a child about 4 years old came to the Chung Pyung Spiritual Training Center. That child had such a chronic case of atopy skin disease that even his bone was bent and hardened. No matter how much I tried to straighten his bone, it would not budge. That small child had such a bad case that his body was constantly itching and ooze was dripping from the sores. He was scratching the sores, even forgetting about the pain. The reason for bending of his bones was that he had been scratching constantly sitting down, almost becoming a cripple.

I prayed and earnestly tried to cure this child, suffering from this mysterious disease called atopy, by separating the evil spirits and cleansing him with Water of Life, and he was cured and walked out of Chung Pyung, whereas he had been almost like a cripple before

4. A Second Generation Child Could Not Be Cured Even by a Surgery

A Second Generation student had received a surgery at the hospital but was in pain because gas did not come out after the surgery and his intestine was tangled up. His father felt strange that his condition did not improve even after the surgery and his pain continued. His father thought that perhaps this was a spiritual problem, and he requested help from Chung Pyung. I ran to him, leaving behind many busy tasks, since he was a Second Generation child. However, the hospital did not allow a spiritual treatment, nor did they allow this child to go outside the hospital. Even though I explained to the doctor who was responsible for his case that this was a spiritual problem, the doctor refused to listen to me. But we finally got the consent from the doctor to bring him outside of the hospital and was able to examine his wound spiritually.

This student had a problem on the left side of the intestine below the belly button. That area was opposite of the part that received surgery. Evil spirits were biting and squeezing that bad part of intestine. As soon as I removed evil spirits from that area, he wanted to go to bathroom. As that knotted part of intestine was disentangled, gas came out. People around him were surprised by how loud the gas sounded but it was a joyful surprise. He became much better and able to go to school.

The healing was not possible even after a part of his intestine was removed by the medical intervention. Evil spirits full of resentment tormented him, laughing at the power of modern medicine. The evil spirits who attached themselves to this student cried out, I can never come out. I can finish him off in a few days when he will have another surgery..." That was a cry of this resentful evil spirits who wanted to take his life away when he received the second surgery.

Of course, not everything is caused by spiritual problem. However, you will find yourself in trouble when you try to solve a spiritual problem by science only.

5. The Spirit of the Father of a Second Generation Child Afflicted My Staff

This is an episode I experienced when I performed an ancestorsí liberation ceremony in San Francisco. A Second Generation child who was a cancer patient attended it. His father, who had already had Seung Hwa, came to the ceremony because an ancestorsí list of his son had been submitted to the workshop. I had informed the American staff that it would be very difficult to separate evil spirits and offer special prayer for individuals since I was coming right after 10,000 people gathering in Korea. Nevertheless, the regional leader requested through the senior manager Sang Chil Cha, who accompanied me in that trip, a separation of evil spirits and special prayer for this child with cancer, whereupon Mr. Cha refused that request.

However, a problem occurred. The father of this child visited me in the middle of this ancestorsí liberation ceremony, explained to me the conversation between the regional director and Mr. Cha, and left with disappointment, saying "Mr. Cha refused because he had never experienced real pain until now." On the next day, Mr. Cha was in so much pain. He cried out, full of pain, "Oh, I am going to die. I am going to die like this." The father of this child with cancer entered into Mr. Cha and caused enormous pain to him in the same area as his son's cancer.

I felt that if I did not treat cancer patients, this fatherís spirit would not leave. As soon as I said I would treat all cancer patients, Mr. Cha's pain disappeared. As we can see, ancestors are hoping that Dae Mo Nim will do everything possible to cure their descendants. The father of this Second Generation child was waiting for the treatment even after going to the spirit world in order to cure his son s cancer.

6. The Spirit of a Surrogate Mother Twisted a Member's Body

This is a spiritual experience of a sister who belonged to the Church of East In Chon City. She was complaining that in Chung Pyung she did not receive any special feeling and did not really know whether or not spirits existed. But she determined that this time she must gain a spiritual experience and prayed earnestly under the Tree of Love. Then, strangely, her candlelight was blown off three times. She felt a strange ache in her whole body and began to feel pain in her stomach. She thought may be this would go away, but it did not. Soon she felt as if she would die.

Thinking that perhaps her devotional effort was not enough, she set a prayer vigil time and then came to me. Since I was in the middle of prayer, and so I could not take care of her, the lecturers saw her. But the situation worsened to the degree that the lecturers did not know what to do, and so they immediately came to me. That sister from the Eastern In Chon Church was shaking violently and was turning cold like ice. Another problem was that her lower tummy and sexual organ were entangling as if she was giving a birth and made her cry out with pain.

So, I went to her quickly and saw her. I found that an ancestor of hers had once hired a woman to serve as a surrogate mother. She gave birth to a son for him. This ancestor, however, started having an evil thought. He thought that if this lady came to have too much maternal love for this child, or if the child later found out that his mother was not this ancestor's wife, it would cause a problem. Thus he decided to kill this lady. In the end, he tied her up with ropes and drowned her in the freezing river. That is why in the process of resolving the resentment of this surrogate lady's spirit that sister began to feel the pain of childbirth.

The spirit who was a surrogate mother attached herself to a descendent of the ancestor who had killed her in the freezing water. As soon as that spirit was removed, she no longer felt pain. When that sister was praying under the Tree of Love, the angels were trying to untie the spiritual ropes that were being tied around her. In that process she felt pain and began to shout. However, once that spirit was separated, that sister felt fine and ran to the bathroom with her friend.

