The Chung Pyung Providence and the Way of Blessed Family

Chapter 3 Messages of Love from Dae Mo Nim [Part 3]

This is a collection of Dae Mo Nimís speeches given in the Chung Pyung workshops.

5. The Path to the Heavenly Kingdom

In the spiritual world, I saw a secret for entering the Heavenly Kingdom. When I asked God, "What do we have to keep?" God told me a few things.

Asked what the most difficult thing is in the world, ordinary people mention the challenges they face during their life on earth. But the most difficult thing is going to the Heavenly Kingdom. In order to go there, we have to shake off our fallen natures and all the sins and walk the straight path; if we deviate even a bit, we are disqualified for the Heavenly Kingdom even after we return.

In order to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, we have to shake off in our generation all the sinful things that have continued from the fall of Adam and Eve until today. Unless we have strong determination to remove them while True Parents are on earth, our second generation and then the third generation will have to struggle to remove them. We have to be transformed and finish it in the first generation lest we leave behind sins and burden of indemnity for our descendants.

1) Establish a True Family

(1) Become a Couple Who Serve Each Other in True Love

When I went to the spiritual world, there were twenty-one tests, among which the questions, "Have you created a true family, have you become one as a couple, and is your couple harmonious?" were the first. In order to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, the husband and wife must become one. Even after receiving the Blessing, unless the couple become one in true love, they cannot realize a true family and thus cannot go to the Heavenly Kingdom. The couple must become one in God's true love. Only when the couple become one, can they form a true family, and the whole family can go to the Heavenly Kingdom as if they are moving to another house.

Even though the husband and wife may dislike each other, they should strive to become one in true love in order to go to the Heavenly Kingdom. Although the husband or wife may have many shortcomings, because they have been already joined as a couple, they should yield to, endure, and love each other in order to go to the Heavenly Kingdom. Since the husband is the subject partner of love, even if his wife may not be pretty enough to satisfy him, he can just give her unconditional love. On the other hand, since the wife is the object partner or beauty, she can just return beauty to her husband. If the couple yield to, understand, forgive, and serve each other this way, they can form a true family.

In a true family, its members live beautifully, the husband and wife love each other so that God always desires to come, and the parents and children are one. Hence, a true family always has laughter and no evil. Some people say that they cannot live together because of the character difference. But rather than trying to fit my spouse to me, I should try to fit myself to my spouse. When a couple become one in true love, they become alike. Realizing that I myself have a defect as well as my spouse, blessed couples should yield to and live for the sake of each other.

The husband and wife should never fight. If they fight, they should resolve it right away. They should pray and end it all in the same place, and never separate and use different rooms. They can just say sorry to each other. The husband can pray, "Heavenly Father, I am in the wrong. We fought because I have bad character. So please forgive me guide our family never to fight again. Amen," and when he opens his eyes, the wife can say, "Letís try better." Then it will be all right. But if the wife says, "See, as you have just prayed, you are in the wrong," then they will get back into fight. So they should always practice love of serving each other with a prayerful heart. The couple should hold hands whether they walk or sleep, and always live in oneness.

(2) Form a True Family to Go to the Heavenly Kingdom

God is God of love, and for the sake of love He has created the world. God's ideal of creation is the world of true love, and this is established by true people perfected in true love, true families, and their dominion of all things. Such worlds realized on earth and in the spiritual world are called respectively the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and the Heavenly Kingdom in heaven. Hence, in order to realize the Heavenly Kingdom, we must form true families. Only when the true children have formed true families, will God come to these families.

Since Adam and Eve fell and failed to establish a true family, God wishes us to form true families, saying, "If you just live in such a way that I can visit your family, I will give you full blessing. Build a true family." But He cries when He sees blessed couples fight over many problems and fail to become one. God said, "Do you understand my heart when I bring blessing to my children upon their request and then take it back because they are fighting and living with the Satan?"

Although many couples have been matched because they suited each other well, many others have been matched whose ancestors have an entangled relationship. Because there is no way for these ancestors to come to terms with each other apart from through the Blessing, the blessed descendants should live for the sake of each other and practice true love. This is why True Parents bless these descendants. Removing our hereditary and collective sins also requires that we establish true families.

Even if the couple may have a good relationship, however, they cannot form a true family if their children go wrong. They should live in such a way that not only the couple but also their children feel that their home is a Heavenly Kingdom. A family where children do not listen to the parents, and the husband and wife hate and struggle with each other cannot go to the Heavenly Kingdom. No matter what circumstances we are in, we must form a true family united in true love under God in order to go to the Heavenly Kingdom.

2) Remove the Fallen Natures

(1) Fallen Nature Is Caused by the Satan and Evil Spirits

Before Adam and Eve fell, they had no fallen nature and only knew God s love. But we have acquired fallen natures as the lifestyle centered on Lucifer has been handed down until today. A master of true life and true love absolutely has no fallen nature. Since fallen nature came into being after the fall of Adam and Eve, we can go to the Heavenly Kingdom only after removing it all.

Things such as jealousy, envy, anger, hatred, falsity, greed, self-centeredness, and arrogance are clearly not a character of God but of the Satan. What the Satan likes most is the fallen nature. All sins hail from the fallen nature such as hatred, greed, and anger. During our daily life, if we work 90 percent with God, and just 10 percent with fallen nature, everything falls into the Satan's possession. The Satan is always waiting for us to fight with hatred, greed, and rage and become divided.

When I analyzed the matter in the spiritual world, the figures such as Cain, Abel, Noah, Abraham, and Moses failed because they, their spouse, or their family members had greed, arrogance, and "the self "and thereby invited the Satan. God's providence has been delayed because the Satan has been making inroads into us through arrogance and "the self" and hindered the fulfillment of our responsibilities.

Fallen natures and individual sins spring because of the spirits inhabiting our body. When I have spirits with heavy greed inside my body, I become greedy even without realizing it and contrary to my character. If I have jealous spirits, I pour out strong jealousy without even intending it. When I have "the self," arrogance, and greed, the Satan works through people near me. Only when I shake off my arrogance, greed, and everything else springing from the fallen nature through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, will my spirit self grow to be bright and go to a place of goodness.

(2) We Cannot Go to the Heavenly Kingdom with Fallen Natures

Those who have a strong sense of "the self" and have no heart of yielding and understanding can never go to the Heavenly Kingdom. We can go there only after shaking off this selfishness. In other words, we should live for the sake of others with an yielding and enduring heart rather than self-centeredly True love comes in only when we have removed the fallen nature, and the fallen nature can never come in as long as there is true love. Since our mind and body are filled with fallen natures, however, true love cannot come in.

We can go to the Heavenly Kingdom only when we eradicate our fallen natures, abide by the heavenly law, live for the sake of others in absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience, and true love, and create a true family. When we have hearts that love each other and recognize each other as God's children, none of the jealousy, envy, arrogance, greed, hatred, and rage will come to us. Without any greed, we should try to give everything to others, live for the sake of others, and have no hatred. In a strong expression, we should be like a fool if we are to go to the Heavenly Kingdom.

Once we have eliminated our fallen nature, we will have no hatred. Since love comes after the fallen nature is gone, everyone of us will be able to go to the Heavenly Kingdom. Then we will be able to establish a true family and the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. This is why we should quickly be rid of the fallen nature. The wisest way is to throw it away first. We should discard everything that our original mind and conscience indicate as corrupt. Since, however, it is very difficult to shake off what human beings have been keeping for six thousand years, we need to have a grave determination.

We can send fragrance only when we have eradicated the fallen nature. We should always live with the heart of serving, heart of true love, and enduring smile. Our love should be such that people naturally become desirous of leaning on us and consulting their affairs with us. No one, not even the Satan, can do evil work in front of love.

When during our daily life an urge of the fallen nature springs up in our heart, we should say, "Aha, this is not what God wants me to do, but the Satan is trying to control me. Aha, the Satan is dominating me in order to bring me to his side and make me his child. This is why he is making me hate others and unleash greed and hatred. Satan, do you think you can deceive me? I will never indulge my wrath," and with this, we should digest it in a principled manner and suppress it from being expressed outwardly.

3) Do Not Drink or Smoke

(1) Do Not Defile the Body, Which Is God's Temple, with Drinking or Smoking

Our mind and body are God's temple, a place of God's dwelling and visit. God waits to be able to come into us, and yet He cannot do so unless our mind and body are clean. We must not defile this beautiful temple with drinking or smoking. We should maintain our mind and body beautiful, clean, and fragrant so that God can visit and dwell in it whenever He wants.

My mind and body are neither mine nor the Satanís; it is Godís. Hence, when our members drink or smoke, the Satan rejoices, whereas God cries. God cannot come where my physical and spirit self have become hazy like fog through smoke and alcohol. Only when I am clear and pure, can God dwell in me, and I in God, which will entitle me to the Heavenly Kingdom.