This incident showed the members who had doubts and complaints about Chung Pyung an undeniable spiritual experience. This kind of phenomena involving a vengeful surrogate mother spirit occur commonly to Korean women. Many people testify about this.

7. Evil Spirits Attack an Unborn Child

Those who are pregnant feel the joy of bearing a child but at the same time are concerned whether or not their baby will be born normal without any defects. They worry if their baby will be all right. Not only blessed couples but all pregnant mothers and fathers have this kind of worry.

There are many causes for birth defects. When I see pregnant women spiritually, to my surprise I find quite a few cases of abnormal fetus. The evil spirits in the body are holding the neck of the fetus. I saw some unborn children suffering greatly in the hands of the spirits of comfort girls. Even though I can see the womb very clearly as if on a TV screen, I have a difficulty of not being able to tell the members about it. There is a tendency in our members to listen to their doctors very well, but not the advice from the spiritual diagnosis.

I always pay special attention to pregnant women who visit Chung Pyung. One day, seeing an unborn child in a dire situation, I prayed earnestly and pleaded with God, saying, "God, should your child be born in such a terrible form? If you can help, please help." On the next day, I heard that the pregnant sister felt acute pain and had a miscarriage. When I visited the hospital and saw the miscarried fetus, it was severely deformed.

There are many cases among the Japanese sisters where atopy disease gets inside their womb. If there are evil spirits attacking an unborn child, there is a high probability of that child having atopy, autism, or deformity. This is caused by a deep bodily penetration of the spirits of surrogate mothers in the time of the victim's ancestors, of comfort girls in the Japanese army, or of fornicators. I have seen that when members came to Chung Pyung and diligently separated the evil spirits, these problem gradually disappeared.

8. Ignorance of Members

It is possible that a baby develops a heart problem in the womb. Such a child has a high probability of death after only a few months. When I tell the members that I will eliminate the evil spirits, sometimes they do not heed my words. When I recommend them to pray in Chung Pyung, they take it lightly and go back to their home. When their child seems to be healthy, plays well, grows without much difficulty, they forget all about the advise I gave them. Yet, after a certain time, they realize that their child has a problem and come to me in tears, asking me to save the child.

These confused parents suddenly call and inquire, "Shall we go to hospital or shall we come to Chung Pyung and receive your prayer?" However, there are times when it is too late to take the child to hospital or treat him with prayer. There is a sad case that a child received surgery three times and then had Seung Hwa.

When it is spiritually diagnosed that an unborn child has a problem, we should make spiritual conditions and eliminate the evil spirits by forty days prior to the child's birth, and also be sure to make a special condition for forty days after the birth. We should realize that many times the ignorance of members lead to tragedy, and I hope that you will acquire the wisdom of absolute faith.

9. A Child on the Life Support System

There was a member called Obuki, a 6500 Korean-Japanese couple from the Church of Yi cheon in the South Kyunggi Region. She delivered a premature baby due to a ruptured placenta in her 7th month of pregnancy. The child was not properly developed, and so was sent immediately to the intensive care unit and attached to the artificial breath support machine because he could not even go into the incubator. The child had less than 50% chance of survival and the battle between life and death began. She felt that she had not done her responsibility as a mother and could not eat or even sleep due to her guilty feelings.

She invested herself in prayer life while visiting the baby in the hospital every day. She could attend the seven generation liberation ceremony twenty days after the child birth. For two moths, she was constantly worrying and wishing that the baby could take off the artificial breath support system. Suddenly, however, the baby acquired virus and bacterial infections, and his conditions deteriorated. Then another complication, blood poisoning, caused the child's body to turn black and swell up twice his size, putting him in the worst possible condition. As she watched the baby, there was nothing she could do, and so she asked her pastor about the Seung Hwa procedure and came to Chung Pyung, intending to at least make some prayer condition for the baby.

She called the hospital every break time, and the hospital was pressing her to return quickly. She returned to the hospital around the midnight and met the doctor, but he said there was no hope, and asked her to make a choice. She returned to Chung Pyung around 2:40 a.m. and earnestly prayed under the Tree of Love, and afterwards she brought a bottle of the Water of Heaven to the hospital. She cleansed the baby with the Water of Heaven and prayed. One week passed without any improvement in the baby's condition. She could not bear to see the pain of her child and so returned to Chung Pyung.

After the end of workshop, she was called to the hospital. It seemed that the spirit of the baby, who was totally dependent on the breath support system, was almost leaving the body. Without even a shred of hope, she thought, "Now you are really going to the spirit world!" The doctor said there was nothing else they could do for the baby and left the room after recommending her to prepare a funeral. After calling the church pastor and parents of both families to notify the situation, she cleansed the baby with the Water of Heaven and prayed repeatedly, Heavenly Father, I do not have any condition for the baby. But, with this Water of Heaven as a condition, please allow Your miracle to take place as the almighty Creator. However, do as You will, and not as I desire."

After the midnight passed, the nurse told her with amazement that the babyís condition was improving. She ran to the baby with surprised and grateful heart. After that day, she cleansed the baby with the Water of Heaven at every visitation hour with earnest prayer. After three weeks, on July 7, the baby was finally able to come off the artificial breath support system. She cried out so many times to God, "Heavenly Father, You are victorious! Thank you!" The hospital staff were jubilant, saying a miracle had happened. The baby endured all the severe pain and finally came out of the hospital on July 31 three times as big as his size at birth. He welcomed his 100-day ceremony with congratulation of all the people. This family offered gratitude to Godís love shown through that young life and offered this testimony with gratitude to True Parents, who have inherited us the victory of the providence of restoration and to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, who are working so hard in the spiritual world.

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