So I cannot go to wherever I want to go or do whatever I want to do because this is my body. We should live with an attitude that asks, "How can I wash my clothes clean and keep my mind pure so that God can come and stay long with me?" Since my mind and body are not mine, I should keep them fresh, clean, and elegant. When we see ourselves after drinking or smoking, we can notice our mind and body becoming dirty beyond comprehension.

Hence, people of faith should refrain from drinking, smoking and other activities that cause hallucination, which worldly people are fond of. Since we are descendants of the fall, when an anger erupts from us, we sometimes engage in these activities. But we should be able to digest and settle it down with God's heart and love. People of faith cannot drink or smoke.

True Parents have come in order to establish the blessed families in the state before the fall of Adam and Eve. If we recognize as people of faith the value of True Parents, we cannot drink or smoke. Since we have received Blessing of such noble people, we should strive to resemble them, and in order to resemble True Parents, we cannot drink or smoke.

(2) Drinking and Smoking Bring In the Satan and Evil Spirits and Cause Cancer

The Satan works through drinking and smoking. In other words, these activities play a great role for the Satan's operation and thus serves as an occasion of fall. There are so many cases where drinking induced fall. Families that make mistakes commit them while drunk. There have been many people who fought with their spouse, went out and drank in rage, fell while drunk, and came back to repent.

Drinking ushers in the Satan. There are many spirits who come in through drinking. An unimaginable number of spirits infiltrate into our body through drinking and smoking. During the laying on of my hands, I have seen many people who have problems in their neck because their ancestors had been heavy drinkers, and many people who had developed a trouble in their liver through drinking. Doing an ancestors liberation ceremony is difficult for those who drink or smoke. We should not bring in spirits through drinking or smoking.

True Father has given a strong direction to eliminate our membersí drinking and smoking practices. Drinking and smoking cause dreadful diseases. Mistakes of the first generation are received by the second generation, and those of the second generation are received by the third generation. I have seen many cases where smoking of the first generation caused a larynx cancer on the third generation. Heavy smokers have haziness like fog from their neck toward the bronchus and also much black stuff like grapes in the neck. Their neck area has turned black in sickness and can hardly be scrubbed off with things like sponge. If a member of a first-generation blessed family contracts a cancer in the thyroid gland, larynx, or lung by smoking, his second generation and third generation come out with the same disease.

Heung Jin Nim said, "Look, children of smokers will be born with larynx cancer. Tell them to quit smoking rather than repenting and quitting only after having such a child in their homes. Children of a father who is fond of alcohol will have bad liver."

4) Do Not Eat of the Fruit

(1) Fall Is the Gravest Sin

Human beings are created so that they achieve individual perfection through God s true love, realize an ideal couple by receiving Blessing, and form a true family as a parent. Hence, fall of Adam and Eve through eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil has afflicted Godís heart most severely. In the course of the providence of restoration, God has been working hard to re-create the people in the pristine state before the eating of the fruit by installing central figures. As the central figures have failed to fulfill their responsibilities, and the sin of adultery has not been extirpated, however, the lascivious heart is found universally in today's people.

Worldly people are living in the decadence of family ethics to the extent that they cannot even distinguish between their own spouse and that of others. They have sold their conscience and live under the rule of lust. Even house wives are pulled out from home to enter the swamp of fornication. Now, the whole world has come under the reign of the Satan. Understanding God's heart and everything about the sinful world, True Father has established themselves in the position of True Parents immune to Satan s accusation by walking the indemnity path of blood, sweat, and tears, and has given us the Blessing. Therefore, it is the worst sin if a blessed family member stumbles and falls. It is unforgivable to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil when True Parents have taught us clearly through the Divine Principle what the fruit is and that we should never eat of it.

(2) Fall Must Be Resolved on Earth Before We Go to the Spiritual World

On earth, people do not see one another's iniquities or vices because their spiritual eyes are closed. In the spiritual world, however, we cannot hide our spirit self no matter how much we try to. Everything will be revealed as if on TV. Especially, a fallen blessed family member is too dirty to watch spiritually. Fall occurs instantly; it is not premeditated but committed by a moment's failing. Someone who fell pleaded with me as follows: "Dae Mo Nim, although I did not know this before the fall, after I fell, this fearful sin is crushing my heart. Please save me. I wanted to take a suicide pill, but I could not, lest I become accused in the spiritual world. I know I have to resolve this on earth. I wanted to go into the mountain and forget about it, and yet I came down because I felt that God was watching me. Dae Mo Nim, there is one way. Make me crazy, and then I will be able to live. I cannot live with sober mind, so make me insane so that I can forget about everything and live on.

On the other hand, some people lie and deny that they fell when they have an interview with me. Although I can see everything, even including the place, the partner, and how they did it, they still deny this fact. Eventually, they come to admit it, but they deny at the beginning. This is wrong. Whatever is bound on earth must be loosed on earth without being concealed. We should go to the spiritual world after resolving everything that is to be resolved on earth.

If, in the spiritual world, you fail to enter the Heavenly Kingdom because of your fall, you will have to return to earth and make your children establish the condition for you. You will have to say to them, "My children, I am unable to go to the Heavenly Kingdom because of my fall. So please do the seven-year separation for me." But this is inflicting too much pain upon your children.

(3) It Is a Sin Even to See or Touch the Fruit

Some of our members may think that seeing or touching is not a problem, as long as they do not eat of the fruit. But these people are distorting the Principle to suit their thoughts and actions. They draw a certain line, and suppose that they do not fall as long as they do not go over the line. But the fruit is not to be touched, or seen, as well as not to be eaten. God has clearly commanded not to see, touch, or eat of it. It means never to treat a man or woman who is not my spouse as a partner of love, see them, or touch them. We must never do such things as taking off clothes, seeing, or touching before a man or woman who is not our spouse. We can be people of the Heavenly Kingdom only when we keep absolute conjugal fidelity and form a true couple and true family of true love.

(4) Do Not Create a Situation Conducive to Fall

Everyone has lust in the heart because the root and cause of the sin lied in lust. But we should not create something that lights the fire of lust. When men and women are together, they must use caution in every situation. A man and woman should not be alone together. When their meeting is necessary, they can meet in threesome, five-some, etc. rather than meeting alone. When you give a counseling, whether in the church or office, you should definitely keep this in mind. While a man and a woman sit together by themselves, they may start touching each other in the course of counseling and comforting, whereupon the Satan will invade them and coax them to eat the fruit.

As True Father has said, when a man and a woman are alone together, they should not close up all the doors. Since men and women are a plus and a minus, when they come into contact, they cannot but spark up and fuse into one. So if someone is not your spouse, absolutely do not hold his or her hand. When members start holding hands with some feelings, the plus and minus may get a spark, and eventually plunge them into a pit of passion. When they start holding hands, they will come to embrace each other; when they embrace each other; they will come to kiss each other; and after this, they will touch each other and finally eat the fruit.

If you provide the cause, the result is bound to appear. Watching adult videos and reading adult books will lead you to fall. We should know that the Satan is hiding inside these things. Throw away all the adult stuff from your drawers, if there are any. Someone had a troubled heart and visited a friend to receive some consolation, where they watched adult materials together and finally fell. Sometimes, people fall when they go to a video room together. Men sometimes fall when they go to an adult barbershop.

Siblings of opposite gender should not sleep together. Also, when some relative visits your home, a male relative should not be allowed to sleep with your daughter. Even if your children may be small, going to elementary school or even kindergarten, it is already dangerous to leave them by themselves. Also, do not ask a brother of yours to keep the house while you are gone, or ask others to do something, trusting them because they are members or thinking that your child will have no problem. You should also be careful if you have to entrust your children to a neighbor's home in order to go somewhere. The Sung Hwa students (secondary school church members) are advised not to sleep in places other than their own home except during the workshops.

You should absolutely not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Before the Blessing of God and True Parents, boys and girls should not be together as lovers. In order to keep and protect the fruit, you should be dressed correctly and maintain correct heart. Sometimes, you may misstep while trying to discuss personal things with a boy or girl of the other sex who are close to you; so if you want to discuss them, do so together with more than two people. At the time of Sung Hwa gatherings, boys and girls may err while a boy and a girl stay up all night alone together or while a boy takes a girl home. In the case of college students, they sometimes fall while doing a meeting or on adultsí days.

(5) Fall Occurs by the Prompting of Evil Spirits

When we check the family history of the people who fell, in many cases there are lustful ancestors. Since the Satan's goal is to make you eat the fruit, he arouses in you strong yearning for your lover. Hence, before the fall, you will be driven crazy by the longing for your lover, and you will listen to no one. You will tenaciously hold on to the longing, regardless of True Parentsí words or your church leader's guidance. Once you have eaten of the fruit, however, the Satan will go away, saying that his mission is accomplished, and you will come to your senses, whereupon you will weep bitterly, start hating your love partner, and even feel a desire to die. After having eaten the fruit, you cannot live normally, and yet you cannot die, either; then you will end up asking to be made insane.

For this reason, especially the members with lustful ancestors should arm themselves with Divine Principle and Father's words and live a life of separating themselves from temptation. In the spiritual vision, people who fell have many spirits in their sexual organ. If they could see this, they would not be able to walk around with a straight neck. If I see someone with spirits on the knee, I can catch that he has been to an adult barber shop. When you go to such a place, spirits sneak in between your knee bones, and so seeing these spirits tells me where he has been. If you have fallen and yet do not confess it, or if you have seen and touched and yet do while doing a meeting or on adultsí days.

You should never fall no matter what kind of revelation you receive. Someone once received a revelation that said, "If you want to restore your tribe, you are to have a sexual intercourse with such and such a man in the family." Another member had a dream to the effect that her family troubles would be solved if she slept with a certain man. But all these are lies. We should always make sure that we never be undressed, see, or touch before any man or woman who is not our beloved spouse.

5) Do Not Misuse the Public Money

(1) The Public Money Cannot Be Used Arbitrarily

There are many among our members who are incapable of clearly distinguishing between personal money and public money. Unable to distinguish God s money from their own money, they use public money at ease. While working for economic restoration, some use the money for themselves because they do not know the distinction, and some use it, thinking, "My family is under plight now. So why doní t I use it now and pay it back later?" Some members say that they did not willfully use the public money: they say that their original plan was to buy their house first with the public money and then get an installment savings to pay it back, although they still have not been able to pay it back.

Public money is Godís money. It is not my personal money. It is for the public purpose, and a result of many people's sincere efforts and contribution. So public money can never be misused. In some sense, a misuse of public money can serve as the worst poison that can even kill us. So we should in fact fear the public money. Whether we work within the movement or not, we should try to save even a penny, and make clear calculation and return whatever money is left over.

For instance, if you have received 500 thousand won from your company for a business trip and yet have used only 200 thousand won through saving, the remaining 300 thousand won is a public money, which is not to be used for personal purpose. Since this is not your money, you should return it to the company. But some of our members feel that this is their money and do not return it. Thinking that they saved it because of their prudence, they use it themselves or give it to their family. But this is a mistake and clear misuse of public money. Spiritually, I can see a list of such people, and only a small number of them return the money.

Whether you receive public money for some public trip or from your company, not returning the remaining amount is a misuse. Do not think that misuse only means stealing public money. Not returning the remaining money or helping someone or doing something with public money without following the proper channel also constitutes misuse. The public money should always remain as public money.

In the past, True Father commissioned a member to buy some land. The first negotiation price was 150 million won, but after a while it became 100 million won. If this member received 150 million, using 100 million for the land purchase and the other 50 million for himself, he misused the 50 million won. He must pay it back. Otherwise, his descendants will have to pay it back many times more. If you have used some public money by mistake during your public life or employment at a company, or if you have used money for yourself during some fundraising activities, you must settle it while living on earth. Even during public life, there are times for public activities and for personal activities, and we should distinguish clearly between them.

(2) Making False Receipts Is Also a Misuse of Public Money

We should be accurate even with one small receipt. When I observe in my spiritual vision the members who have made false receipts, I can see as if on TV how they have lived in the past and what their wrong doings are. In the companies and churches, there are people who misuse public money through falsifying receipts. For instance, if they go out to treat a guest and use fifty thousand won for a dinner, they write 100 thousand won on the receipt, keeping the remaining fifty thousand for themselves. If you buy something or do something at a certain price and write a higher price on the receipt, you misuse public money.

If our members think that our companies belong to God, then they will not be able to misuse the company money. If they are accurate with receipts, they will not misuse public money. If you think you have misused public money in your company or in the church, you must settle it so that your descendants can live well. You should pay back the public money you have misused even if you may have to sell your own house. It is better than inheriting that house to your children, for only then, will your children prosper in the future. Misusing public money is a dreadful sin. God remembers exactly how much public money you have misused.

God once said to me, "If you go to this family, they have misused the largest amount of public money. Go and find out what has happened to their children." Directing us to strictly punish the sins of lust and misuse of public money, True Father also said, "Go and see the family who have misused a lot of public money-what has happened to their children." Interestingly, the family mentioned by God and by True Father was the same family.

If you use public money to buy a house and inherit that house to your descendants, they cannot live well. Between the children who inherit a house bought with public money and children who are living in an empty room because their parents have donated their wealth to True Parents, who have brighter future? The latter, of course. The former children will sooner or later be forced to sell this house and end up in ruin.

(3) Problem of Public Money Must Be Settled for Our Ancestors, Ourselves, and Our Descendants

Even the people who do not know the Principle, when they misuse the government money, will see their descendants contract stomach cancer or stomach disease and fail in business. In the case of our members who are suffering from stomach cancer or other serious sickness, amazingly many of their ancestors have misused othersí money or materials or government's money. Hence, blessed families should never misuse public money.

We all should be able to fear God's money and othersí money. Absolutely do not use any money if it is not yours. If an ancestor has complicated money problem, his descendants also suffer from complications. If the first generation make mistakes with public money, their second generation will incur greater distress. You cannot wish your children good life without settling your public money problem. So by all means, we should pay back whatever public money we have misused; otherwise our descendants will have to pay indemnity conditions that are many times bigger.

If we indemnify for our ancestor's sins and make settlement for all our own misuse, then we will be able to inherit to our children what is more precious than money, land, power, or honor. If, on the other hand, we do not pay off what we owe, then our children will have to pay it. In other words, children will have to suffer in order to make amends for the their parentsí failings. For the public money problem will have to be resolved by somebody down the blood line.

6) Do Not Abuse Othersí Hearts

(1) Let Us Understand the Hearts of God and the True Parents, Who Are Our Parents

Our hearts should be one. Although God and True Parents desire to pour blessing unto us like water, they see many obstacles because there is no connection and unity of heart. More than anyone else, we should develop the ability to understand God s heart and Will.

God and True Parents have been finding our brothers and sisters with blood, sweat, and tears. So our members are very precious. This is why we should always use only words of love and heart to our members. Also, the blessed families have the relationship of family with the True Parents as the center; that is, they are children and siblings. We should keep deeply in mind that we are the same families and brothers and sisters blessed by the same God and True Parents. When such brothers and sisters hurt one another's hearts through slander and careless words, True Parents become saddened in the heart. So we are obligated to protect one another in front of the Satan.

Quite often, we speak harshly without considering othersí feelings and frustrate them. One wrong word from my mouth sometimes leaves a great wound in someone's heart. So when we see a member s defect, we should try to protect them from the Satan and support them rather than rebuking them for it. When we talk about others, we should first think, "Would God like this? How about the Satan? Is this true, any way? Is it possible that I am thinking in the wrong way?"

The people of the Heavenly Kingdom should be careful with their words. They do not speak about others unless they know the whole story. Some members talk as if they knew much about another member, and yet it turns out that what they say do not even have 10 percent accuracy. Some people speak recklessly, expressing their character as it is without considering othersí feelings or the situation. We should understand that the Satan works to set us apart through our speeches.

(2) If We Abuse Othersí Hearts through Bad Speech, Our Offspring Will Suffer

We should not speak to other members in a manner that kills them in heart. We should be careful with our words lest we give birth to a dumb child. In most cases of the people who stammer or who are dumb, their plights are due to some ancestors or parents of theirs who spoke recklessly. In order to remove our fallen nature, we should only use decent words, loving words and words with God's heart. Ancestors who scar othersí hearts with words or speak with jealousy or envy are bound to produce dumb descendants.

I have seen a case where someone who had said something wrong and then killed the one who heard it by putting gravel into his mouth in order to stop him from conveying it to others had a dumb descendent. Also, if you convey something wrong without fully knowing it, and as a result someone dies, then this dead person may stay at your descendant's neck and suppress his voice. Speaking wrongly is a grave crime, which is bound to precipitate birth of a dumb descendent.

(3) Let Us Use Good and Fine Words

With grateful and serving heart, we should only use words of true love, truthful words, good words, fine words, and praising words. Even a hated person and a bad person will become a good and amiable person if they keep hearing good words from others. On the contrary, because people have feelings, even a good person will change into a bad person if he keeps hearing that he is bad. If someone hears, "I heard someone say that you are a very honorable person," then he will be delighted and really be an honorable person.

While there are people who stab and stifle others with words, there are people who are fond of spreading false rumors. And there are still members who speak rashly, thinking, "I am honest and make no lies. So I will point out this member s mistakes and faults" and without realizing what kind of wounds this "honesty" leaves on others.

You cannot say a word and take it back. So you should be absolutely careful with words. Youí d better not talk about something you do not know about clearly. If someone cannot digest what you say, then it is better not to say it at all. Also, we should always try to reduce the amount of our words. About half of our daily speeches can be eliminated without any problem. When I see talkative members, they have many spirits attached to their mouth as if they were carrying balloons on their mouth.

(4) Let Us Not Speak Carelessly about Other People

Some members, when a new pastor is appointed to their church, rush to him and tell him many stories about other members of the church. On the other hand, some members misrepresent their pastor and make it difficult for some other members to come to church. If my words cause a child of God die in faith and stop coming to church, this is a sin of enormous magnitude. Also in our companies, when a new business leader comes, there appears someone who offers to tell him everything about the people in the company.

Among the members of the Second Generation who come to Chung Pyung for their Blessing problems, for some of them the trouble is due to a mother's mean talk, whereas for some the problem lies in mutual dislike. Parents of a blessed couple criticize their in-laws, and this hurt their son-in-law or daughter-in-law and cause the couple to separate. There are many families where the children are decent despite their parentsí short comings, and yet some mothers speak cruelly, saying, "Alas, I know how pitiful her parents are, and now she is supposed to be my daughter-in-law!" In fact, however, people who talk such a way are themselves ignoble, nor are their children well educated. In short, our members should not join the Satan's work to divide us with our own words.

We should not talk about someone or pass around stories about him unless we know about it 100 percent. Do not talk about something as if you knew everything about it when in fact you know only partially. We should make sure that our careless words do not cause other members die in heart. When we make a report, talk to a member, or talk about other people, we should think one more time, "Is there any member who is living sinfully in the world and failing to be God's child because of me?"

Sometimes, my erroneous words work to end someone s career before he has fully expressed his talents, just as a pumpkin sprout gets cut off on the way of growing up. Even after ten right words, just one wrong word we use may destroy someone completely. If our church is to prosper, people who do well should be encouraged, and people who lag behind should be supported so that everyone can do well; only this way, can God, True Parents, and we rejoice.

7) Keep the Pledge

(1) Pledge Brings Joy to God and True Parents

God created Adam and Eve in order to rejoice by beholding them realize a four-position foundation centering on God's love. We can find the same desire in our own family, when the grandparents or parents become jubilant while watching their grandchildren or children. God created us with a dream of such a family, and yet Adam and Eve, the first son and daughter, destroyed it.

God has been carrying out the providence of restoration for six thousand years with a hope to restore the lost children. He sent True Parents to earth and gave birth to blessed families as a result of the victory of True Parents. Hence, in our daily life, we blessed families should always bow down before the four position foundation of God and True Parents, who have blessed us, and devotedly serve them.

(2) Pledge Strengthens the Parent-Child Relationship through Gratitude

In your family, what do the children do when they go to school or go out? They greet the parents, saying, "Mommy, daddy, I am going to school." Then, the parents say, OK, watch out for cars, and have a good day." Isnít it so? This is the way it should be. We are people of faith, that is, we are serving God and True Parents. Then, it is clear to us: when we go out from home, we should be sure to greet God and True Parents just as we would greet our physical parents. When we go to work, we should say, "God, True Parents, I am going to work," and when we come back from work, we should say, "God, True Parents, I am back. Thank you for having protected me today in this sinful world."

Our members all have True Parentsí pictures at home. Having these pictures means that True Parents, who have formed oneness with God, can come and stay in my home. We should think that God and True Parents are not far away from us but are watching our entire daily life. Giving thanks to God, who is the root of true love, and to True Parents, who are an incarnate true love, is very crucial in our life of faith. Also, it is very necessary to bow down to God and True Parents and talk to them from the heart.

Without the protection of God and True Parents, it is very difficult for us to live in this world of evil and realm of the Satan. We can bow down before the picture, saying, Today, I will really live with God. I will live with God and True Parents as my center, absolutely without insisting on me or being arrogant."

When we finish our day, let us bow down and review whether we have lived with God that day. We can say, Father, God, True Parents, thank you for everything for the day. Thank you for protecting me return safely in this evil world." This should be practiced daily. If you live aimlessly, you will not be able to serve God and True Parents well.

8) Keep the Duties of Faith

(1) Serve Your Pastor

Because our members are not perfect yet, we need a pastor as a medium, even if the pastor may be very inferior. So we should serve our pastors well. It is the basic attitude of faith to serve the pastor as a representative of God and True Parents. Our members should not see their pastor from a humanistic stance. Even if the pastor may be young, understanding that since God and True Parents have installed him and they channel their blessing through him, we should serve our pastor devotedly. It is better to think that while we work during the whole week, we dedicate the whole day of Sunday to God and True Parents.

Since my pastor has not come to my church out of his own desire but because of God and True Parentsí summon, we should always report things to them with a heart of serving and carry a heart of missing them. Even if we may not have a problem in the family, we should still carry a desire that the pastor visit our family and pray for us.

But many of our members think little of pastors. There are members who think humanistically and always find fault with their pastor without realizing their own. Some complain that their pastor is not well prepared for the task and stop coming to church, and some say that they dislike their pastor because of this and that about him. But this is absolutely wrong. It is God, True Parents, and the H.S.A. president who have installed the pastors. We should know clearly that if we support and serve our pastor so that he can fulfill his responsibility, our church will flourish, and so will our family.

(2) on Sundays, Strictly Keep the Pledge, Sunday Service, and Hoon Dok Hoe.

The Sunday is a day of God and a day when we go to see Him. The Sunday is a day of the whole family. Hence, since this is not my personal day, but a public day, it is better not to make any engagements on Sundays. On Sundays we stop our weekly routine, go to church hand in hand with the whole family, listen to God's word, and review our week to see how much we have lived with God and how much with the Satan. After the service, parents, children, and the church members eat together, talking about their lives and sharing joy and sorrow. Sometimes on Sundays, we visit members who do not come to church or have time of entertainment.

Each family should keep in mind that Sunday is a day of God. True Father has instructed us to do the pledge, attend the Sunday service, and have a Hoon Dok Hoe on Sundays. Hence, on Sundays we should empty ourselves of all the wrong things from our week's life in the outside world and fill up ourselves with God's things.

All this is a training to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, that is, we are learning through this the rules by which we can go to the Heavenly Kingdom. If it is unavoidable to skip a Sunday service, rather than informing this to the pastor by phone, we should go to church, courteously tell the pastor this, pray there, and come back. But many members do not even call up.

Parents may think, "When my children grow up and become college students, they will understand the Principle and go to church on their own initiative," but this is not the reality. We should raise our children into the habit of faith from the time they start walking, or even from their stay in the womb; otherwise, once they have grown up without such habit, it is very difficult to teach them then. Especially, children may neglect duties of faith during examination periods. There are some parents who say to their children, "Because you are taking a test, you doní t have to go to Sunday service today. Stay home and study," but in fact, during these few hours, the children do not study so much. Before the test, they should go to church and pray even harder, and it is wrong to guide them to stay home and work. Rather, they should be guided to work hard in advance to spare the time to go to church. Do not leave your children at home on Sundays, but guide them to faithfully attend the Sunday school from the small ages.

Also, we should keep home services. Among the twenty-one test questions I saw in the spiritual world, there was a question, "Have you had a home service once a week?" God has directed us to be sure to have home service once a week. He has directed us to have a family-wide habit to come together once a week for a service. If we just go to Sunday service, say a few words of greeting, and come right back, our faith can never grow. Although we go to church every Sunday, it is better to invite the pastor to our home about once a month for a home service.

(3) Do Good Internal Reporting and Make Strict Donations

It is better to have much time to converse with God. On the way to some place, when we say to God, "God, True Parents, I am going to do such and such a thing. Please be with me, we will feel joy even if we may not hear His voice. If we continue to talk with God, we will become able to distinguish between what is principled and what is non-principled, and such is a life of internal reporting.

In daily life, we need to report to God and True Parents whatever we do. If we say, "God, True Parents, I am here, doing something. Please protect me and guide me so that I live a life that You desire," then God and True Parents are supposed to help us. If we strive to be one with God and True Parents this way, they will be sure to respond to us. Then, the Satan will be unable to come near us, and all we do will proceed well. We should clearly bear in mind that blessing is possible only in the place where our faith is perfected in heartistic unity with God and True Parents.

Also, all our members should be strict with making donations, including tithing, offering of gratitude, monthly offering, indemnity offering, etc. Especially, tithing is important, and we should be careful with it.

God has said that tithing is also public money. Tithing is God s money. Tithing does not mean that we have to offer a large amount. Instead, we should be exact to the last digit when we calculate our tithing. On the other hand, offering of gratitude is for the occasion of giving thanks to the Heaven. Although it is different from tithing, some members trickily to use an offering of gratitude to cover their tithing. When your husband brings the monthly salary, then you should take out the tithing first, which is God s money, and then use the rest for your living.

We should pay tithing on all our income without exception. Some members exclude their bonus from the area of tithing. They ask, "Is bonus subject to tithing?" And the answer is yes. Whatever money comes in to our family as income is absolutely subject to tithing, whether it be monthly salary, bonus, or a generous offer of a relative or anyone else.

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